Wise Girls review

Monday 8 April 2002

Here's a review on Mariah's next movie "Wise Girls" on It's by a girl who saw the movie at a special students screening for the Vancouver Film School and all in all she gave the movie 8 out of 10 points possible. Here's her review:
"I recently saw this film at a student-only screening at the Vancouver Film School. All in all, a fine little film. Mira shines, Mariah is great, and Melora pulls off one the biggest surprises I've seen in ages. The direction is strong, as is the script, with several genuine plot surprises to keep the action going. Also of note is the supporting cast of Italian "heavies", who alternate between cool charm and outright scary. Weaker points include a very slow beginning, and a somewhat implausible scene in which Mira, at gunpoint, is forced to do something criminal that stretches logic. Also, the music in this film is terrible and really detracts from the viewing experience. Still, these are minor caveats for an otherwise surprisingly serious and touching film. With a title like Wise Girls, I was expecting a comedy. Score this one 8/10."


Many thanks to Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free.

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