Nick's father still holding out hope for reunion with Mariah

Thursday 12 April 2018

Nick's father still holding out hope for reunion with Mariah |
James Cannon is still holding out hope that his son and former daughter-in-law will reunite. It sounds like Nick Cannon's father is not too fond of the fact that Mariah Carey is letting her young boyfriend Bryan Tanaka around his twin grandkids.

"I have not met Bryan. But I would say to my son, 'Do not let him come and go as he pleases in your house?'," James told us. "Someone you don't know, with your kids - are you crazy?" he added.

As fans know, Mariah and Nick got married back in 2008 and put an end to their relationship in 2016. The two have joint custody of their six-year-old daughter Monroe and son Moroccan.

James, who is a TV evangelist, assured us that Nick and Mariah have a "good co-parenting relationship". Since their breakup, both exes have moved on as Nick is currently romantically involved with Brittany Bell.

Before starting to date Tanaka, Mariah was engaged to billionaire James Packer - who Nick's father called "a knucklehead". "Brittany is the biggest relationship Nick has had since Mariah. Packer may have just been the way to get over her relationship with Nick," James said, adding that they "could have been a power couple".

"People say they are never going to get married again. I do not get involved but never say never. They could be like Beyoncé and Jay-Z." It sounds like James Cannon is shipping his son and the mother of his grandkids more than some fans.

(Celebrity Insider)

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