Mariah Carey writing a memoir

Friday 13 April 2018

Mariah Carey writing a memoir |
Mariah Carey is working on a new book, "Page Six TV" first revealed. The singer's rep confirmed she is writing a memoir, and a source told Page Six she's been "looking inward" and that disclosing her bipolar disorder to People magazine has been freeing.

"There were very few people in her circle who knew she was bipolar. It was a very personal decision for her. She's been on and off medication since she was diagnosed," a source told us. Carey was diagnosed in 2001. She revealed to People that she's currently on medication and has taken control.

"There was a small group of people who really cared for her, personally. They gradually left. There were a lot of issues. It was so layered. It was very, very bad," a source said. Carey is currently in the studio working on her 15th studio album and an upcoming tour.

Another source said of Carey's life, "At a certain point, the truth will set you free. Hopefully, being vocal about bipolar disorder will be freeing for her. When you have people that you were close with, like Whitney and Prince, at a certain point, you look inward and come to terms with whatever demons you have."

(Page Six)

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