US reporter reveals the best and worst A-listers

Thursday 9 August 2018

US reporter reveals the best and worst A-listers  |
US entertainment reporter and Hit Network correspondent, Dean McCarthy has interviewed some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities, including the likes of Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lawrence. Now the LA-based Australian reporter has raised the curtain on Tinseltown's best and worst behaved stars.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday, the 34-year-old shared salacious details about his celebrity encounters with Beyoncé, Harrison Ford and Mariah Carey to name a few. The celebrity reporter, who hails from Tenterfield NSW, began by detailing his "terrifying" encounter with US superstar Beyonce.

"The only celebrity I've been terrified of was Beyonce," Dean admitted. "Before I met her (for the interview) her security said: 'Don't kiss her. Don't hug her. Don't give her any gifts'," he explained.

Speaking of other famous female singers, Dean shared details about a mystery songstress who cancelled an exclusive interview due to "poor lighting". "One extremely famous female singer recently axed my exclusive Interview with her because she hated the lighting," he explained. "It was a shame because we were going to have an important interview about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth."

Dean also let the cat out of the bag about veteran actor Harrison Ford, revealing that he stormed out mid-interview over a question regarding his 2013 action film, Enders Game. "Harrison Ford walked off during our interview when I asked him about what celebrities he'd like in his Enders Game team," he confessed.

Another public figure who performed a dramatic walk off was, perhaps unsurprisingly, "cash me ousside girl" Danielle Bregoli. Dean said the Florida native, who was signed with Atlantic Records after she took social media by storm with her famed outburst on Dr. Phil back in 2016, was offended by a seemingly innocent question.

"At the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, I asked her how she went from being known for a simple catch phrase, to becoming a Billboard nominated artist - which is a huge achievement," Dean explained. "She hated the question and stormed off!"

Elsewhere Dean also named some of his favourite celebrity interviews to date. Hollywood icon Tom Hanks rated a mention, along with Meryl Streep, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Khloe Kardashian. Thankfully two homegrown stars made the list, including Nicole Kidman, 51, and Keith Urban, 50. Dean gave the A-list couple the tick of approval and described the pair as ‘genuinely sweet.'

Dean also shared a touching anecdote he observed about the long-standing Hollywood item at this year's Screen Actors Guild Award awards. "There was a podium where fans could overlook the red carpet. Most celebrities were ignoring the fans, or at best, giving them a little wave from afar," Dean began.

"Not Nicole and Keith. Not only did they walk the entire carpet and speak to every single press outlet, they then walked back and went up to the fans and did photos, signed autographs and chatted to the screaming fans," he added.

Dean also gushed over US singing sensation Mariah Carey, despite her decade-long "diva" reputation. "I was really nervous before meeting her because she's obviously known for being a diva - but she truly wasn't with me. She was super sweet. Gave me great answers, and raved about Australia," he said.

However he did offer some insight into the famed singer's so-called outrageously pampered lifestyle. "Mariah Carey's glam squad did (hair and makeup) touch-ups every four minutes during the interview," he confessed.

Popular actress Jennifer Lawrence also made the ‘nice' list, and according to Dean can do "the best Australian accent you've ever heard". Meanwhile, Dean praised singer Jennifer Lopez for her "down-to-earth" personality and raved about her "perfect" looks. "She's so good looking that you go into a trance when you're talking to her. How is she even real?" he said.

Dean also revealed that rapper 50 Cent is one of the "smartest" celebrities he has met during his reporting tenure. "The smartest of all - 50 Cent. This guy is extremely smart and I stayed back after our interview where he gave me the best career advice!" he gushed.

Dean also dished on the bizarre moments he has shared with some of Hollywood's elite. "Blake Lively was pregnant when I interviewed her and she must have been craving guacamole and chips, because the entire interview they were bringing in bowls of it for her," he explained. "The Guacamole bowl was the size of my head!" he added.

He also revealed the entourage of comedian and actor Kevin Hart all wear slick black suits with black ties and drive matching black Escalades. "His team literally look like the Men in Black. Super glamorous. When he arrives, it's like the president is arriving," Dean said.

Dean McCarthy is the Hollywood Correspondent for the Hit Network Australia, and has appeared on Channel Nine and Network Ten's The Project. The ripped reporter also runs successful mens' swim and resort brand Argyle Grant in the US. Argyle Grant was originally founded by businessmen Ryan Morgan (born Denver, Colorado) and three years ago the Australian entertainment reporter jumped on board.


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