Boy (I Need You)

Monday 10 February 2003

About 10 minutes after releasing lackluster "The One" as the second single from Mariah Carey's current Charmbracelet, label honchos reneged on the decision in favor of "Boy (I Need You)". Good thinking. This relaxed slow jam gives the diva's career a nudge with its playful, sped-up chirp of the word "boy" throughout, which is positively infectious.
Carey sings quietly alongside with stacked layers of harmony creating a surreal, swirling effect, until Cam'ron takes over at the midsection with the requisite rap. Structurally, "Boy" is more of a groove than a song - it really is all about the cartoony "boy" - but it's a step in the right direction to keep Charmbracelet shining.


Many thanks to Mariah Mania.

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