Dru Hill to tour with Mariah Carey overseas?

Tuesday 11 February 2003

Last week, Dru Hill was on 100.3 The Beat, a popular hip-hop and R&B radio station in Los Angeles, and mentioned the possibility of going on tour with Mariah Carey to promote Carey's Charmbracelet album. Carey's tour is slated to start later in the year and go around the world. Dru Hill is in negotiations to become the opening act overseas.
The R&B group is currently promoting their new album, Dru World Order, with the second single "I Love You". Carey recently performed in a tribute to Michael Jordan at the NBA All-Star Game and can be seen with Cam'ron on her latest single, "Boy (I Need You)". A remix of the latter song featuring The Diplomats and Freeway has just been released to radio.
Urban R&B outfit Dru Hill took their name from the historic Druid Hill Park complex in Baltimore, USA, where all four members were raised. They began their rise to fame in the mid-90s, largely through the intervention of Island Records' Hiriam Hicks - formerly manager of Boyz II Men. He was looking for a group to record a song, "Tell Me", for the soundtrack to the movie Eddie, to which Island held the rights.
A tape of the quartet was passed to him by University Music president Haqq Islam. So impressed was Hicks after meeting the four men that, not only did he ask them to perform a version of "Tell Me" on the spot, but he also signed them to a worldwide contract with Island. At that time the members - Jazz, Nokio (b. 21 January 1979), Woody and Sisqo (b. Mark Andrews, 9 November 1978, Baltimore, Maryland, USA), were all still in their teens. Nevertheless, their self-titled debut album sounded impressively mature. The smoky jazz and R&B tracks benefited enormously from the input of producers Keith Sweat, Stanley Brown and Darryl Simmons, though Nokio also co-wrote and produced much of the contents.
While their syncopated vocals were one highlight, Sisqo and Jazz also contributed heavily as musicians, playing keyboards, bass and trumpet between them. By the late 90s the quartet had truly established themselves, with six consecutive American R&B Number 1 singles followed by the equally commercial follow-up Enter The Dru, which debuted at US number 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart in November 1998. The album ranged from the hard-edged urban R&B of "How Deep Is Your Love" (US number 3/UK number 9) to the schmaltzy Babyface single "These Are The Times" (US number 21/UK number 4).
In 1999, the quartet appeared on Will Smith's US chart-topping soundtrack hit, "Wild Wild West", and set up their own Dru World Order production company. They also began work on separate solo projects, with Sisqo first out of the block on his Def Jam Records debut, Unleash The Dragon. The various members reunited in 2002 to record Dru World Order, which introduced new vocalist Scola.

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