Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer

Thursday 13 June 2019

Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer |
Mariah Carey is seen dancing flirtatiously with Bryan Tanaka - even sitting on his lap at one point - more than six months before she split from then-fiancé James Packer. The bombshell video, which was obtained exclusively by DailyMailTV, was shot inside the Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2016 when the singer was in the country for a concert.

In the clip from the cell phone video, a scantily dressed Carey is seen grinding against her now boyfriend, who slouches back in his chair with his white T-shirt pulled up. At one point, Tanaka, 36, reaches up to pull down the 49-year-old singer's skirt, which had ridden up as she danced sexily, touching her upper thigh as he does so.

DailyMailTV previously revealed how the diva checked into the hotel under the alias "Margot Channing" and celebrated her 47th birthday there on March 27. When the video was shot, Carey was still engaged to Packer, 51. The casino mogul had proposed in January 2016 with a $10 million diamond ring after less than six months of dating.

The relationship was eventually broken off in October 2016 and the Sydney-born billionaire is now understood to have moved on to New York socialite Kylie Lim. Carey is now dating back up dancer Tanaka, who is currently on tour with the singer in Europe.

A spokesperson for Carey told DailyMailTV: "We have not been privy to the content in question and cannot confirm from whence it came nor when, however as stated numerous times in the past, Mariah is not polyamorous."

Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer |
A source told DailyMailTV: "They were clearly more than just friends even then. It was so flirtatious and there was so obviously something going on. James would have been mortified if he had been there." contacted Packer for comment but did not receive a response. According to insiders, Carey was infatuated with the Washington-born dancer throughout her relationship with Packer - even telling the Australian she was "a born again virgin" to avoid having to sleep with him.

She would also order her staff members to take saucy photos of her to send to Tanaka, whom she privately referred to as "Tiger". Among them are six semi and fully naked pictures taken on her yacht, the Capri, during a vacation with Packer in July 2016.

One shows Carey posing on the stairs wearing a gold sequined bikini, while another is a close up shot of the singer's bikini-clad breasts. A third shows a fully naked Carey posing in a bathroom on the yacht - her modesty only preserved by a strategically placed phone held by one of her entourage.

According to a source, staff members would routinely be asked to take risqué pictures of the singer for Tanaka late at night - only to be yelled at in the morning if she didn't like them. During the trip to southern Italy, Packer stayed on his own yacht, the Arctic P, although the boats were moored close together.

Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer |
The former couple are understood to have fought during the trip, although the cause of the fight has never been revealed. Further photos were also exchanged in text messages between Carey and Tanaka using a staff member's phone sent on May 9, 2016 that show the singer posing in a high-leg, low-cut black bodysuit.

One photo is a full length shot that shows off her legs, while the second is a close up of her cleavage. Another, sent on May 20, 2016, shows Carey posing in a cleavage-exposing leather jacket - to which Tanaka responded with a lengthy string of clapping and firework emojis.

A further set of messages, between Tanaka and one of Mariah's entourage sent on June 28 2016, see the pair discussing an "exit plan" from the hotel and note that Carey spent the night in the backing dancer's room.

One sent by Tanaka reads: "Ok. I don't think she's looked at her phone once since she got here last night. I will get her phone for her." He adds: "What was the plan for her today? Was she going to stay here at the hotel until she goes to the TV show edit?"

An employee of Carey responds: "Hey T. I put the room on my corporate card but you have to cover incidentals. Don't forget. Thanks." Tanaka then ends the conversation by thanking Carey's team, saying: "This has been so amazing and so nice."

Packer and Carey eventually split for good in October 2016, with the Australian billionaire later paying the singer a $50 million "inconvenience fee" after the break-up. The 51-year-old later described the relationship as "toxic" in biography The Price Of Fortune: The Untold Story Of Being James Packer. He also admitted the liaison had been "a mistake for her and a mistake for me" in the same book.

(Daily Mail Online)

Lee from USA
(Friday 14 June 2019; 00:33)
Man, please. I have seen worse from some of the biggest stars online, and yet they're working. The woman is sporting a six pack in every picture. If she is some overweight pill-popping mess, then why is Tanaka is with her now? He sure ain't cheating on her. And as for the kids, if she was acting so crazy, then why no one called child protection services, including her so-called manager? This shit smell fishier than a mermaid's bra.
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