Like a moth, Mariah Carey can't resist good lighting

Sunday 7 July 2019

Like a moth, Mariah Carey can't resist good lighting |
Front-facing cameras are evil, and FaceTime is awful, or so I thought. Turns out, the secret is to not looking like a bloated ghost when someone is rude enough to force a FaceTime interaction is to hover in the gentle glow of a popcorn cart like glamor moth Mariah Carey.

On July 5, Carey posted a picture of herself at what appears to be a Fourth of July party squatting in front of a lighted mobile popcorn popper in order to present whoever she's FaceTiming with her best self. Not only do I get it, I like it. What I'm hoping is that Mariah then demanded her team pack up that popper and install it in her house, where it is to become a FaceTime phone booth of sorts.

Hope you found your best light this week!


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