Mariah Carey is a golden girl in glittering T-shirt

Thursday 25 July 2019

Mariah Carey is a golden girl in glittering T-shirt |
She is among the best-selling artists of all time, with more 200 million records sold worldwide since she burst out on the musical landscape in 1990. But in recent days, during a break in her Caution World Tour, Mariah Carey has been enjoying some quiet time with friends and family in her home town of New York City.

On Wednesday, she was spotted heading out of a building in Manhattan with her gal pal following close behind. Carey, 49, opted to go with casual attire in an all-black ensemble that consisted of form-fitting pants and a Versace top that had a gold design on the front of it.

She matched that design with gold heels and had her long brown-blonde tresses pulled back into a ponytail. The five-time Grammy-winner also sported large black-rimmed glasses, reminiscent of the 1980s, and a big beaming smile on her face as she stepped on onto the bustling street.

The Music Box star appeared to glide out the door with a cool-confidence, while grabbing on to her ponytail. He friend went with an all-blue denim look with dark blue jeans and a matching long-sleeve shirt. The two eventually hopped into an awaiting car and went out their day.

(Daily Mail Online)

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