Mariah spending $5M to "drown out" lawsuits against her?

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Mariah spending $5M to drown out lawsuits against her? |
Mariah Carey has been with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, for years now, and one report says that a huge wedding is now in the works. However, the nuptials aren't just meant to celebrate their love. Insiders say that it's a plan to bury the news of two lawsuits filed against the singer.

"Mariah pours $5M on wedding to drown out sibs," shouts the National Enquirer. According to the outlet, Carey is spending millions on what will look like a magical wedding, but insiders say that in reality, "the bridal brouhaha is actually a smokescreen to deflect attention from her bitter siblings' lawsuits". Carey's reportedly ready to make her past weddings look tiny in comparison. "She's planning a wedding that would put royalty to shame," a source says. "She's spending outrageously on everything from flowers and music to custom rings. Mariah's indulging herself by having everything handmade - three dresses for herself, plus a honeymoon wardrobe for her and Bryan."

While the magazine notes that Carey does, in fact, deeply care for her partner, she's more focused on covering up the lawsuits from her brother and sister over her mention of them in her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. The siblings are claiming defamation and emotional distress over her description of her brother as a "sometimes drug dealing, been-in-the-system, drunk-ass brother" and saying that her sister tried to drug her, "pimp her out", and scald her on separate occasions.

There's a very good chance that this might be the first time you're hearing about Mariah Carey's lawsuits, and that's for good reason. Both cases emerged earlier this year to little fanfare. With neither sibling alleging something concrete like slander, the cases look like they'll be ultimately fruitless due to the fact that Mariah Carey simply described her side of the events from their adolescence in her memoir.

We'd be surprised if the memoir wasn't checked over by some sort of legal advisor or editor as well, but there won't be an official word on the suits for some time still. Mariah Carey goofing up the lyrics to "Auld Lang Syne" on Instagram received far more coverage than the civil suits, so there's no reason for the singer to be worried about the public's reaction to the allegations. What little discussion was sparked by the news of the suits was extremely supportive of Carey.

Besides, throwing a massive wedding is far more likely to stir up questions about her relationship with her family given that her siblings wouldn't be on the guest list. If Mariah Carey really wanted to bury the lawsuits, she could surprise release a few songs or an album or another Netflix project - any one of which would do far more than a lavish wedding. There's no actual evidence of an engagement, and there's even less proof of some sort of multi-million dollar mega-wedding. While we agree that she seems awfully happy with her boyfriend, everything else in this report is bogus.

The Enquirer has some sort of obsession with portraying Mariah Carey as some sort of devious manipulator, especially when it comes to her memoir. The tabloid's previously reported that she was using her book to lash out at every one of her enemies, only to later claim that she wasn't including enough dirt in it weeks later. The magazine's supposed sources are consistently wrong about the singer, and this latest wedding scheme story is just as bogus.

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