Worst interview

Wednesday 12 September 2001

This is an excerpt of an interview done Peace Magazine. Master T was a veejay in Canada's biggest music video station, Muchmusic, who recently left. Here is the Mariah related stuff:
"Mariah Carey. I always say it wasn't the worst interview but I just couldn't deal with the level of pretence. The label and the management wanted me to sit there with her for twenty minutes to make her feel comfortable. The thing I hate to do is sit with anybody for fifteen or twenty minutes before an interview. It just takes away a certain energy that I want to deal with. The more and more I sat with her it was like 'Oh man, does somebody really have to powder your cleavage? Can't your tits glisten?' I've never seen breasts dusted. Maybe I missed something. I'd like to talk to her now with Tommy Mottola gone. I think there was a lot of control surrounding her. My day with Mariah Carey would be to go shopping with her and to eat at McDonalds because she's just like a mall girl to me."

(Peace Magazine)

Many thanks to Abraham.

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