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Saturday 5 May 2001

Presenter: Mariah Carey has just completed her debut film "Glitter" and will soon act up in "Wise Girls", a movie about three waitresses working in a mob-front restaurant and we hear that she really "mobs" acting...
subtitle: ...and music: especially as her new record deal is apparently the biggest in music history at around $110 million
Mariah: But see, you don't get the money like they say it! It's, you know, whatever, it's not even really about the money, I mean, it's about the fact that I was getting similar offers from different places, but it just ended up being a place that felt artistically the best for me.
subtitle: In the past few months Mariah's juggled a new movie, a new soundtrack and legal affairs
Mariah: Having to deal with the whole business aspect of stuff was just really draining because, I mean, who wants to do that when you're trying to be creative and, you know, I'd rather not have had to deal with it at all but it's great to be, you know, starting fresh and you know, so I'm happy that, to put my best foot forward and stuff.
subtitle: In "Glitter" Mariah plays a young girl...
Mariah: She's a girl who is taken away from her mother at, when she's like ten years old or something because she, the mother, is an addict and she goes through alot and she goes from a foster home. It's about her, you know, yes it's about her becoming famous but it's more about her finding herself and the music sort of goes along with the story.
To me, Glitter is a film that, it definitely has, it's a very, it's got a lot of emotional moments and you know, again a lot of the songs from the soundtrack highlight those moments and... but it's also got a lot of humor and because it's based in the eighties there are just some things that are really kind of retrospectively hilarious.
People probably assume that you know, coming into this that there's gonna be the whole like "oh she's gonna be a diva" or "she's gonna do this" and I think some people might have gone out of their way to make sure I wouldn't be a diva or to make it even harder and, so I just work that much harder.
Anybody could be in a video, anybody could make a record, everything is flash and eye-candy and like, you know, the machines and you can look, you can make anybody look "stellar".
Doing the movie was a totally different thing for me, especially because they were, most of the scenes were not about like, you know, uhm, superfluous shots of my legs or like, you know, a gratuitous moment of like, hand-caressing-body! Everyone has the little "Oh, Mariah and her angles, lie to die, here's my angles, who cares?!
Definitely this project is what my object to do more acting and I mean, even before, even, I didn't even know if this movie was gonna get made, so it was just about me wanting to do this and enjoying it as a creative outlet.


Many thanks to Anne Martijn.

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