Mariah films "Don't Stop" video

Tuesday 2 October 2001

After being hospitalized, the original concept for the "Don't Stop" video was swiped and a new one was planned. And that plan came to life recently. Over the past week end, Mariah shot the "Don't Stop" video in New Orleans with guest rapper Mystikal, as confirmed by Virgin Records. The video looks set to be a visual feast with locations including a moss draped bayou deep in the swamp, and the famous Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans itself - a jazz soaked speakeasy club where many famous jazz musicians play.
There will be a fair amount of postproduction on the video - including using effects to make multiple Mariah's. As a result, companies are expecting delivery on October 19, 2001. Virgin is considering putting together a 30 second teaser clip for servicing to media up front of the full length video. Virgin also has B Roll from the shoot, which will feature sound bites from Mariah, Mystikal and behind-the-scenes footage. A still photographer was present at the shoot and got shots of every set up. Virgin will circulate a beta clip of the video, 30 second teaser and B Roll and make the photos available over medware as soon as everything is approved.

Many thanks to MCWNO.

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