Lucrative royalties for Mariah

Saturday 2 February 2002

Pop stars Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, as well as thousands of other lesser known musicians, have been urged to come forward to claim millions of pounds in forgotten British royalties. Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), the body that collects and distributes record royalties from British radio stations, has published the names of 7,000 artists who are owed royalties estimated at about 10 million pounds ($14.15 million).
"The money is really burning a hole in our pockets but we just can't get rid of it," said PPL director Dominic McGonigal. "I am asking all musicians to search the database and contact us if you have an outstanding claim."
Some of the music industry's biggest names feature on the site, from Stevie Wonder to Shirley Bassey, although the site does not say how much money they are owed. The Times said Jackson was owed an estimated 100,000 pounds for his single Say, Say, Say while Carey, recently paid $28 million to walk away from her contract with EMI Group Plc, was owed money for Against All Odds.
A few of Hollywood's biggest stars are also named. Actress Kim Basinger is owed money for Shake Your Head while Mia Farrow can collect for Beauty and the Beast. But while many big stars may be in for a lucrative windfall, most artists are owed more modest sums ranging between 25 and 500 pounds, McGonigal said.
The royalties, which have been accruing interest, stretch back to 1996 when new legislation covering their collection was introduced meaning anyone who played on any track that received airplay was entitled to some of the revenue. The artists who are listed are those for which PPL has no contact information. Their names are published at the Web site

(The Times of India)

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