Mariah chats with Carson Daly

Thursday 19 June 2003

Mariah was live in studio with Carson Daly yesterday evening to discuss her upcoming Charmbracelet Tour. This was her last interview before she jetted off to Asia to begin the tour. After the interview, Mariah wished Carson a happy birthday, which is on Sunday, in a special recording. Here's what went down:

Carson Daly: Thanks for stopping in for a return visit.
Mariah: Thank you for having me.

Carson Daly: A lot going on with you Mariah - re-issuing the album, ready to go on tour, tons of promotion. How are you holding up?
Mariah: I'm having a great time. It's really exciting. I'm totally excited about the tour. It's going to be really cool just interacting with the fans; I'm on the website, figuring up a set list and stuff like that. I had the concept to actually ask the fans themselves what songs were their favorites and the songs they really wanted to hear live on tour. So that's been going really well and I'm just in rehearsals right now.

Carson Daly: And so what songs have the fans been asking you to do?Mariah: Well they've been polling them on my repertoire basically and I've been going back and forth between, well they, they can ask from any album, any one of my albums but, you know, basically focusing on Charmbracelet, Butterfly, and the first album. These are the songs that people have been requesting the most.

Carson Daly: You're re-releasing Charmbracelet this summer. I heard one track that you did with Da Brat. What else is different that's on there?
Mariah: Well the new addition to the album has some things that were not released from the original like, a song called "There Goes My Heart" with 7 Aurelius, the producer, who also did "Subtle Invitation", another song from this album. We did it in the Bahamas and it's like one of those live instrumentation songs and it's kind of like a feel good R&B record then we have the song I did with Da Brat and Elephant Man, who is a reggae artist, and it's called "Got A Thing For You" and I love it. Then I did a remix of "The One" with Jermaine Dupri and Bone Crusher. That was a fun thing to do and then we have "I Know What You Want" with me and Busta. So, they're getting a lot of big bang for the buck.

Carson Daly: With some of the other big acts setting out to play huge stadiums, big arenas this summer, you're dead set on playing more intimate venues, why is that?
Mariah: I just felt that I always take on too much you know, a little bit too much than I should and it was better for me to not have to not have to deal with like suddenly becoming the soundman as well. The staging is a whole different thing, even the way I like to interact with my fans, I like to come off the stage sometimes and be actually in the audience. It's a total drama when you're that far away from them, so I just wanted to integrate the audience more into my show and make it feel almost like cabaret intimate moments meets MTV Unplugged. That's kind of how I'm looking at it.

Carson Daly: And what are we going to get in this live show, like a full band, dancers, what?
Mariah: Full band, dancers the whole nine yards and great backup singers who also are featured. Trey Lorenz, who I sang "I'll Be There" with, is coming out with me. He's going to do one of his songs, and he is amazing, he's going to be putting out an album hopefully on MonarC and he's going to be doing his own tour while I'm out there touring as well. So he's doing like, Al Green 2003 type stuff and it's really cool, so I'm looking forward to that and plus we have some new acts on MonarC who are going to be opening for me so I'm looking forward to that.

Carson Daly: I was just going to ask you about that, who are some of these performers on MonarC that are going to open up for you?
Mariah: Yeah we have Isabel and Nae-Nae, we call them Belle and Nae-Nae, one is 15 from Oakland, she's a rapper and one is 14 from New York, and she sings, and they're adorable and they're going to be doing two songs for the opening part of my show. And then we have Sadie a.k.a. "That Baby" who is like the new Shirley Temple for 2003. That's how we look at her and she's 7 and a half years old. She sings a song called "Automatic Princess", which is like my anthem and she is the cutest. She's singing, rapping, dancing she does everything. Both her parents are choreographers so it's like in her blood.

Carson Daly: Well everybody we've got the Charmbracelet tour, we've got the re-issue of the album, you of course have "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes, you got "Bringin' On The Heartbreak". Mariah good luck with all of that and please come back and visit us again soon.

(Carson Daly Most Requested)

Many thanks to Mariah Daily.

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