Gifts for Madonna, Mariah Carey

Wednesday 1 March 2000

In California, law enforcement authorities have questioned Espinosa (a stalker who has just been arrested) for other suspicious behavior, such as leaving gifts for Madonna and singer Mariah Carey, according to a statement from the Maricopa Sheriff's Office.
Madonna's security crew confirmed to the sheriff's office that Espinosa was "known to her and has troubled her in the past," Allen said.
Espinosa's most serious alleged stalking threats came not in Hollywood but in Arizona, where he was arrested in 1995 for carrying a concealed weapon on his way to see Ford appear at the Arizona State Fair. He was convicted on weapons charges and got three years' probation.
In 1999, he was arrested for armed robbery in Phoenix, but the charge was later reduced to shoplifting and threatening.

(APB News)

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