Mariah Carey set for first starring role, says director

Friday 24 March 2000

You can't exactly call it a film debut because voluptuously endowed singer Mariah Carey made a cameo appearance last year in The Bachelor. But come this June she will at last make the leap into feature films as a top-lined star. But now sources tell me that Carey has agreed to star in a film for Columbia Pictures called Glitter. The project is co-written and will be directed by actor Vondie Curtis Hall, best known to audiences as an anchor member of the TV series Chicago Hope. Hall left the show at the end of last season.
Hall, who I caught up with last night at a party for the Independent Film Project West, told me that Glitter is a story very much like The Rose and suggested as well by Madonna's relationship in her early career with producer Jellybean Benitez. Carey will play an up-and-coming singer who must deal with her partner/ producer/ manager. Of course, she'll sing in the movie. The male lead, still uncast, will not warble.
Larry Mark is signed on to executive produce Glitter, which will shoot in New York and Toronto in June-July. Can Carey act? First of all, she has studied extensively with acting coach Sheila Gray since Carey's divorce two years ago. Originally Mariah had signed on to do something called Double O Soul, but that project has languished. So Glitter has the potential to put her over much the same way Bette Midler and Whitney Houston made the transition to the big screen.
I say, let's give Mariah the benefit of the doubt and see what transpires. Hall is a smart, articulate guy and his directing debut will be highly anticipated. If he gets into trouble he can always call on his wife, Kasey Lemmons, herself the director of the fine film Eve's Bayou. One thing's for sure: Her current worldwide popularity makes Mariah a good gamble for any studio. So far she's been Teflon-coated when it comes to criticism or bad publicity. Nothing like a good publicist I guess. And an acting coach.


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TTR remains #1 on sales chart
"Through the rain" remains No 1 on Billboard's single sales chart selling 10,699 copies (24,522 in total). "Charmbracelet" falls 13 places to No 66 but increases its sales from last week and sells 24,991 copies this week (922,188 in total).
(Wednesday 19 February 2003)
Cam'ron says the NBA "robbed" him
Mariah Carey may need a boy like Cam'ron, but evidently the NBA does not. The reason why, however, is up for debate. Cam'ron is claiming that the NBA showed him no love on February 9 when it stopped him from performing with Carey.
(Wednesday 19 February 2003)
Mariah wins TRL award
Mariah won the "Free Ride Award" (best vehicle given away on TRL) of the first TRL Awards for the "Loverboy car" she gave away on TRL in June 2001. Mariah pre-recorded her winning speech last time she was on TRL.
(Tuesday 18 February 2003)
Mariah at Daytona 500
Mariah entertained the crowd during pre-race ceremonies at the Daytona 500 earlier in the day. Appearing in a form-fitting race suit, she belted out her hit single, "Through The Rain", as a tribute to those lost in the space shuttle Columbia.
(Monday 17 February 2003)
Mariah's Charmbracelet
After that debacle with her last label, Virgin Records, Mariah Carey had no choice but to come up with her best work ever for her Island debut. So here she is now with a new label, Monarch on Island and a new album titled Charmbracelet.
(Monday 17 February 2003)
Mariah invites you to Daytona
Hi everybody, it's Mariah. And I just wanna let you know that the Daytona 500 is coming up very soon and you can catch me at the great American race, Sunday February 16th at Daytona International Speedway.
(Sunday 16 February 2003)
Jolie tops Valentine poll
Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie is the woman three out of every ten men would like to share their Valentine's Day pillow with - according to a new survey. Jolie snatched almost twice as many votes as second placed Sandra Bullock.
(Saturday 15 February 2003)
Mariah Carey and Cam'ron host 106 & Park
Who says that Mariah Carey is limited to only singing in front of the camera? On the February 13th episode of "106 & Park: Prime", Mariah and Cam'ron were holding down the host positions as they countdowned the week's top ten videos.
(Friday 14 February 2003)
Rapper Cam'ron says NBA snubbed him
Cam'ron has accused the NBA of stopping him from performing with Mariah during the All-Star game tribute to Michael Jordan on Feb. 9. Cam said the league agreed he'd rap during the set but reneged claiming they were "staying away from rap".
(Friday 14 February 2003)
Carey happy to be on her own
Singing sensation Mariah Carey is in no hurry to find herself another man but promises she still enjoys a good flirt. The pop diva, who is making a comeback after her nervous breakdown last year, insists that she would rather be single.
(Friday 14 February 2003)
Live chat transcript
She loves butterflies, she calls her fans lambs and her latest release is "Charmbracelet". What else do you want to know about the world's best selling female performer? You had the chance to ask Mariah anything on the webchat of February 12.
(Thursday 13 February 2003)
Through The Rain re-enters at No 84
Kid Rock's "Picture" gains 15-11 on the Hot 100, but surrenders the lead on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Sales tally after four weeks. "Through the Rain" thunders onto that chart at No. 1, priced at a budget $1.99, and re-enters the Hot 100 at No. 84.
(Thursday 13 February 2003)
Mariah says she doesn't want a boyfriend yet
Mariah Carey says she doesn't want to have a boyfriend at the moment as she continues her comeback from a breakdown last year. She's posed for a series of photographs appearing in the new edition of Vibe magazine.
(Thursday 13 February 2003)
Through The Rain number 1 selling single
"Through The Rain" is the #1 selling single this week in the US. According to Soundscan, the single sold 12,931 copies this week (and 13,823 in total - including vinyl sales). Its position on Billboard's Hot 100 single charts will be available tomorrow.
(Wednesday 12 February 2003)
Mariah: Through the fire
Imagine waking up in a different country every day, living life inside private jets and five-star hotels. Imagine nearly having your clothes ripped off by a crazed Brazilian mob. Imagine crying out for help and no one caring.
(Wednesday 12 February 2003)
Daytona 500
Again Mariah left two voice messages on her official website. After she left the first one, she remembered she forgot to thank all the fans, and left another voice message. " I just wanted to let you know that the Daytona 500 is coming up very soon."
(Wednesday 12 February 2003)
6th annual March of Dimes radio awards
Check out these new pictures of Mariah at the March of Dimes 6th Annual New York Metro Achievement in Radio Awards at the Puck Building in New York City. She's pictured with radio programmer Frankie Blue, who was honored at the ceremony.
(Wednesday 12 February 2003)
Mariah on the cover of "Latina" magazine
Mariah is on the cover of the of Latina magazine, which headlines with "In search of Mariah": "A reunion with her father and a trip to Venezuela helped answer many questions in this pop-diva's search for her Latina roots-and her identity."
(Wednesday 12 February 2003)
Dru Hill to tour with Mariah Carey overseas?
Last week, Dru Hill was on 100.3 The Beat, a popular hip-hop and R&B radio station in Los Angeles, and mentioned the possibility of going on tour with Mariah Carey to promote Carey's Charmbracelet album.
(Tuesday 11 February 2003)
Mariah performs tribute to Michael Jordan
At the 2003 NBA All Star game, Mariah performed a tribute to Michael Jordan who's retiring from playing professional basketball at age 40. Mariah kicked off her performance with "Boy" (without Cam'ron) wearing a red jersey and a mini skirt.
(Monday 10 February 2003)
MTV presents Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey fans had the chance to question their idol in the exclusive programme "MTV presents Mariah Carey", which will be aired across Europe from February 14. Mariah performed tracks from her new album and answered a live Q&A session.
(Monday 10 February 2003)
Who wants to chat with Mariah?
OK lambs, what's that one question that you always wanted to ask? Wait, don't tell me just yet. Add that to the long list of questions you have because on Wednesday, February 12 the opportunity has arrived for you to chat live with Mariah.
(Monday 10 February 2003)
Mariah returns from All Star game
"Just left the nice All Star game and I had a really good time. I'm just calling to thank everyone who went out and bought the Through The Rain single. And I wanna say that there were some really, really, really sweet fans that I have met."
(Monday 10 February 2003)
Mariah finds perfect balance on new album
On Glitter, Mariah attempted to meld hardcore hip-hop with her sweet and dynamic voice, but she seemed so out of place and stepped-on by her bigger, badder hip-hop contributors. It seems logical that Mariah would dump her rap friends.
(Monday 10 February 2003)
Boy (I Need You)
About 10 minutes after releasing lackluster "The One" as the second single from Mariah Carey's current Charmbracelet, label honchos reneged on the decision in favor of "Boy (I Need You)". Good thinking.
(Monday 10 February 2003)
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