Jasmine interview

Thursday 15 April 2004

She's a young good looking and talented female from Southall and Br-Asian wanted to know how it was that she became so successful. After having studied for a degree in dance, theatre and communication, Jasmine intended to enter a career in TV Production. Little did she know that she would end up being best chums with Mariah Carey.
Her professional career began by working as a runner for the Big Breakfast, then purely by accident she was asked to try out as a presenter for "The Word". She was told by her Channel 4 boss, that she was there to "make up the numbers" and everyone was so surprised when she actually got the job. The show was later axed and Jasmine went on to present a show in America called The Grind for MTV. When she returned to the UK her agent tried to get Jas a job in MTV London, but they thought that Jasmine was too loud to present for a UK audience, so she began to do voiceovers and managed to worm her way in that way.
"I have a great job, I meet loads of celebrities and get to see the real side of it and some of it really isn't that glamorous. I get to see the glamour and then come back to earth... It's cool." Jasmine realises that she is a very lucky girl and after she spent one New Year at Mariah Carey's party, she is a very envied girl too. Her friendship with the star began when Jasmine had to interview her in Italy, producers were worried and nervous as Jasmine was renown for speaking her mind. She told Mariah that she didn't like her stuff until quite recently. Jas believes that is why Mariah felt so comfortable with her, because of her honesty.
Jasmine spent the rest of the afternoon with her, just hangin' out and they got on really well. From then on they both kept in touch and Jasmine would spend time with Mariah when she visited London, she told us that they would "catch up on gossip". Mariah invited Jas and her boyfriend Rahsaan (from Damage) to be guests at her boyfriends house in Mexico for a New Year party. Rahsaan however, wanted to spend it with his mum (bless him) as he is totally unimpressed with any famous person - even Mariah. Never the less, Jasmine used her female charms and got her own way and they went to Mexico for two weeks over the new year period. (But Jasmine was attacked by a Dolphin (the friendliest mammal on the earth I believe?) and was glad to return home, as she got sick of the sun and the beach?)
As well as presenting for MTV, Jasmine also produces some of her own shows. Although she tells me that even though she earns four times more than her secretarial mum ever could, her mum is still waiting for her to get a proper job. "She supports me, but thinks that I am just having a good time and eventually I will settle down with a proper job. People on the street think you're cool and in the office they just think that you are a puppet that talks, people give you more respect when you produce as well." The career girl hopes on one day having a family and a nice house with a nice garden and longs for a traditional family environment hmmm.

(Br-Asian - Heroes of Mariah)

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