Mariah talks about her back-up singers

Sunday 14 January 2007

On Trey Lorenz: "Trey is a stone winner. He's very, very funny. He makes me laugh. We do have to sing together so sometimes we have to tone down the jokes and we just have to sing the song together like we don't know each other. But the problem is, we've known each for a really long time so sometimes we're used to make each other laugh."
On Mary Ann and Sherry Tatum: "Mary Ann is really one of my best friends. Sherry and Mary Ann are really singing song incredibly, difficult parts like I don't just do regular backup sections on my songs. They're kind of almost impossible to do so you have to have real singers - they're definitely incredible singers - that's what they do."
"Mary Ann is an amazing singer and she's a perfectionist. I love that about her. And she's fun on stage and she's watching everything that's going on like nothing gets past her so she's like a rock for me when we're on the stage together in terms of stability, friendship. I could turn to her and say, 'Take that line, I'll take this line' and we do that a lot."

( - Mariah Hero)

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