Grinch steals Mariah

Saturday 14 October 2000

Those won't be Mariah Carey's pipes that you hear warbling the theme song, "Where Are You, Christmas?" in this holiday season's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey. People reports that the diva was all set to do the singing, but it just didn't happen, even though Carey cowrote the song. Mariah's rep told People that Carey didn't have the time to record, but, reports the magazine, the songbird's ex-hubby, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, wouldn't let her sing for rival MCA/Universal, which is releasing the picture (based on the Dr. Seuss classic). Faith Hill has since recorded the song for the soundtrack.


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Another movie hitch for Mariah
Mariah Carey's hopes of movie success have taken another bashing - her latest film might never be released. The pop star's role as a waitress alongside Mira Sorvino in Wise Girls was among the hits of Utah's Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.
(Wednesday 1 May 2002)
Stars support the 5th Northern Rainbow Ball
Chart topping boy band, a1, Byker Grove stars Vicki Hawkins and Andrew Hayden Smith, Aaron Bayley, Narinder, Christian Steel, and patron Lord Redesdale mingled with guests at the 5th Northern Rainbow Ball.
(Wednesday 1 May 2002)
Errors, exaggerations and pure fiction
The Sun's showbusiness editor, Dominic Mohan, has scooped the most prestigious gong at the Shaftas, the award for the worst showbiz interview. Mohan's position was confirmed at the showcase of the most embarrassing journalistic errors.
(Wednesday 1 May 2002)
Mariah leaves new message
"Yeah, just calling to check in 'cause I haven't called in quite some time. I've been busy recording and things of that nature. Everything is going really well and just wanted to call and let you know that I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya."
(Tuesday 30 April 2002)
Britney needs to take Carey
Get set for the cat-fight of the year. Pop beauties Britney Spears and Mariah Carey have their sights set on the same man. The unfortunate chap is American football star Tom Brady. Mariah made a pass at him at a party she threw for her cousin.
(Tuesday 30 April 2002)
Mariah voted most talented actor/actress
Mariah's fan following proves to be as strong as ever by the continues polls she has been winning online. The latest poll she has gained victory in is PopDirts "Most Talented Actor/Actress". Our latest poll had Mariah Carey voted as the top choice.
(Monday 29 April 2002)
Mariah's dazzling glitter
The 80's may have made a major return on the world's fashion ramps, but there was no indication whatsoever that 80's disco music was back with a bang. Too bad nobody remembered to tell Mariah that during the production of her latest album.
(Saturday 27 April 2002)
Boynton center gives children Internet access
Monica Rodriguez, 10, is glad to have a chance to learn more about Mariah Carey, but she doesn't know much about the federal money that makes her Internet access possible. Monica is one of a number of youngsters who gets to spend time on the Internet.
(Saturday 27 April 2002)
Divas set to delight
VH1 sure knows how to make the ladies happy. And at this year's fifth annual Divas Live show they will have to deal with the diva-sized personalities of Cher, Mary J. Blige and Celine Dion. Also on the bill are Shakira and the Dixie Chicks.
(Friday 26 April 2002)
Mariah making tracks
Mariah Carey is busy working on a new album, despite not yet having signed a recording contract. The troubled diva is said to have been collaborating with a number of producers for her forthcoming long-player.
(Friday 26 April 2002)
Mottola "in hot water" after Carey's sabotage
Mariah Carey fans of the world rejoice: Tommy Mottola's luck may have just run out. The wealthy chairman and CEO of America's Sony Music Entertainment Group, is in hot water with the company's Japanese counterparts.
(Thursday 25 April 2002)
Mariah on "20/20" with Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters went back to some of her most sensational interviewees to see how they are doing now. You will hear from Mariah Carey, Sarah, Duchess of York, Donna Rice, Kato Kaelin, Greg Louganis and Macauley Culkin. What a line-up.
(Thursday 25 April 2002)
Mariah selling strong worldwide during hiatus
This week Mariah's re-released and re-packaged single One Sweet Day sits at #53 on the Billboard singles chart. When first released in 1996, the single was certified platinum, for sales of over 1 million copies.
(Thursday 25 April 2002)
DJ Quik joins forces with Mariah
Mariah Carey has added DJ Quik to her growing roster of collaborators on her next album. The singer has just completed sessions with Murder Inc producer 7 Aurelius in the Bahamas, and she has now called on the efforts of the Los Angeles MC.
(Thursday 25 April 2002)
Mariah goes to the club with DJ Quik
DJ Quik has joined the list of Mariah Carey's collaborators for her next effort. On Monday, the West Coast MC/ beat miner said he had already completed a track where he took the diva "to the club". "I took her to the low riders."
(Wednesday 24 April 2002)
The Clincher on the Lo and Carey scandal
MC got knocked back into the spotlight last month when Irv Gotti (President of Murder Inc. Records) comes forward and states on record that he was specifically instructed to recreate Mariah and Ja Rule's "If We" ontop of J.Lo's "I'm Real" remix.
(Tuesday 23 April 2002)
Mariah and Tom
New York Magazine reports that Mariah Carey "raised some eyebrows" when she danced with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady - and then enjoyed a long chitchat with the football star - at that April 13 party she tossed at Boston's Anago restaurant.
(Tuesday 23 April 2002)
Hello Kitty is the cat's meow
Mariah Carey, Lisa Loeb, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tyra Banks may be grown-up celebrities, but they're not too old to purr over Hello Kitty. Popular with little girls since the 1970s, Hello Kitty products are suddenly a hit in Hollywood.
(Monday 22 April 2002)
Mary J. Blige on Mariah
Mary J. Blige appeared on the German MTV show "Select" and a viewer asked her why P. Diddy appeared in her video for "No More Drama". And since Mariah is in the video as well, Mary of course mentioned her in her answer.
(Monday 22 April 2002)
Mottola wrecked Carey's career with Ja Rule and J.Lo
Mariah Carey's ex-husband conspired to ruin her career by promoting Jennifer Lopez over her, according to rap producer Irv Gotti and rapper Ja Rule. Sony boss Tommy Mottola asked Gotti to remix Lopez's "I'm Real" hit using Ja Rule super quickly.
(Monday 22 April 2002)
Mariah Carey records in Bahamas with live band
She has not announced where her next recording home is going to be, but Mariah Carey is recording. "All last week I was down in the Bahamas - just working with her was amazing," producer 7 Aurelius said on Tuesday.
(Friday 19 April 2002)
Mariah starts recording
Mariah Carey may not have found a new record label, but the sexy singer has already started making new music. The diva has been label-less since taking a US$28 million pay-off from EMI. But Mariah doesn't seem prepared to wait for a new contract.
(Friday 19 April 2002)
Mariah was right
A well-known record producer has confirmed what Mariah Carey suspected - her music mogul ex-husband Tommy Mottola tried to sabotage her "Glitter" album and boost the career of rival songbird Jennifer Lopez!
(Friday 19 April 2002)
Roberta Myers talks about Mariah
A few years ago, I was seated next to Carey at a small dinner in a downtown restaurant when she started singing to herself, just under her breath, almost subconsciously. Hearing that voice made my heart skip a beat.
(Friday 19 April 2002)
Kyle & Jacki O show some love
Mariah receive some timely praise from Australia's most listened to nightly radio program. With over 2 million listeners nationally, the Countdown hosted by Kyle and Jacki O heaped praise on Mariah's new music, Wisegirls... and yes, even Glitter.
(Friday 19 April 2002)
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