Grinch steals Mariah

Saturday 14 October 2000

Those won't be Mariah Carey's pipes that you hear warbling the theme song, "Where Are You, Christmas?" in this holiday season's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey. People reports that the diva was all set to do the singing, but it just didn't happen, even though Carey cowrote the song. Mariah's rep told People that Carey didn't have the time to record, but, reports the magazine, the songbird's ex-hubby, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, wouldn't let her sing for rival MCA/Universal, which is releasing the picture (based on the Dr. Seuss classic). Faith Hill has since recorded the song for the soundtrack.


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Mariah... she's back
Recording her new hit album under the the calming Italian sunshine of the island of Capri apparently had an effect on Mariah, now triumphant and revitalized after a torrid period of time, when her movie and music careers practically collapsed.
(Sunday 2 February 2003)
Mariah sets another record
In the latest edition of The Guinness Book of World Records, pop-diva Mariah Carey scores still another title. According to Guinness officials, the siren's ethereal pipes hold the record for having hit the highest note in the history of recorded music.
(Sunday 2 February 2003)
For the third time, Mariah appears on the cover of Vibe. The magazine headlines with "after the disastrous record deal, the Hollywood flop, and the breakdown, the high-octave diva is back and keeping it moving". The issue date is March 2003.
(Friday 31 January 2003)
Mariah performs three songs at NBA
On Feb. 9th, Mariah Carey will be performing at the halftime show for the NBA All Star Game in Atlanta. This is a special performance as it pays tribute to basketball's greatest star, Michael Jordan, who will be retiring from basketball.
(Friday 31 January 2003)
Malaysian Charmbracelet
Today, my friend Kerry sent me info on the Charmbracelet CD from Malaysia. And just like other Charmbracelet releases from Asia, this CD comes with an extra. This time there are four great calendar cards.
(Friday 31 January 2003)
Driving test
Most celebrities have at one time or another seen the back of Paul Monroe's head. They have seen it nod, shake and loll from one side to the other. "Sorry, sir. I forgot you were in there." But now the stars who were ferried get to see his face.
(Friday 31 January 2003)
Mariah warns Christina about booze battle
Mariah Carey has reached out to Christina Aguilera to urge the hard partying pop tart to seek help before she spirals into a full-blown alcohol and partying addiction. She told XXX-Tina, "You're going to end up burned out at 30, like I was!"
(Thursday 30 January 2003)
Danish release date for "Boy (I Need You)"
According to Universal Denmark's ressource website for press and retailers,, "Boy (I Need You)" will be released as a commercial single in Denmark on March 17, one week before the release of The Remix Album by Sony.
(Wednesday 29 January 2003)
Mariah Carey to perform live at halftime
NBA All-Stars will share center court with the world's No. 1-selling female performer of all time, Mariah Carey, who will perform live during halftime at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, which takes place at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Sunday, Feb. 9.
(Tuesday 28 January 2003)
Full diva ahead
Mariah Carey's recent woes haven't made her tone down her diva ways. The "Through the Rain" singer was in Sweden recently and kept a reporter from Aftonbladet waiting for an interview for more than five hours.
(Tuesday 28 January 2003)
Billboard bits
The National Basketball Association (NBA) has tapped Mariah Carey to perform during the halftime break in its 52nd annual All-Star Game, set for February 9 in Atlanta. The performance will air live on the TNT cable network.
(Tuesday 28 January 2003)
Mariah Carey is in; what about Mike?
Mariah Carey is a sure thing for the NBA All-Star Game. Is Michael Jordan? Carey, continuing in her "comeback" that began with the 2002 release of her ninth CD "Charmbracelet", will perform live during halftime of the February 9 game.
(Tuesday 28 January 2003)
Record business in chaos: week three
The only happy person in the record business this week is Norah Jones, the 21-year-old daughter of Indian composer Ravi Shankar. Her debut album will remain at #1 with about 100,000 copies sold for the last seven days.
(Tuesday 28 January 2003)
Mariah adopts artist's "Be Nice Or Leave" policy
Those who are certifiably famous have understandably shown a preference for ["Dr. Bob" Shaffer's] trademark, a sign painted on tin that reads "Be Nice or Leave". Emmylou Harris has one. Arrowsmith has one. Harry Shearer of "The Simpsons" has one.
(Monday 27 January 2003)
Despite demands, always nice to limo driver
Former New York City limo driver to the stars Paul Monroe continued his commentary on his experiences driving stars around with his thoughts on Mariah Carey. But despite her demands, Monroe says Carey was "absolutely not snobby.
(Monday 27 January 2003)
Will Oldham covers MC's CTTA
There's a haunting air of brokenhearted, late-night/early-morning desolation to Will Oldham's latest recording. But that doesn't much suggest the kind of guy who would talk enthusiastically of covering Mariah Carey.
(Monday 27 January 2003)
Mariah's vaction pictures
On Mariah's website there are many pictures from her vacation. You can see Mariah and Jack opening gifts under her Butterfly Christmas tree, and Mariah with her pal, the beautiful and talented Sade. There are also pictures of Mariah on the beach.
(Sunday 26 January 2003)
Being Sarah Pettit
Maybe one reader in a thousand knew Sarah Pettit's name, but they knew her mind and sensibility. She was delighted when a new Mariah Carey record came out and delighted to tell her snobby music critics how wrong they were about Mariah Carey.
(Sunday 26 January 2003)
Mariah in "Guys & Dolls" remake?
The excitement generated over "Chicago" could mean the time is right for a redo of the classic "Guys and Dolls", with a modern cast. The speculation in that direction is being prompted, according to gossip columnist Liz Smith.
(Saturday 25 January 2003)
Mariah sends love to Sharon
After Sharon Osbourne told the nation that Mariah had "the best boob job in the business" at the American Music Awards, Liz Smith reported that Carey was upset. But 3 days later, she sent Sharon a beautiful arrangement of roses and three bras.
(Saturday 25 January 2003)
Don't break the link - forward the charm
2003 is off to a great start for legendary singer Mariah Carey. Releasing her "come-back" album "Charmbracelet" in early December last year, many questioned whether the Grammy Award-winning singer could return to the top of the charts.
(Saturday 25 January 2003)
Mariah "thrilled" by NASCAR gig
Mariah Carey talks about singing at one of the most-watched motorsports events in the world. What are her thoughts on singing the national anthem at the Daytona 500? "I'm just so excited. I'm totally thrilled about it. I'm looking forward to this."
(Saturday 25 January 2003)
"Rain" falls
There have been reports in the press about Mariah Carey's label purchasing commercial spots on radio that included a segment of "Through the Rain" long enough to be detected as airplay by the monitoring computers of Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems.
(Friday 24 January 2003)
We have a winner for Mariah Live
This year is the 45th annual Daytona 500 and Mariah Carey is going to be kicking off the festivities by singing the National Anthem. To help celebrate this event, the first winner for Mariah Live has been chosen to attend the race.
(Friday 24 January 2003)
Diva reputation affecting Hollywood career
Mariah Carey is set to struggle in her attempts to jump-start her acting career - because she has a long-running reputation as a demanding diva in the movie industry. The beauty has been accused of displaying regular bouts of difficult behaviour.
(Friday 24 January 2003)
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