Grinch steals Mariah

Saturday 14 October 2000

Those won't be Mariah Carey's pipes that you hear warbling the theme song, "Where Are You, Christmas?" in this holiday season's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey. People reports that the diva was all set to do the singing, but it just didn't happen, even though Carey cowrote the song. Mariah's rep told People that Carey didn't have the time to record, but, reports the magazine, the songbird's ex-hubby, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, wouldn't let her sing for rival MCA/Universal, which is releasing the picture (based on the Dr. Seuss classic). Faith Hill has since recorded the song for the soundtrack.


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How "Lo" did "J" go?
Before her breakdown last summer, Mariah Carey complained that Jennifer Lopez was copying musical ideas from advance tracks of Carey's then-unreleased "Glitter" soundtrack, claiming that Tommy Mottola had leaked the recordings to his new diva.
(Saturday 6 April 2002)
What divas want
Mariah required a litter of puppies and kittens on set for an MTV appearance, and arrived for a GMTV interview with her own sofa. And just in case she gets thirsty when she's touring, her backstage demands leave no room for confusion
(Saturday 6 April 2002)
Chart buster: from pop star to pariah
Two weeks ago, the music giant EMI, still bleeding after falling on a sword marked "Mariah Carey" in January, announced an even deeper cut: a global restructure that has resulted in the slicing of 1800 staff and 400 acts.
(Saturday 6 April 2002)
Hey, maybe Mariah wasn't paranoid after all
Mariah Carey may not have been so far off base last year when she complained that forces in the music business were out to ruin the diva. Carey's ex-husband and head of her former label, deliberately set out to cut a song for Jennifer Lopez.
(Friday 5 April 2002)
Tommy and J.Lo sabotage Mariah's "Glitter"
Last year during Mariah Carey's much publicized "physical and emotional breakdown", it was reported that Mariah's paranoia had led to her hiring a private detective to investigate ex-husband, and Sony Music head honcho, Tommy Mottola.
(Friday 5 April 2002)
J.Lo used Mariah's song
A Mariah Carey and Ja Rule remix was dumped after Jennifer Lopez released a similar track with the rapper. Irv Gotti says Mariah's ex-husband Tommy Mottola called up Irv's production company Murder Inc to do a remix of J.Lo's track "I'm Real".
(Friday 5 April 2002)
Mariah's Firecracker feud
The underbelly of the music industry is showing, and Mariah Carey may be vindicated. Irv Gotti admitted that Sony head Tommy Mottola told him to make a record for Jennifer Lopez that sounded just like one he'd made for Carey for "Glitter".
(Friday 5 April 2002)
David Morales talks about Mariah
David Morales exemplifies the superstar DJ - honing his muscles at the gym and his deck skills in clubs worldwide. Over the last decade this house master has likewise established himself as a producer, most famously remixing Mariah Carey's "Fantasy".
(Friday 5 April 2002)
Mariah Carey finds support
Irv Gotti, Ja Rule's executive producer, says he was called last year to sabotage Mariah Carey's Glitter album. Sony Music head Tommy Mottola allegedly called Gotti and asked him to produce a remix for Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real" featuring Ja Rule,
(Friday 5 April 2002)
Mariah "ripped off" twice on same record
The situation is worse than I thought. In the below story, which we published yesterday, rap impresario Irv Gotti conceded for the first time that Mariah Carey had her work on Glitter lifted for Jennifer Lopez's J.Lo album.
(Thursday 4 April 2002)
Murder Inc boss: J.Lo used Mariah's song
A Mariah Carey and Ja Rule remix was dumped after Jennifer Lopez released a similar track with the rapper - according to Irv Gotti. Tommy Mottola called up Irv's production company Murder Inc to do a remix of J.Lo's track "I'm Real".
(Thursday 4 April 2002)
Mariah sets record straight
Mariah Carey wants to get something straight. She's not rooting for an Oscar award, but she also doesn't think she's that bad of an actress, either - and she isn't. "If I had no acting talent, the Ally McBeal people wouldn't have asked me to cameo."
(Thursday 4 April 2002)
Mariah's glittering bike heads to NYC
New Yorkers are noticing some sparkle at Saks Fifth Avenue. That's because the upscale department store is showcasing a one-of-a-kind, Kawasaki NINJA ZX-12R adorned with more than 50,000 sparkling Swarovski Crystals.
(Thursday 4 April 2002)
Mariah vindicated: her song was "swiped"
Mariah may finally have been vindicated. It seems that there was more than a little truth in her accusations that someone was out to get her. Irv Gotti admits that Mottola instructed him to make a record that sounded exactly like the one with Carey.
(Wednesday 3 April 2002)
The new, improved Mariah
Meet the gorgeous new and improved Mariah Carey! Last year the dazzling diva packed on the pounds - but her famous shape is ship-shape once again, thanks to her iron-willed dedication to a grueling exercise and weight loss regimen.
(Wednesday 3 April 2002)
Mariah wishes Celine a happy birthday
Anonymous writes "According to Celebrity Insider and NY radio station KTU, Mariah Carey called Celine Dion on Saturday, March 30 to wish her a Happy Birthday! Celine had called Mariah Wednesday, March 27th to wish Mariah a Happy Birthday.
(Wednesday 3 April 2002)
The "Music Goes On" for Florelie Escano
The life of an unsigned artist is far from easy. Paid work is hard to come across, so it is often only the love of music that keeps the dream of sharing their artistry with the world alive. For Florelie Escano, it has been that love and passion that has kept her going.
(Wednesday 3 April 2002)
Carey curvy beside the sea side
Mariah Carey took to the beach to celebrate her 32nd birthday - and drew cruel comparisons with a certain large sea mammal. British tabloid The Sun described the singer as being "a little broad in the beam" as she frolicked in the surf.
(Tuesday 2 April 2002)
Jobs lost, and it's all Mariah Carey's fault
The spectacular failure of Mariah Carey's album Glitter has contributed to the sacking of 1,800 workers at music giant EMI, including a large chunk of its Australian staff. As part of a savage cost-cutting exercise EMI is axing one-fifth of its global workforce.
(Monday 1 April 2002)
Mariah on the World Music Awards
This is the tenth consecutive year that "The World Music Awards" has aired on ABC. In celebration of the awards' tenth anniversary, a special presentation showcased some of the past years' best musical performances, including Mariah Carey.
(Sunday 31 March 2002)
My-rear Carey
Looks like Mariah Carey's problems are all behind her as she frolics on a beach in the Caribbean. The gorgeous singer looked a little broad in the beam while celebrating her 32nd birthday. But she didn't let that stop her laughing and joking with pals.
(Friday 29 March 2002)
MTV Australia and Mariah
All those subscribed to MTV Australia will be very excited to know that Mariah's appearance on MTV Cribs will air on April 30th. In a special double episode, the first half hour will feature never before scene footage from previous Cribs episodes.
(Friday 29 March 2002)
Meet Richard Marin - hairstylist to the stars
Richard Marin is your typical chatty hairstylist to the stars... kind of. The stylist gushes about incredibly talented celebrities and their amazing hair, but clips the conversation when it turns to nasty celeb gossip and, gasp, his rates.
(Friday 29 March 2002)
Mariah spent birthday on St Maarten
Mariah Carey knows how to throw herself a party. The songbird is whooping it up on an island with friends to celebrate her 32nd birthday, according to her publicist. Carey is likely thrilled to kiss the last year goodbye.
(Thursday 28 March 2002)
The cloning of Mariah
R!OT provided visual effects services for a new music video designed to appeal to pop fans who can't get enough Mariah. Don't Stop features Carey as a trio of singer's backing up rap superstar Mystikal who performs the lead vocal for the song.
(Thursday 28 March 2002)
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