Grinch steals Mariah

Saturday 14 October 2000

Those won't be Mariah Carey's pipes that you hear warbling the theme song, "Where Are You, Christmas?" in this holiday season's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey. People reports that the diva was all set to do the singing, but it just didn't happen, even though Carey cowrote the song. Mariah's rep told People that Carey didn't have the time to record, but, reports the magazine, the songbird's ex-hubby, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, wouldn't let her sing for rival MCA/Universal, which is releasing the picture (based on the Dr. Seuss classic). Faith Hill has since recorded the song for the soundtrack.


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Mariah: just business
The musicindustry isn't worth bowing under for, Mariah Carey says. Her comeback single "Through the Rain" was recently released to radio, and the popdiva is excited about the reception of the song.
(Wednesday 9 October 2002)
Mariah's on her way back
After two nervous breakdowns, being dropped by her record label and making a film that was a huge box office failure, Mariah Carey is about to make a comeback. She's got a new record deal and a new single, Through the Rain.
(Wednesday 9 October 2002)
Mariah the weeks champion
After winning the Capital FM text battle against Madonna last Tuesday, Mariah went on to become the weeks champion. The prize is for every weekday this week Mariah will be played on Schoolies show at around 9.20pm on 95.8 Capital FM London.
(Wednesday 9 October 2002)
Andre Harris and Vidal Davis
UMPG has signed producer/ songwriter team Andre Harris and Vidal Davis to an exclusive, worldwide publishing deal. Upcoming projects include co-writing and producing singles for Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez
(Monday 7 October 2002)
"Wisegirls" eyes December retail release?
Mariah Carey's new movie, "Wisegirls", has been released on DVD - as a promotional advancement for critics to review. It was reported that the film will seek a retail release on December 31, 2002, though these reports have been denied.
(Monday 7 October 2002)
Billboard review
The autobiographical "Through the Rain", a song that sings the praises of inner strength is certainly an important release for the singer/songwriter. It also reveals the all-important decision to return to a more musical mind-set.
(Saturday 5 October 2002)
Mariah Carey's new video completed
The video that will accompany "Through the Rain" is complete. The shooting, which took place in New York City, lasted two days and was directed by director Dave Meyers. The story is pretty much based on the life of the singer's parents.
(Saturday 5 October 2002)
Mariah's new move?
Mariah Carey, on the rebound from a very public nervous breakdown last year, may be thinking of selling her Tribeca penthouse. The diva is said to be inviting brokers into her home and quizzing them on the value of the place.
(Saturday 5 October 2002)
"Rain" video features Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Mariah Carey's video for her new single, "Through The Rain", guest stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler from HBO's The Sopranos. On her website (, Sigler wrote, "I am filming the lead character in Mariah Carey's new video!"
(Friday 4 October 2002)
9/11 single hits radio one year late
A year after Michael Jackson gathered Britney Spears, Destiny's Child and dozens of other superstars to record "What More Can I Give", the September 11 benefit single is finally being heard. New York radio station WKTU-FM debuted the song on Friday.
(Friday 4 October 2002)
Mariah Carey gets back on track
A year ago, Mariah's career had pretty much derailed, with disappointing results for her latest movie and album and a stint in the hospital for an emotional and physical breakdown. But she said her life is back on track now and that she is starting fresh.
(Friday 4 October 2002)
Mama meadow
Mariah Carey is tapping into her own tumultuous history for her "Through the Rain" video. No, not her breakdown last year, though she told MTV News that listeners will probably hear the ballad's motivational lyrics as a response to that.
(Thursday 3 October 2002)
Carey takes her career less seriously
Singer Mariah Carey finally worked out a formula to keep away from hitting rock-bottom again - taking her job less seriously. The New York native admits that she once looked at her music career as the most important aspect of her life.
(Thursday 3 October 2002)
Mariah wants a buyer for her downtown pad
Is Mariah Carey selling her pricey downtown condo? Real estate sources say the songbird is preparing to unload her triplex penthouse perch at TriBeCa's Franklin Tower. The singer paid more than $9 million for the penthouse in the 17-story building.
(Thursday 3 October 2002)
Mariah speaks on new single
... and her recovery from a nervous breakdown. The singer has signed a new deal with Def Jam Records after Virgin dropped her from the label after her last album, Glitter, failed to justify the £80m signing on fee.
(Thursday 3 October 2002)
Mariah Carey insists she just needed sleep
"I've been here for years, I don't know," Mariah said Monday on the set of her video "Through the Rain" when asked about her much-talked-about comeback. Obviously with more platinum on her walls than Baby from Cash Money has in his mouth.
(Wednesday 2 October 2002)
On the set: Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey has returned, and she's back doing what she does best. Her newest single is getting a lot of radio play, and with good reason, after a very tumultuous year clouded in controversy. You would never know it from watching Mariah.
(Wednesday 2 October 2002)
Mariah's the comeback kid
It's a sight millions of Mariah Carey fans thought they might never see again, but it's no mirage. The superstar singer-songwriter is smiling brightly these days, carefree, confident, and on the verge of a remarkable comeback.
(Wednesday 2 October 2002)
Mariah's a raining queen
Stunning Mariah Carey struggles to keep her head above water as she shoots the video for her new single "Through the Rain". And the pop beauty, 32, knows it's sink or swim time for her career, too. Her lastest album, "Glitter", flopped.
(Tuesday 1 October 2002)
Through The Rain video media coverage
Through The Rain video shoot has been receiving quite a bit of coverage from the media. Tomorrow TRL will be behind the scenes of the TTR video shoot, so be sure to watch that. Also earlier today Inside Edition had a little thing on Mariah.
(Tuesday 1 October 2002)
Johannes B. Kerner transcript (part II)
"Everybody can see, that you're back. I can feel how present you are, by sitting here next to you. And that people can listen to you again, can be heard. Your new single is called Through The Rain. And if you hear that title, a thought comes to your mind."
(Tuesday 1 October 2002)
Mariah "rains" supreme as she shoots new video
Comeback kid Mariah Carey was all smiles yesterday as she filmed a new music video along Park Avenue South in the city. Looking smokin' hot, the sexy pop princess strutted back and forth in a thigh-baring skirt and ultratight top.
(Monday 30 September 2002)
Mariah interviewed by Norwegian radio
Mariah was just interviewed by the Norwegian radiostation P4. It was over the phone, and lasted about 7 minutes. She talked about her new album, and said it was very personal, and it helped her get through different things.
(Monday 30 September 2002)
Johannes B. Kerner transcript
"Mariah, thank you for visiting my show, I'm happy to have you here. Now for a worldstar it's not unusual that people applause when you enter a TV studio, but you noticed that it's very intense."
(Sunday 29 September 2002)
Mariah Carey roars back
After a year of tragedy and turmoil, superstar Mariah Carey has finally gotten it all together again. And the pop world better watch out. She's got a hot new single set to hit the airwaves next week, a secret new love - and a whole new attitude.
(Sunday 29 September 2002)
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