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Monday 12 May 2008

Lupe and Jasmine
So the world's press have been falling over themselves recently, coming up with all sorts of completely fabricated stories about Mariah and calling all of us who love her for a quote. So here goes: Congratulations to my New York cousin who has become a wife, and her new husband, Nick Cannon. MC is still an MC, as she's now Mrs Mariah Carey-Cannon.
Before we get into the real talk, let's cut the silly stories dead: MC didn't buy her own ring and she wasn't given a second hand ring. In fact, I'm reliably informed that the ring Nick once offered someone else isn't even in the same league as the one MC is sporting. MC's is 10 times bigger. MC's ring is the most beautiful ring ever with "pink yet lavender" diamonds surrounding the centre.
Next: The flowers didn't come from the island of Eleuthera. They were flown in from Miami. Also, with regards to all the pre-nup rumous; All you need to know is they're both independent with their own thing going on and have both their respective heads screwed firmly on.
MC has been friends with Nick since 2005 when he presented her with a Billboard Music Award. They kept in touch and let their friendship develop and the most beautiful thing is: Nick always used to say he was in love with MC and that one day he was going to marry her. It seems he spoke it into existence.
Nick went on to propose to MC - twice! Firstly on the Empire State Building, which she had just lit up publicly in pink "yet lavender" lights. Nick hid the ring in a candy wrapper amongst lollipops and lunchboxes, and then he re-proposed after whisking her off on a helicopter ride around New York so she could see her "pink and lavender Empire State Building".
Think that's beautiful? They've further cemented their love for each other with tattoos. Neither of them have ever had a tattoo in their lives but now MC is sporting a "Mrs Cannon" tattoo while Nick has "Mariah" across his back.
I can say that of all the men I've seen MC with in the past, I've never seen her like this. I'm not sure she's ever truly been in love until now. And even better still, all of us who love her, love him, coz he constantly reminds us: "I am madly in love with my wife and it's my life duty to make her happy." I toast you Mr and Mrs Cannon.

(excerpt from The Voice)

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