Mariah responds to Eminem diss: "I don't eat candy"

Thursday 21 May 2009

Mariah Carey, in the midst of paparazzi taking photos, was recently asked by one paparazzo about her thoughts about the "stuff" that rapper Eminem was saying - about her and her hubby, entertainment executive, Nick Cannon.
"Looking fantastic there Mariah," started off the TMZ paparazzo, as an attempt to possibly "butter up" the music R&B singer and wife of Nick Cannon in preparation for his next question. "Mariah, sorry to ask but what do you think about of all this stuff that Eminem is saying," he asks Mariah Carey in the midst of Mariah Carey's bodyguards who were insisting "No, no, there's nothing... we're not talking."
"Who?," Carey responds initially to the pap, possibly taunting at Eminem, as if to not even recognize the name "Eminem". "Eminem," the the pap says again. "I don't eat candy," Mariah Carey responded before getting into her car.
The "stuff" that the pap was referring to that Eminem is saying is referring to the rapper's diss in a song entitled "Bagpipes from Baghdad" were Eminem calls Mariah a "f-ckin' whore" and a "c-nt". The attack didn't go over to well with Mariah Carey's new hubby Nick Cannon, as previously reported on, and was later claimed by Eminem as a simple misinterpretation of his song. Eminem now claims that he only mean't to "wish them the best", that's all.


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