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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
Charlie Puth (93,304) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 16 March 2020; 23:43)
If any of you follow Charlie Puth on Instagram, you would have seen him singing "I Still Believe". He's probably one of my favourite male artists - so I love that he's showing love to my favourite female artist. Unless it's in fact a tribute to Brenda - in which case he can move along.
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Re: Butterfly (92,532) (92,537) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 22 January 2020; 06:45)
I always find it so interesting to hear how one person's treasure is another person's trash. There are songs on Butterfly that I don't think I've given a second listen to - like Fourth of July and Babydoll. Or those Daydream songs that sound the same between Always be My Baby and Long Ago. But then again I think Through the Rain and Art of Letting Go are her best songs this side of the year 2000. So what do I know?
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Re: I Stay In Love (91,262) (91,287) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 6 November 2019; 09:46)
Were you at The Peel?
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MCIIY (91,219) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 1 November 2019; 21:32)
I can't help but notice the omission of all but three of the songs from her second Christmas album on this Christmas Spectacular she's just dropped. I also remember her saying in one of her Christmas concerts something along the lines of "This is from my second Christmas album, Merry Christmas 2 or whatever they ended up calling it." Potentially not her favourite festive moment. I'm also glad she didn't include the Bieber version, but had secretly hoped for a Michael Buble duet.
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New favourite (90,775) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 10 September 2019; 12:30)
I think “Everything Fades Away” has just overtaken “Art of Letting Go” as my favourite MC song. For this week.
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Re: Caution (90,738) (90,742) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 2 September 2019; 03:48)
I wonder that given most people would use Apple/Spotify or similar, how do these streams influence that number, if at all?
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Mariah and Ellen (90,726) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 1 September 2019; 00:22)
I was watching some MC and Ellen clips on YouTube the other day. Does anybody get the feeling that Ellen actually can't stand Mariah? She hasn't been on for ages, and compared to how Ellen interacts with other guests, she's always a bit standoffish and condescending with Mariah.
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Re: Videos (90,702) (90,705) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 30 August 2019; 12:18)
My favourites: Honey, The Roof, Heartbreaker, My All, and It's Like That.

The ones I can do without: Infinity, I Don't, You're Mine, I Want to Know What Love Is and One Sweet Day.
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Re: The new Jerry O'Connell show (90,511) (90,514) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 2 August 2019; 14:55)
Did you also catch Whoopi throwing some shade? Someone said that Heartbreaker was 20 years ago, and Whoopi says "20 bodies ago".
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Andrew (89,737) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 27 May 2019; 10:58)
Mr Andy - are you going to see MC at Royal Albert Hall?
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Vocal texture (89,442) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 3 May 2019; 15:23)
I loved the BBMA performance and speech. I adored the opening of "Emotions". That rasp and the way she said the first "higher" is why I love her and her voice.
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Re: Does anyone here even stream music? (88,681) (88,689) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 19 March 2019; 12:06)
Yes. I haven't had an actual CD since MOAIA. Then everything was iTunes or "finding online", but for the last 2 years it's been nothing but Spotify. I don't even think my car has a cd player come to think of it.
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Re: Caution (88,441) (88,444) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 10 March 2019; 00:57)
It's not a bad album, but there's lots of songs that I skip. I've taken the songs I enjoy and added them to my MC Spotify playlist. GTFO, With You, The Distance, Giving Me Life and Portrait are the only songs I've listened to more than once.
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Michael Jackson (88,426) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 9 March 2019; 06:37)
I have no idea what to think. Victims or famewhores? I doubt "Leaving Nerverland" had infiltrated Mariah's world, but I wonder what she makes of it all. R Kelly, MJ and Jussie. Hasn't been a great month for friends of Mariah.
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Re: Till the end of time (88,267) (88,300) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 4 March 2019; 11:21)
Lookie what we have here. Welcome back Mr Feisty. I've missed your musings.
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Re: Okay hooold up now (87,788) (87,798) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 30 January 2019; 12:30)
Don't worry, she does your job for you. She never sticks to a concert date in Australia.
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Re: Okay hooold up now (87,772) (87,786) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 29 January 2019; 22:24)
I would have agreed with you a couple of years ago. But now, as much as I love Mariah's music, I think Mariah does things for money, not fans. So whilst the notion of "Mariah Carey performs for Saudi fans" is nice, the reality is more likely "Mariah performs in Saudi Arabia for money". I have seen too many cancellations, too many "I'm 90 minutes late for my show" incidents that would seriously disappoint the 1990s "forget the the ensemble, this is about the fans" Mariah that we once knew. And that's fine - it's always been about the music for me.
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Saudi Arabia (87,703) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 25 January 2019; 22:52)
Really Mariah? That's despicable.
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Merry Christmas MCA family (87,190) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 22 December 2018; 04:19)
Hi all. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everybody. I hope everyone is enjoying the "Liking-Mariah-Is-Cool" season. Apparently it's going to be 36C/98F here on Christmas Day. None of the Christmas songs make sense.
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Re: Body of work (86,371) (86,385) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 21 November 2018; 19:59)
I'm really surprised you don't enjoy "Giving Me Life". Naff title aside, it's the only song from the entire body of work I've listened to more than once.
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Why torture yourself? (86,326) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 21 November 2018; 00:05)
If somebody really likes Sprite, it baffles me completely why that person would keep buying can after can of Coke, and then being disappointed that it's not Sprite.

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Giving Me Life (85,967) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 15 November 2018; 19:44)
Is amazing.
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Media (85,951) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 15 November 2018; 12:26)
At the risk of sounding like the Tangerine Buffoon, the media are dickheads. Every news outlet in Australia gladly plastered its front pages with news of Glitter's failure, and for that matter MOIA and MIAMTEC. But when a 17 year old "flop" rises to #1? Crickets. Tumbleweed. Such a fantastic opportunity for great press coverage. But here in Australia we ridicule success. It makes the average bogan (trailertrash for you Americans) that make up 96% of the country feel bad about themselves. Anyway. Justice for Glitter and bring on Caution.
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Re: GTFO, next (85,850) (85,875) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 13 November 2018; 05:29)
Just listened to it, and dagnammit Andrew you're right. Ariana's is a tad bouncier than GTFO. And Mariah sings in English - I'm not sure what language Ariana is sliding and mumbling through.
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World tour (85,198) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 22 October 2018; 20:20)
Artist: I'm going on a world tour.
Me: Ooh, I live in the world, let me get tickets.
Artist: Psych. I mean the USA. That's what I mean by world.
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