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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
Re: Random (64,919) (64,923) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 3 August 2016; 20:04)
I feel like I've seen her in this dress before around the Butterfly era. She's looks good. But again, there's that child clinging on to Mariah for dear life. Isn't there some Pokémon she should catching, or some Taylor Swift she should be listening to?
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Re: Marriage and faith (64,270) (64,281) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 14 July 2016; 23:51)
It's a common (and dangerous) misconception that marriage has anything to do with God. The two are completely independent of each other, and history shows that. Either way, Mariah is a grown woman that obviously likes marriage and or weddings. Like Aaliyah says, "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again".
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Self righteous nonsense (64,031) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 5 July 2016; 5:43)
I've noticed a few messages on here that are all "Mariah should have worked at her marriage" this, and "sanctity of marriage" that. Can we all just get over that? You sound like crazy Christian protesters. Nobody on this board had a clue about what was going on in MC and NC's marriage. It's nobody's business, regardless. And its failure is certainly nothing that Mariah should be judged for.
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Re: Oh dear (63,847) (63,857) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 27 June 2016; 14:17)
Hahaha well colour me flattered. Yeah that's me, thanks for the nice words sir.
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Oh dear (63,841) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 27 June 2016; 1:23)
Mariah is heading into the Madonna-esque "put it away, wonder what your children would think" territory. She has too much money to be dressing like somebody that desperately needs it.
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Mariah's World (63,740) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 24 June 2016; 2:38)
So, Google says that Mariah's World was due to premiere on E on June 19th. Clearly this didn't happen. Hoping that this was an error to begin with, and not a MIAM part 2.
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Disappointed in MC (63,358) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 14 June 2016; 2:39)
I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew. Really disappointed that Mariah, a supposed friend of the LGBT community, hasn't so much as said "boo" about the Orlando massacre. Could it be that she is in Mariah's World and just completely unaware that it's actually happened?
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Mariah vs. Wendy (63,135) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 8 June 2016; 7:08)
I find it interesting that Wendy Williams hasn't responded to Mariah and Lee's video. Granted, it's over a week old and she had last week off, but still. I personally love watching Wendy (how you doin' hot topics bureau if you're checking this out). However, I wouldn't be surprised if after the video, Wendy has taken a "well, screw you then" attitude to it, and from now on will not mention Mariah at all, whether it's new music, Mariah's World, fashion or anything. Which I think is a shame, because the Wendy show is one of the last popular shows that actually keep Mariah's name in the public's face. I don't even think Wendy is that rude, in fact most of the time she's being pretty nice, and kinda just saying what most people are thinking. But I've always felt like Wendy has Mariah's back in a weird way. So it will be a shame if the video (which, by the way, was uncalled for, as Lee definitely said what he said), cancels the airtime that MC usually gets. Just my thoughts.
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Re: Someone's looking to corner the Christmas market (62,928) (62,938) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 2 June 2016; 9:12)
There's been lots of it on the board recently. Scientology, Christianity, astrology. It's all in the same section at the book store.
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Be The One by Dua Lipa (62,266) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 17 May 2016; 0:30)
Every now and again a song comes out and I think "How awesome would it be if Mariah had recorded this?" I heard the song Be The One by Dua Lipa and it's definitely one of them. It's a little bit EDM but the girl has a great voice.
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WWHL (61,967) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 10 May 2016; 3:28)
Really excited about MC being on this show again. But also a bit nervous. I have my fingers crossed about a couple of things - like how last time she made them switch sides. Just sit in the guest spot. I'm hoping for an articulate, intelligent, funny "Oprah version" of Mariah - not a 12 year old that says "dahling" in every sentence. Address the JLo thing and put it to bed. Talk about parenting. Talk about James.
A mate of mine the other day said that she has become a caricature of herself. I know that not to be true, that it's predominantly a charade put on as a reflection of self esteem and insecurity (3 guesses what I do for a living), but Mariah needs to re-establish some form of normality with the general public. Something that people watch and say "wow, okay, so she's actually pretty normal and intelligent".
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Re: Stella's birthday (61,412) (61,415) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 18 April 2016; 23:35)
I personally think Andrew is hilarious. He realises that this is a message board. Lighten up people, nobody is saving lives here. When you start to get riled up about words on a screen it's time to go outside and be with the 3D people.
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Stella is good at her job (61,285) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 14 April 2016; 0:23)
Stella is copping a lot of flack in the media at the moment, and it's sad that the ousted members of MC's team are unhappy. However this is the first time in a long time that reviews are great, apart from the Alison drama there's no negative press about her, her concerts, her "diva demands" or anything of that nature. And her voice is sounding incredible, so maybe Mariah needed a manager that makes sure she's in bed by 10 and up at 7 for vocal warmups. And for that - congratulations Stella. In my opinion, she's bringing our girl back to life.
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Sex and the City moment (61,154) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 8 April 2016; 21:33)
As I sat in my Sydney apartment, I couldn't help but wonder. Were the tabloids and rumours right? Was Mariah Carey actually a self centred diva with no concern for anybody else?
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Yikes (61,121) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 8 April 2016; 1:56)
It's like an episode of Oprah up in here. So here's my Oprah-ism: You can't change the past, so stop trying or dwelling on it. Just quietly though, I'm not surprised. I'm probably going to get annihilated for saying this, but generally people who are as beautiful/wealthy/successful as Mariah don't give a lot of thought to anyone outside of their immediate circle. The whole "being connected to my fans" is likely a PR/marketing thing. Does that change anything? No, because regardless of the type of person she is, she's still an incredible singer and songwriter, which really, is all I'm looking for from the woman.
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Re: Concert in Stockholm (60,870) (60,877) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 28 March 2016; 14:30)
I can relate dude, went through similar stuff as a teenager - and the first time I saw her live (Australia a couple of years ago), I had the most surreal and strange, but mainly embarrassing, little breakdown when she came out on stage. My friends thought it was hilarious as I'm usually not one for emotional garbage.
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Nightmares (60,876) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 28 March 2016; 14:28)
Ok. So I am kinda too scared to go to sleep, for fear of waking up to a giant rabbit standing over me a la Mariah's instagram photo. Holy crap. That is right up there with Stephen King's IT.
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Only one MC song (60,249) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 8 March 2016; 1:27)
So if you were only allowed to listen to one MC song for the rest of your days, what would it be? I think mine would be "The Art of Letting Go", followed very closely by "Butterfly".
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MC viral performance (59,973) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 23 February 2016; 23:38)
So today in my timehop app, Lady Gaga's Sound Of Music performance at the Oscars popped up as one year ago. Got me thinking - it would be fantastic for Mariah to do something this prolific. Singing a tribute to something/someone, no frills - just her and an orchestra. Nobody helping her to walk (if you can't walk unaided, wear sneakers), no ear piece dramas, no dress so constricting that she can't move - just Mariah lending her fantastic voice to something that everybody knows and adores.
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Okay then (58,008) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 23:04)
Holy crap. I didn't insinuate that Mariah was on drugs or anything of that nature. I just said that it was so sad that she wasn't being her usual bubbly, accessible and most importantly, relatable self. So now I'll just sit in the corner and wait for you all to apologise. [censored]
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I mean no offence, but... (57,981) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 25 November 2015; 23:31)
First and foremost, I love Mariah Carey and pretty much everything she does (with exception to You're Mine (Eternal)). And when I saw that there was some clips of her interview with Steve Harvey I was all "woohooo" and watched them immediately. Mariah recently has been so reserved. I saw her in concert twice about this time last year, and her banter with the audience was amazing, she was relatable, funny, intelligent and sweet. But in recent interviews, it's like there's absolutely nothing behind her eyes. Even the way she was gripping on to the seat in the interview. The emotion and personality has been completely zapped from her face. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm saying it from a place of disappointment, because she is such a likeable person when she is with her fans. I just wish she would relax and be herself. Maybe this is a bit premature given I haven't seen the entire interview, but it's just my thoughts.
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Re: My wishlist for additional singles from each album (57,264) (57,271) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 14 October 2015; 5:12)
Oooh fun.
1) Mariah Carey - Prisoner
2) Emotions - Sent From Up Above
3) Music Box - Everything Fades Away
4) Daydream - Long Ago
5) Butterfly - we got Butterfly and Breakdown as singles in AU/NZ, but a worldwide release of both would have been amazing
6) Rainbow - X Girlfriend
7) Glitter - All My Life
8) Charmbracelet - Clown (such a good song)
9) The Emancipation Of Mimi - Your Girl
10) E=MC2 - Migrate
11) Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel - Betcha Gon' Know
12) Me. I Am Mariah... - Cry
And I'll throw this one into the mix to. I think Here Comes Santa Claus is one of her best Christmas songs, it's a shame 99% of people have no idea of its existence.
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Running by Beyoncé & Naughty Boy (57,188) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 9 October 2015; 23:58)
Hey guys. Heard this new song by Beyoncé and Naughty Boy. This is the kind of jam I wish Mariah would bring out, just out of the blue. No champagne fuelled radio interviews, just the song - and blow everyone away with the talent.
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Daydream (57,013) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 1 October 2015; 2:07)
I remember Daydream, it was one of the first CD's I ever owned. I remember asking for it for Christmas. My dad didn't so much like his son asking for a MC album, and instead, got me History by Michael Jackson. So disappointed. Santa really gypped me. But the joke was on him. I saved up and bought it myself.
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Re: New layout / smartphones (55,791) (55,793) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 8 August 2015; 0:53)
Just click on the bold subject line.
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