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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
The Beautiful Ones (55,242) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 13 July 2015; 8:25)
Can we all just stop and take a moment to appreciate how fantastic "The Beautiful Ones" is from the Butterfly album? I had my iPod on shuffle today, and it came on, after the bridge where she just lets rip for 90 seconds is brilliance.
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Non-fetch MC songs (54,183) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 4 June 2015; 14:25)
Ooooh it's tough. And I'm probably going to get sentenced to death for these, but:
1 - Always Be My Baby. I have never ever liked this song.
2 - Want You from Glitter with Eric Benet. Ugh. Skip.
3 - Faded. Never understood the hype around this one.
4 - Babydoll. It's a skipper.
5 - The First Noel. I like the song in general, but MC is on breathy overload here, and I just want her to bust out a belt all the way through it.
I feel awful for doing that. Mariah, if you're reading this, I'm sorry.
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The rants (53,838) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 29 May 2015; 4:15)
I personally love it. It's no different to when I look at photos of myself 10 years ago. Regardless of the situation, regardless of how great/fun it was, my go-to is to criticise myself. Mariah has always had self deprecating humour, and what would we rather, her saying "Oh yes. I love myself sick in this video. I am so beautiful. I love myself so much" etc. Can you imagine the field day that the already-biased media would have with that? Just let it be. She's not saving lives, she's talking about music videos.
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Australian media (53,234) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 13 May 2015; 8:10)
I just wanted to have a rant. When Mariah had a bit of a mishap in Jamaica, most news outlets in Australia reported on it. I think it was even on the TV news. When Mariah's vocals leaked from the AIWFCIY performance, again, it was all over the news. Last week, Mariah opened in Vegas. She was amazing, from all accounts. Not a mention of it anywhere in the press in Australia. So annoying. That's all. Bye.
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Mariah day (52,167) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 24 April 2015; 4:55)
So it's my birthday, and work gave me the day off. Everyone else is at work, so I created a playlist with every single Mariah song and have it on shuffle with a bottle of champagne (haha). So many great songs I had forgotten about. Anytime You Need A Friend, I Wish You Well, Never Too Far. Getting mega nostalgia here.
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Me and Mariah go back like... (51,443) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 6 April 2015; 21:52)
Well I was a child of 1982. Getting old. But I remember hearing Mariah's music on the radio, and being aware of it, but not crazy about it. At the time I was determined to like stuff like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. My mum bought Music Box, and used to play it everytime we were in the car. It drove me nuts. The first song of Mariahs that I really loved was All I Want For Christmas. Then Fantasy, and One Sweet Day. To this day I'm still not a fan of ABMB, but I bought Daydream anyway. Daydream and Alanis's Jagged little Pill were all I listened too for a good year. Then Butterfly came out and I was hooked. And ever since, I've bought every album and been to every concert.
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Whoa (50,227) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 17 February 2015; 4:42)
I haven't been here in over a week and it seems all hell has broken loose. Oh Mariah. I enjoy you. Just like I wouldn't expect a 1990 Corolla to run like new, I don't expect a voice that's done 25 years of mileage to start on the first try either. Weird analogy, but it makes sense to me. Shelly, I don't know you, but I just gotta say, your message completely broke my heart. I don't know why, because I'm usually a tough guy (haha). We've all had a-ha moments in Target. I relate to it, because, without getting into a lot of drama, had I not heard the song "Butterfly" on the radio in 1997, I'm not sure I would be here today to be typing this. That's the power of MC.
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Had a Mariah moment (49,863) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 7 February 2015; 4:50)
I had a Mariah moment of my own last night. I've been struggling with a cold and chest infection for the last week. Last night I had to sing to a crowd of about 200, and the top half of my upper range was gone. I squeaked my way through two Michael Buble songs. I was furious afterwards, because I know I can do better. Several f and c bombs later, I thought how horrible it must be for someone like Mariah, who not only performs in front of 10000 people, but they each upload a video to YouTube of her struggling to hit notes she knows that she can. So all I can do is sympathise with Mariah and continue to support her so that she can return to being the fantastic chanteuse we all know and love.
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MC in Vegas (49,032) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 8 January 2015; 8:11)
Hey guys. Okay, I'm going to go against everyone here and say that I think it would be great for MC to do a couple of years in Vegas. The reason that her voice wasn't up to scratch for the first few shows on the EC Show, she hadn't used it for ages. By the time she got to us in Melbourne and Sydney, she was incredible. Vocal chords are muscles. yes, they get tired. But they also get stronger the more they are worked. So saying that her voice couldn't deal with it is like saying "Dude, you're too fat. You shouldn't work out." I've seen Mariah in concert twice, both in Australia, and she was perfectly comfortable on stage. I think she's a bit awkward sometimes when she is part of a line up, where she's in a situation where the audience isn't made up just of her fans. Just my thoughts.
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MCIIY (48,078) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 22:51)
I'm enjoying reading what you all think about the second Christmas album. I find that I listen to it more than the first at Christmas time. However, interesting that someone said that the First Noel is up there with their favourites. For some reason I cannot listen to this song in it's entirety. I love all of the different shades/colours of MC's voice, but her vocals on the First Noel grate my ears. Her voice is whispery and breathy, which I normally love (yay Charmbracelet), but to me it almost sounds gutless on this track.
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Mariah in Melbourne (47,880) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 10 November 2014; 0:49)
I just had a weekend with not one, but two Mariah concerts. She was absolutely phenomenal. The videos that I have recorded and seen online don't do her justice. The Friday night show in Melbourne was definitely the better of the two, the Yarra Valley one was too short, felt bad for the audience because I knew what they were missing out on. I do wish she'd sung a bit of AIWFCIY, but hell we got One Sweet Day instead. Friday was definitely the best concert I've seen, even better than the January 2013 Australian shows. Oh, and as a side note, I can't get get Across 110th Street out of my head now.
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Monykkka, rare music (47,028) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 1 October 2014; 3:42)
Hi Monykkka. If you know where to look, there are lots of rare MC remixes and unreleased songs available online. I'm by no means advocating illegally downloading things, but it's there.
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It's all in the songs (46,482) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 28 August 2014; 23:46)
From the first listen of MIAMTEC, I knew that there was trouble in paradise. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending how you look at it), Mariah's songwriting gives us a direct insight into her world. I suspect it's incredibly difficult to write songs such as Camouflage if you're not actually going through what the song is about. The first time I heard The Art Of Letting Go, I thought "uh-oh". The feeling was confirmed the first time I listened to Faded, YDKWTD and Camouflage. The first time I heard the song "Thirsty", it was so obvious she was referencing her husband. I really hope that she channels whatever she's going through into her music, from great pain comes great art. Obviously though, I hope she is OK, her well-being is more important than her music.
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Covers and KP video (45,734) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 2 August 2014; 2:14)
Without a doubt, Help Me Make It Through the Night is my favourite cover of Mariah's. Now, I'll probably be tracked down and killed for what I'm about to say, but I really like Katy Perry's video. Infact, it would be awesome to see Mariah do something as playful in her next video.
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Meteorite (45,612) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 27 July 2014; 0:49)
So, I was in TGI Friday's yesterday (don't judge me, I was hungry), and Meteorite was playing. Odd. But great.
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Obscure MC greatest hits (45,251) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 7 July 2014; 9:15)
For a long drive I had over the weekend, I made a playlist of my own version of Mariah's Greatest Hits. I realised once I listened to it that they were all album cuts. What would yours be? Mine was made up of:
Sent From Up Above
And You Don't Remember
Til The End of Time
The Wind
Never Forget You
Everything Fades Away
Melt Away
Looking In
The Beautiful Ones
Did I Do That
Lead The Way
My Saving Grace
Stay The Night
Side Effects
I Wish You Well
Betcha Gon' Know
When Christmas Comes
One More Try
That to me is a perfect MC compilation album.
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Cry lyrics (45,213) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 4 July 2014; 4:12)
I'm pretty sure those lyrics of Cry are "Imprudently, I left every cell in me so naked, somewhere at the core of you plays our song." Could be wrong. But I doubt it. Haha.
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Promotion or lack thereof (44,410) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 2 June 2014; 8:14)
Just dawned on me that if I didn't follow Mariah on Twitter, or visit MCA, I would have had no idea that Mariah had a new album out. So the opening week figures aren't really suprising, considering that really, only her hardcore fans/lambs know it exists. I have not seen any TV or heard any radio promo for it whatsoever (in Australia, at least). Makes me wonder what her record company and management team are spending their cut of MC's profits on.
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The new album (44,138) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 27 May 2014; 8:42)
I, like everyone else, am loving it. I have to say my favourites are Dedicated, Camouflage and One More Try. I skip Meteorite for some reason. It's a bit too Madonna-esque. And, I don't know about anyone else but I am falling more in love with The Art Of Letting Go everytime I hear it. It's quickly becoming one of my all time favourite MC songs.
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Letting Go / Trouble with Love (39,747) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 12 November 2013; 13:58)
Thank you Jamie. I've racking my brains all day. There's a chord shift that's very similar! My two cents - I personally love it, and think it's miles ahead of #Beautiful or anything in fact that she's released since WBT. It's kind of poetry with music behind it, which is great. Hopefully radio picks it up. If Adele had released this, it'd be #1 by now.
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The Voice (38,735) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 18 July 2013; 15:49)
I read all these comments, and I agree, somewhat. But then I saw Mariah sing "Fly Like a Bird" in Melbourne 7 months ago. Live. And she f**king nailed it.
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Parenthood (38,465) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 29 June 2013; 9:03)
Maybe once all the people saying "she needs to pick up her game etc etc" will realise that once you have kids, your priorities shift. If she went crazy with promo a la TEOM, you'd all be calling her a bad mother. And also, I've gotta laugh at the comments about how she's had so long to come up with new music etc. I'd love to see you lot try and put together lyrics and melody and have it resemble anything remotely musical. Music is her job. That's all it is. A job. It's not her life. Which is the healthy approach. It's just unfortunate that that there's a small group of obsessed folks that refuse to acknowledge that she's human, and maybe after doing the same job for 23 years, she's a bit over it. I would be.
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Birthday with MC (37,599) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 23 April 2013; 8:44)
Today marks my 31st birthday. It's one that I'm living away from my family. So, Champagne and Mariah.
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Singles (37,568) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 16 April 2013; 3:44)
I'm reading lots about Mariah's single success/failures. And I can't help but think, so what? Some of the most successful artists in the world never see any of their songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Take Michael Buble for example, the man sells out arenas, sells millions of albums, and yes, he releases singles, but do they top the charts? No. Maybe Mariah knows this and is putting so much work into her album, because she knows that the place she reigns now is the albums charts. Maybe if Mariah's next album doesn't enter the Billboard albumcharts, then there's cause for concern, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. Just a thought.
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Sydney lambs (36,893) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 4 December 2012; 12:37)
Hey guys and gals. I booked tickets to the Sydney show, and now that she's announced a Melbourne one, I'm going to go to that one. So, if you missed out on tickets, I have three that you're welcome too. I would love for these to go to a fan, as opposed to some scalper who's going to mark them up and sell them on, so will be asking the original price. They are Gold Reserve seats, for AU$139 per ticket. If the webmaster lets me put my email address in, it's Get in touch if you are interested. LYM.
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