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Name: Dk
Country: United States
"Can't let go" cover (57,875) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 19 November 2015; 12:21)
It is true. Adele is covering "Can't let go" by our queen Mariah.
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Re: Collabs (56,813) (56,820) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 22 September 2015; 4:47)
No more collabs only for a remix. She needs to release songs with just herself but I wouldn't mind Beyonce. That would be a hot song. Or even Justin Timberlake.
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Mariah Carey Diane Warren (56,732) by Dk from United States
(Friday 18 September 2015; 1:52)
Does anybody know any info about the track they had finished last month? If so please post. Thanks.
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Downtown (56,349) by Dk from United States
(Friday 28 August 2015; 6:29)
Mariah's name is mentioned in the new song by Macklemore. "1988 Mariah Carey hair." Lol.
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Mariah featuring (56,163) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 20 August 2015; 18:03)
justin Timberlake would be a great combo for today's music scene. Make it happen.
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Record label contract (56,124) by Dk from United States
(Monday 17 August 2015; 22:28)
Does anyone know what her current contract is with her label? Like how many albums in however amount of time or if it was ever released? I feel Mariah is at a point now where she wants a lot of time to have with her kids and do shows every once in awhie and small projects, and we might not see a whole "album" in a long time. Or maybe I'm wrong. Idk I still wish #1 To Infinity had more than just one new song.
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Re: Stolen ideas (55,918) (55,925) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 11 August 2015; 19:19)
I think it has to do with Beyonce, and how she dropped a random album. Or JD must have something to do with the stolen ideas. I would really love to know what it exactly was.
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Infinity remix (55,779) by Dk from United States
(Friday 7 August 2015; 15:45)
I think with the "new" song a remix to "Infinity" we will not get any new album or newer songs for a long time because they are extending infinity with a remix. Are they trying to get it #1?
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Don't be worried (55,031) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 17:10)
So many lambs on twitter and here seem worried about Mariah's voice and her being on "vacation" and not getting ready for Vegas and nobody actually knows what she is exactly doing besides swimming and resting on a boat and I'm sure she is taking care of herself and her voice and their [sic] shouldn't be any worries and I think it's a little too extreme and it's not like she's in photos partying with drinks in every photo.
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Very happy (53,671) by Dk from United States
(Friday 22 May 2015; 19:19)
With everything Mariah and her team has been up to promoting her. And her voice, so in love the past week with her performances. I just think if #1 To Infinity had two new songs, like a more uptempo summer song she would be even hotter now on the charts and airplay, but I get the whole #1 To infinity and VOL to Infinity, I just think she needs another pow solo uptempo friendly song and she would be so hot like fire.
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Billboard Music Awards (53,340) by Dk from United States
(Friday 15 May 2015; 11:44)
I find it odd they have Mariah seated in the audience. When was the last time she sat in a audience at any award show? And the fact she has a show Sunday night. I wonder if she will receive a special award for 25 years along with performing. Idk maybe wishful thinking but I can't imagine her sitting in the audience not being recognized for anything lol.
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Album cover / single cover (52,844) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 5 May 2015; 1:45)
I think Mariah's next album or single cover should strictly be a solid color with her name and just the song title on it. Just switch it up completely from what she has done. Infinity photo is really pretty but in order to reach people who are not "lambs" is hard with an infinity butterfl. Just saying imo.
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Radio (52,843) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 5 May 2015; 1:37)
I haven't listened to the radio since like 2012. I find it annoying. I could care less if Mariah is played on radio or not. I love her and her music and she made history with 18 #1's. Who cares if she has another number 1? She has 18. I don't think she cares anymore lol.
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Lady Gaga (52,804) by Dk from United States
(Monday 4 May 2015; 4:56)
IMO I think Mariah and Lady Gaga should create a song together. I believe it would be fresh and exciting to hear their voices on a track together.
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Obsessed (52,649) by Dk from United States
(Friday 1 May 2015; 4:16)
As days go on I'm more obsessed with "Infinity". I just love it so much.
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Infinity (52,511) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 29 April 2015; 2:13)
I didn't know what to think of infinity until now, and I love it, it grew on me and its non stop playing in my head and my lame boyfriend keeps singing it at random times today and he's so not a MC fan hahaha.
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Luis Miguel (52,281) by Dk from United States
(Monday 27 April 2015; 1:36)
She still loves him, I know she does.
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Hi there lambs (52,225) by Dk from United States
(Sunday 26 April 2015; 2:03)
Does anybody know what time we can purchase Infinity on iTunes? Will it be at midnight on 4/27. I know radios will start to spin it at 8am. I'm just hoping it is at midnight lol.
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New album (51,788) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 14 April 2015; 3:07)
Lol, I know I don't post a lot but at random. I don't care that it is only one new song for the album because I believe it is a album to promote Vegas. Ok anyway what I just want to know is why the hell would you wait until May 18 to release the whole album, by then whoever wanted "Infinity" has it and more than likely owns all her other #1's so it's just like another day. Haha but at least release the album the first date of Vegas.
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Countdown (51,623) by Dk from United States
(Sunday 12 April 2015; 16:36)
Good move but kinda annoyed. I hope after that photo is revealed you can go buy her new song lol.
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#1's album (51,519) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 9 April 2015; 16:17)
I just hope this album will be targeted to sell more in a Target, Walmart, Starbucks so in some retail place because if the new album has 18 #1's and just 1 new song it will be very tough selling the entire album online because "most" people who love M have these songs already so they will not purchase the whole album and only the one new song online. So basically I think it should have special pricing for the album in order to help the sales online and in the store but I hope the lead single is a pow wow in your face jam lol.
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Vegas (51,358) by Dk from United States
(Friday 3 April 2015; 20:12)
I think it would be so amazing if Mariah opened the Vegas show with the Fantasy original version and not the remix. I think that would be a great starter.
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Mariah isn't heavy (51,357) by Dk from United States
(Friday 3 April 2015; 18:46)
Have any of you guys gone swimming with a full body suit? I have, and I am a size small and once you're wet and to be photographed your body looks bloated from being wet and not dried off. And I looked like a size large. I don't think Marian's appearance should worry anyone.
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Disrespectful (50,905) by Dk from United States
(Sunday 15 March 2015; 18:24)
I'm a fan from the ghetco. It is way to much negativity towards her here, yes I get it everyone has an opinion on MC, do I like her ensembles everytime I see her? No and then all the posts about her voice. Like really people, she's lost her voice, it's not in the same condition, oh she's lipping songs oh this and that, it's sad I feel everyone forgets MC is human. MC can't vocal rest like she used to and not speak and use flash cards of what she wants to say like over a decade ago. She has a life now besides music, she has kids she has a ex-husband with problems and I'm sure the sadness of the whole divorce and being upset does not help with her vocals. It was a tough time. And beyond all the fantasy things that everyone wants her to do like she used too like MC perform this, MC wear that, MC should release a duets album, MC should work with this producer, let's get her a 19/20 #1, is all rediculous MC has proven herself for 25 years now, she is only staying around for true lambs who care about her and her music. I mean if you call yourself a true fan, why are you wasting your time posting the most rediculous posts about MC on here? Do you just not have anything better to do? It's like get over it, move on and except and enjoy what she has given us and what she will be creating. Mariah will never do what anyone else says, thinks or has an opinion on with her career besides what she wants to do. And it is more than clear.
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