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Name: Robert-Anthony
Country: United States
I have been a Lamb since 1990. I know Mariah. I love her music. I breathe her music.
Re: New album (84,838) (84,848) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 13 October 2018; 21:49)
It's interesting that MC's last show in Asia is November 9th. The following week is November 16th. Maybe be we will be surprised before Thanksgiving with a new album. Was E=MC2 the last album where a release date was set and the album dropped exactly on that date? Every album since then has been filled with push backs, delayed release dates and flop singles, And now with MC15 we just sit and wait for a public announcement to happen when she feels the time is right. I hope her team has a promotional plan that will put MOIA and MIAM to shame. I don't think her legacy can stand another flop album. Three years of songwriting and recording in the studio should not produce a flop album. Look at what happened to Usher's last album Hard II Love. It flopped big time and Usher just released Friday the worst album of his career called A for Atlanta with Zaytoven.
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Re: New Mariah Carey song co-written by Fresco Kane (84,820) (84,837) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 13 October 2018; 14:55)
I feel you on this one. Why did she need him in the writing session? Sometimes MC makes me pull out what little hair that I have left with these unknown songwriters and rookie rappers. I have never heard of him before. I guess he will get his $3,000 dollar check deposited in his account by March. Maybe one day JD should sneak Walter Afanasieff into the studio and leave them there to hash out their differences and resume making magic again. Before JD leaves, he should tell Mariah that she is in excellent hands and say forgive him. But I know I am dreaming. Hell will freeze over before that ever happens. Lol. We need beautiful magic for MC15 and not fluffy weak album tracks with a JD protegee.
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(84,810) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 12 October 2018; 23:29)
Happy weekend. I don't know about everybody else, but GTFO and With You have made me want the album even more. I wouldn't mind if she just dropped the album one Friday without notice. She probably would garner more album sales and plus release the second single and video. Just my thoughts on this rainy weekend.
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Re: With You (84,718) (84,733) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 11 October 2018; 05:04)
The video is just beautiful. Should have been released last week. Oh well, MC should go ahead and release the album title and release date to generate more views and spins of With You. I hate when she drags her feet in being forth coming about album information. I wonder what will be the next step if With You doesn't get any radio airplay. At this point, Lambs want a whole album this year.
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Re: AMAs (84,648) (84,650) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 13:40)
I agree with you, but I just don't want believe that she needed to lip With You with my first post about the AMAs. It is such a simple song vocally. So, what are the real reasons she gets so nervous and stiff during her performances? Are her nodules causing breathing issues? Did anybody see how out of breath she was at the end of the performance? Is her range so far gone now? What about the look on Post Malone's face at the end of the performance? I love MC, but she can not continue to lip sync at every performance. I suggest she spend a couple of Sundays at Baptist church singing with all of her might church hymns to congregation to overcome her vocal issues. Nobody cares at a Baptist church if you off key and pitchy. Anyway, I am afraid for this new era because her peers think she has become a manufactured studio singer who can not replicate her songs live anymore. MC15 is shaping up to be DOA. Where is your intervention RocNation? Somebody sit MC down and have a heart to heart talk with her.
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Re: With You Performance (84,622) (84,628) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 03:49)
AMA performance was awesome and safe. With You just reminds me of an album track just like GTFO. Here's to the second single before the album drops or she should just drop the album out of nowhere. Because at this point we all are just wanting MC15. Only time will tell what happens now.
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(84,582) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 9 October 2018; 09:59)
With You is catchy for a car ride to the grocery store, but it rather boring to listen to over and over. Listening to Steve Perry's new album Traces on the way to the gym made me realize that he may have just released the best album of 2018 and Mariah has given us less than what she is capable of yet again. Some parts of the song are fun, but the composition relies too much on cliches, song name checking, alcohol marketing and rehashed melodies. Mariah needs a My All for 2018. Now My All was MC at her best. At this point, the AMAs will not save With You from the disaster that is about happen next week. Radio is going to pass again on another Mariah song. Ed Sherran and MC should spend 5 nights this month locked in a studio until she can come up with songs like My All, Butterfly, Close My Eyes, We Belong Together, and Mine Again. We probably won't see MC15 this year. Just my thoughts after a week of a high reaction and loving it feeling to a major disappointment now.
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Re: Producers for MC 15 (84,525) (84,533) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 8 October 2018; 11:13)
When and where was it reported that she did three songs with Mike Will Made It for MC15? That sounds like a stone cold winner.
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Re: Billboard Hot R&B Songs (84,473) (84,508) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 7 October 2018; 18:55)
And it is no where to be found on the chart dated October 6. If With You doesn't chart on the Hot 100, Hot AC, and Adult AC, MC15 is DOA. It looks like deja vu all over again with these single releases. None of them seem to catch on with radio and buying public. It's almost like a conspiracy to keep MC from gerting her 19th number one.
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Re: Maybe it's time to pass the pen (84,496) (84,505) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 7 October 2018; 17:55)
Josh Hoge's album is called Everything She Was. It slipped my mind earlier. It's really a great album.
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Re: Maybe it's time to pass the pen (84,496) (84,502) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 7 October 2018; 17:10)
What happens from her on is going to be really interesting. If MC15 doesn't drop before Thanksgiving, we will know that has been pushed back to 2019. What is the point of releasing an album without a hit single to drive sales? Look at Liam Payne and Zayn. They both failed to get a hit single for their albums. Liam released an EP to hold us over and Zayn stopped releasing singles after the Timbaland single and went back into the studio. She just needs another meeting of minds with Jay Z, Tyran Smith and Jay Brown if no album in 2018. I can wait until 2019 at this point if means she really collaborates with other people who can really give her a hot song and a new sound for the charts. Try Mike Will Made it again or T-Minus or Babyface. I would love for her to work with traditional country songwriters like Ashley Gorley and Josh Hoge. Both of them could help Mariah create a new sound that would make the masses notice. Josh Hoge released a solo album that was really a good album full of R&B and Pop influences but the masses never bought it. Check him out on YouTube with his song 360 and others. His voice is so full of textures that it would make you say - Who is that singing? I checked out his mother at Walgreens in Nashille. She was so proud of her sons Josh and Will. Will is also a singer in Nashville.

The point is she better have other great songs on MC15 or go back into studio until she gets it right. Let's see what happens after the AMAs. But I really now that no album until Spring 2019.
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Maybe it's time to pass the pen (84,464) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 6 October 2018; 23:23)
Don't get me wrong, I love With You. But it does sound like other songs she has written with other collaborators. I remember JD saying that basically when MC collaborates with someone else, she basically sings the melody and he creates the music from her melody. So that would explain why we have heard With You before. Musically and lyrically she is all out of fresh ideas. Therefore, it is time for her to let other songwriters bring demo songs to her to add more lyrics or change the arrangement. This is the only way I feel she can overcome the issue with all these new collaborations sounded like previous songs we have heard before. But I know she has said time and time again that just can't see herself just taking a song and being told to record it.

So, today I mailed a letter to Jay Z, Tyran Smith, and Jay Brown asking them to intervene before MC15 drops asking her to go back into the studio and collaborate with Walter Afanasieff again others who are hotter than DJ Mustard and Prince Charlez. She doesn't need another flop album. Because if MC15 drops and ends up being another failure, she might as well start planning her retirement from the music industry. I would even be glad if she waited until April 2019 to drop the album with newer tracks and a new first single. I just don't think With You will make the Hot 100 at this point. It is catchy but not what we know MC is capable of creating. Man, I wish L.A. Reid was at the helm of Epic right now. He is the reason TEOM received WBT. MC, call up Walter Afanasieff today. You need him badly right now.
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Music industry (84,448) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 6 October 2018; 17:05)
Even though a lot of big album releases are happening this fall, there are other major artists struggling with their new albums and singles. Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty is going down as her lowest charting single ever and her new single Love Wins can't get enough radio airplay to make the Top 30. Culture Club is not getting any airplay for their new album dropping in 3 weeks. Country singer Brett Young's new song Here Tonight from his upcoming sophomore release has flopped after three number one singles from his debut release. So, Mariah is not the only one going to have a hard time on the charts this fall. The problem is that people are just not interested buying anything but rap, hip hop and Taylor Swift right now. I just don't get the latter at all. Guess with a record company like Big Machine Records and a whole Target store endcap/promo stand dedicated to your album guarantees you major success. Mariah's last number one was TMB, her last top 10 was in Obsessed and her last top 20 was #Beautiful. Every single she has released since then has flopped. I hate to say it, but With You would be lucky to make top 40. Radio is just not playing older artists anymore. She is in trouble if RocNation doesn't intervene quick.
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With You radio airplay (84,444) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 6 October 2018; 15:01)
I know it doesn't impact pop radio until October 16th, but it is odd that I am in the DFW market with 5 pop radio stations and no one is playing it before the impact date. What is going on with the relationship between MC and radio programmers? There was a time when a Mariah Carey single was released on a certain date that radio stations immediately started playing it ever hour. Who started this impacting radio on a certain date mess? If they don't play it on the impact date, I am really going to be worried about the success of With You and the album too. She needs radio right now. Social media is not going to sell records. And where is the video that was shot three weeks ago?
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With You (84,415) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 6 October 2018; 03:59)
With You is stuck in my head constantly. The vocals and melody is what I like the most. With You truly shows that Mariah is a natural alto. Notice how she is singing the song in her head voice and not in her upper register. She better have something special planned for her perfomance on the AMAs to boost sales and airplay. Only time will tell if radio starts playing it. I suspect we will not receive an album title and tracklisting until With You is top 20 on the Hot 100. Does anybody remember what magazine or interview in 1990s Gladys Knight said Mariah sings out of her range? I know I heard that in 1990s but can't find the source. I think it was during the time Emotions came out.
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Re: Oh for fx sakes (84,390) (84,398) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 5 October 2018; 19:24)
I am surprised that no one has mentioned that it was Walter A who kept Mariah reaching into her box of lyrical greatness and depth to give us all the brilliant songs during her reign in the 1990s. They just collaborated so well and effortlessly on some of the greatest pop ballads and mid tempos from the 1990s. And she just doesn't realized fully how those songs touch so many people's lives because of their deep sometime introspective lyrics. If I am mad at Mariah for anything, it is that she has refused to collaborate with Walter A after all of these years have passed. Let it go MC to make you shine again. I pray one day that she forgives him to collaborate with him again. MC15 could use about three Walter A songs. I am going to tweet her now asking her to reconsider Walter A. again. I hope everybody tweets her today pleading with her to call up Walter A.
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With You critics (84,347) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 5 October 2018; 01:06)
With You is so good. MC15 is going to have some banging tracks to carry the album. So don't fret if you are not feeling the song. Every first single can't instantly win over everybody. Just enjoy that she is still willing to give the world music after almost 30 years. If she retired after MC15, she would be set for retirement. The Poo Bear and Shirellxx tracks are going to be the ones to win you over. Who knows who else she worked with. Send her love today.
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With You (84,289) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 07:58)
I love it. The melody and lyrics are classic Mariah. Radio is going to play this one y'all.
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Re: With You (84,242) (84,249) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 01:18)
Andrew, if MC collaborated with Billy Joel for a 12 track piano ballad album that sounded like Joeliarah and the songs could be universally about anybody, you still would have problem with our Mimi. So tell me when did you start to dislike Mimi so much. After Glitter or MOIA? Disconnect your internet and turn off BBC radio on October 4th. Because we are going to celebrate Thursday without you, dude.
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Re: With You snippet (84,205) (84,243) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 00:29)
This is a number #1 hit. She did it this time Lambs. What more can we ask for and not get a JD song as a first single?
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Re: With You snippet (84,216) (84,221) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 2 October 2018; 14:51)
I love it. This is the MC we have been waiting on. Can't wait to hear the full song for that big chorus and climax. Let's get this already hit on pop radio on Friday.
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(84,171) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 1 October 2018; 02:48)
The last time MC performed on SNL was in 2008. What are the chances of her performing this season? I think she has about a 70 percent chance of performing this year just like Rita Ora, Brett Young, Ella Mai, Travis Scott, Steve Perry, Drake, and Dua Lipa. They have released or will release an album this year. We will see.
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Big Jim Wright (84,154) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 30 September 2018; 13:57)
I am heartbroken this morning. James "Big Jim" Wright passed away yesterday. All of the great musicians and songwriters are leaving us. I can't believe it.
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With You cover and collaborators (84,140) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 30 September 2018; 03:41)
Pop Crave just confirmed that With You was co-written by Diane Warren and DJ. Mustard. The single cover is black and white from the L.A. shoot a week ago. It is up on her Wikipedia page.
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Re: New album title confirmed (84,113) (84,137) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 30 September 2018; 00:34)
Bullies in the schoolyard when they fall. They fall hard. Andrew, I love MC. She can stop a person right in their tracks with her witty lyrics. You know my favorite movie of all time is Glenda Jackson's "The Class of Miss MacMichael". It is an old 1970's movie. Look it up. The misfits in her class remind me of people who bully others because of their opinions. Watch it sometime and you will probably like it. Some of us are truly Lambs who will have MC' s back through all of her good or bad. But MC15 is going prove you and others so wrong. I believe she has returned to where she started from. Lambs let's prepare for October 5 without any hesitation. Put up your armor. We love Andrew despite his lack of understanding and others' right to their opinions.
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