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Name: Robert-Anthony
Country: United States
I have been a Lamb since 1990. I know Mariah. I love her music. I breathe her music.
MC on vinyl (84,105) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 29 September 2018; 17:44)
What MC albums do you have on vinyl? I have Merry Christmas and Charmbracelet. I missed an opportunity to have Mariah Carey - $25 and MOIA box set - $50 on vinyl when I lived in Nashville from Phonoluxe Record Shop. Somebody swooped them both up before my next payday. If you are ever in Nashville, check them out. They have everything that you could ever be looking for. Well anyway, her vinyl is going for up to $200 on Ebay. I wonder why so much.
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MC's saddest heartfelt performance ever (84,101) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 29 September 2018; 14:03)
When MC performed H.A.T.E.U. on David Letterman in 2009, it has gone down as her most saddest heartfelt performance ever. It look like she had been crying when she walked out on the stage. The audience could hear the emotion in her voice when she sang the song. Her sadness could be heard when she tried to hit a high note after the bridge but could not reach the note. After the performance, David Letterman was even touched by MC's emotional performance. One of her best performances post TEOM era. Will her performance of With You on the AMAs be another emotional heartfelt performance?
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MC15 really means this (84,093) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 29 September 2018; 03:07)
I don't think Lambs fully understand what Mimi is about to drop when MC15 comes out. This album is going to be her best first week sales since EMC2. She is going give this generation their Michael Jackson's Thiller. Mark my word. Are you ready to put MImi back at the top of the charts?
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With You (84,060) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 28 September 2018; 04:30)
Feeling really good about MC15 right now. Can't wait for With You to go head to head with Ella Mai's Trip. Wouldn't it be a surprise if she collaborated with Ella Mai on this track. I think the album is dropping at the end of October. I hope we get the lyrics this time for MC15. I felt cheated on MIAM. First time ever a MC album didn't have the lyrics.
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Re: With you (84,021) (84,023) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 26 September 2018; 04:03)
I love MC. But she better go on vocal rest for 3 days before the AMA performance of Someday and With You. The whole world will be watching and waiting for her to mess up. But I believe she will show up and show out. MImi forget about all that junk and mishaps in the past. Get up on that stage and slay. The cards are just right for her to open the show with Someday and move right into With You. We probably will get the album title and tracklisting the next day or so.
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Mariah the songwriter first (83,973) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 23:12)
Many people forget that MC is one of the best songwriters this generation will ever know. My top 10 favorite songs where she just really wrote the best lyrics ever. We can't deny she is gifted with writing thought provoking heartfelt lyrics. I can't wait to hear what she has to say on MC15. We are going to be pulling out our dictionaries like we did in the early 1990s. One and Only is my top pick because so may people could relate to it. The lyrics flowed so well that it was almost like she was going to breakout in a rap towards the middle of the song.
1. One and Only - Lyrical rap queen.
2. I Wish You Well - Brillant Bible verse references.
3. Melt Away - Where are you Babyface? MC15 maybe?
4. Outside - Hasn't never been another one this good.
5. My Saving Grace - Showed she can write a gospel classic.
6. Faded - She put MikeWillMadeIt to work on this one.
7. Vanishing - Songwriter skills beyond her years.
8. Vision of Love - A 19 year wrote this gem? Wow.
9. Love Take Time - We miss Walter A's instrumentation.
10. Love Story - Better lyrics than WBT. Johnta Austin all over this gem.
And so many more to name. What are your favorite songs that show her gift as a songwriter?
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Re: iHeart (83,943) (83,956) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 12:36)
She did seem nervous. She can not help it. One aspect being diagnosed with bipolar disorder is also having anxiety. I understand completely how she can experience anxiety when she is not in her normal element. There were people in the audience who were not there just to see her. Trauma affects everybody differently. And childhood trauma especially is not easy to get over. The abusive years with Tommy really exasorbated her already undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Pre 1997, we got the confident Mariah who could command the stage and mask her insecurities. Post 1997 to the Glitter era, we saw a change in her voice and her eventual public breakdown. She could no longer mask her bipolar disorder. It manifested itself on that same stage that she could command easily when she first began her singing career. There are big diva things that MC does that can be a direct result of her bipolar disorder. Sometimes she over does things and fixates on them to make her feel like she is in control and not being controlled. Remember how she use to dress scantily after she and Nick separated. Remember how she gave MIAM such a long weird album title with 17 tracks. Remember when she named her puppies those weird names. Remember how she started lying down while singing and being interviewed. She is the queen of petty - I don't know her. And she refuses to collaborate again with the producer who gave her some of her biggest hits - Walter A. And her most vocalize fixation - not being filmed on her left side and having the best lighting. Tommy and Christie Brinkley told her that and she never let it go. I understand MC completely and that's why I connected with her music. I am different too. Some of you probably already knew that. I am Robert-Anthony.
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iHeart Music performance (83,919) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 22 September 2018; 09:14)
Overall MC was good, but what was going on with the backing track to GTFO? The backing track was dragging and kept skipping over certain parts. I really hate the first live performance of GTFO was such a mess. Why did she need a backing track?
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When With You drops on October 5 (83,884) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 20 September 2018; 03:23)
We need to make With You #1 on iTunes on October 5. If everybody bought 2-4 copies, streamed the video constantly all day for the first 7 days, and request on the radio every hour, we can give With You an amazing Hot 100 debut on the 11th. Let's get MC back at the top. Let's show MC some love. Who is down With MC?
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GTFO reviews keep coming (83,880) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 19 September 2018; 19:09)
GTFO has reached critical acclaim status. MC is getting rave reviews about the lyrics, her vocals, the production, vocal layering and the Porter Robinson sample. Kind of reminds me of the rave reviews she got for One and Only. MC15 is going to be her Thriller.
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Re: While we wait (83,861) (83,867) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 19 September 2018; 04:02)
Great list and conversation starter. But I can't wait anymore. I am ready for the album now. However, one thing that I find interesting is how the weight loss has really helped MC's voice return at least to the Charmbraclet era vocals. We need to help MC have a With You number one debut on October 5. If it is a ballad with the big vocals that everybody has been wanting, then it shouldn't be that hard to push With You to number one on the Hot 100. We can do it.
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iHeart Music Festival (83,849) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 18 September 2018; 05:11)
Friday's iHeart music performance of GTFO if it happens, the crowd is going to go crazy. Also, Mimi must have gotten the memo by filming a video before the official first single is released. So far she is really trying to promote her new music. I don't know why I feel this way, but I don't think MC15 is going to get a traditional release date but instead a surprise Thursday at midnight release in October. Wouldn't it be something if she pulled a Beyonce?
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Re: Just a quick update on GTFO (83,834) (83,840) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 17 September 2018; 19:19)
I can't stop listening too. Has anybody listened to it with headphones on? MC doubled her voice differently than she has ever done in the past plus the ad libs after the second verse are a delight. She hasn't sounded this good and rested since Charmbraclet. We are in for some great vocal moments on MC15.
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GTFO rollout (83,824) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 15 September 2018; 21:18)
I am really impressed with the rollout of GTFO and it leading up to the official first single With You. Didn't TEOM get the same rollout with It's Like That being a buzz single and We Belong Together as the "first real single?" October 5 is going to be another big day for the album reveal details. Kudos to her team.
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Re: Actually very surprised by GTFO itTunes placement (83,807) (83,809) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 15 September 2018; 02:01)
This is amazing. More than Lambs are buying GTFO. I wish I was in Atlanta right now to hear it blasted down Peachtree Street.
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Re: GTFO (83,784) (83,789) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 14 September 2018; 19:16)
Mariah Is the only artist I know that can give everybody such clever kiss off lyrics to say. Lol. Oh, by the way how many of you think With You is a ballad produced by JD or No ID? I am thinking it's the song Bobby Ross Avila and Johnta Austin was doing in the studio together with MC and JD. Three weeks until it drops.
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GTFO video (83,740) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 13 September 2018; 19:14)
The video is hot. The best video treatment she has done in a long time. The song is hot. What more can we ask from the hardest working female singer in the business. Let's get GTFO, With You and MC15 to number 1. Huge improvement from the previous singles. Do I smell a Missy and Drake remix?
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Re: GTFO (83,715) (83,719) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 13 September 2018; 14:31)
I just heard the whole song. I am really impressed with the melody and her smooth vocals. The ending ad libs are the highlights of the song. It has been reported that is just a buzz single for now. 4 stars. Step up from I Don't.
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Re: GTFO snips (83,698) (83,701) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 13 September 2018; 02:41)
I really like the snippet. Sounds like the first verse we are hearing in the snippet. There has to be a banging beat coming in the the second verse. Give it a chance. Why would she choose Bibi Bourrelly as a co-writer and Nineteen85 to produce a boring song? She understands she has to bring it this time. 8:15am tomorrow meet me back here for your praises.
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Re: How Bout You (G.T.F.O) (83,660) (83,662) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 11 September 2018; 16:01)
I like it. Rumored to be produced by JD. I hope that it is catchy and gets radio airplay.
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Re: New era (83,641) (83,646) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 10 September 2018; 22:22)
Exciting cryptic messages. This stuff is starting now. Lol.
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Re: Tamia Passion Like Fire (83,628) (83,635) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 10 September 2018; 05:40)
You are so right. Great album.
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Jazmine Sullivan vocal style comparison (83,623) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 8 September 2018; 16:49)
I read on the internet that Jazmine Sullivan considers her vocal style similar to MC. She said that she always had that raspy voice and tried to pattern her vocal style after Mariah. Her raspy voice bothered her until she learned to use her voice in middle school. I can really see the comparison in her music and vocal arrangements. I hope that one of the surprise collaborations for MC15 is a collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan. Look at what she did for Mary J. Blige's biggest hit in years with Thick Of It. With MC's current vocal tone, I can see how a Jazmine Sullivan collaboration could really make MC shine on MC15. I really believe MC15 is going to be winning praises from everyone in the music industry when it debuts. It is going to be this year's Reputation. If MC15 doesn't debut in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200, I will not make anymore posts on MCArchives. I promise I will keep my word. I return to my reader status only. Top 5 MC15. Lol.
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EW Fall Music Preview (83,616) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 8 September 2018; 00:15)
We will know for sure that the album is coming out this Fall if MC is featured in EW's Fall Music issue. The issue will hit news stands next week. Also USA Today's Fall Music Preview will come out next week. Something is about to happen soon.
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Prince Charlez (83,582) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 4 September 2018; 04:40)
He has a great YouTube interview video about how he got his start as a songwriter. His mentor was RedOne (Lady Gaga). They wrote Usher's More together. His songwriting style is very aggressive and hard hitting including his own solo work. He sort of reminds me of Jermaine Stewart and his flamboyant personality. He fits the profile in how MC chooses collaborators. He is young, fresh, unique and a catchy songwriter. Reminds you of JD, right. I guess Rihanna's Needed You made her want to collaborate with him. Check out his song Bitty. Hilarious song title but catchy lyrics and melody. He dances really good in the video. If you want to hear him sing a ballad he wrote, check out Mary J. Blige's Smile. He can really sing. We may just get another Butterfly album really soon.
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