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Name: Terna
Country: Nigeria
Mariah Carey is my favorite artist ever. Fave Era - The Emancipation of Mimi
Re: Aaliyah 20 - August 25th (98,528) (98,533) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 19 August 2021; 20:45)
I'm still not over her death. Such potential, she was just getting started. Smh. Worst still is there's actually video footage of her last day - the day of the plane crash on YouTube.
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Re: Christmas secrecy (98,530) (98,532) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 19 August 2021; 20:38)
Remember when last she went missing in action back in 2004? And then we got "The Emancipation Of Mimi". Exactly.
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Take a little trip vs. Giving me Life (98,531) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 19 August 2021; 19:39)
Did Mariah Carey and Dev Hynes [sample] Minnie Riperton on her song "Take a Little Trip" for "Giving me Life"? Sure sounds melodically very similar.
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Re: Collaborations (98,521) (98,523) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 17 August 2021; 21:24)
Honestly, I really don't care for Duets with Mariah and other artists period. I have found out that my best Mariah Carey songs are rarely the duets and more when she's alone on the track. Something about her sound, talent and gifting strikes me as larger than life and doesn't quite merge well with other artists, I guess this is what Chaka Khan meant when she said "artists are like planets and not everyone is compatible". Lol. A few times she's gotten it right - the duets that is with Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men and Miguel.
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Re: Mariah's voice (98,408) (98,413) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 03:21)
Hello Andrew, troll account much. Smh. [Webmaster: This account had already been deleted.]
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Mariah's voice (98,406) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 21 July 2021; 17:21)
I [love] this woman so I am not gonna bash her nor rehash what she could've done different then, I respect her enough to acknowledge she was young, made mistakes like we all have and did the best she could at the time. What I wanna see Mariah do now is seek professional help. Ditch the bubbly and become more disciplined and dedicated to her craft and instrument. Yes Mariah you're a songwriter but you are also a [singer] and not just a singer, but a [vocalist] of the highest caliber and one third of the vocal trinity. I [still] believe in her gift, talent and writing abilities a hundred percent.
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Re: One More Try (98,301) (98,314) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 4 July 2021; 23:37)
I guess that would be the fact that vinyl is an analog sound and so that digital over compression on her vocals would be absent. I really don't care for that song though not hers nor his version.
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Re: Nick, why oh why? (98,239) (98,242) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 22 June 2021; 20:21)
I actually feel you hit the nail on the head - it's attention seeking at this point. Nick messed up, he let his dad's opinions on what [manhood] means to mess up his dream marriage and filed for divorce from Mariah in 2014. That divorce stunt is really what messed Mariah's MIAM [era] up and everything went south (damn you Nick that record had so much potential). In hind sight now he must be full of regret and all these kids with different women is his way of being passive aggressive maybe or an indicator to a deeper issue. Either way, Mariah's done with him and he knows this.
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Re: Worst song ever made? Triumphant (98,210) (98,213) by Terna from Nigeria
(Saturday 19 June 2021; 09:15)
I love "Triumphant" too, matter of fact with the very first [listen]. For me the chorus and vocal performance at the end made up for the fact that she didn't do the verses which I didn't mind at all. I don't know why the Lambily rebelled on that one. Haha. It also makes a good workout song for jump rope.
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New Mariah Carey era (98,209) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 18 June 2021; 21:08)
Honestly, after all the success she's had and major [hits], I honestly don't think we've seen the best of her yet. There's still at least one major, massive (all caps) era left in her and I have a feeling were about to witness it, but she needs a team that believes in the music and is capable, kinda like during the "Emancipation of Mimi" era. The music too has to deliver as well as her vocals - top notch quality as expected when it comes to a Mariah Carey record. Caution came close, but lacked vocally, was too brief and haphazardly promoted.
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Re: Worst song ever made? Triumphant (98,198) (98,208) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 18 June 2021; 20:48)
So we're just gonna pretend like "To The Floor", "Stay Long Love You" (such trash), "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"(hideosity at its finest) and Irresistible don't exist right? Now those are the real worst of her career and I know I can speak on the behalf of the Lambily on this one. Haha.
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Re: Undeniable MC (98,178) (98,207) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 18 June 2021; 20:21)
I agree with you on this one, Mariah's sound is deeply rooted in everything she does musically, her choice of melodies, chords, vocals and even song arrangement is very distinct so much so that she's identifiable even when she isn't the performing artist. A very good example are the songs she's written for other artists - "Allure", "Faith Hill" to name a few. Immediately I heard those songs I thought to myself that they were "Mariahesque" so to speak which I later confirmed.
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Re: Wedding song (98,166) (98,174) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 15 June 2021; 12:25)
"Joy Ride", "Music Box", "With You" and "Whenever you call" come to mind.
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Re: The lyrics (98,149) (98,158) by Terna from Nigeria
(Saturday 12 June 2021; 11:09)
Oh, I didn't know that but now it totally explains the disjoint which by the way after a few spins isn't as obvious. The song definitely gets better the more you listen to it, which is a good thing.
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The lyrics (98,141) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 10 June 2021; 21:12)
The missing piece for me was her diction and as soon as I played it while reading through the lyrics. It changed immediately (almost like an unveiling) and made a whole lotta sense. Solid effort. Kudos to a genius for getting the correct lyrics.
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Somewhat Loved (98,135) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 10 June 2021; 14:10)
I can already tell it's gonna take me a while to fully get this song as with some of her songs. The harp intro is reminiscent of Sting's "Shape of my heart" song from a while back, but the first listen was underwhelming as the song lacks a definitive melody line, isn't really memorable save for the chorus, nor cohesive (peep the jarring way the first chorus jumps into the mix) almost like two songs merged together jarringly (maybe on purpose). On a positive note it does have that Mariah Carey sound/magic, the production is top notch as expected - it is Jam and Lewis after all they never disappoint and it gets better towards the end. All in all it's pretty decent but isn't gonna do anything on the charts, I don't think that was the intent either. Just a bop with a slick sick beat.
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New management (98,133) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 10 June 2021; 13:27)
I guess this is legit since it's Billboard reporting, back with Melissa, I hope for the best.
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Re: So much better (98,060) (98,077) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 4 June 2021; 17:25)
Honestly, YG's rap diminished the song for me and was borderline irritating, this no-rap version is so much better. Lol. Plus the video also didn't do much for the song, such a waste considering that Donnell Jones song and album is such a modern classic.
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So much better (98,059) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 1 June 2021; 22:12)
Now I can listen to this song without getting irritated. Phew.
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Re: Rumour (98,018) (98,025) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 24 May 2021; 22:04)
I love your optimism. A duet with Brandy would be [epic], those two with the background vocals they do.
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Re: Walter (97,999) (98,003) by Terna from Nigeria
(Saturday 22 May 2021; 21:06)
"If there is one person I wish I could erase it's him. Lets forget everything he did in 90's."

Thanks but just no. For Mariah that would be everything she recorded from 1990 - 1998. Lol. I know we're Lambs and all with solidarity to Mariah, but let's not act like Walter Afanasieff isn't one of the biggest, most successful music producers in the world, we're not gonna disrespect him like that.
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The art of forgiveness (97,992) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 21 May 2021; 18:34)
I just happened on this clip, where is it from? I think one of the main reasons they went separate ways was his [loyalty]. He [kind of] betrayed her and more importantly, their partnership - a very successful songwriting team that found that magic so many artists would kill for every time they collaborated. That [kind of] connection comes once in a lifetime and should be explored to its fullest. My only gripe with the whole situation is the time wasted - 20 years plus. If I had a conversation with Mariah, I would let her know that it's past now (surely time has done some healing), the art of forgiveness is bigger than the art of letting go. Mariah reads this message board so this is a message directly for her - [olive branch], [baby] steps, and see where [love] takes it.
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Re: Just a feeling (97,977) (97,987) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 18 May 2021; 15:06)
Like no Mariah, I mean it's cool that she's the queen of Christmas and everything, but it's beginning to be all there is to the "Mariah Carey" brand and image - something you only bring out during the holidays and I don't like that. It is time to drop a massive Pop/R&B hit, she has her finger on the pulse of what's current and is capable of releasing a monster hit if she wants to. Another title I really like she's gotten recently is "the queen of social media" and would like to see her use that to her advantage. I like that she's already on twitter spaces long before any other celebrities, very reminiscent of her website messages back in the day. Lol.
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Re: JD / studio pic (97,972) (97,986) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 18 May 2021; 14:55)
Honestly, I don't personally have a problem with Jermaine being in the mix of producers she works with for an album, it just when he doesn't "stfu" that there's a problem. Mariah and Jermaine have chemistry for days. Lol.
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Twitter (97,968) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 13 May 2021; 00:18)
Mariah was on "Twitter Spaces" earlier today on a new feature on Twitter that allows real-time voice conversations, with a few interactions at a time allowed by a moderator, she made mention of the fact that she is indeed working on new material and has many ideas which she's keeping mum on at the moment because she doesn't wanna be ripped off again by artist who basically steal her ideas and try to pass off as theirs. Haha. She also mentioned the fact that it was reminiscent of the way she made "Butterfly" and "The Emancipation of Mimi" the creativity and the feels of how she's been working so far, she also hinted that this could just be some of her best work ever. It was quite a long chat and we had Maxwell in the building also, he's a big Lamb I was surprised to find out, and spoke highly of Mariah.
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