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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Billy / One More Try (43,269) by Edward from USA
(Monday 5 May 2014; 21:31)
Billy, I guess that what Eternal tried to say was that "One More Try" was enough of a classic and an old (27 years) song for this new generation to have much knowledge of it, so it would definitely sound fresh in Mariah's voice. My only problem is that Mariah tends to shorten some of her covers by leaving entire verses out (The First Noel, I Wanna Know What Love Is). All these three-minute ephemeral album tracks compromise the integrity of albums nowadays. Before there were radio edits, but now they come edited out of the box. I always dreamed of longer version of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and "#Beautiful", but it never happened. So, even though I'm dying to hear Mariah's take on "One More Try", this time I'm not setting my expectation too high.
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Mariah's chance at winning with this album (43,250) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 4 May 2014; 2:04)
I just know one thing, if Mariah wants to really have success with this album, she'd better be singing, real singing, not whispering on this album. I think that her voice in the studio is in way better condition that it was back in 2005 when TEOM came out. I say this because TAOLG doesn't sound strained at all like some tracks on TEOM (Mine Again). It was a great thing to change the name of the album too, since what had been associated with the title "The Art Of Letting Go" was already bad. This is like a new fresh star, let's hope for the best.
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Stacey / clean (43,190) by Edward from USA
(Friday 2 May 2014; 4:23)
Stacey, now I understand about the clean version. For a moment I thought Mariah hadn't bathed for the photo shoot or something. I was even looking under her armpits for lice and stuff. She looks so clean and beautiful that I was getting ready to go on a hunt for those I-want-a-clean-version fans. Since you have baby lambs in training, they deserve a clean version. I believe baby lambs are the future. If a clean version is not available, I have a beeper I'm not using. I'm happy to see you posting. There are many new members here popping from left and right. Sometimes I feel like they are taking over.
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Lil Star / a clean version / R Kelly duet (43,177) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 1 May 2014; 23:40)
Why does some of you want a "clean" version of the album? I didn't know it was dirty. Mariah looks very showered and clean. As for "Betcha Gon' Know" with R Kelly, the only version that was leaked was R Kelly's version which was, I think, a sample of what he presented Mariah with. But you know Mariah has her say lyrically. Just like she reshaped H.A.T.E.U from The Dream's original sample available on YouTube. So, we are in for a completely new song. I love "It's a Wrap", but I can't imagine Mary J Blige on that track. I hope they retouched it because most of the Angel's Advocate's remixes were cut and paste, and most of them were half cooked. Lil Star, this is not time for whispering, and Mariah knows it. This is a make or break album, whispering won't do. I have the impression that she'll be offering some different bonus tracks for the international version. Something tells me that in all we'll have a few more tracks in between collabo's with other artists and international releases.
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One More Try? I'm freaking out (43,125) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 1 May 2014; 12:22)
"One More Try" is one of my all time favorite songs. It is 5:53 minutes long, I'm praying Mariah doesn't go for a 3:30 minutes version of it just like she did with "I Wanna Know What Love Is". George Michael soulfully sings his heart out on this song, just an epic song. I can't wait to see where she's taking this gem. As for the album title, I like it a lot, at this point I expected her name to be on the album. She left Stevie Wonder's collaboration out, kind of weird after she not long ago said he would be playing the harmonica on it. Maybe he's on one of the songs, but since he's not singing, he's not mentioned on the track list. At least we'll be able to finally hear It's A Wrap with Mary J Blige before she leaves these fools at IDJ. I don't think this is all though, something tells me she has more surprises for us.
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The IDJ issue / Ariana's "Problem" (43,049) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 30 April 2014; 1:55)
It is evident that Mariah is on a long term fight with IDJ. I think they're trying to make her life miserable before she leaves them. It seems to be that they didn't think the music Mariah had produced was well cooked. I can't wait for Mariah to go independent. In that way she could release what she wants whenever she wants. It could be EP's or full albums, but she would be completely in control. Even though I don't like the idea of Mariah being completely in control either. Maybe then she could be confident enough to write songs by herself a la Butterfly. Mariah is a such a good lyricist, but having a team of co-writers have taken some of the Mariah out of the music she's produced. I'm happy Ariana's "Problem" is exploding on the charts, because Pharrell's "Happy" is a threat to the "One Sweet Day" record.
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QueenMc / album title (42,916) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 26 April 2014; 2:17)
QueenMc, "Heavenly Existence", really? What's next, "Pantyhose"? Mariah already stated the album was named after a personal possession of hers that's part of an entity that she's had almost all her life.
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All press is good press / Butterfly all over again (42,881) by Edward from USA
(Friday 25 April 2014; 9:38)
Since May 6th is the release date, she won't technically be pulling a Beyoncé. The element of surprise will be the details about the album. People will be very curious. She is smart enough not to change the set date. Don't expect physical CD's right away, the album will be digitally released first, and probably a week later physical CD's will be available. It is weird though having an album with no name when you have set a release date. It will be like in '97 when I walked in the store and bought my copy of Butterfly and went home. Even though the Honey single already listed that it was taken from Butterfly, discovering every track was intriguing and exciting. I would never forget my first reaction to the song Butterfly, the nuances and lyrics captivated me.
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Eternal / what JD really said (42,858) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 April 2014; 23:13)
Eternal, JD never said that YM(E) wasn't a single, he said that "The Art of Letting Go" wasn't a single, which is different. Obviously when he was asked about the single release on Valentine's Day, he must've mistaken it for "TAOLG", since he mentioned it, and made reference to the Facebook fan release. YM(E) is definitely a single. Pulling YM(E) as a buzz single at this point would be crazy.
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Poor Mariah has a family now (42,803) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 22 April 2014; 22:40)
There are many working moms out there without a husband, and two or three children to raise who can't sit home and wait for years to go and get the bread for their children. They have to manage a home, their family issues, and multitask on their own. I completely understand that as a mom with a family things get tougher, but women have been doing it for ages. And these women don't have financial freedom, a set of when-I-need nannies to go to, yet they still have to work hard. It makes me mad when I read people stating that since Mariah has twins and a husband now, she can't be productive when she has a studio basically everywhere she goes. How hard can it be for a filthy rich Mariah to produce an album in 5 freaking years? Oh yes, she's really busy with her twins, with no nannies, and a 9 to 5 job to go to. And when she comes home from work, she has to take care of the house, do laundry, feed her babies, help them with their homework and clean. Since when do women sit their behind and become less productive because they have a family. In the real world, women actually become more productive, because they don't have it like that. Wait a minute; poor Mariah is so hands-on with her family, that five years is not enough. Give me a fat freaking break. Mariah is not the only woman in entertainment that has a family. I'm not saying she should put an album every year like in the 90's, but 5 years? It is absolutely ridiculous to me.
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Nostalgia and retro sound (42,741) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 20 April 2014; 19:36)
The Emancipation of Mimi was epic because of the sound it carried. The nostalgia got hold of people. The album was not only for the new generation, but older people enjoyed it as much. "Mine Again", "Get Your Number", "Your Girl", "Circles", "I Wish You Knew", "Joyride", "Fly Like a Bird" reminded people of what good music was like. Many people in their 50's, 60's and even 70's went and got the album. The older generation shouldn't be underestimated. The album catered to a broader audience, the perfect combination of the young and the not so young. It was cohesive, it was enjoyable, and some critics said that TEOM was the only album out there worth paying $10 for. I'm hoping for her to bring that retro sound again. #Beautiful and TAOLG were steps in a good direction. E=MC2 was the only Mariah Carey album in which the tracks sounded disconnected from each other. They went, as expressed by Mariah, for a collection of radio friendly singles, but that was about it. It played like a greatest hits album. It is a fun album I rarely listen to, but when I go to the gym.
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Matthew / Mariah's future recordings (42,740) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 20 April 2014; 19:15)
Matthew, do you know the process of putting together a song in the studio? I was shocked when I saw it myself. Mariah is able to put this out-of-this-world vocal performances in the studio because the songs are piecemeal together. As she said in an interview on Oprah once: She could be in the studio and hit an stratospheric high note once, and she would say to the guy on the keyboard: "I hope you got that? Because it might not show up again today." It might take a singer many sessions to put a song together piece by piece. Sometimes they just work on a line, then go home and rest. Now, when you're singing live, there's not stop and let's do it again. Mariah could replicate her studio sound when her voice was in top condition, but now it is what it is. Toning down her vocal acrobatics in future recordings would allow her to confidently perform more often without sounding strained. Celine has been singing longer than Mariah, has more albums out than Mariah, combining her French and English albums, has sung almost every night for many years, and even though her voice is not the same, she can still deliver consistency when singing live. I wish Mariah had taken better care of her voice, but it is what it is and I made my peace with it. I will always support her.
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Is Mariah pregnant again? (42,659) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 17 April 2014; 1:28)
Looking at some recent pictures of Mariah, I realize that her face looks bloated as if she were pregnant. She definitely has gained some weight. I thought she was working towards losing weight. I have the strange feeling that Mariah is going to put the album out and check out. If she is not feeling the support from IDJ, she won't go out of her way to promote this album. Promoting an album can be draining without help. I don't think she is that popular anymore to pull a Beyoncé. I hope she puts out a good CD. I have noticed that the studio version of the songs she has put out so far are vocally better than the vocals on TEOM. I love TEOM, but Mariah's vocals were strained and thin on it.
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I also had a dream (42,603) by Edward from USA
(Monday 14 April 2014; 6:30)
In my dream a voice told me the following possible album names.
1. 12 Years Old... Again
2. Someday I'm Coming Back (It Won't Be Long)
3. Slow Enema of Love
4. Emancipation Reloaded
5. Journey of Me
6. Migrate, please.
7. Love Affair
8. Mermaids of the Caribbean
I also heard something with a giraffe, a unicorn and flying elephant, but since I couldn't remember exactly I didn't list them. Thumb me down if you like my list.
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Tobby / other DJ's (42,487) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 5 April 2014; 2:57)
Tobby, the DJ's that were invited are from the biggest and most influential radio stations in the country. If they play Mariah, the rest would follow. You could put together many of the smaller radio stations, and one of the biggest ones could eat them alive in terms of the audience they reach. So, that was a smart move.
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The listening party that wasn't (42,477) by Edward from USA
(Friday 4 April 2014; 5:42)
Mariah is just doing what she did before TEOM was released. She gathered with radio programmers from the biggest radio stations and reconnected with them. She knew that for her to succeed, she needed to be played on the radio. Before TEOM dropped, we had a voice-over copy of Say Something, Tonight, and finally ILT as an official single. WBT and SIO saved the day. Mariah needs to have some great singles lined up should she want to have a slight chance at succeeding with this album. She should pay attention at the tracks selling more when the album drops, because had she done that with E=MC2 or MOAIA, things would've been different. Migrate and Betcha Gone Know indicated sale wise that those should've been the following singles. I hope she pays attention this time.
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Bill / album title (42,472) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 3 April 2014; 22:55)
Bill, I completely agree with your album title. It should be named May 6th, and the next one May 7th, and the next May 8th. What a wonderful idea. I'm praying for your wish to come through. Of course those would be album names in LaLa Land.
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Terna / get over it, really (42,416) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 1 April 2014; 5:39)
Terna, Randy was just joking, just get over it. Or did you really think that he was planning Mariah's funeral when he wrote "Mariah buried"? Thank God he didn't change the name of the song "Open Arms" into "Broken Arms", you would've flown overnight to the US and smack the crack out of him for making fun of Mariah's dislocated shoulder last year. How could you not laugh at the hilarious "Music Locked". I would have to say that the song that best describes Mariah's music these days is "Someday".
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The shock factor (42,387) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 29 March 2014; 23:53)
I don't think the album will be delayed anymore, she'll eventually release it on the set date, and the name of the album might end up being simply Mariah. The shock factor will most likely be that it is going to be a double album, she might also announce her retirement, something that will bring her to the spot light giving the album exposure. I don't necessarily think this retirement would be official, since she would come back full force a couple of years later.
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Double album? (42,318) by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 March 2014; 23:46)
Raise you mouse if you'd like a double album. Even though I would love a double album, I rather Mariah release this album, and the next one within a year or two. She could actually chill, enjoy her twins and husband, tour, and then work on three or four more songs to complete the next one if she is not satisfied with what she already has. At this point Mariah must have more then 40 songs recorded. I hope she includes Kick Rocks on this one.
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Stepehen / concern (42,247) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 20 March 2014; 4:04)
Stephen, my biggest concern is that maybe a great album will go by unnoticed for all these delays. I have brought the Leona Lewis Glassheart album case here several times. She delayed her album for a whole year, and eventually ended up releasing a solid album, with some of the songs also in acoustic versions as a bonus, but it was too late, since people had gotten tired of waiting, expectations deflated, and the album flipped and flopped. #Beautiful was a new and fresh sound for Mariah, yet things weren't ready and what looked to be a promising era, turned into a disaster. The problem with cooking a last minute single is that there is not much time to produce quality remixes and promote properly. I miss the days when a single and its respective remixes were ready to be released all at once. When the lead single already established the name of forthcoming album it was coming from. Things have changed, I guess.
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IDJ / release date / album needs a hit (42,237) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 March 2014; 20:54)
IDJ is definitely looking for a hit to carry this album. Mariah doesn't have a say about when the album will be released, it is something more about when would have a better chance at succeeding. If IDJ doesn't think it is a good business move, they won't go ahead with it. The only thing Mariah can do is having her music ready and on point. The way things are, I don't put my hopes on any release date. Only if Mariah have at least a moderate hit like #Beautiful, this album will see the light of day this year. I'm worried because the album might actually turn out to be a gem, but with all these inconveniences, it might fall flat on the charts. People's attention span fluctuates about every minute now. I am still hoping for the best. They are looking for a hit, and they're going to get it even if she has to collaborate with any current pop star, mark my words.
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Bill / criticism (42,213) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 March 2014; 3:28)
Bill, we sure critique Mariah here, but we are like her extended family. My mom used to say to her neighbor: "I can say anything bad about my son, but don't you dare agreeing with me." I think that most of us truly love Mariah Carey, because if we didn't, we wouldn't even bother posting here. I'm really happy the webmaster will be more rigorous while filtering our posts.
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Carla / censorship on MCArchives (42,161) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 March 2014; 23:26)
Carla, I've been visiting this website for 16 years, and only those who have used obscene words have been censored here. It is not fair for you to say that there is only democracy for some here when in fact the Eric(webmaster) has always been very fair. Words like "sh^t", "f^ck" and their derivatives, when written as we know them, have always been edited out or censored here, regardless the nature of the post. And according to the rules, if you're comments towards others here are insulting, your post will also be edited out or censored. I'm not accusing you using profanity on the messageboard. These are just my humble observations.
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Too challenging for her now? (42,049) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 11 March 2014; 18:44)
Mariah has always been praised for being the best vocally trained singer of her generation. She made sure that her songs were so technically challenging that they were impossible to sing by anybody else, that's why most people who attempted at singing songs that seem easy like "My All", failed miserably. Jessica Sanchez, first runner up to Phillip Phillips from American Idol, sung Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" hitting all notes perfectly, but when Randy and Jennifer Lopez picked "My All" for her to sing, she struggled with it. Jennifer even said: "I didn't know it was that difficult." Poor Mariah must feel tremendous pressure not being able to perform her own songs the way she only could, hence the constant lipping. Had she foreseen what was going to happen with her voice, I think she would've taken a different approach. I think there is "O Holy Night" and then there is Mariah's "O Holy Night". Everybody's attempt at singing this song ends up being compared to Mariah's version. Some don't even try it these days.
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