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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Will / Mariah Daily Journal (41,005) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 8 February 2014; 7:59)
Will, I wouldn't be surprised If Mariah Daily Journal shuts down. Ever since Mariah's team got involved with them, supporting the site financially, the site has been very boring and rarely post any news unless it has been confirmed by Mariah's team, so the excitement of being a website dedicated to the fans has gone away. When they started to be unbiased, they lost lots of visitors, since there's nothing to look for there anymore. By the time Mariah's team confirm that it is ok for them to post anything, the news has been here and in many other places for days. I knew this was going to happen, and it is sad because they used to be good. I used to visit them everyday. That's why I love Mariah Carey Archives, since Eric posts everything about Mariah, not just necessarily positive things about her career, and we have this wonderful messageboard.
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George Golden / new single (40,993) by Edward from USA
(Friday 7 February 2014; 20:35)
George Golden, try to not to be too harsh on Mariah, since we don't really know whether the song is a duet, a ballad, or an up-tempo. I truly believe that she's in it to win it this time around. I have a good feeling about this single, so I'll give Mariah the benefit of the doubt. I'm not setting my expectations too high though, but I am very excited about the new single. I think she can still deliver.
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Martyn / new single (40,931) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 2 February 2014; 20:10)
Martyn, I think Mariah is going to shock us all. She already announced that the new single would be released on Valentine's Day. I do think that she will reveal some news about the album and possibly the video. I have a good feeling about 2014 for Mariah. I think the new album will be great, and she'll get some Grammy nominations for it.
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Jeremey Carey / promotion (40,852) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 29 January 2014; 23:38)
Jeremey Carey, I wouldn't be too worried, since many pieces of news have been surfacing about Mariah building up to the Valentine's Day release. We now at least know the name of a track "Dedication" from the new album, Darhyl "DJ" Camper and Wale have obviously given the ok to drop some hints about their collaborations with her. I don't think this is a coincidence, I think it is a way to draw people's attention. The fact that Mariah already has a single ready, and maybe a video filmed, makes me happy. I don't like when she rushes things. I think she'll get it right this time. I just hope radio and people in general connect to the new single. Some not too good things have happened to Mariah in the past few months, but she knows how to use adversity as inspiration for her music. I have a good feeling about this one.
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Webmaster / thanks (40,809) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 28 January 2014; 0:42)
Eric, thanks for reminding Mr. Know-it-all that Mariah is actually collaborating with Nas. Yes, as irrelevant as he may be, and according to Mariah and JD, it could be a potential single. See, one must read the news section here before posting ignorant comments. I will go listen to "Almost Home" now, pow! When it comes to good music, it is not about relevancy, it is about quality. At the end of the day that's what sticks with most people. Nas wasn't as relevant when the Making Last remix was released, yet his infusion took the track to a different level.
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Carlos Jaramillo / rude comments (40,799) by Edward from USA
(Monday 27 January 2014; 19:54)
Carlos, I couldn't have said it better. It is like you stole my words. There seem to be a delusional problem with Isaac Ortiz. He is always rude with his comments. I just ignore him. I personally think that Almost Home was way better than Triumphant.
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Album name (40,774) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 26 January 2014; 18:40)
The weird thing about "The Art of Letting Go" is that Mariah has never referred to the album with that name nor did she ever give out any explanation. Nick did refer to the album with that name though before her performance at Macy's. New Year, new album title, and new songs. What happened in 2013, and anything associated with it, should stay in 2013.
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Jeeze remix video (40,764) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 26 January 2014; 0:11)
Well, I hope you all know Mariah is superstitious, and since the filming of the video remix with Jeezy almost cost her an arm, a leg and a couple of eyelashes, I don't think that video will ever see the light of day. At this point I am happy with being able to listen to the remix. That video wasn't anything special anyway. She'll pretend that the video, just like Glitter, never happened.
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Stephen / UK fan gathering (40,731) by Edward from USA
(Friday 24 January 2014; 2:46)
Stephen, the album title you suggested would be the demise of Mariah's career. The album definitely needs a new name, "The Art of Letting Go" sounds dreadful as of now. You'd better organize a nice gathering for the UK fans, I'll need to see pictures of the event. I would like for someone to organize a gathering here in New York. It would be great!
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Christopher / The Art Of Letting Go (40,727) by Edward from USA
(Friday 24 January 2014; 0:23)
Christopher, I don't like "The Art Of Letting Go" as the album title anymore. I think she should give this album a new name, and forget about previous singles. She should get things right this time around. By February 14 everything should be ready and on point: new single, video, and any remixes to go with it. That way she could use her time to promote. Since this album has taken almost five years to finish, all eyes are her to deliver. At this point, not only good music would do, but great management. Timing, good promotion, and consistent performances are going to be key elements in the success of this album. Those three factors were all present on "The Return of the Voice" back in 2005. Most people I know want Mariah to sing again, and I think she can still do it. Since she has recorded so many songs, I can't wait for the treats.
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Christopher / Whitney's cover (40,720) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 23 January 2014; 4:41)
Christopher, I definitely see Mariah covering a Whitney's song, but she would look desperate if she were to release it as the first or any single, unless radio picks it up on its own and it becomes very popular. We have been discussing "You Give Good Love" for a while here, but just because there were rumors about two possible covers. I'm almost 100% sure that it would only be a tribute to Whitney. I would like her to pick a song that Whitney sung without many highs and lows, so that Mariah is not criticized for trying to go higher than Whitney. Celine has sung "The Greatest Love Of All' as a tribute on the Grammies, and I haven't heard anybody complaining about it. If Mariah brings a retro feel to the album, I think people will reconnect with her again. Those who brought music back in 2013 succeeded greatly, even if it was only one song.
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Isaac Ortiz / Jab / I've been holding it (40,681) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 21 January 2014; 3:12)
Isaac Ortiz, if you do really think that Mariah's voice sounds as good today as it did in the 90's, then you definitely and immediately need to run to the otolaryngologists because your hearing must be somewhat impaired. We all love Mariah here, and we all agree that Mariah can still pull a great performance when well rested and all, we also think Mariah can piecemeal great songs in the studio, but to even suggest that her voice hasn't changed is beyond rational. YouTube performances of "Without You" or "Hero" from the 90's, and then go see "Mariah Live in Morocco 2012 full Concert" and come again. Jab, we are discussing about Mariah covering "You Give Good Love" because we can and want to. If you just want to wait untill the album comes out, then hold your breath, but in the meantime we'll discuss as much as we want, rumors or not rumors. If you like the discussions, read it, if you don't like them, then just don't. We are just excited about the possibility, and having fun sharing ideas. Most fans have been very creative and positive about the possibility.
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Stephen / Whitney's "You Give Good Love" (40,659) by Edward from USA
(Monday 20 January 2014; 12:47)
Stephen, where have you been? I was like: did he make Eric mad and got banned from posting? Happy New Year! I do believe that Whitney's "You Give Good Love" is the perfect song for Mariah to cover because it doesn't center on vocal acrobatics. Yes, Whitney goes up a bit here and there, but she mostly keeps it simple. I think that Mariah could definitely sing it and even perform it live, it would be a highlight in concert, but I doubt she would. I don't think it is the song people are going to use to destroy Mariah by saying she couldn't equal Whitney's range. If she were to try "I Will Always Love You", I would be the first one to oppose the idea.
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A Whitney Houston cover? (40,644) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 January 2014; 21:10)
I think it's the right time for Mariah to cover a Whitney's song as a tribute. It would draw lots of attention to the album. She could "I Love Him So Well", and replace Cece's vocals with hers. There are many ways she could go about it. I'm actually excited she's considering two covers instead of one. I guess we'll be getting many treats with this album. I'm actually excited, and hoping that Mariah keeps the whispers to the minimum.
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This is not Twitter / Eric / new game (40,618) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 January 2014; 12:37)
Nobody has disrespected Mariah here on MCArchives messageboard pertaining Monday's announcement. Many of us expressed disappointment for the announcement wasn't music related, and because we had to wait all day long to hear about it. Nobody insulted Mariah like they did on Twitter. Having an opinion is one thing, but telling other fans how to feel, what to write, what kind of an opinion to have is plain ridiculous. Eric has been very fair here, and one of the most dedicated fans I know to keep this site running for 16 years. Sometimes I fear he will move on to other things and shut it down. To tell him how to manage his website or how to voice his opinion is beyond ridiculous, especially when he hasn't disrespected anybody. So let's play a new game: if you could name Mariah's fingers and toes nails, what would you guys call them, and what color would you paint them? Be creative, maybe we finish by the time the new single comes out next month.
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TJ / Real fairweather fans / MCArchives (40,606) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 January 2014; 1:32)
TJ, you're so right about that. There have been many debates and arguments here in the 16 years MCArchives has been online. Most of those who used to come here calling other fans "fair weather fans, so called fans, no real fans" are the ones who have dropped off like flies through the years. I've expressed lots of love and support for Mariah, but I also have critiqued her or expressed disappointment at some point without being disrespectful. MCArchives used to be part of 3 major Mariah websites called Mariah's 3, and out of all of them, only this one stands as true and unbiased. One of them was shut down by its webmaster out of anger for Mariah didn't include his country on the Rainbow Tour, and the other one has become very boring and rarely updates anything, since Mariah's team got involved in it. Everything they post has to be confirmed by Mariah's team, and by the time they post anything, everybody knows it, like a clone of I love MCArchives because Eric is real and posts everything Mariah, not only the sweet news. MCA messageboard is fabulous.
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The Art of Letting Go snippet not a snippet (40,591) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 16 January 2014; 16:56)
By listening to the snippet of "The Art of Letting Go" before it was released, I would hear a totally different song in terms of instrumentation, and some incredible whistle notes I didn't hear on the song. For a moment I thought Mariah was going to pull a Buble of us. Then "The Art of Letting Go" was released, and to me it didn't sound anything like the snippet. So I wonder, was what we heard on the snippet a completely different song? She said she had written two songs with Dark Child, so I hope it is. I do believe that at this point Mariah must be working on finishing her collaboration with Nas, since she said last year that their collabo was nowhere near finished. I hope we have many left over songs once the album is released. I think that when she went back to the drawing board many new songs were incorporated, and many other songs left out. We will be happy to hear them.
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Disappointment but not disrespectful (40,577) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 15 January 2014; 23:26)
I was actually very disappointed because I was expecting news about the single or the album. I knew for a fact that the track listing of the album wasn't it because it is evident that the album is not ready yet. I thought we would be treated to a small sample of the new single or something like that. Many of us were up untill late waiting in anticipation of this announcement, and that contributed to the frustration of many fans. I don't believe in being disrespectful to Mariah though. There's not reason to get personal by calling her names either. At the end of the day we are all eager to listen to her new music. It is as if we were desperate anticipating this album that has taken more than four years to finish and it is not there yet.
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Don't Play That Song For Me mp3 (40,542) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 14 January 2014; 1:24)
By the way, for those who might be interested in an mp3 or Mariah's version of "Don't Play That Song For Me", just shoot me an email at I can't believe Mariah didn't actually record this song in the studio and put it on her debut album or on Emotions. I guess since it was gospel, and they were selling her a pop artist, it didn't fit well in either one.
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Lamb_O_Chop / about Charmbracelet (40,541) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 14 January 2014; 1:12)
Lamb_O_Chop, I completely agree with you. In no way were you being disrespectful or pushing your opinion on others. You were just defending Charmbracelet from your point of view without dismissing anybody else's opinion. I personally prefer Charmbracelet over Memoirs. I think that, even though Mariah mainly whispered on Charmbracelet, her soul was more connected to it than it was to Memoirs. Charmbracelet for Mariah was like the sequel to Butterfly, very personal. That's why "Lullaby" was a continuation to "The Roof". I think the problem was that on Buttefly Mariah sung in her mid range, but on Charmbracelet she went straight into a whisper mode that bothered many of us. Memoir was more playful, but disconnected at the same time.
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Lamb from USA / recent posted video (40,501) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 11 January 2014; 0:23)

Lamb, I agree that the video is mostly live, but the part where she sings "the way" at the end of Hero is clearly lipped. It sounds exactly the same as the original recording from Music Box. She sounded great that night, but let's not fool ourselves either. I don't blame her though, since she was in pain and still pulled it through. I want to remind some of you about what greatness is, this is a completely live performance of Mariah, where she slays "Don't Play That Song", I hope the webmaster posts it.
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My favorite song(s) from each album (40,478) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 9 January 2014; 3:33)
Mariah Carey - I Don't Wanna Cry / Love Takes Time
Emotions - Till The End of Time / Can't Let Go
Unplugged - I'll Be There
Music Box - All I've Ever Wanted / Just To Hold You Once Again
Merry Christmas - Miss You Much At Christmas Time
Daydream - Open Arms / When I Saw You
Butterfly - Butterfly / Outside
Rainbow - Can't Take That Away
Glitter - Lead The Way / If We
Charmbracelet - I Only Wanted / You Got Me
Emancipation - We Belong Together / One & Only
E=MC2 - Thanks 4 Nuttin'
Memoirs - Languishing
Merry Christmas II You - The First Noel / One Child
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Stacey, oh no you didn't? (40,455) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 8 January 2014; 2:54)
Dear Stacey, I said that there was not waste on Daydream. I would only leave "Long Ago" and "Daydream Interlude" out should I be forced to with not option. The webmaster almost banned me from the website, and now you put the last nail on my coffin. I consider Daydream and Butterfly her best albums to date. It is so sad that Billboard doesn't allow remixes the way it used to be in the 90's. Now if it a remix sounds distinctively different from the original, it is considered a different song. Because of that now Mariah can't be as creative with her remixes.
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Webmaster, oh no you didn't, lol (40,445) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 7 January 2014; 17:16)
Eric, I honestly wouldn't change anything from Daydream. I am curious to know which two tracks you would leave out of Daydream should you be forced to. It is weird how Daydream and Music Box with only 10 and 12 tracks were so powerful.
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When I saw you (40,442) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 7 January 2014; 16:34)
Those of you implying that Daydream could've been fine without "When I Saw You" should be put in jail, lol. There is no waste in Daydream, but if I were forced to leave two tracks out, they would be "Long Ago" and "Daydream Interlude". Whoever suggested "Open Arms" should be crucified, lol. Daydream though not as vocally powerful as Music Box is more soulful.
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