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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Steve / Babydoll (39,365) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 1 October 2013; 4:21)
Steve, that's exactly what I meant, a hip hop track doesn't have to include a rapper, Shake It Off was Mariah only. Most fans think that everytime Mariah is in the studio with a rapper it is because the rapper will be on the record. I like when she brings in rappers, but mostly for the non album version like Obsess. The thing is that some rappers don't bring anything to the song. I am happy she's working with Nas, he put a nice touch to the TGIFY remix, and his rapping is mellow enough to blend with a ballad.
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Mariah's new album, collaboration (39,358) by Edward from USA
(Monday 30 September 2013; 1:41)
It's been 4 long years since we had an album from Mariah. It is a long time. I like the fact though that she knows that after all this time people are expecting quality and not a rushed project. I don't care much if she throws a few hip hop tracks in the bunch, but not all of them with featured rappers a la Babydoll. I think she must've recorded more than 200 songs by now, so we'll definitely get a deluxe version of the album. I just hope she changes the album name, since she didn't personally talked about it. This album needs to be on point, but I don't want a collection of nice sounding singles like E=MC2, that album was good, but there wasn't a distinctive theme on it. TEOM on the other hand had this retro sound that catered to not only the young but the not so young due to many of the old samples that she used.
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Mariah / promotion (39,324) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 25 September 2013; 19:00)
I think Mariah has to come to the realization that her name only won't do in terms of promoting her new music. It is sad to say it, but if she wants to have a hit, she is going to have to work for it as if she were a new artist. Just putting a single out there with a basic video won't help. Streaming is part of the success formula of any song out there, so now is the time for Mariah to put out concept videos like Honey, Heartbreaker or Butterfly. Many people in the music industry don't like Mariah. She won't be able to ride on just her name alone. I hope she gets ready to promote the next single hard even if she has to have dem babies, dem nanny and Nick singing backup for her. All remixes should be ready as well. Last minute singles or remixes didn't work for her. Having everything ready this time around would allow her time to concentrate on promoting and touring. Mariah produced a good album while on a risky pregnancy, so the excuse that she now has a family is just another excuse for me.
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Stephen / #Beautiful video (39,310) by Edward from USA
(Monday 23 September 2013; 3:05)
Stephen, Mariah is very superstitious, and since she had an accident while filming the Jeezy remix of #Beautiful, I can almost assure you that that video won't ever see the light of day. It is like Glitter, it is pretty evident that Mariah acts as if that album or movie never existed. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't include #Beautiful in the new album. Yes it went platinum, but many negative speculations about lipping came to the surface, and I think she wants to detach from the Triumphant and #Beautiful failed attempts at starting a new era.
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How Mariah's voice has changed, same topic, but... (39,300) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 22 September 2013; 2:43)
We have talked about Mariah's voice deterioration so many times that I don't even want to say anything about it anymore, but I have noticed that most of those who have expressed their opinions lately are new faces here, I mean new posters. So, it doesn't really bother me. I have coming to this messageboard for 15 years, and sometimes we run out of topics.
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Almost Home not on Oz soundtrack (39,243) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 11 September 2013; 17:19)
It is so weird that "Almost Home" was part of "Oz: The Greatest" movie soundtrack, but they didn't include it on the soundtrack album. I have never seen anything like that. When I went to to purchase a copy of the soundtrack, I was shocked when I didn't see it on the tracklist. Another annoying thing to me was to hear the song played not at the beginning, but right at the end of the movie credits, just when everybody had just left the theater.
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Celine / Mariah / competition / motivation (39,239) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 11 September 2013; 5:45)
I don't see anything wrong discussing Celine's music here either. It is not like people here are putting Mariah down or anything like it. I would love to see Mariah, Celine, Tony Braxton release good music and be popular again. They all had great albums, Mariah just happened to adapt better as music was changing, and that's why she could keep being relevant. The 90's were the days, such good music. I think the competition among Celine, Mariah, and Whitney brought us excellent music. I fought for and defended Mariah against those who said Whitney or Celine was better, but I also enjoyed their music, especially Celine's. She has never said anything shady about Mariah, and I appreciate that.
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New album / Ariana Grande's "Yours Truly" (39,200) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 4 September 2013; 3:52)
After being frustrated without news about any music from Mariah, I decided to give a listen to Ariana Grande's album "Yours Truly", and I have to say there are some good songs in it. She has a retro song called "Tattooed Heart" which would be the equivalent of Mariah's "Forever" that I think it is beautiful and very well sung. I'll be listening to her music in the meantime untill Mariah put some music out. She's not as powerful vocally as Mariah was during the 90's, but she sings beautifully and reminds me of Mariah back then. Compared to all the garbage music out there, she's a breath of fresh air. I like the fact that she's not hitting whistle notes in her album. I think those belong to our beloved Mariah. She's trying to find her own voice.
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Eric the Webmaster / nail polish / really? (39,186) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 3 September 2013; 6:02)
Eric, I couldn't have said it better. Nail polish, for our eleven fingers, for Christmas, really? I haven't gotten to understand what is the use of putting a single out when an album is not complete or at least ready for sequencing. At least #Beautiful brought some attention to this new era, but the benefits from that single in terms of promoting the album are fading away. Should she include #Beautiful in the new album? If it is not released before Christmas, I guess not. I don't want talks about freaking nail polish, lipstick, perfumes and so forth. What the hell happened to the freaking music?
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What is your favorite Mariah's OPI nail polish? (39,140) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 29 August 2013; 18:01)
I was thinking, we could all buy the OPI polish in all colors while waiting for The Art Of Letting Go, and paint our ten or eleven finger nails with different colors, then we can associate each color with an album cover . Mariah, at least give us a damn release date, even if it is next efing year. We know by now this album won't happened if a new single is not out for at least one and a half months. I am really frustrated with the way they (Mariah and her team) are dealing with this new era. Four freaking years to get something decent out. I know many of you enjoy playing the songs and albums game, but for how long? She'd better come out with a masterpiece, lol.
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Who pulled the plug on E=MC2? (39,047) by Edward from USA
(Monday 19 August 2013; 1:18)
I think Mariah pulled the plug on E=MC2, and then IDJ follwed. Around that time the attention shifted from the album to Mariah and Nick's marriage. I don't blame IDJ for Migrate, since I clearly remember when Perez Hilton, who was a heavy Mariah hater back then, critized her for the rumored release of Migrate as the second single, and Mariah's answer to him was that she knew what she was doing, that she had been doing it for a long time. With the success of Touch My Body, impressive first week sales, an album full of potential singles, surpasing Elvis #17's, it was a great time for this album to shine, but they stucked to the formula uptempo then ballad, and when that didn't work, everything went down-hill. E=MC2 was praised as an album that played like a greatest hits, but the single choices were not well calculated. By the time they probably thought of releasing Migrate, the damage was done, since the attention wasn't on Mariah anymore. Mariah was very happy and in creatively in control back then. For me E=MC2 was just a whole buch of potential singles put together, but it wasn't an album with a specific concept like TEOM or Daydream. Memoirs was cohesive, and even though I enjoy about 6 tracks from it, but too R&B for my taste. I don't think it is fair blaming IDJ alone for for what happened with E=MC2.
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Jeanette / Mariah shouldn't fade away (39,001) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 14 August 2013; 19:21)
Jeanette, I agree with you that Mariah has lost touch with music for some reason. Things get more complicated with each album, not even with 20 people writing a single song. I don't agree with you stating that Mariah should fade away. I just think she just needs to regroup and go back to basics. I think she should trust her ability to write a song alone or with not more that one other person. Mariah wrote "Looking In", "Butterfly", "My All", "Outside" and many other great songs on her own, she was just assisted by Walter mostly with the music and production. I hope she had worked with Stevie and R Kelly, those two are great lyricists. I think whatever they may have put together with Mariah is quality stuff. Mariah has the luxury to have a studio in all the places she uses as living quaters. Even when dem babies are taking a nap, she could be popping music left and right, lol.
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Rashidi / new video (38,987) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 13 August 2013; 19:45)
Rashidi, it didn't make sense releasing the Jeezy remix video even around the time it was being filmed, since #Beautiful was already deflating rapidly on the charts, especially on airplay. So, having it released now doesn't make much sense, unless she includes it as a bonus or something once the new album/single is out. I think we need to have new music instead of beating on an already rotting dead horse. It worries me that some of the events that were lined up with the release of this album are just passing by, like the release of The Butler. This movie is going to be a big event, since Oprah and some other big names are acting on it. As much I love #Beautiful, I think it shouldn't be on the new album should she releases it next year. If only she came out with some extra acoustic versions of some of the songs of the new album as a token of appreciation for having people waiting so long.
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With Gaga and Perry, don't expect an album this year (38,986) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 13 August 2013; 18:49)
Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are both releasing albums in August and November respectively. I doubt Mariah's going to take the chance to get her efforts drowned by their albums, so I don't see an album release happening this year. My only concern is the fact that people get tired of waiting, and their attention shifts towards other things. I keep repeating the case with the Leona Lewis album. She put a single out, it didn't work out, and then they pushed the album back for a whole year. By the time the album got released, even though she had some great music and vocals on it, people weren't interested in it anymore. Now the focus is on Katy Perry and Gaga, and maybe it's going to keep being so until the end of the year. How could Mariah put out two epic albums basically in two years (Daydream and Butterfly) where she wrote most of the songs by herself? Now she's almost four years in working on this album, and everything has been a total mess in terms of coordinating the proper release of this album.
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Randy / Someday (38,960) by Edward from USA
(Friday 9 August 2013; 15:05)
Randy, I haven't heard those versions of "Someday" you talked about. If you are willing to share them with me so I can have my own epiphany , I would really appreciate it: As for Thank God I Found You remix, I agree it was epic, one of my favorites. It is sad Billboard changed its rules. Remixes that sound completly different from the original now chart as different isongs, that's why the #Beautiful remixes are very similar to the original.
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Songs that should've gone to #1 (38,953) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 8 August 2013; 16:49)
I think the follow songs should've gone to the #1 spot: "Can't Let Go", "Make It Happen", "Endless Love" with Luther, "Without You", "Anytime You Need a Friend", "All I've Ever Wanted", "All I Want for Christmas", "Underneath The Stars", "Forever", "Butterfly", "Whenever You Call", "Shake It Off", "One and Only", "Migrate", "Obsessed". Mariah and Luther were perfect, and the video for the song at one of his concerts was epic, minus Luther's sweat of course, lol. I would replace "Someday", "Thank God I Found You", "Touch My Body" with any song from the former list above anytime.
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Stephen / Ariana / not another Daydream (38,928) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 7 August 2013; 2:05)
Stephen, I always wondered why you were glowing so much on your pic, but now I understand. As I had said before, sounding like another singer could backfire. Ariana Grande new single in less than three weeks is out of iTunes and Amazon top 100. If she doesn't bring her own voice to her songs, she won't have another album after "Yours Truly". The careers of those who imitated Whitney or Mariah never took off. Mariah has always wanted to work with Stevie Wonder, and there isn't a better time for this duet to come to fruition. I am glad she postponed "The Art of Letting", since she and we know by now this new album could be it. I don't want another Daydream, but she needs the balance she brought on it. I think we need a few tracks in the vein of "Almost Home" in the new album. She has overplayed the Hip Hop card by now, it has become formulaic and predictable. I definitely think that a duet with Toni Braxton would benefit both their careers.
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The Art Of Letting Us Know (38,865) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 31 July 2013; 20:49)
Mariah has failed at "The Art Of Letting Us Know" when the new album comes out. What could she possibly be cooking for 3 years now? I am desperate for new music. She'd better have lots of treats for us. I had a nightmare that she had released the tracklist for the new album, and the first two tracks were called "Cracked Rib" and "Dislocated". Mariah hurry up.
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Is it time for Mariah to go back to basics? (38,857) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 31 July 2013; 2:38)
Ariana Grande is definitely ripping off and capitalizing on Mariah's early sound from Daydeam. I was debating whether Mariah should go back to basics on the new album. I would be lying if I said I don't miss her Daydream/Butterfly sound. When I say sound I don't necessarily refer to the voice, but the arrangements and production. I hope she shocks us all and shows Ariana how is done, lol. I think Ariana is sweet and I like her two singles so far. On another note, I can't understand how Britney's mediocre song from The Smurf has charted on Billboard, but Almost Home never did. I think Almost Home was pop perfection.
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Ariana the new Mariah. Really? (38,826) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 28 July 2013; 1:28)
I also hate when people label her the new Mariah. Maybe Leona Lewis come close, but Ariana, I doubt it. I like Ariana, I think she's nice, but vocally she can't touch Mariah even now. Leona Lewis can sing circles around Ariana, but being promoted as the new Mariah didn't work for Simon. Some think that just having a powerful voice will cut it, but many with big voices like Jennifer Hudson never found an audience. Ariana sounds as if she's imitating Mariah, and that might backfire. If she doesn't find her own voice, I don't think she'll be around long. On YouTube some even have the audacity to say that Mariah sounds like Ariana.
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Mariah and Toni Braxton is epic (38,813) by Edward from USA
(Friday 26 July 2013; 16:27)
I would be in heaven if they worked together. I would love for Mariah and Babyface to write the lyrics. It could actually be a single. Toni is in desperate need of a hit, and if the song is not just a rush and lazy one, it could be epic.
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Stephen / Triumphant / new album (38,789) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 24 July 2013; 1:01)
Stephen, I also enjoyed Triumphant, the remixes, specifically the vintage one. The main version was a complete mess, two rappers and Mariah singing backup for them, go figure. I hope she finds her muse again. If the new album was sounding like Memoirs, I am happy for its delay. I think she shouldn't go all R&B. An album in the veins of Daydream would be perfect. I hope she is not going through what Alanis and Celine went through. When they got stable, married and happy, they kind of lost touch with the music. Toni Braxton said in a tv show that she was falling out of love with music, and that she was done recording. I didn't even think that could happen.
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Alain / #Beautiful (38,754) by Edward from USA
(Friday 19 July 2013; 16:19)
The possibility of #Beautiful bouncing back from #23 on Billboard is virtually impossible. #Beautiful peaked at 69 millions AI, now we have lost half of that. Sales are not looking good either as it faded from #25 to #51 on iTunes in just a few days. We need only 80,000 downloads to reach platinum. If it manages to stay in the iTunes top 60, it might take three or four weeks. To beat the Beatles she needs three more #1's.
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Stephen / the real naggers (38,743) by Edward from USA
(Friday 19 July 2013; 2:03)
Stephen, I hope you won't get cyber-crucified for your pagan statements, for you shall pay with your life for uttering such blasphemy. Maybe if you repent and confess your sins, they might let you live. It's like we are in a dictatorship where if you don't say the right things according to some, you might mysteriously disaappear. Just in case, it was nice meeting you.
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Is it a new single? (38,736) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 18 July 2013; 16:45)
According to MC's team, she had dislocated ber shoulder while on the set for the Jeezy remix video. Looking at the fact that #Beautiful is already fading out airplay and saleswise, why have they waited so long to release the damn video? Well, I now think that Mariah was probably not making a video for the remix, but for a new single that might be released on 7/23. As I had stated before, it would be a terrible timing to release anything #Beautiful related at this point, but it would make perfect sense to release a new single. I just hope she has everything ready this time. I am a little bit concerned because record labels don't usually make priority of an artist who's leaving them, so their support and promotion might not be that good when the album comes out.
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