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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Is it really happening? / Stephen (38,296) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 June 2013; 1:35)
Mariah and Miguel are soon to release the #Beautiful remix. Could it be a longer version with a bridge and more Mariah vocals on it? I am so waiting for this remix to be released, maybe next week. For those of us who thought that #Beautiful was good but too short, it would be a great surprise. I can't wait. Stephen, sorry, but Miguel is taken.
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Jimbo (38,290) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 June 2013; 19:32)
Jimbo, don't worry, Nick is old school and got a chaperone on Mariah and Miguel. I think Miguel seems to admire Mariah a lot. You can see it in the way he looks at her. He is also getting lots of exposure by working with Mariah. I have heard people say in the music industry: if Mariah calls you to work with her, you've made it. I am sad she and M&M couldn't produce any music together.
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The Art Of Letting Go (38,278) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 June 2013; 3:17)
On one hand "The Art Of Letting Go" sounds like the title of a self-help book from Deepa Chopra to me. On the other hand, it sounds like a great title for a song. I hope she has a good remake, and that some of the songs sample some good retro music. Not too crazy about this album title. .
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Antone / idiots on the messageboard (38,266) by Edward from USA
(Monday 17 June 2013; 17:34)
It is ridiculous to see Antone calling posters of the messageboard idiots just because either he didn't like a post or he simply doesn't have a freaking sense of humor. He should buy himself a clown, lock in a room, and laugh a little. Things don't have to be so damn serious. Whatever happened to having fun? If you see people having fun, you don't have to join them, but you don't have to hate either. That is probably why the webmaster doesn't post his comments. I haven't ever seen anybody address the webmaster just to be allowed to call people idiots in here. As I said, if you follow the rules, Eric is more than fair to everybody here.
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TJ / #1's / the new album (38,257) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 June 2013; 17:06)
TJ, #1's shows the world Mariah used the hashtag first 15 years ago. She's always been ahead of her time. She was trending and she didn't even know it. As for the new album goes, Mariah is still cooking it. I haven't seen Mariah so dedicated on an album in a long time. I hope the next single is not a soft ballad.
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Blake / #Beautiful (38,254) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 June 2013; 5:11)
Blake, I hereby baptize you with your own hash tag. You shall be called #Blake until the new era is over. You need to sign a confidential agreement and be loyal to the queen Mariah. Should you go against the queen, you will be stripped and #powed down from your hash tag. And yes, #Beautiful is still rising, not only on airplay, but the explicit version is no. 86 on iTunes. People are digging the explicit version. Mariah needs to move her hash tag and start promoting #Beautiful.
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Licia (38,251) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 June 2013; 1:29)
Licia, calling us that would be very unbecoming of a true lamb, . HashEdward and HashStacey would be fine, at least for me, #Stacey might disagree. You know Stacey's promotion insights got us this gig.
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Stacey / #Beautiful (Explicit) (38,249) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 15 June 2013; 18:00)
Stacey, I just talked to Mariah and she said she wanted to hire us to be part of her promotion team. There's only one condition: I have to go by #Edward, you would have to go by #Stacey, lol. Now that the explicit version is rising on iTunes, it is likely #Beautiful might crack the top 13 next week. With combined sales, she's actually #11 now. She is also doing well on Amazon. With the BET performance and Macey's, we might be looking at a top ten if not higher.
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#Beautiful climbs 2 spot to No. 15 (38,239) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 13 June 2013; 3:08)
It is impressive how #Beautiful, with little to no promotion, is slowly climbing the charts, and now it's sitting comfortably at No. 15 on BB Hot100. If #Beautiful manages to keep some momentum until the album is released, it might actually crack the top 5 by then with combined album and single sales. I'm really hoping for some good promotion.
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Isn't Monroe still a toddler? (38,233) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 12 June 2013; 20:00)
Many celebrities project their fashion style on their offspring, e.g. Katie Holmes on Suri Cruise. It is not fair to rob children from their childhood by dressing them like circus poodles. Are we going to start listing the top 10 worst dressed babies of the year? Next would be the top 10 soon to be worst dressed unborn babies based on how their mothers fashion sense. Mnroe looks just fine to me. Her sunglasses are just that, baby glasses.
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Stacey /#Beautiful (38,227) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 12 June 2013; 1:33)
Stacey, I was starting to believe I was the only one who thought that way, hence I hadn't posted much about it. Now that we have a good single that is getting decent airplay, something she doesn't get much these days, it only makes sense they make sure it stays afloat. I read she's performing on the BET Awards on the 29th, I hope it is true. Some remixes would be great to boost #Beautiful up.
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#Beautiful needs some promotion (38,218) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 11 June 2013; 18:08)
I am starting to get frustrated. #Beautiful is not only great but it is also the lead single. I don't understand why it has been basically left on its own since it has great potential to be around for a while. There are many key tv shows she could be using at least to talk about the single, but all we have is a perfomance taking place 20 days from now. I know some of us think that #Beautiful is maybe the It's Like That from this album, and that everything is going to play out as TEOM, but what if it doesn't play out that way? What if #Beautiful is the best single material from this album, just like Obsessed was from Memoirs? Obsessed had a rap and non rap versions, and it had six remixes. I think #Beautiful deserves a better treatment.
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Nikki / why music albums leak (38,205) by Edward from USA
(Monday 10 June 2013; 3:45)
It is almost impossible for an album not to leak at least one or two weeks before its release date. By the time an album is available to the general public, it has already been physically produced and distributed at least a week before. In the middle of all the distribution process, thousands of people other than the record label executives get to lay their hands on the album, even if it is only to package them for distribution. I personally got my physical copy of TEOM two weeks before. This is going to keep happening as long as we have the internet and physical CDs. Once CDs completely disappear, then it would be a different story. That's why Mariah had complete control over when #Beautiful was released.
2 likes reply / Mariah and the artist within (38,201) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 9 June 2013; 18:54) made a very unnecessary comment. He doesn't even deserve the attention. People need to be careful about comparing singers to Mariah. Mariah is not only about the voice, but about the way she uses it. Some may know how to paint, but artistry comes from within not from techniques. Mariah just happens to have them both plus a not-less-important ingredient called charisma. Leona Lewis was hailed the next Mariah according to Simon, but a great voice and hitting notes haven't quite done it for her. Mariah may not have the voice she had, but she's still a true artist in so many other ways. If she were to completely lose her voice and the money she has, she would be just fine by producing and writing. My ears haven't experienced vocal layering like Mariah does. If we pay close attention to the vocals in the background on any of her songs, we would realize how great of an artist she is.
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Gilbert / Mariah's boobs (38,187) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 8 June 2013; 3:24)
Gilbert, I used to defend Mariah and her naive theory of push-up bras, but looking closely at some pictures with less than a year apart that I was just in plain denial. By the time Rainbow came out, Mariah had grew new boobies, good for her. My sister had made a comment about her implants and I told her about the the push-up bras theory, and she told me sarcastically that when Mariah discloses where to find those bras and the name, she would get a few of them. My sister is a fan. I don't see anything wrong with women getting a good pair of boobs, if it lifts their self esteem, good for them. I don't defend Mariah about her boobies anymore, I just enjoy them, that's why she got them. Besides, most artists even younger than her have had some tweaking here and there.
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Stacey (38,177) by Edward from USA
(Friday 7 June 2013; 20:15)
JD was the one who commented on a banger track he and Mariah had worked on. He said he was sure that fans would love it. Mariah and JD produced two great tracks together (ABMB and WBT). The problem comes when they try too hard to recreate them, then we end up with We Belong Together wannabe's like Angels Cry and I Stay In Love, good songs but never close to the former two. I think a not so quiet ballad would do as the second single. People call Rolling In The Deep a ballad. It seems to be that the definition of a ballad has changed with time. That wasn't a ballad to me all. I hope #Beautiful enters the top 10 in the next couple of weeks.
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Stephen, I agree with you too (38,161) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 June 2013; 23:32)
At this point, Mariah is just another singer to them. Rihanna is their priority now, since she has been bringing the money in, mostly in single sales, but also her albums have been selling well lately. As much as I hate to say it, I underrstand this is business for them, it is about the money. Promoting Mariah the way she used to be promoted might actually cost them more than the money they would make in revenues from the album. By producing, writing, and singing her songs, Mariah is entitled to a huge chunk of the profits from the album, and since nobody is selling records like they used to, it only makes sense to taste the waters first before throwing down the house promoting a project that might or might not meet their expectations. Videos come out of the artists' pockets, and the record labels are relying more and more on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The face of promotion has morphed from posters on the subway to the internet, where the recipients and responsibles for the promotion are the artists themselves. Mariah doesn't have the backend she used to, so she'd better come out of her shell and promote at least dking short interviews.
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Some acoustic versions / #Beautiful remixes (38,147) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 4 June 2013; 3:08)
It would be mind blowing if Mariah released at least a few acoustic versions of some of the tracks from the new album. Leona Lewis did, but her album flopped due to moving the releasing date of Glassheart for a whole year, but Mariah so far has kept her word. By not giving a definite date for the album release, she technically is not pushing or delaying anything. As long as she gets it released within this year, it would be fine. I'm happy that she is promoting more, next would probably be the album name and soon after the remix for #Beautiful. I think they are managing her much more intelligently now. Every time releases a piece of information about this new era, #Beautiful spikes higher on iTunes. The video streaming on Vevo is increasing faster now.
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Rashidi / album title (38,137) by Edward from USA
(Monday 3 June 2013; 2:00)
Rashidi. Unicorn... really? I am the only one who can use unicorn sarcastically on this board. Unless you are being serious. Another one word album title would be good to me as long as she doesn't go over the rainbow. Memoirs was a good title too. As long as the music is good, the album title isn't that importan, like Alanis "Jagged Little Pill". I just hope the album title is also a song on the album. I think Mariah is about to drop a bomb soon, a good one of course, but I can't quite figure what it is.
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Favorite ballads (38,128) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 2 June 2013; 8:17)
My favorite Mimi ballas are as follow:
1. Vanishing
2. The Wind
3. All I've Ever Wanted (epic)
4. Never Forget You (soulful)
5. Music Box
6. Just To Love You Once Again
7. Open Arms
8. Looking In
9. When I Saw You
10. Melt Away
11. Butterfly (soulwise, the best)
12. My All
13. Lead The Way (pure power)
Also worth mentioning: Unicorn, Caterpilars Are Free, and Petals.
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So beautiful she left Idol (38,101) by Edward from USA
(Friday 31 May 2013; 4:39)
I'm so happy Mariah quit AI. Mariah will tell Ryan Seacrest while he's sinking with the rest: I will go on. Mariah is feeding us information bit by bit about everything. I can't wait for the name of the album. Even though it is killing us, keeping everything in secret is bringing more attention to the album. I think it is the first time we don't have an album name before the lead single is out.
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George / movie Grease (38,090) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 30 May 2013; 22:52)
It is as if you were reading my mind about the Grease comment. It would've suited the song perfectly. I don't mind her being sexy as long as she is creative, like the Honey or Touch My Body videos. She is definitely being redundant with the same type of look-at-me-I'm-so-sexy videos without a storyline. Now that video sales and streaming count towards the BB Hot 100, it is important to have decent videos out there. For a moment I thought music videos would eventually disappear, but things have changed. All the videos from TEOM were great or at least decent. The Butterfly video was a masterpiece to me. But as I said, #Beautiful was a last minute effort to me, so they probably didn't have much time for anything with more substance.
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Stephen / more basic promotion (38,072) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 29 May 2013; 18:26)
I agree with you that there should be more promotion for #Beautiful. I don't even know if Mariah is doing phone interviews on radio, especially those stations that reach a broader audience. As I stated #Beautiful is fighting to stay alive, but a little push here and there would be great to keep it afloat, even if it's only talking about it. If the Macy's performance is the closest promotion we have lineup, it could be detrimental to the success of #Beautiful. It definitely deserves to be a top 10 hit. Sales have gone down, but airplay has increased, so let's see what happens.
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RadChad, about disrespectful messages (38,064) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 29 May 2013; 3:41)
RadChad, one thing I have noticed and that I deeply appreciate from Eric, the webmaster, is that he doesn't allow disrespectful or hateful messages towards Mariah here, hence he has never posted them. Through the years he has even addressed some of those who attempted and later complained not having their messages posted. In my opinion he has been very fair. We have had some heated disagreements on this board, but I never saw anything stating they hated Mariah or her music as a whole. Never saw anybody refer to Mariah with profanity either, e.g. calling her a slut. I know it is only your opinion, but I think it is fair to Eric clarifying that. Looking back I realize that at the end of the day we all want Mariah to succeed. It doesn't mean we are right or wrong, but at least we can vent here with people who love her too. I love this messageboard because it is different from any other messageboard I have seen on the net. I don't know if you have noticed, but Mariahdailyjournal only posts positive news about Mariah, which is ok, but it is good to know different points of view from the media. Just my humble opinion.
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There goes my hope (38,058) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 28 May 2013; 20:19)
I was hoping for a longer version of #Beautiful, but according to what Miguel stated on the interview, he had already written his verse when he teamed up with Mariah, and then they wrote the second verse together, so my hopes for a bridge or a little bit more singing from Mariah are gone. I was hoping for a longer version, just like Miguel did with his single Adorn. Actually I didn’t know Miguel, but by collaborating with Mariah, I realized he had some great songs, Adorn being a gem. I do believe #Beautiful was a last minute song, just like We Belong Together and It’s Like That were, and they worked very well. #Beautiful is fighting to stay alive, I hope it doesn’t lose steam until the album comes out. At this point, a new single before the album release doesn’t make any sense to me.
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