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Name: Edward
Country: USA
#Beautiful is so addictive (38,052) by Edward from USA
(Monday 27 May 2013; 6:54)
I have heard it on the radio a couple times already and it sounds so different from anything being played out there. I hope radio keeps supporting the song and make it about the music and not the bs. Mariah is maybe holding back to do massive promotion when the album is out, but it is crazy to me we don't even have an album title yet. The way I see things, she might be dropping the album by mid July. She definitely needs to arrange #Beautiful so she could sing it live without messing it up, since thjs song has great potential. I would hate to see it fade away from the charts due to lack of good promotion. I can't wait for any kind of remix from of song, I have the impression Mariah is cooking a surprise to push the sales up. The explicit version of #Beautiful is rising slowly on iTunes.
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#Beautiful rehearsal (38,030) by Edward from USA
(Friday 24 May 2013; 22:12)
I have to say that she did performed #Beautiful as a rehearsal and it was on point, but when the real performance took place, things went way different. Mariah should perform an acoustic version of #Beautiful without much production. The song sounds simple vocally, but it would be almost impossible to sing without a backing track with all the layering it has. For a person who exercises a lot, I don't understand why Mariah is so stiff on stage. I know she is not a dancer, but a little moving around would do.
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#Beautiful GMA (38,022) by Edward from USA
(Friday 24 May 2013; 17:41)
As everybody has stated, she sounded good in everything but #Beautiful. #Beautiful was not beautiful, and it is sad because that is the single that they should be killing on stage. It sounded and looked so unrehearsed and messy, but I will leave it at that. She looked stunning on stage.
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TJ, #Beautiful on the charts (37,992) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 22 May 2013; 23:35)
TJ, I remember you were one of the UK gang , thank heavens you survived the inquisition. I also miss Maria from the UK, she was always on point. She knew she loved Maria and her music, but she also wanted quality and expressed it. As for #Beautiful, it has been on the top 20 on iTunes, it goes up and down, but it has been lingering mostly in the top 16. As of now it's sitting #Beautifully at no. 19. I'll contact you on WhatsApp right after the GMA show to give you details.
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Stephen, Stacy, Jimbo and others / #Beautiful (Explicit) (37,981) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 22 May 2013; 20:18)
Stephen, Stacy, Jimbo and those other posters who dare to express their opinions here when they may not be well liked, I do really appreciate you. I think you guys bring balance to this messageboard and I've not doubt you love Mariah. I remember those days when there was supposed to be the UK gang against the the US gang on this board, it was hilarious. . Gilbert, I got my #Beautiful (Explicit) from iTunes yesterday. I would send it to you if you buy an extra copy of #Beautiful (clean) which would be the same as if you bought the explicit version, just to be fair to Mariah. Guys, remember to stream the video on Vevo, it's free and it counts towards Billboard final numbers.
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Family / butterflies, unicorns and rainbows (37,977) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 22 May 2013; 19:14)
I consider the messageboard like a family, and family don't usually agree on everything. My mother used to say, I can say something about my kids, but I can do that, because I am part of this family. Some of us express our concern about Mariah, but to fellow members of the messageboard family, never outside. Some people here want us to be like all the yes people Mariah has always had in her life, those who were afraid to say they didn't like a single choice or a certain decision just because she was Mariah Carey. People forget that Mariah sells a product which is her artistry through her biggest asset which is her voice. We've been buying that product as fans for a long time, even when the product wasn't up to her own standards. So to come here and suggest that we should just take the product and fly away like butterfly whether it is good or bad is insane. When people complain, something is usually done to correct the problem, but if we just sit here among butterflies, rainbows and unicorns, pretending everything is perfect, nothing will be done about it. Some of us express our frustrations because we love Mariah and her music. So, after the Idol dubbed mess brought up, we'll most likely see an improvement on GMA on Friday. You are not excused to produce a table with only one leg because you've been making great four-legged tables for 20 years.
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#Beautiful (Explicit) now on iTunes (37,964) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 21 May 2013; 23:55)
I just downloaded my copy of #Beautiful (Explicit) from iTunes, and I have to say that I like it better than the clean version. Now the # makes sense to me. I also have to agree that #Beautiful is the best lead single Mariah has released since Fantasy. I would love a slightly longer version of the song, and some good remixes. But I think she should wait for #Beautiful to reach the top 10 before she releases any variation of the song, that way the chances to reach the top spot would be greatly increased. I can't wait for the GMA performance on Friday. Since airplay has been consistently increasing and sales have been steady, I can easily see #Beautiful in the top 15 on the next Billboard release. At this point I think they must already have the next single ready. I am really excited about the new album.
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Stephen from London, thank you (37,951) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 21 May 2013; 3:51)
Stephen, you're so on point about the fact that when she was pregnant and probably off any type substances e.g. alcohol, weed or any other thing, her voice improved significantly. She was obviously making sure her then unborn twins were fine, and by doing whatever she did, which included avoiding any type of alcohol, something she said herself, also helped her voice. While still pregnant, she perfectly executed "One Child" live for the Christmas special at the white house. By no singing live on AI, and I'm not saying she lip-synced, but it wasn't live either, she opened Pandora's box and all hell broke loose, and I hope she can close it back with Friday's performance. I already got my tickets for the GMA mini concert, I hope she redeems herself, since all eyes will be on her. If Miguel is not available, Trey Lorenz would be a good choice to perform the whole song with her. I hope she up the humidifiers by 10,000 and don't speak for the rest of the week if that is what is going to take for her to give us a decent performance. She has such a great single out, praised by the media, and doing well on iTunes and Billboard, she just have to do her part. I love me some Mariah, but she needs to get serious for this new era.
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If Mariah's a diva, she'd better be a diva (37,938) by Edward from USA
(Monday 20 May 2013; 5:01)
And please don't tell me to get over it, that she doesn't have anything to prove. She has brought all eyes on her, now she does have something to prove. If she is going to be the last diva standing, she is going to have to own up to it. A female singer should be at her peak vocally in her 40's. I would understand if she were as old as Aretha, but she is still young and healthy. She hasn't toured in four years. Sorry guys, but I am frustrated. I want this chapter in her music to be great, because it could be her last chance at getting massive airplay.
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Why can't she just stand there and sing live? (37,936) by Edward from USA
(Monday 20 May 2013; 1:25)
To me the medley was ok, but why can't she just stand there and sing live like everybody else? It is a live show, why pretaping, cutting and pasting, why? It is a live show for heaven's sake, everybody looks up to her, just stand there and sing at least one effing song, how difficult can it be for a pro like her? Show those who don't know much about your music why you are a legend, without gimmicks and corrections. It doesn't have to be perfect, just show them. Even the great and old Aretha sang live. I am out of excuses for her. It hurts like hell. And I am tired of the earpiece excuse too. Let's see if she does something big on GMA.
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Randy, Lee, Idol performance (37,908) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 18 May 2013; 1:12)
Randy and Lee, I couldn't have said it better. Why do we have to be so nervous everytime Mariah is going to perform even a single song? She's not touring, singing every night or anything like that, yet rarely she can pull a decent performance of a single song. I have to say I am so thankful we do studios, because if Mariah sounded like this in a CD, I would die. It was the perfect opportunity to close the Idol chapter with a "this Is a real diva" performance, but it wasn't, it was the same struggle. I get mad because I can't explain what happened to her voice, and no, I am not expecting her voice from the 90's, just something decent and consistent. Everybody paints Tommy like this monster and I agree he was a control freak, but one thing we all have to agree on is that while he was still in her life, her voice was flawless. I didn't even want to give my opinion on the performance, but I often wonder if I am the only one who sees, or maybe my ears are shot. I'm always hoping and hoping and hoping that maybe with enough rest, 5000 humidifiers, vocal coaches she'll blow me away, but I am still hoping.
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#Beautiful airplay, clear channels (37,873) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 16 May 2013; 1:28)
At least I am happy that #Beautiful debuted based on the non clear channel stations airplay, since the first day airplay was subtracted from the total audience impressions for the Billboard week final count down. I am pretty sure she's not the only one who has made this type of deals. It was more like a promotional thing to bring attention to the song. Now we can see the natural progression of the single on the charts. It is weird though people talk about radio airplay, but if it wasn't for the Internet, I wouldn't know what is on the radio, nobody seems to listen to it anymore, I live in NYC and I remember people blasting TEOM, Beyonce and Rihanna back then, but not anymore. I personally bought the single once, and I stream the video at least once a day on Vevo, now it's time for Mariah to show real support for #Beautiful. I hope she doesn't pull an E=MC2 on this album.
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#Beautiful airplay, a little concerned (37,866) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 15 May 2013; 22:36)
It is so sad that Mariah had to use those clear channel stations to generate buzz so that other stations could play #Beautiful. Now they are making it seem as if she basically paid for payola since most of those stations are not playing the song anymore. I hear people everyday longing for good music, and when they have it, radio won't give it a chance. It's what Elton John said in an interview a long time ago: It is difficult for older artist to get any airplay these days. I also understand now why Mariah is always trying to look sexy and youthful, it is too much pressure. I hope #Beautiful at least cracks the top 10, and that Mariah have some good remixes for the song under her skirt, I mean, her sleeve . What do you guys think?
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Brad, #Beautiful airplay (37,839) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 12 May 2013; 18:34)
Brad, #Beautiful is picking up in audience impressions steadily at a rate of 2 millions per day approximately, which is good. If your theory is right, #Beautiful should see a drastic fall in audience impressions on the second week, but I hope that's not the case. Mariah needs to be promoting a lot, since a huge chance for this single to become a hit relies on sales. She's no.13 on iTunes now, so for such huge airplay, the sales figures don't quite match. What has prevented Rihana to reach the top spot with Stay is the fact that even though she's no. 1 on Billboard airplay, and her video streaming pattern is sick good, the single is no. 57 on iTunes as of today. I hope we all keep streaming and requesting the song. A no. 1 is a no. 1, even if it's for a day only.
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#Beautiful... the remixes (37,831) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 12 May 2013; 4:54)
I can't wait for #Beautiful, the remixes. What if Mariah came up with a cool remix like the one for Thank God I Found You (Make It Last), I would be in heaven, or maybe she could shock us with a longer version of #Beautiful. I haven't been so excited about a Mariah single since It's Like That was supposedly leaked back then. Mariah sounds so crisp and young on #Beautiful, and the video reminds me of the Butterfly era. It may or may not hit the No. 1 spot, but one thing for sure, it is the hit that she so desperately needed. I personally stopped looking for quality on her videos since Through The Rain, and when I say quality, I mean a storyline like Honey, Butterfly or Heartbreaker. I enjoy her beautiful body though and take the video for what it is, a fun noncomplicated secuence of beautiful shots.
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#Beautiful is almost perfect to me (37,739) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 7 May 2013; 2:22)
This is what I've been expecting from Mariah, a modern tune with a retro vibe. Miguel's voice, unlike John Legend's, compliments Mariah's and there's a natural fluidity that is almost seamless. I'm praying for a longer version of this song, because when you think the song's going to develop, it's when actually ends . The fact that the iTunes version is actually 3:23 tells me that maybe that's about as much as we're going to get in terms of length. It's the same thing that happened with I Wanna Know What Love Is, I always felt it was too short, and there were rumors of a longer version, but it never happened. I'm very happy though with the effort, I could see it being a hit given the right airplay and support.
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Mariah, please jump off that sinking ship (37,702) by Edward from USA
(Monday 6 May 2013; 2:29)
Jaker20, you couldn't have said it better. I stated that AI was a sinking ship before the show started broadcasting, and it hasn't stopped sinking with this new season. The show hasn't helped Mariah at all either, since her last two songs with videos, remixes, and all weren't successful at all. I didn't want Mariah to be on the AI boat and get drowned with it. Hopefully she won't come back next season. If #Beautiful doesn't succeed, it wasn't meant to be, since as far as I can see, they are giving this new project the same treatment they gave TEOM. Before the TEOM was released, Def Jam met with Mariah and DJ's to make sure they play her, and so they did. I'm so happy she changed management, and that the music has an old vibe to it according to some. TEOM brought back the feeling, soul, good old music to the scene, that's what made it successful. It catered to not only the young, but also the no-so-young people. Everybody loved it. It seems to be that she's going to be singing her ass off on this record. The fact that she's still recording and putting the final touches on the album, tells me that she's taking it seriously. She'd better bring good music, and not tired ass whispering if she doesn't want to end up like Janet or Christina Floppera. She'd better hire 10 nannies, put ten wigs in her bag and start promoting the hell out this single. This album will definitely make her or break her, and I'm positively hoping for the latter.
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I'm loving it, no snippets, like back in the day (37,669) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 1 May 2013; 20:24)
I love the fact that Mariah hasn't released a snippet of the new single, just like when we had to wait in anticipation back when the internet wasn't as developed. It was a wonderful experience buying an album without having any idea of what each track would sound like, but the first single. I hope she keeps her music in a vault until it is released. I remembered rushing home with the Butterfly album in my hands, just eager to hear what else she had cooked in the studio. Honey, with its amazing video, was flawless, Butterfly had already been playing when the album came out, but the rest of the album was like been in ecstasy. I hope she sampled some retro samples in some of the songs, I believe that's what exposed TEOM to a broader audience.
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Are we spoiled brats (fans) or do we have some stans (fans) here? (37,659) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 30 April 2013; 23:43)
We, Mariah's fans, are very critical of her work because she got us used to quality music and vocals. She worked her ass off during the 90's to give us quality and non-rushed music. We all got used to quality, a quality that she put out there, an almost effortless quality that we thought it would never go away. I don't consider myself or anybody else to be less of a fan just because they hate a song, an arrangement or a vocal performance, because at the end of the day, we are comparing her to her own previous work, a wonderful catalog that we got used to. Stating an opinion about not liking the idea of a collaboration isn't excuse to call anybody names, it is just an opinion for heaven sake. I didn't/don't like the idea of a duet for a single at this point, even if it turns out to be bigger than We Belong Together, but it is my opinion, an opinion I'm entitled to. I've been coming and posting on this website for 15 years, and many of those who called other fans fake or told them to go someplace else, are long gone. This messageboard would be very boring if all we had to say is Mariah is perfect, she sings perfectly, and everything is perfect about her. Some of us stated it not liking the idea of a collaboration, not the song itself, since it hasn't come out yet, duh!
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American Idol Rumors (37,637) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 27 April 2013; 20:03)
Mariah doesn't seem to be happy with American Idol. There seems to be some truth to what they have been saying hence her decision to debut her single on GMA. It is her own classy way to say f(beep) you all. I do believe it is a great strategy to disassociate her new music from AI. I know for sure she thought she was going to be the only female judge on the panel. They didn't need a fourth judge. She must be desperate for this torture (season) to end. I wouldn't like her to perform her new single on American Idol either, but let's see what happens. The chemistry on the judges table is so evident nobody can deny it. In these type of shows, women usually have a camaraderie instead of being catty and hateful towards each other. Being objective, Mariah, Keith and Randy were fine for the job. Mariah would've sat in the middle and things would've been way different. As I stated before, I don't think anybody can save that boat from sinking at this point. Mariah should say, good riddance dahling.
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Dionne005, Whenever You Call (37,636) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 27 April 2013; 18:54)
Dionne005, I definitely agree with you about how disconnected collaborations sound when the parties involved sing their parts separately. We could feel it clearly on When Christmas Comes. I wanted to clarified that even though Whenever You Call with Brian McKnight was fantastic, it was also put together in the same way. Mariah never went in the studio to sing with Brian, they used her vocals from her version of the song from the Butterfly album and pasted whatever Brian sung on top of it. With Beautiful, I do have the impression that they actually were in the studio together, we will be able to tell the difference. Mariah and John Legend were epic on With You I'm Born Again, but to me they didn't sound good together on When Christmas Comes because of the cut and past technique.
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A duet with whomever (Miguel, Maxwell)? I hope not (37,606) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 24 April 2013; 4:34)
RibbonB, I couldn't agree with you more. Some of Mariah's last duets include When Christmas Comes, Angels Cry, Up Out My Face and My Love, but none of them even cracked the Hot 100. While Right To Dream and Help Me Make It Through the Night weren't successful, they were praised a lot. They are already saying Mariah is piggybacking on Miguel's success, which makes her look desperate. I know Mariah needs a hit, but I don't personally see that happening with a duet. I hope I'm wrong and that I could eat my words. We need the voice again.
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Is Ariana Grande a younger Mariah clone? (37,579) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 17 April 2013; 23:11)
While reading online, I heard this 19 year old girl new single called "The Way" and how people thought it was a new Mariah song when they first heard it. Her name is Ariana Grande, and she sounds very much like Mariah when her midrange was intact; she can also hit those stratospheric high notes. I don't think her voice is as strong as Mariah's minus the whistle register. Well, I went to YouTube and saw a cover Ariana made of Emotions and I almost choked, she can hit all the high notes exactly as Mariah could. I was opened-mouth. As I said, her voice minus the register is not as strong as Mariah's, but it's definitely good. She expressed Mariah was one of her goddess while growing up, and she was honored to have been compared to Mariah.
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Won't Mariah use Idol to promote new music? (37,569) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 16 April 2013; 5:00)
I have the feeling that Mariah Carey will pass on Idol. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't promote any new music on the show. If she doesn't release a single at least within the next 10 days and come with an album title, it won't make any sense for her to do it. Since Idol hasn't been doing well, and she's been labeled as boring, I don't think she'll be performing on it or using it to promote her new music. Neither Triumphant nor Almost Home made a dent on the charts even when she's been getting lots of exposure on the show. Almost Home was played on Idol almost, and even though Ryan Seacrest announced it, it failed to make an impact on sales.
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Mariah's new single (37,561) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 14 April 2013; 23:16)
There's only five contestants left on Idol, which means that Mariah might be releasing a new single anytime within a month period. That's if she's planning to use American Idol as a platform to promote her new music. I don't think that her album will be out before the show's finale, but if a single is released soon, she could perform it on the show. She's been working with all these producers, I hope she comes with a great song. I'm crossing my toes here, because last time I crossed my fingers for her, it didn't work, lol.
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