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Name: Shezz
Country: Pk
Re: Promo plan (84,560) (84,573) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 9 October 2018; 04:29)
I have a sneaking suspicion that they're pulling the plug on With You because it's not selling. They built it up too much and people were not as taken by it as they were themselves. Silly though because the video, radio airplay and some promo would help it sell. The video looks liks it's a more artistic version of the typical Mimi videos of late. Strange that she keeps teasing the video but isn't even announcing its release date. Maybe they're working on something like a remix to save it. I don't think for a second that Drake is going to put himself on this song. Everything hangs on the AMAs performance tomorrow.
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Re: Classic Mariah (84,545) (84,554) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 8 October 2018; 19:07)
Mariah has certainly shown that she is talented enough to dabble in and make any genre work for her from jazz to disco to rock to country. I still don’t think she will be in the headspace anytime soon to turn any one of those into a whole feature album. I think even JD said something to that effect in an interview once. It ain’t happening.
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Re: Classic Mariah (84,535) (84,539) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 8 October 2018; 12:30)
Mariah will never ever see her self as anything but an R&B singer. I think she'll keep making the same slightly updated sounding music as long she keeps recording. As amazing as a Jazz album or a standards album would be, I think she would consider that not being true to her roots and who she is as an artist and she is too vain to do it sadly.
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Re: Nick Cannon's mind games (84,529) (84,538) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 8 October 2018; 12:23)
RibbonB your maturity and composure is astounding.
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Re: With You (84,414) (84,428) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 6 October 2018; 11:22)
In all honesty, it would take all 30 of us posting here, an army of 10,000 minions (each) streaming and watching With You on repeat 24/7 for it to even chart. So lets keep things real here please and not obsess over a 19th number one.. Enjoy her music and if it speaks to your soul so much why does it even matter if others validate your preference with their approval?
Mimi isn't about the masses anymore and the masses surely aren't about Mimi. Enjoy her music and celebrate her era like the legend that she is but don't hope for chart success because that can't happen for her in this day and age.
If she really is hiding a Drake collaboration for whatever ridiculous reason for a later date after the album drops and nobody cares about it anymore then that's stupidity on ice. She makes questionable choices but she ain't that crazy.
I have grown to love With You. Do I still think it should not have been a lead single? Hell yes. Time will show us the other Migrate's and YDKWTDs that she shoulda woulda coulda on this album as well.
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AMAs (84,407) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 5 October 2018; 21:53)
Just announced JLo will be performing her new single too. Hopefully that'll light a fire in Mariah to do a hell of a performance. Her response should be to go the opposite way and do a stripped down soulful performance and just showcase herself as a singer. A lamb can hope.
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Re: Same song, different notes (84,314) (84,324) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 19:01)
I agree, mostly. I actually do like it now but it would make a good album track, not shite for sure. I am sure this album will have gems like MIAM did in YDKWTD, MILG, Dedicated etc. that will also probably never see the light of day and remain album tracks becauase after 1 or 2 more singles, the label will not put out anymore. I think she probably was excited to release it more because it relates to where she is right now in life and how the situation developed and she needed to put that out. How she got the label and Roc Nation to back it as her official lead single is a mystery. I did the play the track several times today and did enjoy it but it does sound like a mash up of her older stronger work for sure. I don't expect a storyline in the video. I hope she atleast performs it well on the AMAs.
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With You review (84,282) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 06:10)
Hmmm, pretty but... hmm.
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With You climax (84,261) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 12:36)
Some big vocals and runs. She best be lipping this bit unless she really has it rehearsed down to the T. Sounds like this song builds up well - fingers crossed. For people who are into spoilers: It is picturised on their MW scene in this clip (fan made). About my post. That is obviously not Mariah. I think I'm just too excited. Sorry.
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Re: "Fan" reactions (84,254) (84,260) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 11:01)
Sorry, don't mean to answer for Andrew but I know what he wants and I agree. He wants a big first single in the vein of Emotions, Dreamlover, Fantasy, Honey, Heartbreaker, It's Like That etc. with a good strong beat and full vocals and not a pretty, mellow and hushed number, as beautiful as it may be it doesn't make for a good first single at this point for Mariah.
Though I'm waiting to be surprised by the full song and I'm sure I'll love it and the whole album as well, as it stands now, it doesn't bode well commercially. That being said even if Mariah were to release We Belong Together or Fantasy now, it probably would not chart well either.
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Re: With You (84,242) (84,256) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 03:50)
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Re: With You (84,250) (84,255) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 03:49)
Haha you're believing too many things you're reading. Diane Warren, Drake, power ballad. Only thing that's true is that it's produced by DJ Mustard and that this is going to be Andrew's bop for life.
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Re: With You (84,234) (84,248) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 01:04)
What was written in 2015?
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Re: With You (84,237) (84,247) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 3 October 2018; 01:03)
What'll it take to get you to come back here regularly?
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Re: With You (84,230) (84,233) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 2 October 2018; 18:48)
I think she's clearly talking about how Tanaka "saved" her from her almost marriage to Packer. "In front of the whole damn nation": In Mariah's world, all of America apparently watched Mariah's World in which Tanaka convinced Mariah in a totally unscripted and genuine way to choose him and ditch her fiance.
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Re: With You snippet (84,216) (84,223) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 2 October 2018; 15:10)
I'm sure there is something in the song, in the chorus perhaps that made Roc Nation and Epic pick it as the official first single. I didn't like the GTFO snippet but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I just feel the clip doesn't sound like anything new, not that I didn't like what I heard.
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Re: With You clip (84,206) (84,213) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 2 October 2018; 12:53)
Haha yes. Always love your posts.
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With You clip (84,202) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 2 October 2018; 04:40)
There's a low quality 20 sec clip of WY floating around. It's got those pretty but whispery vocals again. Sounds like Love Story part 2 (lyrically and musically) - not a banger for sure. Too short to judge but you kind of can see where it's going. Here's hoping for a big catchy chorus to save it.
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AMAs promo instrumental (84,180) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 1 October 2018; 14:05)
That song is Jade Naraine's " Poisonous". Trying to send the link here, hope it works. Ofcourse she could be sampling this too now for WY but I think it's just an obscure track they picked up for the promo.
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Re: Worst Mariah song - in your mind (84,177) (84,179) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 1 October 2018; 13:18)
I think Bill said that Sprung was just a bonus track following FLAB on the album in UK, not paired with it. To The Floor over Boy any day.
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Re: AMAs (84,175) (84,176) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 1 October 2018; 10:30)
Sadly it is not. Somebody posted the actual song it's from on, on instagram or twitter. It's another female artist I've never heard of - forgot the name.
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Re: Andrew (84,160) (84,173) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 1 October 2018; 04:59)
B I'll let you in on a dirty little secret. Andrew is a lamb for life. (In wolf’s clothing ofcourse.)
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Lil Kim sample etc. (84,110) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 29 September 2018; 18:04)
More news from the listening party: one song samples Lil Kim's "Crush on you" and the listener thinks it is called "Proceed with caution". No word on Drake appearing on "With you" unless they were sworn to secrecy about it. It is certainly not a ballad. Also, not much "whispering" heard other than on GTFO.
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Re: Worst Mariah song - in your mind (84,100) (84,104) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 29 September 2018; 17:35)
Wow are you serious? I love those two. Why you mad? Infamous too maybe.
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Re: Listening party (84,043) (84,044) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 27 September 2018; 10:42)
Exciting. I'd love the album to be called Portrait(s) too. I'm going to be happy with a good album, a good rollout with some talk show appearances and concept videos even if every single fails to chart. This is a legendary artist way beyond her prime, still doing it because she loves to even though she doesn't sell much any more. Let's support, enjoy and celebrate this era and "the glamour, and the trauma and the ****ing melodrama" to quote Lorde, that it brings with it.
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