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State Property 2 is a crime film released in 2005, and is the sequel to State Property. It stars Beanie Sigel, Damon Dash,Michael Bentt and N.O.R.E., and others such as musicians Kanye West, Mariah Carey, and Light Heavyweight champion boxers Bernard Hopkins and Winky Wright appear in as cameo roles. It was produced and distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment. Dash directed the film and co-created its story with Adam Moreno, who wrote the screenplay.

Mariah played a disgruntled diva but she was no prima donna on the set. "She's very professional," Damon told Daily Insider. "Didn't complain. It's not the biggest movie. She didn't have the biggest trailer. It was cold. She just weathered the elements. She was a real trouper." Mariah landed the cameo role just a few weeks ago after calling her pal Dash when she got home from her recent world tour. "I was telling her I was shooting a movie and she said, 'Where's my part?'," said Dash, who directed and acted in the film, which he called "an urban Snatch". Two days later they met to go over the storyboards. "She said, 'Just make sure I look good.'" Apparently he did: When she showed up to the Yonkers, N.Y., set three days later, he said, "She had the whole set in a tizzy."

It was Mariah's first film role since WiseGirls three years ago. Of her cameo, director Damon Dash said it was mostly improvised. "We gave Mariah the gist of what to say and how to say it, then we went through it a couple of times and she got it. It's easy for her to act like a diva. She's not a real diva, but she acts like one really well. She gets the joke."

The film had a limited release in theaters in 2005, and was released on DVD on July 12, 2005.

DVD from Brazil (2940)
picture disc
the Portuguese title is "Propriedade do Estado 2"
collection Aurélio Nogueira
DVD from Poland (2913)
CTS 42793D
picture disc
the Polish title is "Wlasnosc stanowa (krew na ulicach)"
collection Wojciech Sichniewicz
DVD from the USA (2896)
collection Gustavo Veloso
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