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Re: Xscape versus SWV (97,965) (97,966) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 12 May 2021; 01:10)
Seems like there might be validity to this. Not sure they will get out of this one. I love Tiny and think she is an underrated singer but her willingness to do her husband's bidding just to keep him happy might be her downfall.
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Re: Xscape versus SWV (97,962) (97,965) by RibbonB from USA
(Tuesday 11 May 2021; 21:10)
Do you think TI and Tiny will "XScape" their legal woes? Some of these cases are strange and random.
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Re: Looking for a live rendition of "My All" (97,944) (97,964) by Xavier mariohmix from Spain
(Monday 10 May 2021; 12:17)
Not like the one in Australia, though.
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Mother's Day (97,963) by Lady B from USA
(Monday 10 May 2021; 00:09)
Happy Mother's Day, Mariah. What an amazing blessing Dem Kids are in her life.
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Xscape versus SWV (97,962) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 9 May 2021; 21:27)
Who else watched this last night? Xscape played the ABMB remix and they brought Da Brat to wrap. Both groups did really well.
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Re: Brandy collab / Skrillex (97,960) (97,961) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 9 May 2021; 00:59)
Aloe Blac.
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Re: Brandy collab / Skrillex (97,959) (97,960) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 23:40)
Just Mimi singing a strong song with a cool melody with an awesome pianist, John Batiste comes to mind. Even better, if she would dare do an orchestral version of one of her songs. I saw also Blac on the Masked singer and he is so versatile and talented, I can see a great duet with he and Mariah, maybe a Jazz duet. I would really just like to hear Mimi singing solo in good form.
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Re: Brandy collab / Skrillex (97,958) (97,959) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 21:32)
Hey Ribbon. What’s on your wish list in regards to collabs for a new album?
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Re: Brandy collab / Skrillex (97,957) (97,958) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 20:03)
That sounds interesting.
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Brandy collab / Skrillex (97,957) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 18:42)
Mariah's tweet to Brandy asking her if they are going to do background vocals. Sounds like a collab that kind of came out of nowhere. Both of these artists are known for their background vocals, so it would be interesting to see if they come up with something good. I would like Mariah to work with Jazmine Sullivan though, I think they would blend well vocally and write a good song. Skrillex posted a butterfly recently. I would t mind another collaboration with him. The Distance was very current day pop with some bounce once the beat kicked in. A new sound from her usual mid tempo r&b kick she's been on. I'd like an album full of up tempos. That would be very different for her and help inject some energy into her discography since a lot of her earlier work was ballads.
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Re: Favorite interlude (97,950) (97,956) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 18:32)
Daydream Interlude. Easiest question I've ever had to answer.
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Re: Favorite interlude (97,953) (97,955) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 17:57)
Apparently Rainbow was originally meant to be a full song but ended up being an interlude due to her rushing the album to get off the Columbia label at the time.

My favourite interlude would definitely be Languishing. Divine.
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Re: Favorite interlude (97,950) (97,954) by Stacey from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 17:44)
Haha, I thought Languishing then I click on your message and you chose it too. Oh how I wish that interlude was made into a full song.
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Re: Favorite interlude (97,950) (97,953) by Davis from United States
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 15:07)
Always love the Rainbow interlude. Was that ever made into a full version or just meant to be an interlude for the album?
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E=MC2 thank you's Happy Mother’s Day (97,952) by Hilton from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 14:25)
I just read the original CD booklet of E=MC2 and the very first thank you is to her mom. It was the last time she mentions her in an album, before that she didn't miss a mom mention. I wonder if after marrying Nick Cannon and having children the relationship broke for good. I know she had a song and video with her but that was before giving birth. I wonder if becoming a mom of her own changed her relationship with her own mom?
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Re: New material (97,943) (97,951) by Stacey from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 08:05)
Honestly I never took what Andrew said seriously or personally. I could care less what he wrote sitting behind his computer screen, on his phone, tablet, whatever. He was thousands of miles from me. He was a person I'd never meet. I could care less if he said something snarky to me. He's just a bunch of words on my phone. So why take anything he said so personally? He never bothered me because I never let him "get to me".

When I first started interacting online at age 24, I took so personally things faceless people said to me online. I guess at age 43 now comes with it experience. I value more those relationships I have in person. That's real life. Not what some unknown person posts online. Peace out.
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Favorite interlude (97,950) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 07:31)
Pick one (that's what makes it interesting - don't post a list!). I'm going with Languishing. Very powerful.
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Re: New material (97,943) (97,949) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 05:26)
Oh Edward, no one is intimidated by all that bloviating. But while he is on his third or fourth banishment, many of us have shunned him long ago as a time waster and race baiter. Shrug.
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Re: New material (97,941) (97,948) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 7 May 2021; 17:48)
How long have you been posting here? Not very long I can tell. This isn't the first nor even the second time Andrew has been banned and yet just like cancer, he keeps coming back, thus my rhetorical statement.
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Re: New material (97,943) (97,947) by PW from UK
(Friday 7 May 2021; 17:27)
Edward, I think you're right in that Andrew made some very good, thoughtful points, and I genuinely believe he contributed a lot to this board, but I don't think people being "intimated" by him had anything to do with them being unable to debate him, and more to do with the arrogance with which he garnished his responses.

For example, instead of just replying to a post directly and without bitchiness, he could never resist throwing in an insult or derogatory remark of some kind, be it an un-researched/unfounded slant on race, a projection of his own psychological beliefs, or rudely applying nicknames/"pet names" as a means to put an individual down in tone but not words (this aside from the general condescending tone in which he writes).

Combining that with his apparent general intelligence and determination to have his say/the upper hand, meant that (for me, at least) even just reading Andrews posts was emotionally exhausting at times, let alone responding to them and getting into it (take him pissing about with the Honey lyrics as an example of how he'll expend others energy just to get a laugh - and that wasn't even a negatively tainted convo).

Saying that, and coming back to the start of my post, I once said (maybe on my old account) that I don't believe Andrews intentions are genuinely nasty, nor do I think he realises what a dick he comes across as sometimes. When called out on his level, the joke stops and he, albeit rarely, accepts points, and demonstrates kindness and sensitivity, as, obviously, he is inherently a good person. But I also believe he's a product of his societal environment... to get an idea of where Andrew gets his turn of phrase/opinions, head over to and read one of the opinion pieces. They scream Andrew - arguments with heavily subjective and biased opinions, peppered with insults towards the subject, all put together with eloquence so as to appear as factual or genuinely and objectively considered.

Either way, I know I've just contributed my 2 cents, but, to be honest, Andrew's getting far too much airtime since being ostracised, and I'm sure he's loving it, whilst watching from a VPN (Hi Hun!). Let's leave him for "The Meaning of MCArchives", although I'm sure that just like last time, we'll see him soon.

On another note; Eric, I was only thinking early this week that it's mad, and exceptional, that you've given so much of your time and energy to this project all these years. I really rate you. Thank you, as ever, for the work you put in to this community.
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Re: New material (97,943) (97,946) by Leo from LAMBville
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 21:31)
Edward, like I said in part of my reply on: Re: Andrew's one trick pony (4/7/21)

"He is very intelligent, maybe very educated but his social ineptitude appears may be driven by lack of personal acceptance? I would enjoy his well written and journalistic approach to valid critiques of Mariah projects and others opinions (even if disagree) if it wasn't for the majority uncouth interactions."

I think Andrew's pain was so deep rooted and rather than having dialogue he created a show that he starred as the "clown" of.

I think we could all be a little more subjective going forward however, the majority of us that are fans of Mariah are okay and almost embrace the things most would consider a fail. She could literally release an album speaking the alphabet and I would support it.
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Re: Looking for a live rendition of "My All" (97,942) (97,945) by Xavier mariohmix from Spain
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 21:15)
Australia 2013. Enjoy!
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Re: Looking for a live rendition of "My All" (97,942) (97,944) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 20:36)
She did this a a lot during the SSFT 2016 in most cities.
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Re: New material (97,941) (97,943) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 18:19)
Now that the board will be full of posters and unwavering positivity, we should all rejoice. I don't condone Andrew threatening anybody let alone Eric, but he definitely made great points and made the board less boring. Many called him out when they had to, justifiably so, but the majority were simply intimidated by him. You can call him whatever, you can hate him, but most people here couldn't debate him, and that made them angry. I disagreed with him on many things, I didn't like some things he said, but I also appreciated his insight and input. It was about balance. I appreciate Eric for having kept this website up and running for so long, and respect his decision too, I think he's always been fair with all of us, and for that, I thank you Eric. If Andrew came back with the moniker Cancer, I know Tourette Syndrome would rampant on this board.
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Looking for a live rendition of "My All" (97,942) by Anthony from France
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 16:17)
Hi everyone. I have been desperately looking for a live version of "My All" in which Mariah ends the "Baby can you feel me" line much higher than usual. I think it sounded so beautiful that I would like to find it somewhere. I have no idea when/where she sang it. I hope one of you can help. Thank you so much.
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