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One Child orchestra (78,982) by Gilles from Malta
(Monday 23 October 2017; 16:11)
Hi everybody, this morning it poped on my laptop from YouTube. It is just amazing. Enjoy the listening. I do not know how to link it so please webmaster can you add this link because it is just beautiful and I want to share it with the community.
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Re: George Michael (78,976) (78,981) by Mara from United States
(Monday 23 October 2017; 15:43)
Aw, thank you Jade. Coming from you that means a lot. You are stunning and I love reading your posts too.
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Packer speaks (78,980) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Monday 23 October 2017; 13:18)
Wow he said a whole lot and what I gathered from his interview was besides having financial issues he was trying to deal with his marriage collapsing and missing his children. We as observers on the outside looking in are so quick to think we know someone by their public persona. Personally I respect James for being open and honest, and for still showing respect for MC even though things did not go as planned. What was even more telling was the part of the interview where James mentioned with everything falling apart financially he also had MC breaking up with him, so it was like he was losing it all. Hopefully this will be some kind of inspiration for MC to take time away from all chaos around her, and focus on getting herself centered, and having some real down time with Rocky and Roe Roe without the circus bells and whistles.
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Re: George Michael (78,972) / biopics (78,979) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Monday 23 October 2017; 11:51)
The Freedom documentary was great. What elevates it from other documentaries is that George did much of the storytelling. The only thing missing is input from people closest to George - family and close friends who aren't superstars. Nonetheless, he truly was a phenomenal artist.
It's nice that some biopics and music documentaries in the past few years have been as great as this one, such as Whitney's, Amy's and Gaga's. It's a shame Mariah doesn't know what a documentary is and came up with that deplorable piece of garbage which did not live up to its title and basically revealed nothing that the public doesn't already know. If it was put out to villainize Mariah and tarnish her legacy, then it's surely done a fantastic job with that and then some.
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Re: Matiah's crazy ranting (78,973) (78,978) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 23 October 2017; 03:13)
Ah thanks Jade that means a lot. I hope you're good.
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The Star (78,977) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 23 October 2017; 02:59)
I am so happy and pleased to say that The Star reminds me so much of the MC I fell for in 1990. It is the best song she has released that is simply Mariah Carey. I bought my copy today. I love it.
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Re: George Michael (78,972) (78,976) by Jade from UK
(Monday 23 October 2017; 01:01)
Mara I love your posts, you seem beautiful on the inside as well as out. I agree about George and the comparisons.
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Bi-polar? (78,975) by BLEUX ROGUE from U. S. A.
(Monday 23 October 2017; 00:27)
Maybe she's bipolar. Drunk. High. Drugged out. I'd say drunk. She needs rehab bad. I'll stick to vintage early 1990's Mariah.
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Packer speaks (78,974) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 23:44)
Glad someone did some self reflection. Rebounds usually are mistakes and both were coming out of long term marriages and each with their own young children to consider. I wish Mimi would take some time away to reflect and heal and protect her young kids. The topsy turvy lifestyle, plus constant touring must take its toll. She needs a new team, security team and to just generally decrease her thirsty circle.
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Re: Matiah's crazy ranting (78,950) (78,973) by Jade from UK
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 22:49)
Hey Jamie, just wanted to give a personal shoutout to you. Found your comment very touching and completely agree with where your coming from. Enough.
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George Michael (78,972) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 18:24)
Off topic but did anyone in here watch the Freedom documentary? It finally aired in the States last night on Showtime and it was very emotional for me watching. I am still so lost about George. It was nice seeing other artists such as Elton, Mary J, Stevie Wonder and even Liam Gallagher speaking on his raw talent. I couldn't help but wish Mariah was in this too. We know what a fan she always has been and she was featured in a recent article as well as his "A Different Story" documentary in 2005. Perhaps the Sony ties is what may have led her to be out of this one especially since it centered on LWP the album and the court case. George was very brave to take the record company on like that and he regretted it in the end. He did say that not one artist supported him during that time, but he knew they were all watching to see how it ended up, since they could have benefited if he won. Prince was one who did wear Slave on his face and he mentioned support for GM. All in all, it was worth watching and he is so missed. I still wish we got one duet with Mariah and George.
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Article: Mariah Carey steps out in New York City (78,971) by Blackground from France
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 17:44)
Are we going to act like Mariah never had a cleavage before Stella? Stella can be blamed for a lot of things, but not for this, although her style became even more bad since last year. But I must say that she looks amazing dressed like this, that cleavage ain't hurting anyone and isn't too much like it used to last year with the very extravagant V. Let her live. She looks great like this and it's a huge step up from what she was wearing in 2016 and even this year until recently.
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The Star (78,970) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 14:33)
I absolutely love the song it obviously was written with the movie theme in mind and I love her vocal performance also. The way she sings towards the end kinda reminds me of "Through The Rain" belting and suddenly cutting the brakes if you get what I mean. Lol. All in all her voice sounds smooth and rested which is a surprise with all the touring she has been doing lately. Wish the song and movie all the success this Christmas season and many more to come, Lots of love Mariah as always.
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Video on Instagram (78,969) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 11:57)
The video on instagram is really cute. Mariah looks excited for the Christmas projects. I also wonder who the woman in the background is?
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Re: Where is Cruelaa Deville? (78,965) (78,968) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 11:24)
Haha "empowering vacation". This is too good. Hmm maybe she's really gone. The nails theory, Mara you could be a detective. I also think it's clear that Mariah was influenced because she has never had those long nails in the past.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey has fans concerned with bizarre live stream (78,952) (78,967) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 11:11)
I agree with M from UK. Although I'm more worried if she's only laying and not moving at all. She always had this funny side and was often very restless. But I also understand some lambs who are saying it reminds them of the 2001 videos. I'm no doctor and have no experience with medicine for mental things. I just hope she's ok. She definitely looked better. And I'm very happy that Crustella and her family is not at every pic lately.
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Article: Mariah Carey steps out in New York City (78,966) by Dumi from South Africa
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 09:25)
I agree with Chicago Lamb, there is no need for the giant puppies to be the thing we see first before The Star. It makes MC tacky. Ever since Godzilla Stella came onboard, MC lost class. I pray and hope her contract is not renewed. MC might not have the voice she had years but her style should last. She dressed very well when she was with Nick, compared to now. It's silly dem puppies pushed out as if she is a east European something I dare say. It's what Gozilla thinks sells. Lord have mercy.
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Re: Where is Cruelaa Deville? (78,944) (78,965) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 06:01)
I thought this for a while now and now Stella is in Paris and seems to be communicating with MC through social media. She posted a little congrats to her with a post on The Star and how it was an honor to be a part of it wth her, or something of that nature. Maybe she got a payout and went on an "empowering vacation" after it. Now we get this new lady who is the same one who was wearing the Packer necklace, MC is back in NY, MC seeming happy out and about, robberies. Something def seems off. I think it was that lady who filmed though since I noticed Bryan seemed back in LA with his dog when that video was posted. Whatever the case, I'm sure there was a confidentiality agreement in place. Also noticed M mentioned in that random video that she just "got her nails done and cut them off". Another thing that was Stella influenced was the long talon like nails. I have a strong feeling she is gone. Time will tell.
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Re: The Star (78,940) (78,964) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 05:51)
I like the song. Sure, I was hoping for a fade out high note ala We Belong Together. But, it's not bad. She played it safe, for sure. I guess when I'm hit with Crapfinity and I Don't, The Star seems like such a huge step upwards. Know what I mean?
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Re: The Star (78,951) (78,963) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 05:45)
Haha. Me too, my friend. Me too. I mean someone has to keep all these MC fans in check.
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Re: Matiah's crazy ranting (78,950) (78,962) by THE TRUTH from USA
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 05:31)
Yes of course she is bipolar and not being honest about it and addressing it honestly and openly which would have been doing a service to others who struggle with her condition would have been in her best interest. Mariah thinks she can lie her way out of anything, create and promote a fiction of her lifestory and rewrite history. She has made history over and over again with her talent but has trashed her legacy with her dishonesty coupled with her choice of leaches and assorted blood suckers who she's chosen to surround herself. I pray that she gets the help she has needed for such a long time.
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Article: Shania Twain on performing with Mariah Carey (78,961) by Betty from Canada
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 04:11)
Shania is such a lamb.
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Article: Mariah Carey surprises with new Christmas song (78,960) by Betty from Canada
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 04:09)
I am not a critic and I am totally biased to MC so I love it and have it on repeat and love Dem Babies on it.
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Article: Mariah enjoys family time with Monroe and Moroccan (78,959) by Betty from Canada
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 04:00)
Miss Monroe is such a mini Mimi.
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Article: Mariah Carey has fans concerned with bizarre live stream (78,958) by Betty from Canada
(Sunday 22 October 2017; 03:56)
I thought that she looked happy and cute and being herself. I thought she was just having fun.
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