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Re: Whitney Houston (82,524) (82,525) by Mike from FL, USA
(Saturday 26 May 2018; 00:45)
Blasphemy. Take it back, Andrew.
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Whitney Houston (82,524) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 25 May 2018; 23:30)
Anyone else find her live performances as obnoxious as her interviews? Just a thought.
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Re: Best ballad collaborations list (82,521) (82,523) by B from USA
(Friday 25 May 2018; 21:51)
I'd add Side Effects with Scott Storch, Touch My Body with The Dream and Tricky Stewart, and #Beautiful with Miguel and Happy Perez. I hope she's writing with the same writers Bruno, Miguel, and Frank Ocean write with. #Beautiful seamlessly updated Mariah's sound because her collaborator knew Mariah's strengths and how to highlight them. It seems to help when the artist is also a fan and wants her to succeed. I believe each of these men and their collaborators love Mariah and want her to reclaim her throne. You can hear her influences on each of them when you listen to their albums.
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Article: Mariah Carey watches fan covers on YouTube (82,522) by Liz Archer from Sweden
(Friday 25 May 2018; 21:14)
The last one was really good, incredible.
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Best ballad collaborations list (82,521) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 25 May 2018; 05:13)
I have been thinking lately about Mariah's best ballads from the numerous producers she continuously collaborated with during her career. Well, here's my list.
Best ballad collaboration with Jermaine Dupri - We Belong Together
Best ballad collaboration with Walter Afansieff - Love Takes Time
Best ballad collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - Yours
Best ballad collaboration with Babyface - Never Forget You
Best ballad collaboration with James "Big Jim" Wright - Cry
Best ballad collaboration with David Foster - After Tonight
Best ballad collaboration with James Posyer - Mine Again
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Blackpool (82,520) by John john from UK
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 18:44)
Just wondered who got tickets to see Mini [sic] and if anyone is planning to go for a beverage after? There's lots of bars open until the early hours. Ps is anyone going to Boyz 2 Men [sic] too?
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Table tennis (82,519) by Will from England
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 17:41)
Another cute video on Mariah's insta of her playing table tennis. She's got good game.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey watches fan covers on YouTube (82,516) (82,518) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 14:15)
What a nice surprise to watch. Really cute. The "violin man" with "Touch my body" and the two kids with "Hero" are fantastic. For me this is the real Mariah (the Mariah I love), her smile, her look, she's back. I don't know where "she was hiding herself", but I'm just happy to see her like that. Thumbs up for the one who had the idea for this video.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey watches fan covers on YouTube (82,516) (82,517) by Tijl from Belgium
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 14:04)
Hello Will. I noticed that as well. She seems very relaxed and grounded. A far cry from the "diva" we have seen over the last years.
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Article: Mariah Carey watches fan covers on YouTube (82,516) by Will from England
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 10:52)
I think this is so cute. Been wanting her to do something like this for a long time. Also, is it me, or does her speaking voice seem a bit richer? Noticed it during the "9 Things Mariah Carey Hasn't Done" video, but thought it was a one time thing.
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Mariah's back catalog (82,515) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 20:26)
I've been listening to Mariah almost the whole day. There's no other artist where it would be a pleasure to listen to for so long. Well maybe Michael Jackson. I'm always amazed about her back catalog. She's the coolest woman on earth when she sings "Long Ago", the most longing with "My All", the happy girl next door with "Fantasy", the best lyricist with "Breakdown", "Outside" and the saddest with "Looking In". Just to name a few. And she sounds good in every music genre. So even if we won't get a new cd this year (of course it would be great if Mariah releases a new album) there are so many songs to enjoy. By the way I love her look from the new pics. Is her hair a little bit darker? Reminds me of the Daydream look. Very beautiful.
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Re: Bill from UK (82,506) (82,514) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 19:14)
No you're not.
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Re: Bill from UK (82,511) (82,513) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 17:56)
Or a few steps from stalking his life.
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Trent Harmon (82,512) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 13:46)
Has anybody heard Trent Harmon's new CD, You Got Em All? It is a brilliant debut. Trent is channeling Mariah on his beautiful ballad Cause I Do with the melody and his rich vocals.
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Re: Bill from UK (82,506) (82,511) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 13:23)
He sure is a good-looking fella, and you seem like a few steps away from looking up his Insta and sliding into his DMs. Just kidding. Peace.
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Re: Janet at the BBMAs (82,502) (82,510) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 13:20)
Sure, thanks for not snapping at or going all out on me as well. Haha. Sorry, not to perpetuate anything, but you know your rep in this board. Anyways, as per criteria, I really don't think there's any, really. Once J. Lo got that recognition in 2014, I feel like any idea of a reasonable criteria has gone out the window. Sure, I admire J. Lo's impact to the female Latin community, I'm sure her presence and success has opened many doors for her fellow Latinas, hence their increased visibility in today's entertainment industry, but Billboard is still a music chart, and J. Lo has not contributed anything noteworthy to the modern American hits vault.
But enough about J. Lo. I'm kinda thankful Mariah didn't get the award yet, at least for this year. I personally feel like something as big as this should coincide with an album or single release. And as great as Nu Mariah is looking today, I don't think the vocals or performing confidence have been restored to the same extent, at least not yet. Had she won this award this year and performed, I kind of have a feeling that she would've settled for the same safe, boring song choices and lip the same parts she does on tour, and that the hype from it would have already died down by the time the album gets released. She's definitely gearing up for something - it just seems like she's just not fully ready yet. Should she get it next year, it would hold a better significance if only for sentimental reasons, as it would mark the 20th year since she received the Billboard Artist of the Decade Award and Song of the Decade Award for One Sweet Day, as well as the 10th year since We Belong Together won the same honor. But oh well, as long as they give it to her before the BBMAs take another break (if they ever again, like they did from 2007-2010).
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Less music because she got kids now (82,509) by Ben from Sweden
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 12:53)
Mariah got pregnant and has kids now, that's why we don't get an album as often.
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Mariah new music: before Christmas season? (82,508) by Sheila from United States
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 11:52)
This is tricky. She has to release a single before July, because if she releases two (2) singles that would take her to October. In October starts her Christmas season for music, promotion, ticket sales for the Beacon/Vegas. The new CD won't come until the top of 2019.
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Re: Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton (82,501) (82,507) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 08:07)
Am I the only one who is not a fan of this duet? Lol.
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Bill from UK (82,506) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 06:25)
Bill, how old are you? Am I the only one who thinks Bill is hot?
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Re: Janet at the BBMAs (82,499) (82,505) by CDC from CA
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 05:55)
I didn't watch the show but a friend of a friend was at the MGM Grand that night who is a casual Janet fan and during Janet's set, on "Nasty" when she yelled "what's my name y'all" - the correct response as according to the song was "Miss Jackson if ya nasty" - but instead everyone yelled back "Janet". Lol.
But anyways Janet's flaccid numbers in the UK certainly doesn't rescind her influence in the broader picture. And we shouldn't adorn the Icon award with more clout than it actually has. It's an advertising tool and nothing less. They created the "Millennium Award" for Beyonce. If Mariah wanted to, they could very well hand her her own "Mariah Carey Slenderest Butterfly Award" if she agreed to show up to the live show and sing Hero.
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Re: Janet at the BBMAs (82,500) (82,504) by Licia from USA
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 03:30)
I can understand people here not liking that Mariah hasn't gotten this award yet, but to act as if Janet isn't deserving is nonsense. I like to look at it this way, out of the four women that have already gotten the award, three of those women were at least at the same level as Mariah. If she's going to lose to anyone I'd rather her lose to worthy opponents. It sucks that they all lost to J. Lo though. J. Lo is low on my list of people who should have been the first woman to receive this honor. Lol Mariah will get hers in due time.
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Re: Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton (82,501) (82,503) by Andrew from London, UK
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 01:55)
Ha mate. Martyn loved Michael Bolton. What a great poignant post.
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Re: Janet at the BBMAs (82,500) (82,502) by Andrew from London, UK
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 01:54)
Point taken. I didn't like the performance or the speech, especially when I sat through the Celine totes emosh fest. But I submit. If the point of the award is simply being "iconic", well, then yes - Janet Jackson is iconic. But Mariah is surely more iconic. I'd love to know the criteria on which this is based. And not some GLAAD award where it's just "lets give it to this person". Even my dad admitted to me the other day what a global phenomenon Mariah is. And he used to hate her. Or my singing. Loud. He knows the words to Hero. I saw him lipping it recently. Thanks for the reasoned response.
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Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton (82,501) by MC1989 from Spain
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 01:15)
Hi everybody. I'm so amazed after watching this short video footage.
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