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Re: MC's age? (88,122) (88,125) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 16:53)
I remember on the episode of Oprah where Pat Carey is on discussing Mariah's race that she said she was born in 1970. Unless she was instructed to lie too lol, I believe the woman who brought her into the world.
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Re: A No No (remix?) (88,120) (88,124) by B from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 16:27)
Videos on YouTube of the filming feature a female rapper that sounds like Cardi (her voice is instantly recognizable). I saw the supposed denial from Missy but there are several official Missy Elliott Twitter accounts that all look legit and have links to her official site and iTunes, so who knows if she's on it or not. I guess we have to wait and see.
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Re: MC's age? (88,122) (88,123) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 15:29)
Exactly. Instead we should be focusing our energies on why Migrate wasn't a single and how on Earth she walked out of the studio after recording Why You Mad thinking that monstrosity was fit for public consumption.
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Re: MC's age? (88,121) (88,122) by Licia from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 13:01)
Exactly. Who cares? She's still older than me. Lol. Seriously though I remember when this huge debate over her supposed "real" age happened. It was ridiculous and I had never been more ashamed of being fan as I was then. We fight over dumb stuff all the time, but that was beyond stupid.
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Re: MC's age? (88,115) (88,121) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 12:26)
I theorise that this is why she always dodges the question and says she's "eternally twelve" or has anniversaries etc., because she doesn't want to lie. In Tina Arena's biography she said when she signed to Columbia and met Tommy M, he said "you're gonna be 22 now" when she was 27. But she was a child star so everyone would have known. I agree with Licia that the 1 year difference makes no sense, other than at the time being born "in the 70s" rather than the sixties sounded better. My friend believes her exotic and great stage name is not real and she was actually called Maria. To back up being named after They Call The Wind Mariah her birth year was adjusted. The verdict? Who cares, really.
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A No No (remix?) (88,120) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 12:07)
Aside from the date of release, has anything been else about A No No been really confirmed yet? Is it even a remix that's gonna be dropped? And if it is, is Cardi really on it? There's been a lot of speculation and some denying as well so it's all confusing.

If it isn't the remix, then we all know how that's gonna go. It's also gonna end similarly if it's not with Cardi or some current hot rapper. But if it indeed is Cardi, and the rumored video shot last January should have been done by February and it would have made for the perfect post-Grammy's release to capitalize on the hype Cardi got for her win. But then Please Me was released instead.

Since Please Me is a nice enough song that could gain traction in the next few weeks, would it still be a wise decision to release another Cardi collaboration with Mariah, a legend no Gen-Z teenage fangirl is really checking for? I mean sure, it's a different track and people still can't get enough of Cardi, but won't it be overshadowed by Please Me and end up like that dreadful J.Lo-Cardi team-up Dinero that fell off the face of the earth despite a high-profile performance?
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Re: MC's age? (88,118) (88,119) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 11:10)
It amazes me how this subject and debate appears on this message board again and again, and how did he missed this for the umpteenth time? And people will reactivate the debate anew.
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Re: MC's age? (88,111) (88,118) by Licia from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 04:01)
There were fans that were on a mission to prove she was actually born in 1969 and that she's lying about being born in 1970. It has never made sense to me why anyone would lie over just one year. I take ten to fifteen years off my age when I lie about it. One year is nothing.
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Re: A No No remix rollout (88,103) (88,117) by B from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 03:35)
I think Mariah is going to drop the video the same day and do several radio and television spots to promote it.
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Re: Patience (88,104) (88,116) by B from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 03:34)
Epic is planning to release A No No to R&B/hip-hop and rhythmic radio March 4 while continuing to promote With You at AC and Adult R&B radio. With You is currently #8 on the Adult Contemporary chart and is gaining momentum.
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Re: MC's age? (88,111) (88,115) by CDC from CA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 02:13)
I kind of love that there's an air of mystery about her age. I'd be happy if she kept people guessing until she reaches her 80's and then decides to reveal the truth - just like what happened with Cicely Tyson and Doris Day.
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New a capella (88,114) by Ronnie from California
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 02:11)
Mine Again isolated vocals by "Mariah's Vocals".
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Re: Unplugged concert (88,112) (88,113) by Dove from United States
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 01:45)
Oh, yeah I knew about that. It was discussed on this board back then. To me that's one of my favorite performances though because she let loose and it seems like she's having a really good time. There's a ton of impromptu moments and I love it. It reminds me of when I went to a concert a few years back at Red Rocks in Colorado. At the time I didn't know marijuana was legal there and everyone was doing it out in the open. There were designed areas to smoke but nobody was following the rules and security couldn't get to everyone fast enough. I got such a second hand high. It was super fun though - probably the most fun I've had at a concert up until then. I don't drink or use drugs but if I ever go to a concert where MJ is legal I'll probably do it again. If in Rome.
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Re: Unplugged concert (88,106) (88,112) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 00:46)
I didn't put the link there, Eric did to illustrate my point, it was published on the news section of the board. I'm not implying there's something wrong with your ears, but read the article, it explains exactly the disaster and how disappointed attendees were, so it's not a good point of reference to a good performance, at oil, oil intended. Not even in-boob humidifiers could've done anything for the performance to be decent.
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MC's age? (88,111) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 00:20)
Why does wiki list Mariah's birth year as 1969 or 1970? What difference does 1 year make, it's not like she was lying to enlist in the army or something. Lol. Any insights?

See: How old is Mariah and How old is Mariah Carey? 40 or 41?
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Re: Unplugged concert (88,100) (88,110) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 23:22)
Weed in Jamaica is too strong. You don't get drunk, high on Jamaican weed and expect to lip well. She was so out of synch that she was lipping to Always Be My Baby when Fantasy was playing. She slayed the Jamaicans, literally.
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Re: Patience (88,104) (88,109) by Chops from USA
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 23:05)
What do you mean by "do its thing with Valentine's Day and all"?
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My absolute favorite Mariah song (88,108) by Joachim Agerup L√łkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 22:12)
The one song of Mariah Carey that I always goes back to, the one I in fact have listened to at least every third day for over ten years. That song I have always been in the need to listen to every time my mood have been bad, but also when my mood has been great, or even mediocre sometimes.

That is "Make it Happen" live at Madison Square Garden from the time they recorded it as a release in 1995 or 1996. I know that it is dubbed, but if you listen to the undubbed version you can find on YouTube, it isn't bad at all live, and galaxies far from Mariah's present vocal state. But it is something with the production of the dubbed version that I really enjoy, and, come on, Mariah also sing the dubbed version, so what's really the difference?

I just think it is a nice illusion that always gives me the chill, and is pretty much the song that has helped me through life.
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Re: Matty (88,107) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 20:26)
GTFO didn't chart because it couldn't. It was never released to radio. Songs have to be available to radio to chart. That's why it was called a buzz single and clarified since day 1 that it wasn't a single. Sexy videos like I Don't went viral and get a lot of views. So, GTFO was released only to the net and later available on iTunes to gain exposure for her upcoming album. Meanwhile, the label said her first single release would actually be in October.

This is a current version of My All that Mariah sang on Valentine's Day.
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Re: Unplugged concert (88,105) (88,106) by Dove from United States
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 19:10)
Your link didn't work but I watch the YouTube videos of that Jamaica concert often and the only lipped song was Fantasy. The rest were live and her voice sounded great. Small parts of some of the songs are lipped but enough of it is live that I can tell the voice is still there. She could pull off an unplugged concert if her chords are moist. The quality of the YT videos is super low but sometimes I just listen with my headphones and it sounds so good to me.
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Re: Unplugged concert (88,100) (88,105) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 17:53)
Did you actually know what happened last time she performed in Jamaica? She sounded just like the record.
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Patience (88,104) by Edouard from France
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 17:17)
I'm glad Mariah's team let With You do its thing with Valentine's Day and all. It means we have to wait for A Nono but I believe it's goning be worth the wait.
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A No No remix rollout (88,103) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 12:18)
Does anybody else find it odd that A No No will impact radio on March 4 - a Monday? I think that MC and Epic have a special radio promotion planned on that day. We will find out 3 weeks from today.
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Re: My All (88,058) (88,102) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 18 February 2019; 23:39)
I agree. I see posts on IG all the time with her ad libing like that with people saying. Those clips are not helping any judgement against her lol. I hate the way she sings it now, it doesn't sound good.
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Re: Florence 4ever concert (88,094) (88,101) by Gilles from Malta
(Monday 18 February 2019; 22:58)
Ehy I would go to Florence4ever show, it will be an unique experience, if you have the privilege to go don't hesitate. It is like the people who went to see MC performing Christmas songs to St John's Cathedral in New York It did never happen again or MTV Unplugged. Go go for us and share your experience and videos please.
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