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Oh my gush (83,395) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 17 August 2018; 15:06)
O Todd, Aretha would have known how respected and adored she was, me thinks. Dead people can read Twitter, right? Oh, wait. What I find really shit is the plethora of celebrities who fall over themselves to write the biggest load of gush and search out pictures of themselves with the dead person as though trying to capitalise on the person of the hour - the dead person of the hour, no less. Every time a famous person dies a competition ensues to see who can get their gushfest quoted by the press alongside the mandatory Beyonce twaddle. I can let Mariah off this one as they were close.
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Re: Bon voyage Aretha (83,393) (83,394) by Atwood from NY
(Friday 17 August 2018; 14:56)
Thanks for that post. Finally someone else notices those things. And a week ago none of those songs would have charted on Itunes. RIP Aretha, she will be missed greatly.
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Bon voyage Aretha (83,393) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 17 August 2018; 14:04)
Sigh. Here we have yet another example of a singer that a week ago, had you called your local station to request a song by, you'd be laughed away. Today, that station would have been talking about what a legend she was, and dropping her songs in amongst on the Taylor Sheerans and the Demi Gomezs of the world. I think it is so shit that people are never around to hear how much they were truly adored.
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Lady Soul, Aretha Franklin (83,392) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 17 August 2018; 11:17)
Out of nowhere yesterday, I suddenly thought of Aretha and then I played "Sparkle" and "It Hurts Like Hell" and hoped she was ok, only to log on much later in the day and find out about her passing. I'm so affected by this news of Aretha, kinda like the same way with Whitney's death. She's been around my whole life, heck she's been here since before my parents got married. Music is truly never going to be the same again. Rest on Aretha - the voice of an entire generation.
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Re: Show duration (83,377) (83,391) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 17 August 2018; 00:25)
What a bizarre statement. She is late excuse it is part of her "brand"? For "brand" read "arrogance".
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Article: Mariah let's get chest with the talking (83,390) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 17 August 2018; 00:23)
How sad. But for very different reasons.
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Aretha (83,389) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 17 August 2018; 00:22)
How very, very sad. So very sad.
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Re: RIP Aretha (83,381) (83,388) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 23:52)
Another legend gone. It makes me sad. But her music will live forever. What a voice, what a woman. The queen of soul will be missed.
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Re: Aretha Franklin (83,382) (83,387) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 23:41)
That's true, but also not wishing to disappoint Carole, Mariah instead suggested they collaborate on an original song together and If It's Over was born. Aretha will be greatly missed. Her Amazing Grace album is probably the best record I've ever listened to.
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Aretha (83,386) by Gee from U.S.A. (New York City)
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 20:18)
The most important female voice in contemporary music both past and present. Mariah's tribute to Ms. Franklin was absolutely beautiful and very heartfelt.
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Re: Show duration (83,377) (83,385) by B from USA
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 20:08)
I assumed she would be late but the show started on time and I missed Vision of Love and Love Takes Time.
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Re: Pre-releasing tracks (83,376) (83,384) by B from USA
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 20:05)
Ariana and Christina both released singles that failed to catch fire and continued to release singles hoping one would eventually catch on but it never happened. Ariana has never recovered from Donutgate, lol. I don't follow Tamia's career so I don't know what happened there. However, if I had to guess I'd wager she did so for the same reason as the aforementioned artists. I think Mariah is going to release an "aggressive" uptempo song as the first single from her new album in the vein of It's Like That, Migrate, I'm That Chick, or Side Effects. I think Mariah will release her new album within weeks of the release of the single or on the same day, with no warning.
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RIP Aretha Franklin (83,383) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 19:46)
What a voice. I hope that Mariah will cover one of her songs. RIP.
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Aretha Franklin (83,382) by B from USA
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 19:40)
Mariah posted a heartfelt tribute to Aretha on her social media accounts. FYI, after seeing Mariah perform Carole King contacted Mariah asking her if she would be interested in covering (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, a song she had written alongside Gerry Goffin for Aretha Franklin and Mariah politely declined feeling uneasy about covering a song one of her musical influences executed so perfectly.
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RIP Aretha (83,381) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 19:02)
What a singer, a legend, a diva. I'm so sad about it. We are so lucky to have had her.
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Re: Pre-releasing tracks (83,376) (83,380) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 06:30)
Yes, bring MC15 on.
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Re: Show duration (83,377) (83,379) by Ethan from United States
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 04:04)
Haha. I thought that as well but for some reasons, I think residencies at CP tend to be on time. I missed VOL when I went to the show back in May 2015. It started right at 8 PM. I'm not sure how it is for the second residency but I'd say if it starts late, it's around 15-30 minutes max.
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Re: An Aretha tribute (83,364) (83,378) by B from USA
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 20:42)
If Mariah participates in a tribute to Aretha she'll most likely talk about how she was influenced by her and about performing with her on Divas Live before singing Chain of Fools.
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Re: Show duration (83,375) (83,377) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 19:08)
Mariah's always late as it's part of her "brand".
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Pre-releasing tracks (83,376) by Tyler from USA
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 17:44)
It seems like the trend is for artist to release 3-4 tracks before the album is released. Artist such as Tamia, Ariana, Christina have all done this. While this may add anticipation to the record's release, I really hope MC doesn't follow the trend. I want to listen to the record as a body of work not a album of full singles. I remember not listening to the leak tracks when TEOM was released for this purpose. I really feel as if MC's going to tell a story with this album ranging from her honestly being bi-polar, losing love (James) and finally being in a great place. I can be patient and do without the multiple lead singles. Bring on this album.
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Show duration (83,375) by Dennis from Ukraine
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 14:25)
Guys, can anyone tell me how long does the Vegas show last? It starts at 8pm. Does she show up late recently? I want to come to Vegas just for the show and then hop on the plane so I would appreciate any information.
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Christmas show 2014 (83,374) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 11:53)
That was a really great show with excellent vocals. I put it on just to have a look and ended up listening to the whole thing and halfway I started checking tickets again for the upcoming Christmas shows.
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New era (83,373) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 04:14)
When MC drops the new single ahead of her iHeart Music Festival performance, we will know that a new era is about to begin. Something big is about happen right after Labor Day. I just feel something aggressive is about to drop soon.
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Article: Mariah Carey's career is not over and you will deal (83,372) by Hector from Mexico
(Wednesday 15 August 2018; 01:38)
"A bad performance or two is par for the course when you have 27 years of receipts." Really? Only1 bad performance or 2?
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Article: Mariah Carey's son made a Christmas song about boobs (83,371) by Angel David from USA
(Tuesday 14 August 2018; 16:04)
Oh Nick.
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