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Re: Article: Mariah Carey gives the most Mariah Carey response (91,053) (91,054) by RibbonB from USA
(Monday 14 October 2019; 00:50)
Nick totally jokes with Wendy. She's actually ugly. Mimi gets the joke anyway, although they misquoted him trying to get a reaction from her. I saw the interview and they chipped things together.
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Article: Mariah Carey gives the most Mariah Carey response (91,053) by Betty from Canada
(Sunday 13 October 2019; 19:54)
Nick Cannon also totally flirted with Wendy Williams on her show 2 weeks ago so I am happy that MC is completely over him and have no intention of ever reuniting with him yet she will always be kind with him for the sake of the kids. Power of women.
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Re: Variety in print vs. video interview (91,040) (91,052) by Musti from UK
(Sunday 13 October 2019; 12:54)
I would love for this to be an audio book. She can do a print version if she must but her voice really gives more meaning to her story. Maybe she can include a set of butterfly earplugs.
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RIAA certifications (91,051) by Horacio from United States
(Sunday 13 October 2019; 01:11)
Just in case this hasn't been discussed, on October 9th the RIAA certified/updated a lot of Mariah's singles and albums. The updates were:

Vision of Love - Platinum
Emotions - Platinum
Hero - 2x Platinum
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Gold
All I Want For Christmas Is You - 6x Platinum
O Holy Night - Gold
Fantasy - 3x Platinum
One Sweet Day - 3x Platinum
Always Be My Baby - 3x Platinum
Heartbreaker - Platinum

Merry Christmas - 6x Platinum
Greatest Hots - 2x Platinum
The Remixes - Gold
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Re: Variety interview (91,048) (91,050) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Saturday 12 October 2019; 22:53)
She will never give an answer about her voice that every person out there will find acceptable. It just won’t happen. There’s plenty of people out there who already say she “can’t sing anymore” and she’s already been called every name under the sun in the media. If she were to say something in her book about her voice honestly on her own terms, I really don’t see how it would be worse than what already gets said. She’s never going to please everybody.
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Secondary career (91,049) by Warren from Trinidad & Tobago
(Saturday 12 October 2019; 18:22)
Clearly this lady can go into speech writing as a secondary career if singing doesn't work out.

This is once again so amazing and so true and shows a completely different side of her and I'm glad some other big names were there to witness it.
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Re: Variety interview (91,046) (91,048) by Chris from United States
(Saturday 12 October 2019; 17:17)
This would be a terrible idea. I mean, I would love to know and all, but it’s just not going to happen. She has already launched a few torpedoes at her career, and this wouldn’t make it any better. Can you imagine, Mariah can’t sing? Everybody would have a field day on her, and she’d never hear the end of it. Some things are just better off unsaid.
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Variety luncheon speech (91,047) by Brad from USA
(Saturday 12 October 2019; 05:01)
Not sure I could be much more proud of her than now. Carey on Mariah and stay strong. God bless.
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Re: Variety interview (91,042) (91,046) by Licia from USA
(Saturday 12 October 2019; 00:41)
I honestly don't think her voice will be a topic in the book. Like you said it would be great if she did though and it would put a stop all the wanna be vocal coaches and their assumptions if what's going on.
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Variety luncheon (91,045) by Norman from USA
(Friday 11 October 2019; 23:36)
She looked amazing. And she did the whole thing with Diane Warren. I know it's going to played off as a joke, but it doesn't play well on its face.
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Variety interview (91,044) by Gee from U.S.A. (New York City)
(Friday 11 October 2019; 19:28)
I personally watched the video as I was too lazy to read the print article. I have to say I was pleased with the video interview she came across very well and gave great answers.
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Re: Variety interview (91,039) (91,043) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 11 October 2019; 17:57)
I doubt she discusses her voice. She may not even think there's an issue.
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Re: Variety interview (91,039) (91,042) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Friday 11 October 2019; 17:53)
I think it would be a positive thing for her to bring it up and talk about her voice more in depth. There have been snalk snippets her and there over the years. I guess at this point I don’t really expect it but it’s become such a heated issue in the past, it would be great if she did.
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Book (91,041) by Dove from United States
(Friday 11 October 2019; 16:27)
She should write an extended version with more juicy details that her grandkids can publish in the future after the non-disclosure agreements expire.

I've read a lot of books about Marilyn Monroe but my favorite one was "My Story" because it's in her own words. The other books about her are all told by other people as far as I know.
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Re: Variety in print vs. video interview (91,036) (91,040) by Licia from USA
(Friday 11 October 2019; 16:04)
The video interview was definitely better than the print. For some of the same reasons Randy pointed out, I hate the print. I couldn't understand why some of the stuff that was brought up for print. It wasn't needed. The video interview was everything. Y'all know I love Businessriah. I could sit and listen to her talk business and about the industry all day.
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Re: Variety interview (91,034) (91,039) by Licia from USA
(Friday 11 October 2019; 15:55)
I'm one of those people who wants her to give us more than the standard stories in the book. I know there are moments that she can't talk about due to the legalities. I completely understand. The topic I won't be cool with her glossing over though is her vocal issues. I'm hoping that's a topic that she'll be open and transparent about. Of all the things I want to know, that's the most important to me.
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Re: About siblings (91,035) (91,038) by Edouard from France
(Friday 11 October 2019; 02:00)
You're right. Great, great song.
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Re: Variety in print vs. video interview (91,036) (91,037) by Will from Australia
(Friday 11 October 2019; 01:16)
Don't feel bad Randy I felt the exact same as you, as I read the print first and thought OMG she's back to being shady and nightmare era Mariah but when I watched the video, albeit edited, she came across much better and less... Crawford.

As far as the book goes, I'm here for whatever she chooses to reveal once it's new information and not a repeat of all her interviews, we need the tea dahling.
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Variety in print vs. video interview (91,036) by Randy from USA
(Friday 11 October 2019; 00:24)
Ok. So I just saw the video interview they did with MC on her Instagram and I loved everything she said and how she expressed herself. Someone here was right. In print, she doesn't read as well as when you can hear her talk. And she looked amazing. I almost feel bad for saying she's gonna end up like Joan Crawford.
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Re: About siblings (91,029) (91,035) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 22:33)
I think more people should listen to Alanis Morissette's song "Hand in my pocket" and keep on walking. It would solve so many problems. I miss the 90's for so many reasons.
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Re: Variety interview (91,031) (91,034) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 18:30)
Yes, because the interview may be more titillating than the actual book version. They need to hit it just right though. I get the impression that the book will focus more on her childhood and development of her career and I would suspect career highs and lows. She's mired in lawsuits and NDA's, so it's all touchy, lol. Not to mention that those blurred lines that I mentioned are that her Stella days are a landmine of contradictions if not out right hypocrisy on both sides. She has painted herself into a corner IMO.
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Re: Variety interview (91,031) (91,033) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 18:25)
Like someone already mentioned about the book, no matter what she includes or doesn't include in it people somewhere will be unhappy with it, When she leaves stuff out she will be roasted for not being authentic, for being too insecure or too nice and if she complains, disses or gives details she'll be called an angry entitled bitter and selfish diva. I am glad I'm not famous lol.
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Re: About siblings (91,029) (91,032) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 13:25)
That's true. The energy vampires can be found everywhere (family and none). It's always good and healthier to stay away from such people.
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Re: Variety interview (91,025) (91,031) by Musti from UK
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 13:07)
Yeah I'm also a bit skeptical as to how far she will go. I hope she doesn't half-ass it like most of her interviews. There's too much to tell. Even with the TM situation. She probably wouldn't have mentioned him in the Variety interview if it wasn't focused on #MeToo but no doubt there are still many details she's saving for the book. Sadly I don't think Stellar will make the cut. Too recent, too many legal barriers. Would be interesting if she takes her on though.
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Re: Tic Tok AIWFCIY (91,027) (91,030) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 11:26)
Per this WSJ article about Mariah's Obsessed reentering the charts, Tiktok views don't count for the charts.

It's obviously still highly influential these days, however. I mean, the song did get noticed again because of it. A nice challenge might be in order for it.

I probably should have checked out the article section on the site here before commenting. The webmaster posted an article from Idolator where it states that TikTok views count. I'm not sure which article to believe, but there you have it.
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