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Re: Missing crowd of fans in Japan (84,849) (84,883) by May from Denmark
(Monday 15 October 2018; 14:44)
To be honest all of them lose fans greeting when the peak is over. Think Madonna and the blocks of endless fans going to see her or even Lady Gaga who had fans trampling to take her photo, now she is lucky if there are five persons standing there waiting at the hotel door.
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Article: Mariah's makeup artist uses this drugstore mascara (84,882) by Mattayo from Canada
(Monday 15 October 2018; 14:25)
Mariah famously states she doesn't use mascara, prefers fake lashes.
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If Mariah would (84,881) by hilton from USA
(Monday 15 October 2018; 14:03)
If Mariah would surround herself with real music people, professionals and musicians she could come back like TEOM. It's what she did during the Charmbracelet area and we saw what happened in the years to follow. Since then she's been on her own like during Rainbow and Glitter. I feel real musicians like Babyface or Walter A could really be the key for Mariah. I wonder if her label was looking at Janet's Unbreakable era for the blueprint of this era. I mean "No Sleep" and "WY" could be akin to urban ac radio and if they think they can have that size of a hit maybe that's what they are aiming for. I do hope this is the last MC album in this version of herself. After this I hope she walks away from the chart chasing for good and just makes music with real musicians.
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Ella Mai (84,880) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Monday 15 October 2018; 13:02)
SZA's Ctrl was last year's best R&B effort. This year, I'm predicting (really, really hoping) Mariah's will be later on, but for now, we have Ella Mai. She's like a British answer to SZA, but with a less distinctive vocal and style, just as sassy and brutally honest, but smoother, slicker and even more obsessed with the 90s. Her material is some of DJ Mustard's best work. Very chill overall vibe. This woman deserves the attention she's getting. With her burgeoning appeal, she could really go far. Boo'd Up really wasn't a fluke. Trip is awesome and so is the rest of the album and all of her 3 EPs that came before this debut. Very, very well done and well worth checking out.
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Another point about With You (84,879) by Anthony Basco from Wales
(Monday 15 October 2018; 12:47)
This feels like one of the most "realistic love" love songs Mariah has ever written. The whole premise, meeting and promising things you don't realistically know you can keep, such as "promise to keep me warm", and what most relationships are about, just making it somehow or other "we all make mistakes sometimes but we middle through", no high drama of a great mistake happening and then forgiveness, redemption and happy ever after, but what again most of us do when we love someone, muddle through, seeing through the highs and lows. It's like a short story of a relationship, where the protagonist is deep into the relationship and remembering the beginning, the sweet taste of the honeymoon period is over, but regardless, still in love and happy to make their way through this crazy thing called life with another equally imperfect person. Just my thoughts on it anyway. Yeah, I really love this song haha.
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Re: Well then stop reading Andrew's damn posts (84,867) (84,878) by Licia from USA
(Monday 15 October 2018; 12:38)
And there you have it. It's very easy to ignore him if you really want to. I don't know why they don't scroll passed his posts. I see certan people's names and I don't even bother clicking.
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Re: Pre-concert vocal rest (84,873) (84,877) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 15 October 2018; 12:19)
She still does it. It's just that sometimes she forgets and does it during the concerts.
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Re: So sad (84,870) (84,876) by Anthony Basco from Wales
(Monday 15 October 2018; 12:16)
Thank you, Eric, accepted but not necessarily needed, but appreciated all the same. I will admit I was more than a little rattled when I read that message, but I guess it gave me a little taste of what it must be like for famous people, as their lives are taken and contorted and twisted, little embellishments added and life events altered to suit the agenda of the writer. I've been working on a lot of things lately, as one thing that was pointed out in that message about me that was true is that I did for the longest time feel there was something odd about me; I didn't ignore it, though, and I've sought support that I need and also working on improving myself in many ways, so I'm actually proud of myself for that. It might seem a bit "new age" millennial nonsense to some, but wanting to improve yourself and inspire positivity and happiness in the world is both noble and difficult actually, as there are many negatives trying to disuade you.

I've been coming to this message board since I was about 13 years old, so since about 2002. I was a very active poster years ago under my birth name, and haven't visited pretty much daily ever since. Even if I don't post, something draws me to this website - I guess it feels comfortable and familiar which is a nice feeling. I know the last few years have not been what most Mariah fans would've wanted for her, but can we all work with what we have and of course critique but not the really quite aggressive and vicious disgust and rage that has been rampant here for the last few months/years or so. Nobody is saying everything is perfect and amazing, but really, if it isn't, is adding more and more negative energy into the mix going to improve anything at all? Hope everyone has a great start to their week.
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Thank you webmaster (84,875) by Edouard from France
(Monday 15 October 2018; 12:14)
I totally understand how difficult your position must be sometimes. I really do. Freedom of speech doesn't mean saying just about anything you want. It has to be done within the limits of what is acceptable, socially speaking. Respect is the key of a healthy communication. Period. Your apology to Anthony feels heartfelt and I feel better about this board than I have in months. Whatever our differences, it's time to celebrate the coming of MC15. It's all joy. Once again thank you for reminding us that this board is a safe place to share our love for Mariah. Peace.
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Re: With You (84,872) (84,874) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 15 October 2018; 11:52)
I agree - all her efforts since MIAM, with the exception of Unforgettable, have been listened to maybe less than 5 times each by me. With You, however, I've been playing every day. It is a really good song and I hope it grows on the general public and casual fans. MC really needs to get out there and start promoting it a bit more though. Great the video is finally out, AMA performance was visually breathtaking, but don't lose the momentum. #Beautiful should have been the 21st number one (after Migrate and Ribbon) but the grinding halt to the promotion stopped it from happening. That was a genuine issue with the shoulder injury though, right now there's no reason to prematurely pull the plug on the promo. Lots of p's in that sentence, sorry.
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Pre-concert vocal rest (84,873) by ianianyo from Singapore
(Monday 15 October 2018; 09:59)
I'm sure many of you know that in the past, Mariah didn't speak for a day (?) before her concert in order to "preserve" her voice. I don't think she does that anymore.
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Re: With You (84,851) (84,872) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Monday 15 October 2018; 00:52)
Yup, the song gets stuck in my head and has since the first listen even if every lyric doesn't entirely resonate for me and my life, I still enjoy the song and the video is beautiful in a classic way. Her social media presence has improved, her team is representing in a respectful way. She appears happier. It would be awesome if she sang live more often, even if her voice cracks. I'd love more live stuff. But, I refuse to lose my mind over if she lipsyncs to a prerecorded vocal or studio track. It's not like being upset is going to make anything different.
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Re: With You challenge (84,865) (84,871) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 23:55)
Lol, hairbrush singing is funny. Or a reinterpretation of the AMA performance.
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Re: So sad (84,863) (84,870) by The webmaster from the Netherlands
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 23:39)
I owe Anthony an apology. Andrew's message shouldn't be allowed and I already removed it. I'm so sorry.
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Blockchain... really? (84,869) by automatic_prince from Germany
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 22:55)
Can we take a moment and talk about the fact that Mariah cancelled her Australian tour but decided to fly half way around the world anyway to perform at this random blockchain event in Japan when she was supposed to be in Australia? Just to make a little bit of cash? Really? When she cancelled that part of the tour I really thought her team had an actual plan. But nothing apart from the AMAs and now this. I feel like she's totally abandoning the new songs already. Oh dear. We're in for another MIAMTEC.
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Re: Angry Andrew (84,860) (84,868) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 20:48)
"An ancient harbor of hate." Take note Eric. Reputation is everything. [Webmaster: And so is freedom of speech.]
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Well then stop reading Andrew's damn posts (84,867) by Special K from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 20:17)
Look all y'all whiney bitch ass folks who are complaining about Andrew need get the baby bibs from around your necks and chill. You know how Andrew is. Andrew ain't gonna change for nobody and he shouldn't. Let him do him and you continue to do you. If you don't like him then why in the hell do you continue to read his freaking posts? It's not like dude is hiding or in disguise when he posts. Andrew use the same damn name and he always has a picture of his damn face so what the hell? It's weird to me. You complaining about dude but read his posts and then make him a subject matter? That shit is hella funky funny. Look, Andrew gets on my nerves sometimes too. I do feel he can be racially incentive at times but there are times when I do agree with him. Straight up, if you don't like Andrew, then stop reading his damn posts.
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BET Soul (84,866) by Special K from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 19:57)
Saw GTFO music video twice today on the BET Soul music channel today. I hope they really do push both songs. Mariah is simply gorgeous. She ain't go nothing on me but she is beautiful. Hehe.
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Re: With You challenge (84,846) (84,865) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 19:16)
I think it should a funny singing into a hairbrush challenge - with guys appearing out of ones skirt.
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Re: Angry Andrew (84,860) (84,864) by Robby from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 17:29)
I could not agree with you more Taylor. I respect everyones' perspective, opinion, criticism, but if these are just so below the belt then you probably better just leave the person alone. I guess he posts messages here to annoy us and that's the reason why I don't read his (and some members) message at all. Wouldn't it be nice to promote positivity amidst the craziness that is happening around the world? This is a great platform for that so whoever (Mariah fan) is going through some tough times can be inspired in anyway that he/she can. I come here everyday to see/read update about Mariah but some messages are just too hard to bear. If you don't like Mariah's decision or her lip-syncing then might as well stop being her fan.
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So sad (84,863) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 16:39)
Andrew, I think you owe Anthony an apology, but I definitely know you won't give it to him. It's sad because you're pretty capable of defending yourself against anybody here without hitting below the belt. You've taken personal information Anthony had given you in confidence and used it against him on a public messageboard for the sole purpose of humiliating him, it was disgusting. Do you think that after that post anybody here would be open to tell you anything over the phone? Yes, I know you don't give two [censored] about it. I've always thought you were a good person, but I don't think good people do shit like that. A*holes do.
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So this corset thing... (84,862) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 16:27)
I'm sure Mariah has worn corsets before (and if she's worn them in the past, it wasn't really as noticeable as it is now) but when did she really start wearing them pretty much every time? All that constricting cannot be good. It already affects her breath control, thus affecting her singing. Constant use can't be good in the long run. Sure, it helps her achieve that hourglass figure, but she's fitter these days so she already has that going on naturally.
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Her SG venue (84,861) by 90sMariah from SG
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 15:03)
When I heard that she will be at the Star Vista theater for her concert, my BF and I thought: "Oof." First of all, the theater isn't even in the city area, or where where artists of her caliber should be performing at. Her last concert in Singapore, she was at the Singapore stadium - stadium, guys, stadium. Although she only used a third of it, but still, it's a venue worth her stature. Last I checked, her November concert still hasn't fully sold out yet (only the VIP has sold out) and the rest are still available. I guess the demand for her is really low this time so the current venue would suffice. BF and I will not be watching her this time since we've already seen her in 2010 and 2015. Best of luck to her.
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Re: Angry Andrew (84,850) (84,860) by Taylor from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 03:03)
I don't post here often, partly because of people like Andrew, and the regular negative crew. Andrew, you truly seem like a vile human being. He airs personal information about another member just because the other member has displeased him. He is disgusting on every level. I suspect a number of personality disorders, which would be befitting of someone with a decent vocabulary, who often uses his vocabulary to manipulate others. He can play the role of contrarian, which he will surely do in response, but his nature is pretty clear to everyone. He is a damaged creature. I stopped coming here in favor of places like UK mix and ATRL who reference this place as an ancient harbor of hate. So Andrew get some therapy. Or maybe administer it to yourself, as I'm sure you think you are qualified.
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Re: Missing crowd of fans in Japan (84,849) (84,859) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 01:30)
Now that is funny as heck. I can't stop laughing.
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