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Re: Big Energy (100,313) (100,314) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Saturday 21 May 2022; 04:29)
I can't really say as I haven't lived long enough to witness her real glory days. Last organic hit I knew was TMB then nothing more. Envious of lambs who got to live out her 90s era. I know it will never eclipse it at this time of her career but hopefully in my lifetime I can see, feel, hear her be back on top. Will it ever be crossed out of my bucket list? Only God and Mariah's perseverance knows.
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Re: Big Energy (100,306) (100,313) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 21 May 2022; 00:10)
I hope this doesn't come off rude but let's be real Mariah loves her numbers. For years, every time there's lack of promo (not that Mariah is responsible for BER promo) from Mariah or a missed opportunity, lambs always say she makes music because she loves making music or that she doesn't want her hit to come from a feature. That is untrue and this isn't even a guess Mariah herself asked fans to make BER her next #1. Latto also pumped it up saying it's be her first and Mariah's 20th #1 and I am sure it's coming from her conversation with Mariah. Let's also not forget Mariah brought Ariana on to OS because Ariana is a monster hit on streaming and has a huge fan base and both fan bases would eat it up. So Mariah definitely cares for a hit, she said so explicitly. And there is nothing wrong with it. I can appreciate her being hungry for success even when she has legend status. And there is nothing wrong with getting it from a feature either. A hit is a hit.
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Re: The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,311) (100,312) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 20 May 2022; 12:17)
The single at the time was released as "The Roof (Back In Time)", so maybe she always intended for a subtitle? I agree this hits to hit streaming ASAP.
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Re: The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,310) (100,311) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 20 May 2022; 00:47)
Do we think this added lyrics of "When I feel the need" was something MC was considering for the original "The Roof" or do you think she added it in 2021 with Brandy in the studio? It reminds me of the unreal and mind blowing You're Mine (Eternal) Fedde La Grand remix, where she sung "Love is like suicide". Did she intend for that line to be include in the album/single release, or was it fresh in the moment of the resung remix vocals? God bless when Mimi records new vocals for a remix, often they are stronger on the club remixes then the album version.
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The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,310) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 18:25)
Mariah, if you are on this board. Move the glass please. We need the track on streaming or digital download.
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Re: Big Energy (100,308) (100,309) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 18:24)
I hope they release the video. The song is still stable on streams other countries. Maybe they're waiting for it to die down then release for a further push.

But anyway, looking forward to an enjoyable new music from her aside from Christmas music. She is more than that.
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Re: Big Energy (100,306) (100,308) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 13:44)
There could be a number of reasons why she didn't get on to the BER bandwagon.

1. Seems like there might have been some label conflict with the remix not getting played on radio much and MC not getting credited (and clearly it's not because the original was better - the remix was a near home run that MC put a considerable effort into).

2. Maybe she's focusing more on her own upcoming project that she's very excited about.

3. Maybe she just was not invited to perform?

4. Her fear of live shows.

Although she did say the video was up to RCA not her, and the amount of love and support she showed Latto on twitter, she would have been down for it. Label or scheduling conflict?

I don't think she minded being a feature/guest on the song as she did once talk on twitter spaces about the possibility of the song going n1 and what that would mean.

I don't think we have too long to wait till we get some announcements about the new era. Here's hoping for a full on roll out TEOM style. Does she have the label's support and faith in the project though?
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Re: Big Energy (100,306) (100,307) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 12:51)
She was the one daydreaming about BER getting to number one in first place on that "radio stream" she did with Latto. I bet she tought jumping on the remix would make her instantly get credited and would also make it to the number one on the first week.
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Big Energy (100,306) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 06:24)
I think what Mariah has is her pride. She doesn't want her 20th no. 1 hit to be a feature as it looks like a desperate attempt to match or get ahead of The Beatles. Maybe she's preserving her "tainted legacy" that is why she doesn't jump into the wagon of BE.
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Re: Good afternoon (100,304) (100,305) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 03:19)
Stop it Edward. She responds to Twitter more quickly. Lol.
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Re: Good afternoon (100,302) (100,304) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 00:48)
Mariah's personal email address is well known. It's Make sure you you tell her you're from MCArchives.
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Good afternoon (100,302) by Donald Ray Sterling from United States
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 20:58)
Hello and I'm trying to write a letter to Mariah Carey. How do I send her a letter? What's her contact information? My e-mail address is and send the contact information to my e-mail asap.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,299) (100,301) by D from USA
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 19:24)
Maybe it's more Covid related as to why she just shows up around Christmas the past 2 years lol.
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Article: Mariah Carey tweets tribute to No. 1 fan (100,300) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 15:10)
This is so beautiful that got me in tears too.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,298) (100,299) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 12:55)
It was such a wasted opportunity for Mariah. Not only the performance would be very good to expose her talent to new generations, she would also be the most amazing legend of the event with Mary J and Janet also. It would be an honor for the young artists there to talk about Mariah on the red carpet, see her, hear her live. At the end of the day truth is I am very tired of Mariah only showing up at Christmas wearing red in a snowy scenario.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,296) (100,298) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 03:22)
I mean definitely would have generated buzz but yes the moment is definitely over. Just let it die, with no goodbyes. Now on to the Butterfly Lounge.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,292) (100,297) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 02:23)
Watching that performance make me think that pushing for the remix with Mariah would have done wonders to her career. But that moment has passed I guess. I wish her all the best though.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,295) (100,296) by RibbonB from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 22:08)
Do you really think so? It was more of an MJB and Janet moment. The moment us likely over for Big Energy.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,293) (100,295) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Monday 16 May 2022; 20:56)
Man I was really hoping Mariah would come and do the remix. It would have blown up.
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Black Irish marketing (100,294) by Brad from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 18:58)
Admittedly, I am just not that into this venture but that may be because I'm not really into alcohol at all. That said, I'm not sure where this product is going. Direct-to-consumer based on celebrity ties may not be the best singular approach. I would think you might want to partner with national restaurant/hotel/entertainment venues to have in be part of their inventory and try to build a brand from there. What are other people's thoughts on this?
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,292) (100,293) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 16 May 2022; 12:18)
It was quite boring.
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Big Energy BBMA performance (100,292) by D from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 03:13)
I wasn't a fan of this performance.
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Re: MC Black Irish (100,290) (100,291) by D from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 00:16)
Hi, I found it by using Instacart and the nearest stores show who has them in stock.
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MC Black Irish (100,290) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 15 May 2022; 19:57)
Hey Lambs! I am flying into Chicago in a couple of weeks (May 26th) and trying to find where I can purchase the Black Irish? If anybody does know a place not too far from the city center - could you please let me know. L4L.
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Re: Kendrick Lamar is a genius (100,287) (100,289) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 15 May 2022; 14:56)
He has a right to his opinion. Shrug. He still has a great record.
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