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Wow (87,112) by Stacey from USA
(Tuesday 18 December 2018; 05:46)
That's about all I can say. Love this song. Probably my favorite off MCIIY. Enjoy.
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B (87,111) by Gee from U.S.A. (New York City)
(Tuesday 18 December 2018; 01:22)
Wishing you and your family comfort during this difficult time. Also I have to agree with you in regards to Ariana the comparisons to Mariah are quite weak at this point. They sound nothing alike vocally, musically on her worst day Mariah is still superior to Ariana. Four albums in and still Ariana has yet to produce a classic song or album so I feel like the media and both fan bases need to stop with the comparisons because it is like comparing apples to oranges.
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Re: What's the next holiday classic? (87,109) (87,110) by Dove from United States
(Tuesday 18 December 2018; 01:03)
Wow, those performances are perfection. Kelly not only looks and sounds amazing but those sets are beautiful.
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Re: What's the next holiday classic? (87,058) (87,109) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Tuesday 18 December 2018; 00:36)
I have listened to so many Christmas albums. For me, it takes a very special artist to make a holiday song memorable, let alone a hit. Unfortunately, I can only think of 2 artists capable of doing so - Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson. Here are their songs that should be played alongside AIWFCIY:

5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
This is a simple, beautiful ballad that she can clearly still mostly sing live in its entirety with her range today if she wanted to. The only problem with it is how dated it sounds. It's got that 90s stamp. Last Christmas has the 80s written all over it, but that combined with the bells and other festive instrumentation works to its advantage.

4. When Christmas Comes
Whether it be the original or duet version, this again has that vintage feel that makes it glide like no other modern Christmas song can. It sounds like Fly Like A Bird's holiday sister. This is the closest Mariah has come to achieving her Mine Again vocals, which even by then we knew she could not replicate live. It's also what keeps this song from being accessible.

3. Underneath The Tree
There's a good reason this was the most played new Christmas song in 2013. It has that timeless vibe. This was obviously heavily inspired by AIWFCIY and it's the only similarly-styled song by any current artist that's even worthy of being replayed over and over.

2. Wrapped In Red
The emotion in this song is enough to make it a winner. That, combined with a pitch-perfect vocal, gorgeous melody and lovely lyrics should make this a hit, but it just may be too sophisticated for radio. The wall of sound treatment makes it sound timeless. It's the best track on its parent album of the same name.

1. Christmas Time Is In The Air Again
How do you know a song is classic material? When even its original version sounds like a cover. Play it for anyone who isn't familiar with Mariah's discography and they would instantly mistake it for a rendition of an older recording. It definitely isn't as catchy as AIWFCIY, but that's mostly due to its tempo and subdued nature. It's the perfect length, not repetitive and is very elegant and romantic. Since Mariah's whispery delivery is acquired taste (though I feel it's quite apt for a jazzy track), it could be the reason why it hasn't gained traction despite many live performances.

It's worth noting, though, that if Mariah and Kelly keep singing them in high profile events during the holidays, they may just be slowly but surely ingrained into the public's consciousness and become future hits.
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Re: Ugh Ariana (87,106) (87,108) by Edward from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 22:59)
You're spot on. There wasn't anything gimmicky about Minnie. She must be turning in her grave. That comment irritated me but then I considered the source. A good lamb should know not to use lipsync/guimmicks against other artist to put Mariah in a pedestal without risking opening Pandoras Box.
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Re: Christmas albums (87,091) (87,107) by Dove from United States
(Monday 17 December 2018; 22:55)
What are the best songs on Toni Braxon's Christmas album? I've never listened to it.
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Re: Ugh Ariana (87,092) (87,106) by Billy from Greece
(Monday 17 December 2018; 21:47)
Did you just put Minnie Riperton and the words "gimmicky, random and borderline cringe worthy" in the same sentence? Are you even serious? I totally agree with your descriptions of Mariah's usage of the whistle register, but to mock the impeccable artistry of Minnie is a travesty.
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Re: Legend forever (87,064) (87,105) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Monday 17 December 2018; 19:33)
B. I'm sorry to hear that. I had a tough time too this year. So many bad things happend and almost everybody I know is saying the same. Anyway I'm sending you love and good wishes for your grandmother.
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Re: Ariana (87,093) (87,104) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 17 December 2018; 19:10)
Everyone who knows me, know that I'm a huge fan of Mariah, but I do think her diva behaviour appeared quite early in her career. My neighbour used to meet her from time to time back in the 90's trough work, and told me that she was a big diva already back in 94, when she released her Christmas album. She had changed a lot from her debut, she told me. From a humble, unsecured girl to a demanding person in just 4 years.

I always thought this happened during the release of Butterfly, but sources tells me different. I guess the lifestyle is so extreme that it will change most people. I for sure would too. I guess. Fame doesn't always bring the best in a person. I guess that Ariana experience some of the same reactions on being famous.
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Re: 1 sale or 32 million sales is still a legend (87,077) (87,103) by Edward from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 18:40)
"Edward I sincerely doubt you know how to stream, your generation is just too elderly now." Who said that, a wannabe shady bitch? You definitely didn't pass Mariah's "Shady Class". I've been using a computer since I was 5 and I'm not 40 yet, streaming is the most basic of things, at least to me. I'm happy not to be part of your generation, look at the charts and music scene and see how your awesome Kardashian generation is supporting and producing talents like Mariah, they're so full of depth.
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Re: What's the next holiday classic? (87,071) (87,102) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Monday 17 December 2018; 17:22)
I love "When christmas comes". The original has already a classic vibe, I love the retro soul feeling. The version with John Legend is also very catchy. "Christmas time is in the air again" is a next holiday classic too.
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Re: Ariana (87,093) (87,101) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Monday 17 December 2018; 17:17)
Yup, I can't stand Ariana for the same reasons too. Everything looks so forced and fake. Only business, nothing feels heartfelt and honest. She's really just a "Disney kid" who knows what seems to be "trendy" for the mainstream. I remember when I was in school, my young music teachers almost adored Mariah for her talent. They were really impressed by the songbird supreme. That will never happen with Ariana.
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Re: (87,064) Prayer for your gmom B (87,074) (87,100) by B from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 16:45)
Thanks. I appreciate each and every one of you.
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Re: Legend forever (87,078) (87,099) by B from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 16:43)
Thank you.
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Re: MTV special (87,087) (87,098) by B from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 16:42)
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Re: Oh Santa (87,088) (87,097) by B from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 16:42)
It's cute but it's no AIWFCIY.
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Re: Ariana (87,093) (87,096) by B from USA
(Monday 17 December 2018; 16:40)
I've never understood the comparison. Grande's voice/vocals sound nothing like Mariah's. Her first single, The Way, sounds like a Mariah song that didn't make it past the demo stage, lol. Her new single only went to #1 because of the media frenzy surrounding Miller's death and their relationship. She released the song to capitalize on the publicity and it showed her true colors. She's an opportunist.
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I have just arrived in Madrid (87,095) by MC1989 from Spain
(Monday 17 December 2018; 15:24)
To make a dream come true. So excited for the show tonight.
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Re: Question about Glitter (87,089) (87,094) by The webmaster from the Netherlands
(Monday 17 December 2018; 15:14)
Here are the chart positions:
Billboard Digital Albums: #15
Billboard Top Album Sales: #43
Billboard Soundtrack Albums: #14
It did not re-enter the Billboard 200 album chart.
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Re: Ariana (87,082) (87,093) by Joachim Agerup L√łkkevik from Norway
(Monday 17 December 2018; 15:12)
I agree with you that Ariana doesn't seem like a nice person. I also want to like her, but it's exactly that, she seems mean and not emphatic. And she is already showing diva behaviour, and that seems a bit early to me.

Mariah have always seemed like a really nice and warm person. Nowadays she is a little bit cooky, but she seems to care for people in her life. It looks like her kids have a really good connection with her.
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Re: Ugh Ariana (87,086) (87,092) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 17 December 2018; 14:13)
Half of Minnie's Whistle register placement in her recordings sound gimmicky, random and borderline cringe worthy ("Expecting"). Minnie used to incorporate whistle tones just because she could. With Mariah however, they are creatively placed as embellishments in a song ("Butterfly", "When you believe"), as an expressive tool during a climax ("Anytime you need a friend", "Vision of Love") or as ad libs in a chorus ("Melt away", "Joy Ride", "I Want to Know What Love is") to name a few of the creative ways she's used that register without it ever sounding gimmicky, annoying nor cringe worthy. So it's safe to say Mariah's the queen of the whistle register.
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Re: Christmas albums (86,900) (87,091) by Philipp from Switzerland
(Monday 17 December 2018; 13:57)
I love Toni Braxton's Christmas album"Snowflakes". It's my favorite Christmas album, after Mariah's of course.
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Re: Oh Santa (87,088) (87,090) by Sarah from Netherlands
(Monday 17 December 2018; 12:24)
I'm with you, Anthony. I start playing Oh Santa before AIWFCIY. *gasp*
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Question about Glitter (87,089) by Edouard from France
(Monday 17 December 2018; 12:15)
Hi guys, do you know how Glitter charted on Billboard 200 after the #JusticeForGlitter movement and the number one on iTunes?
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Oh Santa (87,088) by Anthony Basco from Wales
(Monday 17 December 2018; 10:36)
Please can someone share the love with me regarding this song? I know it will never come close to AIWFCIY for millions of people, and maybe many on this board, that is to say the fans, but I have adored this song since its debut. It's so special, bouncy, full of life and excitable. It always gets me in the Christmas mood, and every time I hear it I feel so hapy and really, like a little kid. There is an unapologetic joy about the song, whereas I feel there's an element of sadness to All I Want (I know the melody is super happy, but really, I can feel a sadness in it somewhere), but Oh Santa is just pure bliss. All I Want will always be Mariah's legacy, and of course that song is as special to me as it is to so many others, but there's something different about Oh Santa, that sometimes I think it may even take the edge for me over the Titan song. Sing it with me. Oh Santa.
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