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Re: Played on the radio (90,638) (90,653) by Ronnie from California
(Monday 19 August 2019; 09:25)
I have heard I'll Be There, Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, Hero, Without You, Endless Love, Dreamlover, Emotions, One Sweet Day, Love Takes Time at that respective frequency on "Oldies" (mid 80's - early 00's) stations.

On throwback stations (90's - somewhat current) I have heard We Belong Together, Shake It Off, It's Like That, Honey, Heartbreaker, Obsessed, Touch My Body. I regularly hear Heartbreaker and Honey at gay clubs. Sometimes I hear obscure club mixes like HATEU remix. I also hear random songs (Candy Bling, Meteorite) at various stores, but I figure it's someone's playlist.

During Christmas, I hear AIWFC, Christmas, Oh Santa, O Holy Night, Joy to the World, SCICTown.

(Pretty much) everyone knows ABMB and AIWFCIY. Most people know WBT, Hero, Emotions, and maybe Obsessed (esp for younger). It is kinda sad that I never really hear VOL. Luckily it remains a staple for singers who study "ambitious" technique alongside Emotions.
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Re: Played on the radio (90,638) (90,652) by Rene from US
(Monday 19 August 2019; 08:19)
I'm from San Diego, California. The adult contemporary station plays any hit from the first album except "Someday", and any slow song until Daydream era mostly. In another station that is "old school", urban music, it's more from "Daydream" era to "Butterfly", and "Emancipation" era mostly and older stuff on certain time slots. They also play certain remixes.You can also request anything for that was a hit. Obviously, for Christmas they play her music in the adult contemporary station "incessantly".
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Re: "Against All Odds" with Westlife / video (90,649) (90,651) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 19:04)
Yes I love that look too. So natural and beautiful. For me that's the "real" Mariah.
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Re: Played on the radio (90,647) (90,650) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 19:02)
"Hero", "ABMB", Without you" and "We belong together" gets played quite a lot too. Followed by "Against all odds" and "IWTKWLI". On the urban radio stations you can also hear some remixes and "newer" songs. On Christmas the radio plays "AIWFCIY" endlessly plus almost every single from "MC". From "MC II" they often play "Oh Santa" and "One Child".
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"Against All Odds" with Westlife / video (90,649) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 14:58)
Mariah is drop-dead gorgeous in this video. Just stunning. With the twentieth anniversary of "Rainbow" approaching, I cannot but really cherish that era in Mariah's career.
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Re: Played on the radio (90,638) (90,648) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 10:11)
Nope. It's mostly Without You, and songs like that.
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Re: Played on the radio (90,638) (90,647) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 07:02)
In London, I've only ever heard the urban stations play Fantasy remix. She is mainly played on easy listening stations. Hero and I'll Be There I hear the most, occasionally Without You and We Belong Together. Obviously AIWFCIY is inescapable at Christmas time haha.
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,637) (90,646) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 01:16)
I remember Mariah's records and singles in the city I grew up (Guelph Ontario, 45mins south west of Toronto), were always pretty pricey. I never saw anything-Mariah discounted on the shelf or in the discount bin. I remember visiting Ottawa at St. Laurent Mall, and they had this massive Loverboy display and stock pile at the front of the store where the single was $1.99 after the film bombed. I remember if the average CD was $14.99, Mariah's would always be $16.99 plus. Singles were always $2.99 plus. Who I do remember being a massive discount queen where I grew up was Madonna (no shade). You could always find Madonna's most recent release in the discount bin along with most of her catalog. Again, no shade just memory.
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Re: Played on the radio (90,638) (90,645) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 01:07)
In Vancouver Canada, Fantasy, Always be my Baby and We Belong together are still play in regular rotation of Virgin Radio 94.5 which is the most current Top 40 station. On the A/C station we listen to at my office, ABMB, Vision of Love, I'll Be Loving U Long Time and #Beautiful come on regularly.
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Aretha (90,644) by Musti from UK
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 00:21)
I was watching the Natural Woman performance from Divas Live 1998 today. I hadn't noticed this before at some point during Testimony, Aretha heads towards M and puts her arm around her and they start singing together. M seemed so happy when this happened, almost like she was validated. I didn't see Aretha touch anyone else that night. She must've really liked M and her story when they met. This is Aretha after all, the woman never made any effort to be nice to anyone she was not fond of. I'm so glad this moment happened. M was really in need of a warm embrace in those days, and what better person to give it to you than your idol and the Queen of Soul herself. People can say what you want about Aretha but what was bigger than her talent was her heart. May she forever rest in peace.
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Johnta Austin (90,643) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 16 August 2019; 23:10)
Johnta Austin's Love, Sex, and Religion is really a great debut. One song in particular is my favorite song. It is called Born Again. It was produced by JD and BMC. And from the moment the beat kicks in, you know JD co-wrote it. It has that JD bounce just like Shake It Off. Check out Johnta on Amazon.
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Love Takes Time on POSE (90,642) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 22:28)
Has anyone been watching POSE? The first season takes place in late 80's and the second season in early 90's. Lots of great music is used throughout the both seasons. So you know as I'm watching I wonder... ok when are they going to use a Mariah track? When I was 19 I'd go to the Bistro II, an urban dance club in Chicago where at the end of the night they'd always play Vision of Love. A slow dance to finish the night. So I thought VOL might be a good fit since it was so embraced by the trans/gay community very early. Love Takes Time was used for the end of the 7th episode in the current season. I'm so happy she let this very important show license her music.
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Re: Glitter (90,633) (90,641) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 16 August 2019; 22:22)
This is actually a beautiful song.
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Re: MC's tone (90,639) (90,640) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 16 August 2019; 22:01)
Stephen Thomas Erlewine was most likely paid by Tommy to write that scathing review. If you target and undermine the artist's main marketing tool, which in this case was Mariah's voice, what is the artist left with? For whatever Charmbracelet is, that review was beyond biased, especially given the time of its publication. Same goes for his disturbing review of "Glitter". His style of writing speaks arrogant prick.
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Re: MC's tone (90,629) (90,639) by B from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 20:35)
I never understood why critics said Mariah's voice was shot in their reviews of Charmbracelet. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic said that whenever Mariah sang on the album that there was a raspy whistle behind her "thin voice" voice and that she strained to reach notes throughout the record. He went on to say that Mariah's voice was damaged and that there wasn't a moment on the album where it sounded strong or inviting. Yes, Mariah sang the majority of the album in her debated and detested whisper register but she sings like she does on I Only Wanted, My Saving Grace, and at the end of The One she doesn't strain to reach notes, and her voice sounds strong and inviting like being embraced by an old friend.

Her voice was in fine form during the recording of Glitter, and she slayed her live performances during that era. Especially, her performance of the Never Too Far/Hero medley during the At Home For The Holidays With Mariah Carey special.
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Played on the radio (90,638) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Friday 16 August 2019; 18:24)
I just wondered which songs of Mariah are usually getting played on the radio in the country you are from?

Here in Norway Mariah is only played on the easy listening stations, and the songs they usually play are Love Takes Time, I'll Be There and Hero. I never hear an urban Mariah song on the radio, but maybe TJ from Norway has.
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,631) (90,637) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 16 August 2019; 17:11)
I don't know the price from the US market but in Germany all her singles were at regular prices when they were released. The same with the albums, definitely not cheap.
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Re: MC's tone (90,629) (90,636) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 16 August 2019; 17:07)
Great explanation of the different tones of the albums. I like that Mariah sounds different on all the three mentioned albums.
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Re: MC's tone (90,630) (90,635) by B from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 16:46)
What is?
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,632) (90,634) by B from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 16:45)
Likewise. If all of Mariah's singles were being sold for forty-nine cents, she would've broken Elvis' record years before she did and she would've broken The Beatles record.
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Glitter (90,633) by B from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 16:35)
The song Eric Benét performs in Glitter has finally been made available. Here's an article about it.
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,631) (90,632) by Norman from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 10:37)
Growing up in LA, I remember always buying singles but I don't remember anything other than Loverboy being discounted. I'm not saying they weren't in other parts of the country, but I always found it odd. I would've bought several copies if they had been.
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,626) (90,631) by B from USA
(Friday 16 August 2019; 04:18)
Why would a retailer discount Emotions or Honey? Both were huge hits with massive airplay. The hype surrounding the release of Honey was palpable. Does anyone remember the MTV advent of honey dripping with a voice over asking what does honey sound like?
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Re: MC's tone (90,628) (90,630) by Hector from Mexico
(Thursday 15 August 2019; 23:46)
It was studio trickery.
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Re: MC's tone (90,625) (90,629) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Thursday 15 August 2019; 23:21)
Basing off of the album vocal performances alone, the vocal production on E=MC2 was much more polished. For TEOM, I remember her and her team wanting a more raw sound, which explains the good amount of live instrumentation and the jazzy, retro, soulful vibe of the album. This was a period that followed Glitter and Charmbracelet, where her voice has been widely reported and criticized to have been "shot", and so everyone was all so determined to prove the voice was still there. They even counted down to and promoted It's Like That using the tagline, "the return of The Voice". E=MC2 was a more relaxed affair, had far less vocally challenging songs as a whole, and the songs were simpler in structure. Much of her singing was pitched at a more comfortable lower range, especially in the verses. As for MOAIA, it was recorded throughout at a time when she reportedly miscarried, so that may have affected her tone. It was released just over a year after its predecessor as well, so she didn't have the luxury of time she had to make TEOM and E=MC2. However, Mariah's tone is notoriously hard to pin down as it really changes quite a bit from one album to the next.
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