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Without You (98,786) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 21 October 2021; 02:38)
Is Without You MC's best piano ballad?
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Re: Mariah? (98,775) (98,785) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 21 October 2021; 01:09)
LMFAO. I have heard nothing about this and am not even interested in looking it up. If she releases another album I'll listen. Another Christmas special? Probably not.
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Re: The end of Mariah (98,778) (98,784) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 21 October 2021; 01:08)
Also the difference of about 20 years. I think that is part of whatever.
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Adele taking over Mariah (98,783) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 22:10)
I know many people here are writing about Adele, and I have to admit I was one one of us starting it. One on this board even said that Adele will encapsulate Mariah's Christmas season. I will assure you, with very few words, why we have nothing to worry about. The very few words I'll be using will be are: All I Want for Christmas is You.

The only words you want to be afraid of are these. There will never be, at least in the next six hundred years to come, a greater icon of Christmas than Mariah. She's the queen, she's the voice, she's the drama, she's the queen of Christmas, she has become the equivalent of Santa Claus, she is Mariah Carey.

Believe it or not, more people believe in Mariah during Christmas than Santa Claus, that is her legacy. I absolutely love my Mariah.
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Re: Mariah? (98,775) (98,782) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 14:43)
I had to laugh because of Winklevoss. I watched "Social Network" one week ago (great movie). The twins who got fooled by Mark Zuckerberg right? Hmm, now that she made this commercial, I would even prefer it was about new cookies for Christmas. Lol. Yes, she looks nice but I hope it comes the day where it's about music again. I'm not interested on investments.
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Re: Mariah? (98,779) (98,781) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 13:33)
Agree Sheez, plus she's the epitome of ageless beauty. She looks stunning in the video and like it or not, this is the new way of the world today. My son is actually going to take advantage of her code.
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Re: Mariah? (98,775) (98,780) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 05:48)
I hate to say but I kinda agree. I’ve been waiting to hear something from M for a while now and this is what we get? Well, glad to see her at least.
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Re: Mariah? (98,775) (98,779) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 05:31)
She’s finding new ways to pay her bills. Let her hustle.
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The end of Mariah (98,778) by Vítor Henrique Pereira from Brazil
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 03:43)
If you agree that the I industry is unfair to veteran artists, regardless of being legends, you breathe. No tea, no shade, Adele, though, released a single, the album is coming, and she has already broken all possible records with a song, which is beautiful, the lyrics are strong and deserves success - and that's all yep. However, I saw a lot of people already making jokes that she has been singing the same song since 2011, and in fact, all the artistic elements of her releases, whether music or music videos, follow the same pattern.

And what do you say about Mariah? "Twentieth attempt at We Belong Together", "Another clip lying down caressing her body" and so on. Mariah has, indeed, her pattern, and not because I'm a fan, but artistically, I think she outclasses in terms of compositions, arrangements, and even within these cited patterns, she still seeks to innovate somehow, and even then, unfortunately, no longer makes the same splash as Adele and her "more of the same".

We can still say that Adele is still closer to Mariah musically, in addition to her lyrics talking about love, the romanticism of her songs, and in this parallel both should be on the same level of success today, but Mariah is already saturated for the industry and consumers younger music players don't "want her anymore".

It's no use saying that such an album was poorly worked, that the single was poorly publicized, that the record company or Mariah is to blame, no, it's nobody's fault, this is the time that is cruel to any artist. Adele and Mariah, both with their "more of the same" and their standards, but only one of them still "gets there".
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Re: Mariah? (98,776) (98,777) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 20:40)
Terrible. She cannot work the auto cue. Hate anything like this it's so beneath her.
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Re: Mariah? (98,775) (98,776) by D from USA
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 18:15)
Agreed. Hahahaha I can't deal with the video.
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Mariah? (98,775) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 18:08)
So Mariah doesn't post anything on insta for ages. She finally posts something and it's about crypto. I really don't get any of this crypto thing but really? Did she have to go down this route?
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? (98,774) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 13:20)
Ugh, every time I come on here [you all are] talking [about] some other female singer.
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Re: Easy on me (98,767) (98,773) by Stacey from USA
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 03:45)
My heart beats just fine. I'm living proof, lol. Adele just rubs me the wrong way. If others like her voice, that's great. I change the station every time her songs come on the radio. Carey on.
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Hey y'all (98,772) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 18 October 2021; 23:33)
You won't believe what comes up if you type in search field in YouTube - Mariah Carey Live at Tokyo Dome - The Butterfly Tour. It was just uploaded today.
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Re: Where is Mariah? (98,768) (98,771) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 18 October 2021; 22:27)
I have been tweeting her on Twitter asking the same thing. She must have something really big coming.
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Re: Where is Mariah? (98,768) (98,770) by D from USA
(Monday 18 October 2021; 21:31)
I really wanted to see her perform her Christmas shows live this year. Fingers crossed for next year.
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Re: Easy on me (98,760) (98,769) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 18 October 2021; 19:34)
This right here, I feel the exact same way about her, false hype like we haven't heard better voices (Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Christina, Streisand) singing better material. She's got the industry machine right behind her that's why they always want to make it such an "event". I truly don't care for her music and only have a few of her songs on my playlist. Her new song "Easy on Me" is as basic and forgettable as a song can be.
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Where is Mariah? (98,768) by Dav from Ireland
(Monday 18 October 2021; 19:12)
Looking forward to the new Christmas special and the new Christmas music (that's allegedly better than Where are you Christmas). Surprised we haven't heard anything yet. I bet November 1st will be a big day for us Lambs!
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Re: Easy on me (98,760) (98,767) by OrangeClouds from England
(Monday 18 October 2021; 00:55)
Have to admit, it's script for the Someone Like You live at the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena, and Make You Feel My Love. The voice makes me feel anxious. Those two performances are written into music history and should make your heart cry. If they do not, it does not beat. But otherwise the voice doesn't do much for me.
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Re: Easy on me (98,760) (98,766) by Critter from USA
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 18:29)
You are not the only one. Next.
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Go easy on Mariah (98,765) by T from USA
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 13:40)
After reading her memoirs and now hearing Easy On Me I realize just how much the song fits Mariahs story too. She was just a child. A song like this after the breakdown, maybe the first single on Charmbracelet would have killed. It asks for forgiveness while still explaining her point of view. Good song. (Would have even worked on Butterfly or Rainbow.)
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Re: Easy on me (98,763) (98,764) by T from USA
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 13:31)
If Mariah still had the 1990-2000 voice or even the 2005 return of the voice sound in her chords than a power ballad would do something good for Mariah. But a whispered With You type ballad won't cut it. Something like Easy On Me which asks forgiveness may not burn up the top 40 charts for Mimi but it would still find an audience and move album units. I would love to hear her and Walter Afanasieff after all these years create a timeless classical piece.
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Re: Easy on me (98,754) (98,763) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 10:36)
You missed the point though. The original discussion about Adele/Easy On Me was a side note "what do people think" rather than comparing it against anything Mariah has ever done. To that end, a bunch of people here said it's boring because it's the same piano-led ballad she's been churning out since she started.

Comparisons then shifted to Mariah, who did actually take many creative risks and pushed the boundary with her music (Dreamlover club mix, Fantasy remix, making a Christmas album when no one else was, integrating hip-hop into pop music etc.)

I, and many here, have criticised Mariah in the past for releasing variants of We Belong Together since 2005. No one wants to hear another staccato style ballad from her with a key change and long note at the end. Yet, she insists on putting one on every album.

So, yes, had Mariah released Easy On Me I would be going nuts and praising her, because it's not something she's done as a lead single since records began. As for Adele releasing it, no, I'm not going to praise something that was exactly what I thought it would be.

I don't think anybody is envious of the universal praise Adele gets either. Mariah had her day in the sun and will always be in the history books and a reference/example for others that come along. As will Adele to be fair. I think the point is people are scratching their heads around why Adele is getting praise for putting out the 5th version of Someone Like You.
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Re: Easy on me (98,755) (98,762) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 09:29)
Very well said, Will. Hopefully, she will have her second comeback with MC16. People just love Adele across this world. I honestly feel the song that did it for everybody was Someone Like You. Radio played that song so much. People just related to her heart felt lyrics of rejection, heartache, pain, and hey I am moving on. Adele is not a diva. She is the Pop's songstress as Anita Baker is R&B's songstress. All people can say for MC now is that she is queen of Christmas. But I believe that she has gotten all of the memos and is ready to make her comeback in 2022.
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