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MSG (77,989) by Special K from USA
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 14:56)
I've heard from other fans that attended the concert that Mariah straight slayed at MSG. Is it me or is it straight crazy that the Mariah Carey is an opening act at MSG? Really shows that our girl can put her ego in check and humble herself.
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Re: ATHT (77,982) (77,988) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 14:29)
I agree. Kylie Minogue is a very popular Australian singer who had a string of hits throughout the 80s and 90s in her homeland and Europe. She eventually did the "Anti-Tour", which was her singing b-sides, album tracks, or singles that weren't huge successes. Her fans ate it up. Just imagine MC singing Vanishing, Till The End of Time, The Wind... or even bringing back numbers that haven't been on her set lists for years, like Anytime You Need a Friend, Open Arms, The Roof.
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Re: Me and Mariah (77,985) (77,987) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 14:08)
CMC thank you for sharing. How cool that you showed Mariah your tatoo. Lucky one. One of my biggest dreams is to visit New York. I'm a fan of MC and NY.
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Re: Is there any soso track on MIAMTEC? (77,983) (77,986) by M from Asia
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 11:11)
You said it. It was really an underrated album.
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Me and Mariah (77,985) by CMC from NY,NY
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 08:36)
Guy says I wanna share with you me and my Mimi moments. I live in NYC, I saw her in Vegas second row a couple weeks ago. My friend called my from a restaurant in midtown and told me she heard Mariah was coming. I got there and we had moments. I showed her my Vision Of Love tattoo and she was feeling it. Special moments I will never forget. Not sure how to post the photo.
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Newark show (77,984) by Licia from USA
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 03:07)
Just watched a few clips from that night. She sounded really good. As much as I dislike the song, the clip of Hero was a highlight. Glad that she's doing so well on this tour. It sucks that she seems to continuously put herself in positions where she has to keep proving herself, but it makes me happy when she puts in the work to shut people up.
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Is there any soso track on MIAMTEC? (77,983) by Edouard from France
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 02:50)
I don't think. All of Mariah's albums are amazing in their own rights but there sometimes are 1 or 2 fillers (even though I always end up loving them) but on MIAMTEC they are all super good.
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ATHT (77,982) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Sunday 20 August 2017; 02:26)
For us as fans of Mariah it is frustrating that we tend to get a similar set list and as fans we would love for her to perform some of the favorites. But for this tour it is all about the hits and the songs that fans and non fans are familiar with. That is why I decided that I would not enjoy this tour as much because all these songs I have seen her perform a time or two live. Hopefully in the near future we as the diehard fans can get a special surprise show that caters to our favorite songs, the songs that may not necessarily be #1's or top 10's.
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Re: Stella has lamb kicked out of concert? (77,979) (77,981) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 21:07)
Why was the person kicked out? I can't believe it. Is it really true? Imagine this would have happened during a Daydream concert or during Butterfly tour. No way.
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Re: Stella has lamb kicked out of concert? (77,975) (77,980) by M from Asia
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 20:27)
I wish he chanted louder. What will happen if majority of lambs will have a "fire Stella" sign in their pocket in Mariah's concert and once Mariah comes out or having a small talk to the audience, they will take out the sign and waves it as high as possible for her to see it lol.
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Re: Stella has lamb kicked out of concert? (77,975) (77,979) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 19:18)
Who the hell is Stella to kick out someone who paid to be at his favorite artist's concert, especially if he posed no harm to anyone at the concert. I could understand him being kicked out if he was insulting Mariah, Stella needs to stop thinking she's the main celeb.
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Re: On Butterfly's 20th (77,938) (77,978) by IheartMC from USA
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 16:46)
Love your write up on the magnum opus that is "Butterfly". She was in her element and it was new and fresh for her on top of it all. She looked and sounded amazing during this era. You could really feel her during certain songs like My all, OUtside, Butterfly etc. That entire album is just a masterpiece. The cover art, colors theme. The cards were aligned for her. This album could come out today and still work on the charts. Songs like My all, Honey, The Roof, Breakdown still sound fresh. I hope one day she makes another album of this caliber of music and feeling.
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Re: Can we just aknowledge the fact (77,972) (77,977) by Edouard from France
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 16:08)
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Re: Stella has lamb kicked out of concert? (77,975) (77,976) by DKV from Boston, MA
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 14:56)
That's a shame, but at least Stella now knows how some of the lambs think of her hahaha.
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Stella has lamb kicked out of concert? (77,975) by Sheila from United States
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 12:57)
Lambs are reporting on Instagram that [l]amb [R]ob was escorted out by [s]ecurity [l]ast night after a verbal argument with Stella over Mariah. Stella was observing in the audience when [R]ob starting chanting "fire [S]tella". Hopefully, they refunded him his money for his seat.
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Paul Monroe chauffuer to the stars (77,974) by Monroe from NY
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 07:04)
Your articles are full shameless falsehoods. My article was to show how the service industry is treated by celebs bad and good. To imply that I gave favorable treatment to big tippers is an outright falsehood most celebs end I left with adequate income to retire happily into the sunset. [Webmaster: I think he responded to articles I posted in January 2003, 14.5 years ago.]
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Mariah was a hit tonight in Jersey (77,973) by IheartMC from USA
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 06:04)
I was in attendance of the Mariah/Lionel concert tonight but I was mainly there for M. She was certainly on time and in good voice tonight. She also sounds better live than on the videos. My only problem with the show is that she should change that setlist up a bit. She has such a large catalog and so many top 20 hits to her belt not to mention #1s. I am just tired of hearing the same ole. Below is a list of songs I would love for her to do. Keep it going guys.
Art of letting go
My saving grace
Right to dream
Through the rain
Can't take that away
The roof
Without you
For the record
Thanks for nothing
Betcha gon Know
I don't
YOu don't know what to do
Side effects
Loving you long time
Mine again
Stay the night
My all stay awhile remix
Love takes time
medley of remixes would be so dope
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Re: Can we just aknowledge the fact (77,967) (77,972) by Special K from USA
(Saturday 19 August 2017; 02:07)
Butterfly is the greatest Mariah Carey album of all time. I'm out.
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Re: Can we just aknowledge the fact (77,967) (77,971) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 18 August 2017; 23:45)
So said AEG, Pat Houston and other profiteers and pilferers right before. I would rather know she was happy, healthy and enjoying her kids rather than working to feed freeloaders and "thirstbots". Speaking of Stella, dancer and crew, Stella reminds me of that Russian mafia chick on the show "Claws". She forces the lead character to launder money from her nail salon. Aren't Stellar and the diva opening a nail joint soon? Mimi, get out!
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Article: Mariah Carey suffers nip slip (77,970) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Friday 18 August 2017; 22:50)
Daily Star is as obsessed with Mariah's boobs as Mariah is herself. Seriously I can't believe someone actually got a degree only to sit and write about nip slips. In other news, RibbonB notice Bryan and Mariah's loving hand holding.
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Re: Is she okay? (77,963) (77,969) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 18 August 2017; 15:11)
I hope she's ok. But I doubt it. If I look at all the latest pics, I see a superstar (the best-selling female artist of all time) who's not happy at all. I don't know if it's because of private things or health issues. It's not my business, but I would love to see her happy again. I have a feeling that she's heartbroken plus other things. Money can't buy you happiness. I fear that she feels like Marilyn Monroe her idol. Most beautiful and talented woman who only wanted love in life and couldn't get it. I hope I'm wrong.
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Re: Article: Mariah lovingly holds hands with toyboy Bryan Tanaka (77,966) (77,968) by Lila from United States
(Friday 18 August 2017; 13:58)
True. He always looks like a poor man's version of her professional bodyguard that she keeps around for crutch purposes. Mixed with Spongebob when he thought he was famous and everyone wanted his autograph after being in a low grade commercial for the Krusty Krab that was seen by no one because it aired in the wee hours of the morning. When, in fact, no one cared at all.
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Can we just aknowledge the fact (77,967) by Edouard from France
(Friday 18 August 2017; 10:05)
That Mariah is working hard. I mean, we are so lucky. Can we try, now and then, to be appreciative. She's touring, working on new music, working on a script. She has much more to say. And no one can say that Mariah is not an interesting artist. Please.
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Re: Article: Mariah lovingly holds hands with toyboy Bryan Tanaka (77,949) (77,966) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Friday 18 August 2017; 02:46)
Bryan is coming off more as a crutch (to help her walk, not emotionally support her) than a boy toy. Boy just looks like he's there to walk her from point A to B.
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Re: Article: Mariah lovingly holds hands with toyboy Bryan Tanaka (77,946) (77,965) by Lila from United States
(Friday 18 August 2017; 02:07)
Personally, I live for all of the "lovingly" hand holding. It's always so amazing to see Mariah trying to "lovingly" close off her hand from For Hire touching her; meanwhile, he'll still be desperately trying to grasp her hand. It's funny. Why are you even participating in this mess when you're not even here for it but whatevs.
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