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Roc Nation (79,491) by Anonymous Chops from Boston, MA USA
(Tuesday 21 November 2017; 10:16)
This is the best news. I am so happy for Mariah, so happy.
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Roc Nation (79,490) by Sarah from Netherlands
(Tuesday 21 November 2017; 09:24)
So the latest is that Mariah signed with Rocafella. Say what you will about Jay Z and his, but if there's one thing this man understands it's brand management. This could be really really good.
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Re: Christina's shade of Mariah's voice: karma (79,484) (79,489) by Luke from United Kingdom
(Tuesday 21 November 2017; 00:01)
I've never been a huge fan of Christina's music but I didn't think it was massively bad. She's definitely better on the whispery angelic tones than the huge belts. People now-a-days just seem to want perfection and even Whitney struggled to sing most of her songs like the studio version, but I think that's understandable. Studio songs are intensely ironed out to make them sound pristine. Her addictions didn't help either, but even with that going on she was always going to be more stronger vocally than Christina. The only thing I'm kinda weirded out by is the fact that it sounds like Christina has somehow swallowed Shakira.
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Re: Article: All I Want For Christmas Is You returns to the top 40 (79,487) (79,488) by Anonymous Chops from Boston, MA USA
(Monday 20 November 2017; 23:18)
Ahhhh me too. That would be the best.
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Article: All I Want For Christmas Is You returns to the top 40 (79,487) by Betty from Canada
(Monday 20 November 2017; 20:44)
Aside from being a perennial #1 on the holiday charts, I am still waiting patiently for that historic day when AIWFCIY reaches #1 on the singles chart.
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Re: Christina's shade of Mariah's voice: karma (79,484) (79,486) by M from UK
(Monday 20 November 2017; 15:01)
I don't remember Christina ever shading Mariah's voice. Is it on YouTube? I didn't think the performance was that bad. I Will Always Love You was off but she did well on the other songs. Anyway, I tried to find a video where Christina shaded M's voice and I found this. I'd already seen most of the clips, except for the Adam Levine part. I love the way the video ends.
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Re: Christina's shade of Mariah's voice: karma (79,484) (79,485) by Anonymous Chops from Boston, MA USA
(Monday 20 November 2017; 13:23)
People have always attacked Christina after performing. It was never as bad like they attack Mariah, but people are absolutely ridiculous. It must make other people feel better about themselves to try and bring someome down.
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Christina's shade of Mariah's voice: karma (79,484) by Sheila from United States
(Monday 20 November 2017; 11:38)
Looks like Christina Aguilera is now getting the heat for "poor vocals" during her Whitney tribute which was average at best. I guess now she knows what it feels like.
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Re: The Star on Vevo (79,459) (79,483) by virgo.miss from australia
(Sunday 19 November 2017; 09:59)
I just looked and it's actually really good. So sad that I have become shocked by this. Sort of formulaic movie song, but catchy and she sounds really good. But then we all know what she should have done over the last few years is a big weepy ballad. Unfortunatley she looks very awkward in the video (as she did in the Oz song video) much better if she just let go with the arm movements rather than doing a statue impersonation in a dress that does not flatter a large bust.
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Article: Mariah reveals the hardest thing about being Mariah (79,482) by M from UK
(Saturday 18 November 2017; 11:49)
I really enjoyed this interview. Her jokes were funny and on-point, relevant and concise answers, no endless ramblings. I think she's back lambies she sounds so at ease. It's been such a crazy year worrying about what's going on with her. Whatever it was, I think she's ready to move on.
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One Sweet Day 100 million views (79,481) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 18 November 2017; 09:25)
One Sweet Day just hit 100 million Vevo views. It's the first video from Daydream to hit this mark. On one hand I'm surprised because IMO I have rarely heard it on the radio over the years. But, it is the longest running Billboard Hot 100 #1, and I think it maybe picked up popularity and views this year being mentioned alongside Despacito for months. Not to mention Boyz II Men fans watching it. Of course I loved it 20+ years ago, it's a sweet song and I can definitely respect it lyrically. With that said, it's easily my least favorite of her 18 #1s. Am I the only one? It is what it is. Here's a list of her now ten 100 million plus videos. Same order for months, except Without You now has more views than Touch My Body.
1. All I Want For Christmas Is You 309 million
2. We Belong Together 263
3. Hero 171
4. Without You 165
5. Touch My Body 158
6. AIWFCIY with Bieber 142
7. When You Believe 126
8. Angels Cry 103
9. My All 101
10. One Sweet Day 100
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The Star video (79,480) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 17 November 2017; 23:02)
I finally took a minute to watch and it is great. I readily like the song and know it will be a great addition to the holiday season. I hope it gets lots of radio airplay this season. Mariah looked good and the kids are cute.
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Re: #1's (79,477) (79,479) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 17 November 2017; 20:53)
Yes, a great compilation. Very lucky, though didn't know it at the time, to be in the UK where DYKWYGT (TFM) was added as a bonus track. That became one of my favourite remakes of hers and I remember paying a small fortune for that rare remix picture disc back in the day. I also loved the "12s" promo record box set that was released at same the time. Apparently Mariah intended to include a second disc of remixes with #1's but it was canned. I think that ended up becoming the 12s boxset. I agree as well, she is particularly beautiful in the Sweetheart video, bring back those earth tones. They suited her colouring so well.
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Re: The Star video (79,467) (79,478) by Luke from United Kingdom
(Friday 17 November 2017; 20:45)
Hahah I wish.
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#1's (79,477) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 17 November 2017; 18:41)
Happy nineteenth birthday to one of the most influential compilations of the past twenty years, with one of the most iconic album covers ever. The three singles from this album are some of my favorite Mariah songs ever. I also believe she was at the most gorgeous she's ever been during 1998/1999 (video of "Sweetheart" anyone?). "I Still Believe" still remains one of her most beloved tracks and the foundation for some of her best remixes (from "Pure Imagination" to the "Kings Mix" and beyond). The only thing I'm really in shock about is the nineteen years since its release. As the song goes, "Who knows where the time goes?"
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Article: Mariah Carey's new single sells 3,400 copies (79,476) by przsyks from USA
(Friday 17 November 2017; 15:53)
Yea not sure what was the point of this article. A little premature to write such a thing, we haven't made it through Thanksgiving yet. I also find it interesting how the writer seems to leave out how Mariah has been sick the past few days, therefore not able to promote anything herself. Funny how these writers are silent when things are going well for her, but when they think there's blood in the water they go on a misguided attack. Dumb article.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey's new single sells 3,400 copies (79,471) (79,475) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Friday 17 November 2017; 15:50)
He loves to bash Mariah, that's Roger's point.
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Today's teens do not know Fantasy (79,474) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Friday 17 November 2017; 11:35)
Have you watched this clip of Generation Z kids not knowing the iconic Fantasy? Half of me worries for the future of music while the other half is glad that these kids, no matter now questionable their choice of words can be (what the hell does "vibey" mean in this context, or in any context at all?), they still
1) know a great voice when they hear one
2) actually know Mariah and her unique tone
3) appreciate the brilliance of the song.
I just hope the trivia they featured wasn't the usual 5-octave range thing, but rather about how Fantasy brought hip-hop and pop collaborations to the forefront of music and commercial success.
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Re: The Star on Vevo (79,470) (79,473) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 17 November 2017; 11:29)
Special K. that's funny. Normally I don't like child chorus too, (except the voices are really good) but the little sentence sung by the kids is ok. It will definitely be my Christmas tune with "Little Snowman". Good that you can enjoy it as well.
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Article: Mariah Carey's new single sells 3,400 copies (79,472) by musshu1981 from spain
(Friday 17 November 2017; 10:40)
It's a Chirstmas ballad from a movie and we are in half on November. Lets see how many copies are sold and the end of Christmas. It's too soon.
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Article: Mariah Carey's new single sells 3,400 copies (79,471) by M from UK
(Friday 17 November 2017; 10:39)
Still trying to figure out what the point of this article was.
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Re: The Star on Vevo (79,463) (79,470) by Special K from USA
(Friday 17 November 2017; 03:08)
Mariah looks absolutely stunning in the video. Love it. I love the song too but the kids singing in the chorus almost ruin it for me. Their voices are hella annoying, lol.
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NYC / Vegas (79,469) by Anonymous Chops from Boston, MA USA
(Friday 17 November 2017; 02:20)
Maybe I am thinking too much about it but does anyone else find it strange that all of Mariah's Christmas concerts up until NYC are cancelled? Not one of the shows is gonna happen. I have a feeling it has something to do with Stella booking them and getting her % from the concerts. I could be totally wrong, but I hope if Mariah is sick she takes good care of herself because a lot of lambs including myself really want to see her in NYC.
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Re: Canceled shows / Mishka (79,456) (79,468) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 17 November 2017; 01:50)
Stella will take any attention she can get now that she is out of Mimi's limelight. She might be still angling for her own reality show.
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Re: The Star video (79,466) (79,467) by Andrew from London, UK
(Thursday 16 November 2017; 22:46)
Why? Were you in it?
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