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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Las Vegas (106,172) by Bill from the UK
I'll always love Mariah, but a grand total of 2 minutes of actual live vocals from a 2 hour show is appalling. Mariah fans love to mock J. Lo, but Mariah herself is no better. I think I'm finally done with her now. There's nothing more to say. Good luck y'all.
(Monday 15 April 2024; 09:03)
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Emojis (105,999) by Bill from the UK
Some unreliable rumour account on X posted an emoji of a butterfly along with a bunch of others, and apparently this now means Mariah is working with Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and others on a charity single similar to "Just Stand Up".

In other words, all you've missed out on is post after post of unsupported speculation following someone on the Internet posting a butterfly emoji.
(Sunday 17 March 2024; 07:44)
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Missing projects list (105,978) by Bill from the UK
Y'all that have been around know I love a list. So, let's gather up all her undelivered projects. Let me know if I've missed anything.

1. Angels Advocate
2. Someone's Ugly Daughter
3. The Butterfly Lounge
4. The Clark Sisters album/collaboration
5. The Rarities 2

Please Mariah, release something. We're withering away over here.
(Thursday 14 March 2024; 19:23)
New layout (105,918) by Bill from the UK
Is the discography not viewable on phones? If you've retired it, would you consider leaving it up as an archive somewhere? It was a gargantuan effort and somewhere I often visited, it'd be a shame if it went.
(Friday 8 March 2024; 22:14)
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Article: 15 Best female singers of all time (105,905) by Bill from the UK
This reads like it was written by an AI bot.
(Friday 8 March 2024; 18:36)
Photoshoot (105,904) by Bill from the UK
Maybe TEOM will be treated to some sort of anniversary package next year like Music Box?
(Friday 8 March 2024; 17:53)
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Mariah never lied or let anyone on (105,903) by Bill from the UK
The debut era is so underrated. Once you get past the production of the album, and focus on the live performances, her voice, and the interviews you realise it was untouchable. Her look and vibe was just everything. I watch The First Vision any chance I can get.
(Friday 8 March 2024; 17:52)
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New layout (105,902) by Bill from the UK
This new look is beautiful. Thank you.
(Friday 8 March 2024; 17:50)
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Yes, And? lyrics (105,539) by Bill from the UK
Self-love and empowerment are better found in lyrics like Hero, Through the Rain, My Saving Grace, Fly Like a Bird and so on. It's a shame the woman who wrote lyrics like those found on Outside, Butterfly, My All, Looking In and Petals now sings about riding a D.

I'll go back to playing Selfish on repeat all day.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 13:06)
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MV snippet (105,525) by Bill from the UK
Was it the instrumental?
(Saturday 17 February 2024; 23:53)
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MV snippet (105,506) by Bill from the UK
With you on the profanity Stacey, absolutely no need for it. It's in so many songs these days. I'm still not completely over Mariah telling me to "get the [censored] out". In other news, here's my play count:
Selfish - 400+
Yes And? remix - 1
(Saturday 17 February 2024; 13:31)
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Yes, and? (105,467) by Bill from the UK
What does it mean when I prefer the AI Selfish over a real Mariah song?
(Friday 16 February 2024; 08:49)
Music Box 30 (105,235) by Bill from the UK
My CD arrived Friday, the packaging is beautiful. There's a nice paragraph from Mariah about the album and its impact in the fold out digipak, the booklet has some beautiful pictures from the Dreamlover, AYNAF and Never Forget You photoshoots, plus some others from the era. Many pics I've never seen before. The CDs all sound fab, especially Proctor's Theatre.
(Saturday 3 February 2024; 17:11)
Look (105,222) by Bill from the UK
I agree. That outfit was hideous.
(Friday 2 February 2024; 18:23)
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Tacking on two Memoirs songs to MIAMTEC (105,194) by Bill from the UK
I would have added Triumphant and Almost Home personally.
(Wednesday 31 January 2024; 14:07)
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Next Friday (105,156) by Bill from the UK
The tracklisting for the CD and vinyl is the same as the digital versions. I am excited though to see what is in the liner notes/booklet and if there are any photographs from the era previously unreleased.
(Sunday 28 January 2024; 15:03)
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If you think (105,138) by Bill from the UK
The extreme end of the T+ community want children in kindergarten to be on puberty blockers and have their genitalia mutilated if they wake up one day and say they are the opposite sex. They can't smoke, drink, vote, marry, drive or have sex, but they can remove their appendages? You've exposed yourself as.someone else turning a blind eye to this problem under the guise of inclusivity. Are you sure you want to be posting in support of this radical, dangerous, mentally ill community? Again, wrong side of history Matty. But yes, back to Mariah.
(Saturday 27 January 2024; 22:34)
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Article: Mariah shows off physique in sparkling "swimwear" (105,127) by Bill from the UK
Lol, when did I put words in your mouth? I never said you said those things, I was talking in general about the extremities of the T+ movement.

Anyone who adopts a "live and let live" approach, when they don't extend anyone the same courtesy. Your exact words were "I just think that, like you, they just want to live their lives and be respected as human beings and be members of the community."

No human being I know advocates for the castration of children, those types are monsters. Anyone that supports that and believes that is how human beings behave is seriously not right in the head or soul.

You're on the wrong side of history here. But yes, scroll past.
(Saturday 27 January 2024; 18:44)
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Article: Mariah shows off physique in sparkling "swimwear" (105,110) by Bill from the UK
"Just let people live their own lives and mind your own business."

Everyone's on board with that, but the "T+" that got annexed on and now tars the "LGB" with the same brush, won't do that. Let's campaign to castrate children instead, and speak to 5 year olds about sex. It's wrong. Wake up to yourself.
(Friday 26 January 2024; 17:00)
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Article: Mariah shows off physique in sparkling "swimwear" (105,056) by Bill from the UK
Mariah is not at a weight that would cause her to be winded whilst walking. Come on. Even at her biggest, Mariah would never be considered overweight by any stretch of the imagination. Certainly not to the extent that she would be unable to breathe.

I've been thinking more and more about what Mariah's actual ailment is. I genuinely believe she perhaps has some form of auto immune disease, like Lupus or MS, but hasn't divulged it. It may be that it is being managed fine with specialist care, or not severe enough to warrant any public announcement, or she simply may not want to advertise it.

Purely speculating of course, but I do wonder. It's also something she, I think, has probably been dealing with for years.
(Tuesday 23 January 2024; 22:11)
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Duet with Michael Bolton (104,938) by Bill from the UK
Thanks for posting, great performance and her voice is just gorgeous. I love the debut era voice so much. It never sounded any better.

It's interesting that Michael refers to her as "Mariah" and not "Mariah Carey". I remember MC said in the beginning she wanted to be known as "Mariah", but that they felt it was too similar to Madonna, so she added her surname. I'm speculating, but maybe this was done before she added the "Carey". This was I think one of her first public performances.
(Sunday 14 January 2024; 17:07)
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Album ideas (104,901) by Bill from the UK
As it's been over half a decade since Mariah's last album, here are some ideas to help wile away the time.

*They Call the Wind Mariah*
A collection of jazz standards or jazz influenced numbers. The Wind from Emotions and studio versions of Lullaby of Birdland and Don't Explain could also feature. It would also have some Mariah-penned jazz numbers and some of the old torch songs of old. It'd suit her current voice well.

*Mariah Carey Presents... The Butterfly Lounge*
Her hits and some fan favourites re-worked a la the Late Night Valentine's version of We Belong Together. Also include The Roof with Brandy.

Caution's sequel or counterpart. A companion piece to Caution, with a lighter, brighter, more airy and free feel than the concise, precise, measured delivery of Caution.

*I Am Free* (Mariah Carey and the Clark Sisters)
Her long awaited gospel album. Much as The Price Sisters and Melanie should have got a credit on the Merry Christmas album for all they brought to the project, this would be a double-billed album as the Clark Sisters will feature on every song, on background and sharing the leads and working with MC on the vocal arrangements. Some new material and some of Mariah's gospel classics, like the title track, re-worked.

*And You Don't Remember*
Mariah's hidden gems from her old albums in a compilation. No hit singles allowed. This is the space for Vanishing, the title track, Till the End of Time, All I've Ever Wanted, Melt Away, Outside etc. to get their day in the sun. Plus a couple of new vault tracks because why not.

*Songs In the Key of MC*
As Andrew said, a new vibrant record with a party/E=MC2 vibe.
(Friday 12 January 2024; 14:14)
Missy Elliot (104,899) by Bill from the UK
Hmmm. Babydoll was a bit of snoozefest to be honest, with Mariah mumbling all the way through and the dated production. I'd rather she ditch the collabs and focus on constructing melodic, captivating songs like she did in the glory days.
(Friday 12 January 2024; 12:11)
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They Call the Wind Mariah (104,887) by Bill from the UK
A jazz album has long been on my wants list. It should be a mixture of the old classic torch songs, plus some Mariah-penned originals. I'd also include studio versions of Don't Explain, Lullaby of Birdland, Nevertheless, and the original The Wind from Emotions.

And on that note, I'd propose the title to be "They Call the Wind Mariah".
(Thursday 11 January 2024; 11:27)
MC30 (104,812) by Bill from the UK
Great picture Bobby. I said it before, but Mariah should self-finance and release her next album. Do away with a label, no one needs them anymore, especially an artist like Mariah. That way it can be her vision, her plan, her single choices etc. without any interference to her creativeness.
(Saturday 6 January 2024; 01:16)
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