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Happy forever 12 Edward (106,117) by Edward from USA
Stacey and Mimi L, thank you.
(Saturday 6 April 2024; 06:34)
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Happy forever 12 Edward (106,112) by Edward from USA
Thank you, TJ. I appreciate it.
(Friday 5 April 2024; 18:54)
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Stacey and Robert (105,585) by Edward from USA
It's just little break. I'm not leaving board.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 21:35)
Herd mentality (105,576) by Edward from USA
I do not follow the herd mentality. It's perfectly fine if 99 percent of people love the "Yes, And?" remix. I've always advocated for people expressing their opinions here, even if they differ from my own. I will respectfully express my views, even if they diverge from the prevailing consensus.

I think it's time for me to take a break from this board. Peace to all.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 17:29)
And yes, Mariah's sound (105,575) by Edward from USA
While you may not be a fashion expert, you still hold opinions on fashion, just as others may have opinions on medical matters. As I mentioned, these are simply opinions. While I might disagree with your opinion, I would never discourage you from expressing it.

One need not be an expert to recognize when Mariah doesn't look great in certain outfits, just as one need not be a doctor to sense when something is amiss health-wise with someone. Speculation is something we can all engage in, regardless of our expertise.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 17:14)
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Writing (105,574) by Edward from USA
I believe this is something Mariah should have pursued long ago, especially considering the lengthy gaps between her album releases. Given her talent and experience, she could have been an exceptional record producer/lyricist for other artists. I wonder why she never chose to explore this avenue.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 17:05)
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No, but (105,571) by Edward from USA
I wasn't fixated on the song's chart performance, my primary focus was Mariah matching Ariana's delivery. I didn't expect Mariah to overshadow Ariana or turn it into a vocal showdown, I just I simply hoped they'd harmonize well together.

Ariana didn't resing anything for the remix, much like how Mariah didn't resing anything for "Whenever You Call" with Brian McKnight. The ball was on Mariah's court, she had the opportunity to elevate the song with her input. A mere loud whistle or high note no longer suffices. Ariana's whistle notes seamlessly integrate into the song, whereas Mariah's feel less natural.

I'm hopeful that a proper collaboration between Mariah and Ariana on Mariah's next album will yield a timeless song akin to "When You Believe". Sorry if that's too much to ask.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 15:58)
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And yes, Mariah's sound (105,569) by Edward from USA
It's merely an opinion, akin to when you suggest certain outfits or styles for her to wear or not. You're not a fashion expert, just as I am not a doctor. However, we form our opinions based on what we observe. It's not as though Mariah is going to discard her wardrobe at the suggestion of one, or opt for surgical procedures at the suggestion of another.

Listening to the remix, it's apparent that there may be some significant issues with her voice. Whether we choose to gloss over it is a separate matter.

Considering we're discussing Mariah Carey here, the legend, hearing her on a remix sounding like this is quite perplexing to me, that's all. I now understand why she probably hasn't released new music in a such a long time.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 15:29)
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Let's get it to number one (105,561) by Edward from USA
Both versions of the song are considered as one for charting purposes, with only the most popular version being displayed on the charts. This was the case with the Big Energy Remix; while it certainly boosted the original track's visibility, it didn't surpass its popularity. Consequently, Mariah's version didn't appear on the charts. It's not that she wasn't credited, she was, but the version she was credited for wasn't the most popular one.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 01:52)
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And yes, Mariah's sound (105,559) by Edward from USA
I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. It's perplexing how even studio production couldn't conceal or refine her delivery on the "Yes, And?" remix. Your point about the microphone possibly capturing the true state of her voice makes sense. Considering this is the best she could come up with even with studio manipulations, it leaves me curious about the raw quality of her vocals. At this stage, when even her whistle register is lacking its usual brilliance, I believe it might be prudent for her to consider undergoing vocal nodule removal.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 01:43)
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Yes, And? lyrics (105,550) by Edward from USA
The good thing is that they usually release clean versions nowadays. In Mariah's defense though, she didn't write the cuss parts on the song.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 22:12)
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"Yes" (105,544) by Edward from USA
The remix of '"Yes, and?' was released when the original single was already losing traction, making its impact minimal. Moreover, the remix fails to elevate the essence of the original. In my humble opinion, ccllaborating on this remix was a huge mistake, she should've reserved such a collaboration for different a project. I understand that many enjoy the remix, but I find myself surprised to admit that in this case Ariana's vocals outshines Mariah's. While Ariana exudes smoothness and effortlessness, Mariah sounds like a dying cat, to the point where even her signature whistle notes sound off. Crucify me if you want to.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 18:16)
Not happy (105,461) by Edward from USA
It wouldn't be a remix, but a new completely song. Billboard remix rules changed more than a decade ago. This is the same song with some new vocals.
(Friday 16 February 2024; 05:24)
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Is that Mariah? (105,401) by Edward from USA
Mariah needs to break free from her comfort zone and embark on a journey of boldness and innovation. It's time for her own "Ray of Light" moment. The issue lies in the predictability of Mariah Carey's offerings. To truly make an impact, she must astonish the music scene with unexpected sounds and styles. Without this transformation, her next single/project may simply fade into obscurity.
(Wednesday 14 February 2024; 00:24)
Mariah shoudn't (105,389) by Edward from USA
"Yes, And?" has lost its spark. Despite debuting at #1, it swiftly tumbled to #17 in its following week, and now faces a further decline, with predictions forecasting a drop to #24. Marked by a red bullet on the charts, its streaming and play counts have sharply declined.

Its initial debut at the top position can be attributed to the strategy of releasing seven slightly different versions at a discounted price, coupled with the intense longing of Ariana's fans for new music, who streamed the song relentlessly.

Considering the song's current state, Mariah would be wise to avoid joining a remix of a track that has already lost its appeal. Instead, she should focus her efforts on being involved in a fresh project from its inception.
(Monday 12 February 2024; 22:58)
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Billboard Woman of the Year (105,333) by Edward from USA
Karol G is an AI Latina singer. Sometimes she goes by Karol P.
(Friday 9 February 2024; 18:09)
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Billboard Woman of the Year (105,324) by Edward from USA
They are also talking about Woman of the Year. Mariah hasn't done much in years. That's either Taylor or Beyonce.
(Thursday 8 February 2024; 16:11)
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Yes, And? (105,323) by Edward from USA
I don't blame Ariana, she's just playing the game. Mariah also played it like everybody else did back then, but things were different in terms of quality and value.

We had the Maxi Singles, The remixes that didn't resemble the originals, the discounted singles that were released when songs were at their peak in airplay.

Debuting at #1 was a rare feat, but now it doesn't mean much. Lil Nas X's Old Town Road trumped the One Sweet Day record by putting out many remixes that kept the song going.
(Thursday 8 February 2024; 15:34)
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Yes, And? (105,313) by Edward from USA
Ariana "Yes, and?" debuted at #1 but it has dropped to #17 and dropping on its second week and with a negative bullet. Do #1's mean anything anymore? When a song debuted a #1, it would hold its position for at least an extra week or it would stay in the top 5. Things have really changed.
(Wednesday 7 February 2024; 23:25)
The Celebration Of Mimi (105,293) by Edward from USA
Don't be a negative Nancy. There's going to be some new music this year. Mariah is looking stunning, that's not a coincidence. She's definitely getting ready for something big.
(Tuesday 6 February 2024; 17:38)
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Video (105,254) by Edward from USA
Mariah lying on a couch looking at the camera while singing the new song would be epic and new.
(Sunday 4 February 2024; 22:17)
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Don't hate the player, hate the game (105,199) by Edward from USA
Ariana Grande's "Yes, And" debuted at #1. Out of her 8 #1's, 6 of them have debuted at number one, she now has a tie with Taylor Swift. Drake is behind them with 5. I've been wondering why it is so easy to debut at number one these days, I dug a little and now I understand. Similarly to what they accused Mariah and others of doing back in the 90's with remixes and discounted singles, now the trend is releasing six or seven variation of the same song and discounting the variations. These songs are not remixes technically, but different variations. Besides the original they release longer versions, radio edits, sped up versions, instrumentals and the list goes on. Mariah was heavily critized for similar tactics back in the day, but I actually prefer a great quality remix even if it doesn't resemble the original than this new trend. I think it is kind of lazy. Billboard will eventually crack on these tactics, but maybe by then Ariana, Taylor and Drake will have already surpassed Mariah as the solo artist with the most #1 hits. I don't hate the players, they're just taking advantage of the rules of the game just like Mariah did, but I hate the fact that now a number one doesn't really mean anything. As for Ariana's "Yes, And", I love it. I've been working out to it, I thought she had lost it, but she still has the Midas touch Mariah used to have.
(Thursday 1 February 2024; 17:39)
Muni Long (105,175) by Edward from USA
Stacey, I think he's talking about Jeremy Mash, not Jermaine Dupri.
(Monday 29 January 2024; 21:12)
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Who is Caution about? (105,173) by Edward from USA
Different from what fans tend to do when Mariah has a fallen out with someone, I don't take away his credit. They made great music together, but what Mariah and Walter had was on a different level.
(Monday 29 January 2024; 20:22)
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Who is Caution about? (105,170) by Edward from USA
I don't think that's the case. Their parting of ways was due to a contract they signed before she was signed to Colombia. Mariah had agreed to split not only the songwriting royalties from the songs, but half of her earnings as well, something she never thought twice about while writing songs in his father's basement.

When the time came to write music for Emotions, Sony officials made it clear he would only be paid the fair amount given to co-writers on an album. Ben didn't like it and filed a lawsuit against Sony, claiming that under contract, he would be entitled to work with Carey, as well as reap extra benefits. A judge settled that Margulies was to earn ten percent of Carey's direct earnings from her record sales, not including an income from any other ventures, but at that point their relationship was ruined.

In an interview, back then, Mariah stated: "I signed blindly. Later, I tried to make it right so we could continue, but he wouldn't accept it."
(Monday 29 January 2024; 16:41)
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