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Re: Adele (98,982) (98,993) by B from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 22:25)
Adele reminds me of Celine Dion. In my opinion, 30 is more comparable to Let's Talk About Love which also lacks cohesion. Both contain two or three massive hits surrounded by filler. I'm obsessed with To Be Loved. It reminds me of a classic Carey ballad.
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Grammy snub in Spoken Word Album Category (98,992) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 21:24)
The Scammies strike again. Unbelievable. I've listened to the TMOMC audio book 3-4 times already. This particular snub in the Spoken Word Album Category is just abhorrent.
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Baby Please Come Home (98,991) by T from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 20:17)
In Mariah's recent interviews she says how she doesn't care for the original CBPCH. She made a new one with a new arrangement that will replace the original. I guess this is her way of finally erasing Walter and Sony from her catalog and sticking them by not having them get anymore coins by promoting it. It's a valuable song in her catalogue so I see why she wants to keep it going but if only she would honour the beautiful original version.
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Re: St John The Devine (98,985) (98,990) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 19:45)
"Remembering how natural she used to be, both vocally and in herself." Absolutely, that's the Mariah you could only love. Nobody could compare with her at that time. I will listen to the concert too. What a night at that church in NY. I miss the natural, carefree Mariah. Luckily we can watch it over and over again. Honestly I'm not in a Christmas mood right now (not because it's early, but because of the difficult time) but when I see Mariah at St. John The Devine, it does something to the heart. It's pure joy for the eyes and ears. MC at her best.
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Re: Adele (98,975) (98,989) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 01:29)
I think your review is spot on Edward. I got the album for my Mom as an early Christmas present and for me it felt very disjointed and discombobulated. Mom also prefers her other albums over 30. While we wait for Mariah's new Christmas special to drop, "Red" and "=" are the albums I've been playing over Adele. Not shade 30 just isn't my thing.
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Re: St John The Devine (98,987) (98,988) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 22 November 2021; 23:34)
Ok. Thank you. Another great concert where she sang effortlessly and at ease was MTV's Shining Through The Rain. That concert was MC at her best.
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Re: St John The Devine (98,986) (98,987) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 22 November 2021; 22:51)
Unfortunately no. Just YouTube.
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Re: St John The Devine (98,985) (98,986) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 22 November 2021; 22:42)
Is this one of the concerts available on iTunes?
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St John The Devine (98,985) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 22 November 2021; 22:25)
Just watching the concert and remembering how natural she used to be, both vocally and in herself. I feel now she gets caught up in how she looks and doesn't let herself go on stage as much.
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Re: Adele (98,982) (98,984) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 22 November 2021; 19:46)
I meant from a publicity/popularity standpoint. Daydream was Mariah's popularity and some would say, vocal peak. All I was saying was let her ride the crest of that wave because, as we all know, nothing lasts forever.
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Re: Adele (98,982) (98,983) by T from USA
(Monday 22 November 2021; 14:53)
If 30 is Daydream then I can't wait for her Butterfly to follow. Maybe she'll ask her bff Drake to collaborate on the first single.
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Re: Adele (98,972) (98,982) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 22 November 2021; 11:59)
Someone here likened this Adele's 30 album to Mariah's "Daydream" era. Lol how interesting. I was wondering why this go around, it was kinda a finished event about a week later and no one was talking about the album. I wasn't impressed with the new songs she sang at the performance special a few weeks ago, the songs just weren't memorable enough (something about a melody that sticks is everything) and none of the songs have that, at least the ones I have heard. "Easy on me" is no "Hello" which was a monster inescapable hit.
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Re: Adele? (98,979) (98,981) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 22 November 2021; 11:39)
I had too much wine and a box tissue this past weekend while listening to this sad album. I am done now.
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Re: Adele (98,975) (98,980) by D from USA
(Monday 22 November 2021; 03:17)
I love everything about Adele's new album "30". I have had it on repeat all weekend. My top tracks would be, "To Be Loved", "Can I Get It", "I Drink Wine" and "Oh My God".
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Adele? (98,979) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Monday 22 November 2021; 03:05)
Oh so this is an Adele message board now? Haha.
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Re: Adele (98,974) (98,978) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 23:48)
Spot on Billy. MC just may own 2022 with her release of multiple projects. I feel that we will get a gospel/inspirational album in the Spring, The Rarities Part 2/MC30 this summer and MC16 in the Fall. Maybe her projects were shot down by Jay Z and Roc Nation and that's why she chose to follow Melissa over to Range Media.
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Re: Adele (98,975) (98,977) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 23:40)
Great review Edward. She did say that she almost didn't release 30. You are probably right about another album will be released sooner than later. I think that 33 is right around the corner.
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Re: Adele (98,973) (98,976) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 18:55)
It's good to see two opposing reviews. I love her new music, but 19 is still my absolute fave Adele poject. On 30, I love the orchestration on Strangers song and the beat on My Little Love is everything. It's good stuff and I'm glad she is just being true to herself. Now I personally would love if she UT more rhythm and musical variance in some of her songs. But she is giving people something good from where she is. Her limelight will likely fade but at least she seems to be doing it for love not desperation or just income. Some artists, not necessarily Mariah, seem to do it for the later reasons.
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Re: Adele (98,972) (98,975) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 17:54)
To be honest, I got the album, listened to it, and I think the critics are right. The album is way different from 25. In my humble opinion, Aside from "Easy On Me", there's not another single material song in it. She could've been all about the divorce and stuff and still make some catchy tunes. The writing is on point, but the album as a whole sounds somewhat disjointed to me. She has her very own "Super Creepy" song on it.

As a concept album, I think it's great, but it's not an album you want to have on repeat. It's actually quite depressing. You start playing the first track, by the time you get to "Easy On Me", you get excited and keep on listening hoping for another similar track, but then you get to the end and start scratching your head with a "what the f**k" expression on your face. I don't think Adele will wait 5 years to release another album. As I said, the only single material on the album is "Easy On Me".
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Re: Adele (98,972) (98,974) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 17:42)
I streamed the album this morning and it's not terrible. In fact, I was quite surprised there were some songs with a bit of "oomf" to them, as usually it's all dreary rehashes of Someone Like You (Adele's We Belong Together). Her voice was a bit much towards the end though. The good thing about MC is her voice has so many facets her records are never uninteresting. No one can make an album with Petals and Bliss and Can't Take That Away and Heartbreaker. Just that one album has so many vocal styles and different vibes going on with it.
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Re: Adele (98,972) (98,973) by T from USA
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 14:21)
Ummm with a metacritic score of 91 Adele's 30 is not only the best critically reviewed album of the year, but also the best reviewed album of the last ten years. Every major publication from Rolling Stone to Billboard have praised it calling it her "best album yet". We would be so lucky if Mariah would come with something so honest, so raw. The last time she tried that was on MIAMTEC but the lyrics and her voice didn't connect with the general public. Of course she did want to push Thirsty after #Beautiful so what can we expect. I loved Caution for its simplicity and wish the public picked up on that album. I hope people are simply just not done with Mariah.
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Adele (98,972) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 13:17)
Critics are really panning Adele's 30 as a sappy self-indulgent pitiful me album all about her divorce. I am so glad that MC has never made an album like Adele's 30. I enjoyed her CBS special and loved hearing her sing some new songs along with her classics, however, 30 is not what I expected after six years recording a new album. I guess all we can do now is wait for MC to show the world why she is the G.O.A.T. Sorry Adele, you are rolling in the weep this time with 30.
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Everybody likes Mariah, but nobody wants to admit (98,971) by Joachim Agerup L√łkkevik from Norway
(Saturday 20 November 2021; 00:04)
Ok, hear me out, this is a fan biased theory, and my posts are usually really long, but this one I will keep short.

Since Mariah became a house hold name after "Without You", when she really captured the whole world for the first time, but then became a house hold punching bag pretty much since 1997, and at least since "Glitter", many people have her deap encaptured in their memories. I think most people in the ages 24-65 years, who experienced Mariah when she was heard all day on the radio for a decade straight, actually have an inate feeling of wanting her more.

People who grew up with Mariah on the radio, or had kids listening to her on the radio, will never forget her.

But it has become unpopular, bad taste, even tacky, to just like Mariah and her music. Most people listen to Mariah without nobody knowing, whilst others not only listen to her, but actually love her and even discuss Mariah on a Mariah-platform, you know, like us.

I have a theory that says that the reason AIWFCIY have become so popular, is because if it had been tasteful or cool to listen to Mariah year long, people would have done it, but it's not. So the only time the general public can really put on a song, sing on the top of their lungs, and just love Mariah, is during Christmas. Then they can, without a doubt and without shame, absolute love Mariah and her voice and love one of the greatest songs ever written. People can shamelessly love Mariah, it makes people happy (and no difference #1).

I have listened to "Merry Christmas" on LP this evening, have a lovely Mariah season everyone.
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Where Are You Christmas? (98,970) by T from USA
(Friday 19 November 2021; 02:48)
She talks in the new special with Zane about Christmas being lost or ruined for growing up. Wouldn't a transition to singing Where Are You Christmas in that gold dress just be what all the lambs would have wanted for Christmas? Three songs: BPCH, WAYC, and FILAC with an interview spliced up in between would have been great.
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Re: Kirk Franklin (98,966) (98,969) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 18 November 2021; 18:37)
In an audio clip, his son was disrespecting him. Kirk became upset and cussed him out. He said to his son: "Don't you ever disrespect me like that." This is a son from a previous relationship. Their relationship has been estranged because his son was primarily raised by his mother. Kirk apologized on social media. It is really no different with MC cutting off her siblings and not referring to them as her brother and sister. People have family issues everyday. I am going through something myself with my family not supporting because I am gay.
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