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Name: Rashidi Rahim Rick
Country: Malaysia
Every Moment I'm Alive Until The End Of Time.
Re: Best breakup album: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (100,878) (100,888) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Wednesday 3 August 2022; 01:35)
Mariah and Derek met again, after their break up, at Sean Diddy's birthday party in the end of 1998. The one where Mariah wore red dress. However, I read before that Mariah and Derek did meet again in a club in 2001 after Mariah's infamous breakdown. I guess that's where the inspiration for Lullaby came from.

"Hey boy, what's going on"
"Thanks I'm doing okay"
"Don't believe rumors hey"
"How's your family, please say hello for me"
"Guess we've both grown up a bit"
"But I have to admit"

I wonder why Mariah and Derek didn't pursue their relationship again after they met. It could have been a different adventure (or emancipation) for her album in 2002/2003.
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Re: #Butterfly25 (100,858) (100,874) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Monday 1 August 2022; 11:23)
What I wish for:
1. Last Chance (I always have a feeling that this song is for Butterfly album but she gave it away to Allure)
2. Honey live at Top Of The Pop on her YouTube channel.
3. Saturday Night Live performances of Butterfly and My All on her YouTube channel.
4. Butterfly live at David Letterman on her YouTube channel.
5. My All and Close My Eyes at Rosie Show on her YouTube channel.
6. Tokyo Dome 1998 concert on her YouTube channel.
7. Unreleased Butterfly tour concert.
8. Behind the scenes of all the music videos from Butterfly album.
9. Butterfly unplugged/acoustic intimate concert. Just Mariah and a piano/guitar. 5 to 7 songs from Butterfly album. Post it on her YouTube channel.
10. My All from Wango 1998 (the Hero performance was released before but very short, so definitely My All was recorded too)
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Reach For The Sky is Fly Like A Bird (100,833) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Tuesday 26 July 2022; 12:10)
We all heard about the song Reach For The Sky that never made it to the final cut of Charmbracelet. I read back in the day that Mariah said in an interview that Reach For The Sky is very soulful with orchestra music and live instrumentation in the same vein with Subtle Invitation and There Goes My Heart. So I always have a feeling that maybe, just maybe, Reach For The Sky is actually Fly Like A Bird. Mariah changed and reworked the lyrics. In the chorus, "fly like a bird, take to the sky" maybe the original lyrics is "fly like a bird, reach for the sky", something like that. Maybe I'm wrong. But who knows. I hope Mariah or someone from her team can adress it.
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Re: What sank Charmbracelet? (100,807) (100,815) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Monday 25 July 2022; 02:42)
This is my opinion on the reasons why the album sank:
1. The whisper vocals. This album is supposed to be her redemption album after the debacle Glitter era. Why on earth would she go for the whisper route. Just sing and showcase her voice on all the songs.
2. The belting is thin and filtered. Even though she belt certain songs on the album at the end of the songs (Through The Rain, My Saving Grace) but the belting had no ummph because it is so thin. She should do it like Circles, where it the vocals is raw and the belt is thick.
3. Wrong singles choices. She didn't have to go for ballad as first single. Nobody wants to hear a sad song as the opening song for your album. Make it happy and positive. Go for uptempo song, You Got Me. And make the video sweet and happy like at the basketball court where Mariah falls in love with the player. She was at the time wearing a Michael Jordan jersey where she turned it into a cute outift.
4. The album cover. It's so copycat of the Daydream cover, but with colors. She should pick the white dress where she lying down on the grass. It will grab attention.
5. The album title. Name the album as Sunflower.
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What if Hero was given to Gloria Estefan (100,459) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 10:22)
I'm just bored, so while listening to Music Box, I was thinking what if Hero was given to Gloria Estefan, what song would Sony or Tommy/Mariah would release as second single after Dreamlover? I would pick All I've Ever Wanted or Never Forget You. Imagine Mariah singing live for All I've Ever Wanted especially the bridge and the final chorus. Just wow. Maybe Everything Fades Away or Do You Think Of Me would be chosen to be included in the regular album version (because they lack one song after Hero was given out).
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Re: MC's catalogue (100,374) (100,381) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Thursday 2 June 2022; 01:36)
I think Mariah would never sell her music. I believe I read somewhere (either in her memoirs or in interviews) that she said about some company wanted to buy Alone In Love in the 80's to be featured in a movie soundtrack but she refused and said no. The best is to let Mariah's children to to inherit the catalogue and later passed on to their next generation. They don't have to work anymore, just milk the catalogue for movie soundtracks, jingles, remixes etc.
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Time Of Your Life (100,286) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Sunday 15 May 2022; 03:49)
She can just finish the song and release it now and I'm sure it will be a 2022 summer hit song. The concept video is just like her Big Energy Remix short promo where she was wearing a blue bikini in the pool. It won't cost much. Just her and her kids and Brian at the pool having the time of their lives. For the remix just get someone famous currently like Drake or even Latto or even Nicky Minaj.
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Re: Best album addition? (100,260) (100,263) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Wednesday 11 May 2022; 12:42)
Loverboy and Out Here On My Own from Rarities should have been in Glitter. Out Here On My Own would be the perfect ending song in the movie (replacing Never Too Far) and be the second single from Glitter. Imagine Mariah belting the last chorus in the final concert scene in the movie. The lyrics fit perfectly with Billie Frank's storyline where she was all on her own after Dice left, and the mother too. Loverboy and Out Here On My Own would be Mariah's 16th and 17th No 1 on Billboard charts.
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Re: I Don't and James Packer (100,232) (100,233) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Saturday 30 April 2022; 15:01)
The video is horrible too. The live performance at the Jimmy show was average and Mariah looked tired and nervous. The only good thing from that live performance was her red dress.
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"Big big energy baby when I close my eyes" (100,000) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Sunday 27 March 2022; 13:55)
Mariah is going to add that verse to the remix. Just kidding.

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Re: Concert ensemble (99,958) (99,960) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Monday 21 March 2022; 11:19)
In 2004, for the Charmbracelet concert here in Malaysia Mariah, she only wear one ensemble which is her pink Automatic Princess top and long pants. She was Curlyriah that night. 40,000 people, lambs or no lambs, came to the stadium that night. I was one of them.
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Re: Favourite ending (99,766) (99,767) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Thursday 24 February 2022; 01:19)
My ultimate favorite ending is My All live at Rosie 1997. The "tonight, tonight... aaiiteee". Even Rosie responded with "beautiful" together with claps from the audience. The final note sounded so sad yet hopeful.
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Re: Whenever You Call mysteries (99,710) (99,715) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Thursday 17 February 2022; 04:11)
Clarence is a white girl, not a cat. Mariah used to stay together with her in a small apartment, together with Josefin, in late 80's and early 90's. It was in a period of before a record deal and after she got signed. That's Clarissa. Confused. Hehe. Clarence is a cat.
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Re: And You Don't Remember (99,647) (99,662) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Monday 7 February 2022; 05:06)
I love this song. The fact that Mariah put this as the second song on the album must also mean she or Sony wanted this song or Can't Let Go for second single after Emotions. They even filmed a commercial in Japan using this song. Mariah said in her interview with Molly in 2005 (after the event Live 8 in London) that this song is one of her favorites from the album. I would prefer if this song be the third single after Can't Let Go instead of that If It's Over (too similar melody with Natural Woman). I always imagine Mariah singing either this song or Can't Let Go at the Grammy 1992.
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Re: Mariah cover songs (99,637) (99,640) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Saturday 5 February 2022; 15:34)
As for me, my favorite would be Out Here On My Own. Perfect vocals; raw and expressive. I wonder why Mariah didn't include the song in either Chatmbracelet or The Emancipation of Mimi. It could be a hit.
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Whitney Mariah and Celine at the Oscars 1999 (99,590) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Tuesday 1 February 2022; 14:59)
While now we're talking about Mariah and Celine, I just observed that, correct me if I'm wrong, the only time that the vocal trinity happened to be at the same time same place together was at the Academy Awards 1999. Just imagined if the producers wanted the vocal trinity to perform for the In Memoriam segment singing song as a tribute for the legends who passed away.
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Release hot uptempo single for the summer 2022! (99,537) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Wednesday 26 January 2022; 03:46)
Mariah needs to bring back the glory era of her hot uptempo leading singles; Dreamlover, Fantasy, Honey, Heartbreaker, Loverboy, It's Like That, Touch My Body, Obsessed and #Beautiful. All those songs top the charts. Even Obsessed was number 7 and gone platinum and Loverboy was number 2 and went on to become the best selling single in 2001. It's Like That and #Beautiful were top 20 song. It's Like That was number 16 and it opened up doors for her comeback album in 2005. #Beautiful was number 15. Even I Know What You Want went to number 3. The public loves Mariah's uptempo songs. Enough with all the beat-ballad as the leading single; You're Mine, Infinity, I Don't and With You/GTFO. Just imagine Thirsty or You Don't Know What To Do as the leading single in 2014 with the video setting of You're Mine. Or, just imagine A No No as the leading single for Caution era with the video setting of With You (but with colored version instead of black and white). I'm sure at least those songs would reach top 20 on the charts. The fate of those two eras in 2014 and 2018 would turned out differently. Ok bye.
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Re: Album re-release (99,507) (99,510) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Sunday 23 January 2022; 15:13)
I always thought Last Chance and Head Over Heels were originally and left overs from Butterfly. Then she changed her mind and gave it to Allure.
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Say Something and I Wish You Knew (or Mine Again) (99,463) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 10:22)
We all know the story that Mariah and Jermaine collaborated at the last minute for the Mimi era in 2005. Meaning that It's Like That, Get Your Number, Shake It Off and We Belong Together would not be in the original tracklist for the comeback album in 2005. The original plan was to release Say Something as the leading single. As you all know that the pattern for second single would always be a ballad. So I always wonder whether Mariah would pick I Wish You Knew or Mine Again as the second single. I would think Mariah would pick I Wish You Knew. Will I Wish You Knew be as big as We Belong Together topping the charts for 14 weeks? Only God knows. Mariah said in her Japan interview "I almost named this album Joy Ride" so I guess that's the initial album title but then she changed it to The Emancipation of Mimi after she collaborated with Jermaine and recorded It's Like That.
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Re: Original title for Somewhat Loved? (99,449) (99,453) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Monday 17 January 2022; 12:03)
I would prefer if Somewhat Loved and Runway be included in the standard tracklisting for Caution album so that the total songs would be 12 songs. I found it weird that Caution album only had 10 songs.
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My All featuring Khalid? (99,410) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Wednesday 12 January 2022; 04:22)
Fans have been speculating that Brandy would be the featured singer for either Babydoll or The Roof. But I always wondering whether Khalid would be the one for My All, considering the song they did (Fall In Love At Christmas) is very melodically similar to My All and with all the acoustic spanish guitar type of song.
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We're Not Making Love Anymore (99,402) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Sunday 9 January 2022; 07:22)
What if during MTV Unplugged, instead of doing I'll Be There with Trey, Mariah invited Michael Bolton to sing We're Not Making Love Anymore. Will the song reach number one like I'll Be There? Michael at the time was also under Columbia and they were supposed to do a duet for that song for Mariah's Emotions album but we all know that didn't happen.
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1990-2000, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2019-2022 (99,313) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Wednesday 29 December 2021; 02:46)
Mariah Carey has topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 18 years. She is truly the queen of Billboard. Too bad that #Beautiful (2013) and A No No (2019) were not promoted enough to top the charts. Those two singles, the only recent singles by Mariah after 2010 onward, are worth to be on the top, in my opinion.
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Re: AIWFCIY #1 this year? (99,225) (99,237) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 03:31)
All I Want For Christmas reached to number one spot this week on Billboard Hot 100 dated 25th December. For your information and to others who doesn't know, this number one is for tracking between 10th December (Friday) until 16th December (Thursday). It means Mariah has another chance to be at number one for another week for tracking between 17th December (Friday) until 23rd December (Thursday) because that is the week of Christmas and everyone would be blasting to Christmas music only. So get ready for another week at number one.
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Release the color version of music video (99,206) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 14:48)
Mariah and her team needs to release the color version of the alternative 60's music video of All I Want For Christmas Is You. I just seen the interview of Mariah on the set of that music video on Ukmix and Mariah looks so radiant and beautiful with the red short dress and the bangs.
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