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Name: Chicago Lamb
Country: USA
Mariah fanatic since 1990!
Article: The number ones: Mariah Carey's "I'll Be There" (99,454) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 17 January 2022; 12:40)
He missed the fact that "I'll be there" was the only #1 hit from the MTV Unplugged show's history.
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Article: Mariah Carey announces her first children's book (99,415) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Thursday 13 January 2022; 14:11)
I think the timing here is impeccable. I can't wait!
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Article: Mariah Carey's annual Christmas cash in ends (99,350) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Sunday 2 January 2022; 13:45)
This guy sounds like a grinch, no?
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Don't Look Up (99,309) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 28 December 2021; 14:09)
Star studded cast of "Don't look Up", includes a portrait cameo of Mariah, pictured with Meryl Streep. Streep plays president of the United States fighting to save Earth from impending doom as a comet hurls toward Earth. The picture of Mariah and said president sits upon the Oval Office desk.
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Article: The number ones: Mariah Carey's "Emotions" (99,231) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 20 December 2021; 15:00)
This column is an absolute must read for old lambs, new lambs, and aspiring lambs alike. I'll keep saying it with every MC installment. Young Mariah wanted to be a radio artist. She wanted to hear her songs on the radio. Never did she imagine the blockbuster success she'd accomplish.
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Re: Change (99,145) (99,151) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 14 December 2021; 13:38)
I think 2-3 very minor rhinoplasties have had an impact on her tone to some extent. But Jamie, I agree that her technical approach changed from album to album, opting for yes, a more relaxed delivery leading all the way to Rainbow.
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Re: Christmas BPCH (Magic Continues) (99,044) (99,047) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 6 December 2021; 04:06)
You guys are looking at "The Magic Continues" wrong. Think of it as a promo for FILAC. That's one hell of a platform to promote a new song, don't you think? And don't be surprised if Mariah shows up every year on Apple+ or an equivalent to promote a new song. Star power. BPCH wasn't bad at all with the band and production. Ya'll need to stop obsessing over her tone. Happy holidays everyone!
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The #1's MC's "Someday" (99,018) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 30 November 2021; 02:48)
Webmaster: It seems you inadvertently skipped over Stereogum's "Someday" inclusion. Here you go for all to enjoy!
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Grammy snub in Spoken Word Album Category (98,992) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 21:24)
The Scammies strike again. Unbelievable. I've listened to the TMOMC audio book 3-4 times already. This particular snub in the Spoken Word Album Category is just abhorrent.
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Re: LM Tea (98,803) (98,804) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Saturday 30 October 2021; 13:35)
Norman, are you Norman from the Wendy Show?
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Article: The Number Ones: Mariah Carey's "Love Takes Time" (98,801) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 25 October 2021; 13:59)
I love this guy's deep appreciation for the work and Mariah's craft. The history tid-bits make his Hot 100 column a compelling read. I couldn't imagine a better way to re-visit the nostalgia from a time I became locked-in as a huge lamb.
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For webmaster (98,699) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 4 October 2021; 15:26)
I was unable to connect to the website for a few days. I thought MCArchives was done. The web browser said "unable to connect to MCArchives". Other browsers failed to connect also. Was the site down or was it something on my end? [Webmaster: There were problems with the root SSL certificate. This has been fixed this morning.]
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The Meaning of MC audio book (98,634) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 20 September 2021; 14:15)
Does anyone here enjoy listening to the audio book of TMOMC as much as me? It's great on a plane where I've listened through it at least 3 times now. With each listen I get something new. For example, she's really warm when it comes to Brenda K. Star. What an honor to be a part of Mariah's legacy. Anyway, Mariah's soothing voice is great, even when I dose off for a nap. It's like listening to your favorite album over and over.
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Re: Music Box tour footage NYC (98,565) (98,566) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 31 August 2021; 13:55)
As a young music consumer in the 90's I, like legions of fans, had to hear Mariah sing everything and anything. So when re-recorded remixes were released, live performances were VHS'd, I collected and collected. I probably own 250+ Mariah releases on CD/vinyl. Thirty years into her career, the collectable and "Have to Hear" moments aren't as abundant. That's what makes this concert footage so special. Takes me back to a time when her voice was high, powerful and pristine. Normally I won't listen to a whole bootleg concert, but this was irresistible.
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The Meaning of Mariah audio book error (98,293) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 28 June 2021; 15:04)
So, I'm listening to the audio book for the 2nd time and I noticed an error. Mariah talks about her #1 song [I'll be there], but refers to it as her "5th #1", which as any good lamb knows it's her 6th. Has anyone else noticed if the book mirrors the same error? How could Mariah herself have made such a mistake?
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Re: New material (97,939) (97,941) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 13:48)
I don't mind Andrew's presence here. He's entertaining, fun to read and ultimately should be taken with a grain of salt. Don't like nastiness? Don't engage it. Only want positivity? Don't read his posts. However, he shouldn't be allowed to wield threats to Eric or anyone else on the board. So it's a balancing act our awesome WebMaster has had to undertake.
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Re: Something's up (97,912) (97,914) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Sunday 2 May 2021; 14:00)
We learned very early this year that Mariah signed a huge deal in partnership with AppleTV for a Christmas special and a nice big budget. Lambs to be fed quite nicely this holiday season.
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Re: The Rarities 2 - CD2 (97,711) (97,715) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 30 March 2021; 12:44)
"Hark The Herald Angels Sing" from Good Morning America circa 1992, perhaps could be a bonus. This is one of my top favorite live vocal performances of all time. I think its Eric's too, our webmaster.
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Mariah on Oprah 1997 (97,548) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Saturday 6 March 2021; 01:12)
She performs Hero and Butterfly. Also discusses separation from Tommy, living at Sing Sing, relationship with her mother, Patricia. Good and early reference to some material from TMOMC.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,442) (97,458) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 23 February 2021; 13:52)
If I did a list, Caution would be definitely top 10, maybe top 5. I still love it.
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Re: Cool On You (97,309) (97,310) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Saturday 6 February 2021; 13:47)
I absolutely love "Cool On You". What don't you like about "Mesmerized"? That's another I keep on repeat with its disco/BeeGee's arrangement. I also love "Lullaby of Birdland". Anything new that Mariah sings gets my attention. I know everyone is crazy for "Everything Fades Away", "Do you Think of Me", and "Slipping Away". But I am a legacy Lamb and wore those out long ago when they came out originally. I had the Dreamlover single on cassette back in '93. So, I skip them now.
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QuestLove Supreme interview pt. 2 (97,133) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Friday 15 January 2021; 15:01)
More debut, SingSing etc. I'm not through listening yet but here you go.
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QuestLove Supreme interview Pt. 1 (97,121) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Wednesday 13 January 2021; 14:21)
Awesome interview during this podcast and lots of great tidbits. Caution, debut, Walter, etc.
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Re: Cosmetic surgery (97,073) (97,075) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Friday 1 January 2021; 15:45)
I feel like her nose has been played with. Sometimes I think it's her makeup a'la sharp high-lighting and other times the tip looks to be augmented. There's a non invasive procedure she may have done. There are definitely fillers in her upper-cheeks. She still looks great and the fact that we can't pin point it, is testament to that. She's had cool sculpting or something akin to it in her mid section. A girl has got to stay youthful looking. Happy New Year to all.
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Article: Mariah Carey's "Christmas" back atop Hot 100 (97,048) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Tuesday 29 December 2020; 13:50)
Re: the last paragraph here. Did I read correctly on twitter that Taylor Swift's single was put on sale for .49c and that was how she was able to claim the top spot? I suppose if it were a tactic used by Mariah's label to nab the #1 spot for a week, we'd all be cheering. Happy 2021 everyone!
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