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About Stacey from USA: Been a fan since 1993. Favorite albums include Daydream, TEOM, and Music Box. I love a good discussion, but won't stand for hateful comments because we disagree. Ok? I'm too old to deal with drama and so are you. Keep it real with me and we'll have some fun. Peace.

Top five rap verses on a MC song (106,637) by Stacey from USA
You Don't Know What To Do

I even like the "Here we go now... what" lines at the end of It's Like That. I tend to stay away from rap centered remixes and/or album cuts. But these are so good, even I have to give them their due.
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 07:18)
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Favorite MC remixes (106,634) by Stacey from USA
Ahh yes, love me a list. I remember my oldest sister gave me an ABMB remix CD-5 for my birthday in 1996. It was the first time I heard the ABMB remix with Xscape and Da Brat. I had no idea Mariah remixed songs as much as she did. It was like discovering a whole new world. I definitely prefer her club versions to her slower R&B ones. Here's my list of favs in no particular order:

1. Dreamlover (Morales Club Mix Edit)
2. ATYNAF (C&C Radio Edit)
3. Joy To The World (Celebration Mix Edit)
4. Fantasy (Bad Boy Mix) & (Club Radio Edit)
5. ABMB (Mr. Dupri Mix) & (Def Classic Radio)
6. Honey (Classic Mix)
7. Butterfly (Meme Club Radio)
8. My All/Stay Awhile (No rap)
9. I Still Believe (Classic Club Mix Edit)
10. Shake It Off (Unofficial Morales Remix)*

*Sounds legit but I can't find it on any official CD release.
(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 23:30)
Portrait late at night (106,557) by Stacey from USA
Great minds think alike. Those are my favs off Caution too.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 19:36)
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Adressed to Infinity haters (106,360) by Stacey from USA
I'm glad people like Infinity. For me? It's a hard no. Ugh.
(Tuesday 7 May 2024; 03:54)
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Autocue (106,341) by Stacey from USA
Welcome back, my friend. It's so funny. No she doesn't have Alzheimer's. Good grief. I was watching some videos teachers at my school made for incoming students. No script. Enough said, lol. If I were Mariah, I'd have a script too.
(Friday 3 May 2024; 22:08)
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More Taylor (106,315) by Stacey from USA
Eddie and Chris, thank you for being the voice of reason.
(Monday 29 April 2024; 07:30)
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Happy forever 12 Edward (106,115) by Stacey from USA
Happiest of days to you. I hope you are well.
(Friday 5 April 2024; 23:15)
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The elephant in the room (106,114) by Stacey from USA
MC's collabs with Diddy have stood the test of time. I don't think anyone can touch the Fantasy remix with ODB no matter what happens with Diddy. That song singlehandedly changed the music scene in the 1990s. Same goes for Honey, debuts at #1 just like Fantasy. Nothing can touch those songs.
(Friday 5 April 2024; 23:14)
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New photos (106,059) by Stacey from USA
And her "girls" are covered up. I hate to say it but it's nice when she wears clothes that don't give away the farm.
(Friday 29 March 2024; 03:39)
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Funny story, Mariah related (106,016) by Stacey from USA
Last weekend I was visiting my mom and my sister. She came with her two kids (11, 10). Her kids were asking for something and she kept saying no. It made me think of Mariah's song A No No. I played the song and she commented, "Hey that's a great beat." I said you should play this song whenever your kids ask for something, lol. I made her a short ringtone. It got me to listening to more from Caution. While it's not my favorite, it definitely has those amazing arrangements, chords that just sound different yet so fresh. Giving Me Life, Portrait, and Caution are amazing songs.
(Thursday 21 March 2024; 02:47)
Caution and Eternal Sunshine (105,967) by Stacey from USA
I had the same problem, lol. Nice, new look. Thanks, Eric.
(Wednesday 13 March 2024; 06:16)
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Top of the Pops (pun intended) (105,862) by Stacey from USA
All I Live For. Oh man that has 1990s written all over it. And I'm totally on board with that song.
(Tuesday 5 March 2024; 02:19)
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Daydream is now Mariah's biggest album (105,841) by Stacey from USA
It's been a busy week. I was so excited to hear the news. Daydream is such a beautiful album. I can listen to every song. No fillers.
(Saturday 2 March 2024; 03:38)
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I hope Mariah never releases anything anymore (105,739) by Stacey from USA
Same. There's a reason why LA Reid is a successful record exec. ILT, SIO, and WBT are hawt. Radio hadn't been kind to MC for years since Rainbow. But when TOEM was released, radio had to play it (aka WBT.) That song is so good, radio was forced to play it. MC can strike gold again. Just put out good music and promote it.
(Sunday 25 February 2024; 04:15)
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I hope Mariah never releases anything anymore (105,733) by Stacey from USA
Rumor has it MC wanted to sing WBT with whisper vocals and JD insisted on full voice vocals. Can you imagine that song as a whisper track? Perish the thought. Yikes. MC is a masterpiece. But like all of us isn't perfect. Even the greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan, said all the shots he missed made him better. I mean, the guy was cut from his high school basketball team. I'll always advocate MC keep realists on her team, people not afraid to say no to Mariah. Shoot, Celine didn't want to sing My Heart Will Go On and ultimately gave in and did it. Good decision, don't ya think?
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 23:23)
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General public or bad decisions (105,731) by Stacey from USA
I've visited Vancouver. It's been a hot minute though, 1990, lol. It was beautiful. We visited Vancouver Island, stayed in a town called Nanaimo. Traveled over to the Canadian Rockies, visited Lake Louise, down to Calgary, and into Montana to see Glacier National Park. My dad loved to travel. Beautiful country.
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 23:12)
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Jazz (105,721) by Stacey from USA
I hope so. Songs like Lullaby of Birdland and Nevertheless fit her current voice so well.
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 17:55)
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I hope Mariah never releases anything anymore (105,720) by Stacey from USA
Brilliant response.
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 17:52)
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I hope Mariah never releases anything anymore (105,702) by Stacey from USA
Like I said in an earlier post, I could care less what another person thinks about me. Their opinions do not define what kind of fan I am. I decide that. My 30 years of loyalty decide that.
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 00:49)
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This is what we asked for (105,656) by Stacey from USA
Because she's always chosen charts and hits above anything else? Clearly you've conveniently forgotten I Don't, Crapfinity, Save the Day, etc. Oh wait, those don't count. They were buzz singles. Sorry, my bad.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 05:50)
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SNL (105,655) by Stacey from USA
Mad here? That depends. It depends on if the collaboration steers toward the WAP Cardi B with MC running around in a bathing suit once again. No thanks. That's so beneath Mariah's legend status. Now I'd it's a fun bop aka Fantasy, Heartbreaker, Crybaby, etc then yeah, I'm all for it.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 02:02)
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I don't understand peoole from this board (105,654) by Stacey from USA
It's why I don't take anything said here too seriously. At the end of the day I have been an MC fan for 30 years. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I'll always love her music. Saved me on many occasions. Carey on.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 01:59)
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This is what we asked for (105,653) by Stacey from USA
And add her take on Nevertheless (I'm in love with you). Now that music is timeless.

I like Yes And. Do I think it has the same magic, wow factor that a Jay-Z collab did with Heartbreaker? No. But I ain't mad at it. It's a huge step up from I Don't, Save the Day, etc.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 01:57)
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Stacey and Robert (105,594) by Stacey from USA
I get it. I take my breaks too, just unannounced. I miss Stephen's posts. Remember him. Anyway, for me coming here is a break from madness that is life as a wife, working mom of three. I enjoy the banter then go back to that craziness as those peeps are most important to me. I don't take anything here too seriously or remember what happened six months ago. It ain't that deep. Carey on.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 01:14)
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Herd mentality (105,580) by Stacey from USA
No. Come back.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 20:12)
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