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Country: USA
Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,928) (100,930) by T from USA
(Monday 8 August 2022; 00:22)
Janet would've been nixed if Madonna had any say. I guess we can once and for all rule out a collaboration between Beyonce and MC. It's too bad but I think during E=MC2 a song would've hit #1 (Migrate ft. Beyonce & T-Pain).
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Re: Just one more time with Walter A. (100,761) (100,770) by T from USA
(Tuesday 19 July 2022; 15:03)
I would say that you are right. Professionally those two are among the greatest songwriting duos the business has ever seen. I'm not sure Mariah would be confident enough with her voice at the moment however. I know she says it has repaired greatly but you have to remember that Walter last played with her when she recorded Lead The Way.
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Re: You and I (100,663) (100,664) by T from USA
(Wednesday 6 July 2022; 14:17)
Mariah's consistent vocal decline started during the Adventures of Mimi tour. I went to two separate shows and neither of them were particularly good vocal wise. I was so let down. I wasn't surprised when E=MC2 didn't have big vocals and the start of her using auto tune on songs which continued to now. It's almost like she gave every last bit of voice she had to record and promote TEOM. I'm so glad it paid off for her, even if it cost her the most precious thing in the world.
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BET Awards (100,535) by T from USA
(Monday 20 June 2022; 17:18)
I'm already seeing rumors on twitter and other places that Mariah may perform at this years awards. Honestly, can people just stop speculating. Mariah will not be performing, she will not even be attending. This is how a lot of fans get let down. We will not see Mariah again in a promotional vein until Christmas. Let it go.
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,528) (100,533) by T from USA
(Monday 20 June 2022; 01:45)
You have to admit, she came close.
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Expectations vs reality (100,523) by T from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 14:15)
I think what we're all struggling with is what we expect and what we get. And lots of that has to do with Mariah herself. I mean, in many of those Christmas interviews just six months ago she would say that she has her E=MC2 trainer Patricia back living with her. I know I know, that doesn't mean anything but Mariah must know the link the fans will make. The last time she worked with Patricia was right before Touch My Body. It's natural to assume that she would get back into shape with that comment. Then there's all the talk about the voice and being so inspired. Linking her time out of the spotlight like the time she took to write and record Butterfly. Now we here there's no album in sight. We expect Mariah to have a Beyonce career, in reality we are getting something like Anna Nicole Smith.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,501) (100,505) by T from USA
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 13:40)
I think it's becoming apparent why Tommy controlled her so heavily. He didn't do it with Thalia. Of course their personalities clashed. But he had to go overboard to reign her in unfortunately. As one gets older their mental health issues get worse as well. She was probably a lot more manageable in her twenties. We were fortunate to get the work she did all those years because I don't see a lot coming out in the future. I mean, if she was completely healthy I'm sure we would've gotten at least an album every two years all through this decade. That's just who she is, a hard worker. But there is a lot stopping her from completing anything now. I still wish she would just stick to her plans and release something, whether it be SUD, or BL or even her version of Where Are You Christmas.
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Re: Michael Buble (100,471) (100,497) by T from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 23:52)
There is nothing wrong with being a legacy act, it signifies that you've actually accomplished something worthwhile to fall back on. I think that's what L.A. Reid meant for her when she resigned with Sony in 2015. However she wasn't ready for that yet and decided that she wanted to make a current sounding album. Which she did under [Roc Nation] in 2018. Maybe the sales for Caution woke her up into realizing that. I'm just wondering why she didn't pull out all the stops like the old Mariah and fight to get Caution heard. If only to prove all the naysayers wrong. She did give up on it quite fast and thus resulted in her being seen like a legacy artist who was trying to stay current. Instead of a current recording artist releasing their new project. Look at Beyonce, nobody ever questions her new releases or asks her to only sing Halo from now on. If Mariah has decided to go down the legacy/Christmas route then I wish her well. I do wonder what would've happened if she went along with LA Reid back in 2015 and embraced her legacy, skipped the Stella era, would she be taken even more seriously? Then again we wouldn't have Caution if that was the case.
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Re: Collaborations (100,451) (100,461) by T from USA
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 14:17)
With all due respect it's not the lambs living in fantasy land, it's Mariah herself. She's the one covering [Always be my baby] and [Close my eyes] in 2020. She's the one who constantly claimed the pandemic restored her old voice. She's the one living in the past, or as you put it in fantasy land. She's always trying to remind us of what was and lead us to believe that more is on the way. Those six years that everyone alludes to, the peak years, had three elements: the voice, Walter A, and Tommy Mottola. None of which are present anymore. But let's not get it twisted. Those six years were probably the best six years any artist in the history of recorded music has ever had. If Mariah wants to go current and make music for the teens she has one more chance, after that I foresee jazz and gospel albums in her future.
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Re: Collaborations (100,445) (100,446) by T from USA
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 01:43)
I agree but LA Reid told her seven years ago in 2015 that he believes Mariah is no longer viable on the charts. So I doubt she'll ever get a proper deal or industry leader helping guide her again. She calls it the corporate morgue for a reason. This year we are only getting Christmas stuff, just like last. It's the last thing she has and lucky she does. Tommy was a genius. My only complaint is a young artist, Latto believed in Mariah so much that she let her share her song with her. And Mariah squandered it all away by acting like it was no big deal. It might reveal itself to be the last chance she had to do anything meaningful on the charts.
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Re: Did Mariah ever work with The Matrix? (100,418) (100,419) by T from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 01:17)
I would love a Rarities part 2 with songs that we had no clue even existed.
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I think her voice is shot (100,413) by T from USA
(Wednesday 8 June 2022; 13:57)
I hear fans complaining about no new album this year. And how there seems to be two Mariah's. The one who's bubbly and fun and the other who showed up at that Twitter spaces. We should all remember that she is bi-polar and you never know what mood she could be in at any given time. Look, as for the album, the old Mariah in good voice back in the 1990's could release an album every year. She could sing the phone book if she wanted to. Now it takes her a lot longer to get it all together. My only concern is that she bragged how the two year pandemic made her voice stronger. So why didn't she record then? Like the old days. I'm worried that by the time she does her voice won't be as great again. Then again, maybe she just said her voice has healed but with no actual proof we are only left to speculate.
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Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,412) by T from USA
(Wednesday 8 June 2022; 13:26)
Last night she confirmed that there is no new surprise album about to be released. She said Lee Daniels is doing a show based on her memoir. I guess there won't be an album until next year but we can expect some good Christmas stuff this year.
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Re: Just an opinion AIWFCIY (100,399) (100,405) by T from USA
(Monday 6 June 2022; 13:57)
I apologize. I didn't hear the Andy one or know that Kelly covered it. As soon as I heard about the lawsuit I googled All I Want For Christmas Is You by Doug Stone and after hearing it I saw similarities and just thought it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities that Tommy had Mariah take that song from her label mate and make it a million times better. He's not the most honest record person in the world. That's all I'm saying.
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Doug Stone or Andy Stone? (100,398) by T from USA
(Monday 6 June 2022; 02:44)
I read articles that it was a song from Andy Stone in 1989 but I can't find it anywhere. I do see a Doug Stone titled song called All I Want For Christmas Is You 1992 which does have a ton of the same themes as Mariah's song ends up having. Even the way he sings the last line of the chorus is similar to how Mariah ends up doing it. But Doug Stone isn't even the one suing her. Who is Andy Stone?
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Just an opinion AIWFCIY (100,392) by T from USA
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 16:19)
I heard Doug Stone's 1992 song All I Want For Christmas Is You. And I have to say I could see how a gifted lyricist like Mariah could take it and make it a million times more relatable. The guy released the song on Columbia Nashville records, is it so hard to believe that Tommy having access to it, stole it and gave it to Mariah after convincing her to do a Christmas song in the first place? He is the same man that a few years later did that exact same thing in regards to Loverboy. And we blame JLo with little to no proof. Tommy took the whole concept right down to the Firecracker sample. Mariah may not have even been aware of his dirty dealings back in 1994. I hope she wasn't.
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Re: Why does the Billboard article credit Mariah on BE? (100,245) (100,249) by T from USA
(Saturday 7 May 2022; 04:26)
Mariah should totally be credited on BER. Her original is so instrumental in the asking of the song in the first place, plus the fact that the remix is the reason imo that it even went top 5 at all, seeing how the sales skyrocketed after the remix came out. Mariah always seems to have to work overtime to allow people to see her genius.
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Re: Ironic (100,244) (100,248) by T from USA
(Saturday 7 May 2022; 04:21)
Thanks Matty. I only want the best for MC. Always and forever.
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,238) (100,240) by T from USA
(Wednesday 4 May 2022; 03:27)
It was a serious question. I always thought she wrote [...]. I was just wondering why on her official YouTube channel which she approves I'm assuming, every song lists her as a writer. Except [...]. And it's not an oversight as there is about six other names under lyric writers. Just not hers.
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,228) (100,229) by T from USA
(Friday 29 April 2022; 17:53)
I do. I care.
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,227) (100,228) by T from USA
(Friday 29 April 2022; 14:40)
On YouTube, which is taken right from her official page, it says "lyricists" but it has everyone's name but hers. [Webmaster: Who cares?]
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,223) (100,224) by T from USA
(Thursday 28 April 2022; 13:50)
I see that. But why on her official YouTube channel it lists four different writers but none are her? Does her management upload the videos or Sony? Either way, with millions of views on the video it gives the impression to anyone who checks that she didn't write it at all. I always assumed she was the sole writer, but now I'm not so sure.
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Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,222) by T from USA
(Wednesday 27 April 2022; 20:08)
I was on her official YouTube upload for [The Roof (back in time)], and when I click the more info arrow it gives all the songs credits including all the writers but Mariah's name is nowhere to be found. Am I missing something?
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Giving Me Life feat Brandy (100,220) by T from USA
(Tuesday 26 April 2022; 22:23)
After hearing how Brandy elevated The Roof just simply with her background vocals it made me wonder what could've happened if Mariah got her to do backgrounds on Giving Me Life for the Caution album. It would have taken an already stellar song to the next level.
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Re: Mariah credited in UK and Oz (100,187) (100,188) by T from USA
(Saturday 16 April 2022; 14:09)
The original has already passed the remix on sales. That means it is ahead in sales, streams and radio airplay. There is virtually no chance she will get the credit now on Billboard. The label should have pushed harder two weeks ago.
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