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Country: USA
MC diamond edition (99,016) by T from USA
(Monday 29 November 2021; 19:59)
Wouldn't it be cool for a release of a diamond edition of Merry Christmas? It could include Fall In Love At Christmas, Where Are You Christmas and a few new songs. I think she's at the point now that she could group all her original songs onto one disc, and of course an additional disc with all her Christmas covers (for the traditionalists). Who else would love a double disc MC diamond edition album?
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Re: Mariah and BTS (99,008) (99,015) by T from USA
(Monday 29 November 2021; 19:16)
Yes. Two songs and an interview.
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I hope she fully signs to RCA (99,007) by T from USA
(Saturday 27 November 2021; 17:55)
When you google the CEO, president and head of A&R they are all real record people. And pioneers of getting hip hop to the mainstream back in the day. They had major success with Alicia Keys among others and are currently getting H.E.R. over big time. This way she could still be linked with Sony for her back catalogue but with 52 Grammy nominations this year I think it's the way to go. Plus Khalid and Kirk are both there too.
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Mariah and BTS (99,005) by T from USA
(Saturday 27 November 2021; 15:28)
There was rumours that a Christmas song with these artists was in the works. Now it appears it didn't happen and BTS is doing it anyway. I wonder if the Christmas special on Apple was cut short because she didn't agree to do the single? Last year she had a song with Ariana Grande and the special was given so much money. This year the excuse was Covid restrictions but I feel last year was way more restrictive. I think she doesn't want to play the corporate game anymore. And that may cost her some future success.
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Re: Baby Please Come Home (98,999) (99,002) by T from USA
(Thursday 25 November 2021; 13:51)
In some of the new interviews she says she would like to redo a lot of her stuff. Possibly the whole Christmas album will be done over in her image. She's done like twelve interviews, imagine she put this much effort when a brand new piece of work comes out like Caution? It would have been heard by so many more people.
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Baby Please Come Home (98,991) by T from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 20:17)
In Mariah's recent interviews she says how she doesn't care for the original CBPCH. She made a new one with a new arrangement that will replace the original. I guess this is her way of finally erasing Walter and Sony from her catalog and sticking them by not having them get anymore coins by promoting it. It's a valuable song in her catalogue so I see why she wants to keep it going but if only she would honour the beautiful original version.
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Re: Adele (98,982) (98,983) by T from USA
(Monday 22 November 2021; 14:53)
If 30 is Daydream then I can't wait for her Butterfly to follow. Maybe she'll ask her bff Drake to collaborate on the first single.
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Re: Adele (98,972) (98,973) by T from USA
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 14:21)
Ummm with a metacritic score of 91 Adele's 30 is not only the best critically reviewed album of the year, but also the best reviewed album of the last ten years. Every major publication from Rolling Stone to Billboard have praised it calling it her "best album yet". We would be so lucky if Mariah would come with something so honest, so raw. The last time she tried that was on MIAMTEC but the lyrics and her voice didn't connect with the general public. Of course she did want to push Thirsty after #Beautiful so what can we expect. I loved Caution for its simplicity and wish the public picked up on that album. I hope people are simply just not done with Mariah.
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Where Are You Christmas? (98,970) by T from USA
(Friday 19 November 2021; 02:48)
She talks in the new special with Zane about Christmas being lost or ruined for growing up. Wouldn't a transition to singing Where Are You Christmas in that gold dress just be what all the lambs would have wanted for Christmas? Three songs: BPCH, WAYC, and FILAC with an interview spliced up in between would have been great.
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Apple's 18 minute add on The Magic Continues (98,967) by T from USA
(Thursday 18 November 2021; 16:03)
I think it's a great idea that it's an add on to last years amazing special. That's the one that should have the focus and try to make it a perennial smash. It has all the right Christmas elements and guests. This way it brings the spotlight back on to it. My only question is why did Mariah hype it up so much earlier in the year even going on to say the lambs are going to be so happy for her. She did the new song back in May so maybe at that time there was bigger plans but without Ari on the track they pulled the rug from under her?
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Re: MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,960) (98,963) by T from USA
(Thursday 18 November 2021; 02:54)
I agree by taking the next seven years to reflect, rest, rehab and write "Sixty" would be an amazing bookend to a legendary career. My only fear is after all that time she would not come back with an album called "Sixty" but instead with one called "Sixteen".
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Re: MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,954) (98,959) by T from USA
(Wednesday 17 November 2021; 15:37)
Mariah said her next big project is the mini series. So I don't see MC16 coming anytime soon, which is a shame because her voice is so good now and I don't think we will ever have another lockdown like we had which forced her to slow down and rest her voice. I don't see Mariah as relatable for the first few albums because she was so heavily controlled and on top of that pretty shy. She was sorta relatable more so during the Christmas era with All I Want. The next time she was relatable was Rainbow and then not again until Caution.
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Where Are You Christmas (98,953) by T from USA
(Wednesday 17 November 2021; 02:56)
She said she was going to release her version this year, as it goes with The Rarities theme she's been on. But alas she said she scrapped that idea because she was so in love with FILAC. Hopefully next year no new Christmas music so she can finally give us that one Christmas song we want from her.
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Re: MC’s Range Media has ties to TM (98,946) (98,950) by T from USA
(Tuesday 16 November 2021; 16:20)
Adele's new song in the new Hero of 2022.
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MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,942) by T from USA
(Sunday 14 November 2021; 14:12)
I really wish Mariah would have stayed with Jay's Roc Nation. Their 2019 Christmas campaign was beyond amazing and finally brought AIWFCIY to the top of the charts. I've read that a few of the people at her new management group have ties to her former husband and boss. This guy being the latest, he still works with Tommy Mottolla. Yikes. I hope there won't be any internal sabotage. She should stay far away from anyone affiliated with him.
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Mariah signed to RCA UK (98,904) by T from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 14:21)
It does say on the RCA UK website as of 2021 that she signed with them and she is listed on the artist roster. Weird that she isn't listed on the USA website for RCA.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,895) (98,897) by T from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 02:00)
I don't think Mariah has a record label unfortunately. RCA is there because Khalid is signed to them and RCA Inspiration is Kirk's label.
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Re: Babyface (98,877) (98,886) by T from USA
(Monday 8 November 2021; 14:58)
I wonder too. Especially since he was instrumental in the Whitney duet. As well as respected by many of Mariah's favorites. The only conclusion I can think of is Mariah is very controlling in her work and I've heard Babyface takes a strong reigns when he's in the studio (much like the Neptunes) so it's easier for him to work with artists like Toni Braxton who needs the heavy handed guidance.
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Mariah should have stayed with Roc Nation (98,859) by T from USA
(Friday 5 November 2021; 23:28)
I am sincerely worried about her next few releases. Never mind a studio album, does she even have a record label?
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Re: Daniel Moore III (98,856) (98,857) by T from USA
(Friday 5 November 2021; 21:42)
Portrait and In The Mix are the other two original compositions by Daniel Moore and Mariah. The songs are ok, including FILAC. But they are more adult music than hit music. There's just no pow.
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Music video fail? (98,854) by T from USA
(Friday 5 November 2021; 19:45)
I know MC likes to be the star of her own videos and wow does she look stellar in this new one. However I'm wondering if for this particular song she could have released a creative video with real people who are actually in love or falling in love (at Christmas time). Then in December she hits us with the Joseph Khan directed performance for the Apple special. That way there would really be something for everyone. And as much of a good actress she is she does not display the feeling of falling in love in this video.
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Re: Daniel Moore III (98,846) (98,847) by T from USA
(Friday 5 November 2021; 16:08)
I'm with you. So far I don't think Daniel has the x-factor. Competent musician but no hit factor. I would have liked to hear her version of Where Are You Christmas this season. Oh well. It's too bad she cannot reconnected with Walter A. Even just for Christmas time.
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FILAC (98,843) by T from USA
(Friday 5 November 2021; 13:33)
It sounds [like] a Christmas song Mariah would have made after Butterfly in 1997. It doesn't totally sound Christmasy. I wonder if this was just a love song for her upcoming album that she loved so much she decided to give it the Christmas treatment by changing some words to fit the festive theme? Would make sense as her Christmas stuff will get more attention than anything else these days. Especially if she really wanted the world to hear it instead of it getting lost on a non holiday album down the line. I like the video but it's funny how her most comfortable looking scenes are the ones with her in the recording booth. That always has been her most comfortable place in life.
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Re: Facebook post of "The Distance" lyric video (98,829) (98,830) by T from USA
(Thursday 4 November 2021; 01:34)
Can you ask her if she will consider Dallas Austin and Walter Afanasieff? Also Drake as a feature. Would love it.
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Go easy on Mariah (98,765) by T from USA
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 13:40)
After reading her memoirs and now hearing Easy On Me I realize just how much the song fits Mariahs story too. She was just a child. A song like this after the breakdown, maybe the first single on Charmbracelet would have killed. It asks for forgiveness while still explaining her point of view. Good song. (Would have even worked on Butterfly or Rainbow.)
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