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Name: jaker20
Country: US
MC fan since VOLove
Die For You (102,315) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 18:16)
I'm not a chart expert, but I think BB count remixes all the time. The only difference is who gets credited, which has a different rule. The rule is that the remix has to sell more than the original (or I think there's a specific ratio), for the featured artist to get credited.

For example, Mariah wasn't credited for Latto's BER last year. In spite of her contribution actually helping the song immensely. If it wasn't for her remix version, the song wouldn't get to the top 10, nor become a big hit that it was.
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This is a reply to message 102,313 by "MariahHater" from Hell
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 13:18)
Die For You (102,311) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 04:54)
Shake It Off. The song was released way too close to WBT, otherwise it would have gone to no.1. Or maybe she didn't know WBT would linger for that long.

With that said, I don't know how much a remix really helps a song during that time. This remix to push a song in the charts is only recent and feels really scammy.

I think there was that opportunity last year with Latto and BER but it wasn't rolled out properly.

I said last year that if someone can turn a modern version of Dreamlover into a sample, the same way Latto and her team twisted Fantasy (and Mariah herself sampled Tom Tom Club's version), and then have a remix of it ready to go, it would be a huge hit. Sort of a BER but in reverse.

But ideas like these needs talented collaborators, which I hope Mariah would be more open to. Frankly Mariah's best collaborators right now are Roc & Roe. They make her look at the world differently and bring her to the modern times.

I had thought her partners will bring that kind of influence and something something inspiration to her life, but Nick Cannon turned out to be a loser, and her current beau has no creative bone in his body.
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This is a reply to message 102,300 by Norman from USA
(Monday 6 March 2023; 22:50)
Rarities (102,230) by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 16 February 2023; 20:23)
I definitely think she's got a lot songs in the vault that were supposed to go into Caution. The return of Memoirs and Flowers from Miley whose career was supposedly over just shows anything is possible. It is just a right song and right timing. I would like Mariah do something like Love Me Like You Do or Diamonds. I really love A No No and I wouldn't be surprised that goes viral at some point.

I think Caution paved the way to AIWFC's resurgence in some way and eventually topping the charts for the first time. It opened this generation's minds that she is a creative artist.
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This is a reply to message 102,226 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 16 February 2023; 06:18)
SuperBowl Halftime Show (102,218) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 13 February 2023; 19:41)
I agree. With Rihanna's lack of effort performance, Mariah can definitely do better. I remember that "It's Like That" performance in BET. She likes that queen glamour spectacle. Mimi can even lip better, she's so good at it, that sometimes you can't even tell. Rihanna didn't seem to care, like at all. So yes, I'm here for it.
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This is a reply to message 102,217 by T from USA
(Monday 13 February 2023; 16:16)
Memoirs (102,192) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 7 February 2023; 23:39)
It is Mariah's most streamed album just shows how much hunger there is for new music from the queen of music chanteuse. That it's occured shortly after the holidays is not a coincidence. PS My Love is a bop. Mariah has deep catalog gems. You just have to be open minded.
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Memoirs is underrated (102,122) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 24 January 2023; 20:16)
Lambs paid dust to The Rarities just a few years ago which had a few cute gems, while last year she had a global hit with BER which is partly a remix of a catalog, so I kind of get the frustration of putting out new music in this industry landscape. But yes I agree, I think she could still pull some hits if she put her creativity. I mean who would have thought Miley having a comeback. She's been bombing these last few years. I thought she's done, now she's got a massive song.
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This is a reply to message 102,120 by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 24 January 2023; 11:41)
Memoirs is underrated (102,116) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 23 January 2023; 02:26)
Well I disagree. They are still accessible Mariah songs, they are still very pop and can have a second life with a few cute viral moments here and there. With the Gen Z and Alpha, they will dig it because they still fresh. Obsessed did go viral a few years ago because it has a timeless chorus. In fact I listen to E=MC2 more than Emancipation. Now there is about a dozen songs I listen to regularly between that and Memoirs. Emancipation is undoubtedly a masterpiece, but are you really going to listen to it every day for 15 years? That is the beauty of Mariah's catalog, there's still so much to explore because some of them didn't necessarily explore when they were released initially.

I find H.A.T.E.U to be absolutely haunting, Standing O has a really great beat, and I used to hate Angels Cry and I bet if she lends it to a show it can have a huge revival. It sounds timeless.
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This is a reply to message 102,109 by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 22 January 2023; 19:43)
Memoirs is underrated (102,115) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 23 January 2023; 02:05)
"Fun" is a good word. Its a Wrap is breakup song but it's fun and light. It's still growing on Spotify, I hope it continues. But I find myself listening to the original Up Out My Face more.
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This is a reply to message 102,105 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 21 January 2023; 17:32)
Memoirs is underrated (102,100) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 20 January 2023; 20:08)
Its A Wrap is going viral. The TikToks are just discovering this gem of an album. There is no fillers in this album.
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Rolling Stone's 200 Greatest Singers (102,027) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 4 January 2023; 16:36)
My top 10 female singers:

1. Aretha Franklin
2. Mariah Carey
3. Barbra Streisand
4. Ella Fitzgerald
5. Amy Winehouse
6. Patti LaBelle
7. Whitney Houston
8. Sheena Easton
9. Chaka Khan
10. Dionne Warwick


1. Ray Charles
2. Luther Vandross
3. Steve Perry
4. Bruce Springsteen
5. Al Green
6. Freddie Mercury
7. Frank Sinatra
8. Stevie Wonder
9. Marvin Gaye
10. Jon Bon Jovi
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This is a reply to message 102,025 by BFF from United States
(Wednesday 4 January 2023; 15:34)
It's Like That is a New Year anthem (101,993) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 31 December 2022; 21:31)
The song is going viral lol. If we're being honest, the song is a banger. It's another classic from the queen of music Miss Mariah Carey.

"'Cause it's my night, no stress, no fights, I'm leavin' it all behind." Happy New Year 2023 lambily fams.
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Rainbow 25th anniversary (101,981) by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 29 December 2022; 01:40)
Wait, Pride Version never thought of that. That's an excellent idea. It's amazing how that cover photo has become so iconic in itself.
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This is a reply to message 101,979 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 28 December 2022; 20:52)
Darlene and all (101,980) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 28 December 2022; 21:48)
Absolutely. But with each passing year it becomes more and more difficult and with the state of her voice, she can no longer pick and choose which song will be her next hit. However, I was just imaging that Love Me Like You Do was her song. I think something like that could be a hit her. I also think that BER would have been a bigger hit for her and Latto if it was the main version that was released. I think she still have plenty of options if she chooses to act on them.
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This is a reply to message 101,977 by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 28 December 2022; 17:32)
Darlene and all (101,969) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 27 December 2022; 17:14)
I think Mariah should accept that duet offer and snatch that 20th no.1. With all the controversy, Mariah should reconcile with her around September and generate publicity for the supposed "feud" turned duet lol. Mariah's C(BPCH) version itself is getting more and more popular every year, it just needs a little push.

There's a few other songs Mariah could duet with, like she did with AIWFCIY duets with so many artists over the years. Lambs might not have noticed the duet with Justin Bierber reintroduced the song in a big way to a lot of people 12 years ago, and she should do the same, maybe for either C(BPCH) or another song, because I don't think the Hey Santa duets with Ariana and JHud worked so well. I still love it though.
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Article: Is Mariah Carey lying about creation of hit song? (101,968) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 27 December 2022; 16:57)
He is such a liar. Even his interviews, he can't say straight up that he wrote a single word on it. He's talking around it, oh he played this, he played that, he collabed with Mimi, yada yada. He himself said that it was Mariah who would sing "I don't want a lot for Christmas" which became the main melody. He probably just hummed "dadda dada, hmm hmm" and said he co-wrote it. That is because he can't.

It is important for Mariah to tell these stories, to tell the inspiration for the song, because that is what separates her from Walter. Mariah is a story-teller, she tells stories about her youth, about her Christmas experience, and how she loves the season. And all that contributes to the genius of the song.

Inspiration is very important to ownership. Walter has been talking for decades and can't come up with any, because he had none. Does he even like Christmas? Lol.

You know, he is from the time when men controls how women gets credit, and we are better off forgetting people like that.
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This is a reply to message 101,960 by Betty from Canada
(Sunday 25 December 2022; 20:55)
I want to apologize (101,903) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 19 December 2022; 19:10)
I know I can be a bitch sometimes. I honestly just come here and read these negative posts and press reply. I am replying to posts. And not to anyone of you. It is not personal. Anyway you can all post what you want, yall free to drag Mariah to the pits. I don't care. We're all fam here. Merry Christmas woot.
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Sometimes the voice gets in the way of the music (101,902) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 19 December 2022; 18:51)
It is not a coincidence that this chapter of her career is turning out to be another huge one, and she's just getting started. Every year, the song gets bigger and bigger.

It's because when you strip out the melisma and all that vocal acrobatics that many lambs adore, but many in the public actually despise, the true magic is revealed: the music.

We get to focus on the music. It's always been about the music and enjoying everything about it, I can go to a Mariah show, and enjoy just that, in whatever form Mariah's voice is in, does not make her any less than, or enjoy the show any less.

AIWFIY is on its path for Song of the Decade.
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Mariah looking gorgeous, and happy (101,901) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 19 December 2022; 18:44)
She's glowing and seem to be having a great time.
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Why is everyone surprised? (101,879) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 17:47)
So here you are, obsessing over a 2006 performance and say you care about her? Touch grass babes. You're here to insult and mock her. That's fun, your life is.
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This is a reply to message 101,859 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 16 December 2022; 19:40)
So what (101,878) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 17:45)
Hon stop fooling yourself. You dont "care" about Mariah. You want to wheel her into a hospital and get fixed so that you can get entertained.

"Honey, you use to be a 10, now you're a 5, you should get treatment cause I don't like this, surgery or watch your waistline or I don't like you anymore."

Hilarious. Lol.
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This is a reply to message 101,869 by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 10:49)
So what (101,877) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 17:42)
I mean what else is new lol. These people are miserable in their lives, so they take it on Mariah. Like I said, she's their favorite punching bag. Nothing new, it's the same last month, it's the same every year. You can click the back button of the forum from last year. Same people. Same posts.

Some of them literally wake up in the morning, and refresh this page and see what miserable thing they can post about Mariah lol.
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This is a reply to message 101,863 by Johnny from Ireland
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 02:02)
O Holy Night crosses 100m on YT (101,862) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 01:05)
Another classic in the bag from the best selling artist of all time, Miss Mariah Carey.
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Who was actually there? Toronto shows (101,820) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 17:44)
Since my post was censored, let me just rephase that. No, I don't think any of them were there (as usual). It's just another negativity group think (as usual) because Mariah is their favorite punch bag (as usual). And apparently their opinion matters more than those who were actually there and enjoyed the show because they decided to focus on that. Hopefully, this is a much nicer post.
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This is a reply to message 101,802 by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 02:40)
Who was actually there? Toronto shows (101,818) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 16:50)
[censored] Merry Christmas.
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This is a reply to message 101,802 by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 02:40)
Never Have I Ever (101,783) by jaker20 from US
(Sunday 11 December 2022; 20:15)
I just saw S1 and one of the characters mentioned Mariah's perfume and so I bought it and I loved it. Smells so good. Lol.
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