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Rainbow 25 (106,697) by jaker20 from US
I love TGIFY but I felt like they had no chemistry. I agree that it probably would have been better if it's just Joe. Three artists is a bit of a crowd and on stage, it's even more crowded for her interact with. It's strange how that came about. As far as I know, Mariah's never talked about her collaboration with 98D when all of her collaborations have a story. With that said, I love the song itself, it's actually one of my most played songs in the album when I first had it. Sometimes, I wonder if she will ever add it on her setlist and 98D and Joe show up as a surprise.

I love every single version of the song, including the jazzy one that she performed live a few years ago in Vegas, which she completely slayed by the way.
(Saturday 15 June 2024; 04:39)
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Rainbow 25 (106,669) by jaker20 from US
He's been bitter since 1997 but it only came to light when Rainbow was released. He thought Mariah was nothing without him so when the album came out and she seem to be doing just fine and giving no feks about him and then back in the dating game is probably when he started puling those strings in the background.
(Friday 14 June 2024; 02:57)
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Rainbow 25 (106,648) by jaker20 from US
The vinyl design looks very tempting. I just might get it.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 08:34)
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Celine (106,647) by jaker20 from US
What a terrible take.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 08:16)
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Mariah queen of remixes (106,622) by jaker20 from US
Mariah Carey's 10 Greatest Remixes according Slant Magazine: "Mariah Carey is the quintessential crossover artist, with a catalog of hits that bridges the gap between pop, R&B, hip-hop, and house music."

10. "My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix)"
9. "Heartbreaker (Remix)"
8. "I Still Believe (The Kings Mix)"
7. "H.A.T.E.U. (So So Def Remix)"
6. "Someday (New 12" Jackswing)"
5. "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Revival Triumphant Mix)"
4. "Butterfly (Def B Fly Mix)"
3. "Fantasy (Bad Boy Mix)"
2. "Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)"
1. "Anytime You Need a Friend (C+C Club Version)"

Do you agree with this list?? I think it is missing I Still Believe / Pure Imagination (Damizza Remix), Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix) and many others.
(Monday 10 June 2024; 00:09)
Caution is probably better than TEOM (106,578) by jaker20 from US
I think both albums are good for different reasons.

TEOM is a huge creative leap for Mariah. The lyrics are slightly more mature and multi-dimensional. Up until that album, Mariah's album titles were one word, and they were all cohesive as one full era. But on TEOM, Mariah is definitely more free in experimentation and creativity, and she was trying new things, and it shows in the beats of the album, like One and Only, SIO and Say Something. Even Stay the Night does not feel like a traditional Mariah song, but somehow it fits here.

Caution to me is a masterpiece. If Mariah had followed up immediately after its release, it would have set a standard for her. If it had been released after the recent boom of AIWFCIY the reception would have definitely been better. Just like Mariah had a 1990-2004 era, I feel like Caution marks a new era for her too, but unfortunately, she hasn't followed up with a similar path. Here, Mariah is embracing her new voice and being playful with it. The tracks themselves have more genre influences than she's done before, from jazzy pop to EDM, but still recognizably R&B.

For me, there is no way to compare the two, they were very different. I don't think people overpraise it because of its commercial success. It's the other way around. It's a commercial success because it's undeniably a great album that many think it is.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 21:49)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,566) by jaker20 from US
I would like that too. But if it's going to be low-budget with Mariah just be posing, I would rather not. AIWFCIY's video is one of her best. But before that, he last decent video was probably I Stay In Love. It had a concept, a story, and she looked great.

Since then it's been terrible. Remember when they hyped the release of I'll Be Loving You Long Time, and it turns out to be just her posing in a bikini? If #Beautiful had a great video, it would have been a bigger hit because it's one of her best songs ever. Same with H.A.T.E.U.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 02:02)
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Apple 100 (106,504) by jaker20 from US
Mariah is not working or had any deals with Apple as far as I know. Most of her recent deals including the Vegas residency and all merch related is with Amazon. So i'm not surprised they snubbed her.
(Friday 24 May 2024; 00:00)
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Don't wanna pre-empt anything (106,497) by jaker20 from US
I was also wondering if she's planning on releasing a remixes or duets collection, or both. She's now released so many non-album collabs since Caution and dozens more before that. And in this age of streaming playlists, if they're not bundled up, they are lost having no audience.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 17:52)
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Portrait (106,495) by jaker20 from US
I believe that is part of the Amazon Audible Portrait of A Portrait that's being released today.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 17:25)
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Made for Me remix (106,482) by jaker20 from US
I like it. It does have plenty of elements from early to mid 2000s R&B. I'm actually not familiar with Muni's original, so I'm hearing it with fresh perspective. But it's a good addition to Mariah's remixes releases, because I really like the YER more than the original. I feel like she's gearing up for a remixes album. I still would rather her remixing her classics like Dreamlover, Someday, Honey, and the others, the same way that Fantasy was given so many treatments.
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 18:50)
Article: Daniel Bedingfield will release lost Mariah Carey duet (106,323) by jaker20 from US
We need to hear this.
(Thursday 2 May 2024; 01:10)
Daniel Bedingfield (106,320) by jaker20 from US
That is so random, but I'm here for it. Maybe it's common knowledge to some but I personally didn't know they even got together at one point in the past.
(Wednesday 1 May 2024; 22:13)
Will the Mariah Carey story ever be told? (106,304) by jaker20 from US
I've kind of been wondering about this. I really think her bio is the most open she's ever been. But we know that's not complete. I feel like there's a part 2 to it. But then she also said that "You'll never know the real me."
(Saturday 27 April 2024; 00:53)
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Not surprised (106,274) by jaker20 from US
They will induct her eventually. I have a feeling that they are just using her for social media engagements for now, lol.

People who say they didn't give it to her because they do not respect her are being over-dramatic and irrational again, but what else is new.

They nominated her which means they respect her, she just didn't make the final cut, which means I'm pretty sure they will eventually. When, who really cares?

It's really not that big a deal. I don't think that at this stage she should run her career to please them and forever trying to measure up. She's already got all of them. She's got the songwriter HOF which I'm sure is more important for her. That's what really separates herself from many of the greats.

(Tuesday 23 April 2024; 20:36)
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A Daydream release in 2024 (106,273) by jaker20 from US
This is not a shade at all, but I'm just being real. I never really got the whole Taylor Swift thing, I can barely listen to a few songs. I can't really point to a specific reason why. We have hit a point where music is disposable, almost to the point of just reading their diary. Releasing an album with 31 songs and many artists are doing this because that's how the charts work. Nicky Minaj and Drake have been doing this as well. Again, not a shade, just being real. We love everybody.
(Tuesday 23 April 2024; 20:16)
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The Celebration completely 100% sold out (106,245) by jaker20 from US
So they added the summer dates which is now 70% sold out. The GP just loves Mariah that's just the fact. Mariah actually seems like she's having a great time, and this time no longer needing anyone to walk. With the 30th anniversary of M Christmas, I know she'll have a lot in store. It's going to be another big year for her. If there's new music, I feel like it will be on the first quarter of 2025 because this year is stacked. I want that missing D'Brat song to be found and released.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 22:26)
Mariah (106,237) by jaker20 from US
These supposed jokes about Mariah's size stopped being funny 10 years ago. It is super strange to me that it's almost always coming from men.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 21:51)
Article: Mariah Carey sends Da Brat a sweet birthday message (106,195) by jaker20 from US
Find this song.
(Tuesday 16 April 2024; 23:05)
Da Brat and L.T. Hutton (106,194) by jaker20 from US
I hope they find this song. They both posted about it, so they must have in on someone's vault. And Mariah sounded great in it.
(Tuesday 16 April 2024; 23:05)
Spotify numbers (106,014) by jaker20 from US
I would say Caution and BER.

For Caution, even though the album itself isn't a hit, it's a reintroduction to her classics. In the age of algorithms, releasing new songs allowed for her catalog to sneak into those playlists and random streams. That wont happen if you have no music. It helps that the album itself is great.

For BER, it reintroduced Fantasy and Daydream to a new audience. BER is a great remix because it's still recognizable as a Mariah song, unlike Yes And.

I hope Mariah just keep releasing good albums and not worry about the charts. It pays forward down the road.
(Tuesday 19 March 2024; 18:18)
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Music right now (105,977) by jaker20 from US
There's little true talent out there too now. The last one for me was Adele, who is no longer a major player. I'm sad that her career might be cut short, because she didn't take care of her voice. But now we're in a Barbie moment. You just have to look the part and make a few bland music, and the public will eat it.
(Thursday 14 March 2024; 18:11)
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Caution and Eternal Sunshine (105,963) by jaker20 from US
"So which brings me to why does it take Mariah so long nowadays to release an album?"

Mariah has no frequent collaborator anymore. That's her missing recipe. No artist can do it alone. Her focus on Christmas took her out of the loop. She needs a team and needs to be collaborating with new musicians, because frankly her career outlived her partnerships with JD, The-Dream or Afanasief, etc.

Mariah needs someone to bring those creative juices out of her like she does when she freestyle during her concerts.
(Tuesday 12 March 2024; 23:50)
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Photoshoot (105,956) by jaker20 from US
Sorry but get over yourself. Seriously, you are so cringy, just no one here wants to tell you straight up (no pun to Paula's more original song). Mariah's not going to be have a comeback as a major pop girl if Yes And Remix even hit no.1. No one even cared about Beyonce's latest, just a few weeks ago we want her to do the same. And now that song is dropping like a rock, and even Beyonce don't care about it enough to make a video. Charts these days are useless.
(Monday 11 March 2024; 22:13)
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SIO (105,926) by jaker20 from US
I think it's because they are sped up versions, but they may take them down at some point. But it's also genuinely one of Mariah's best bops and also one of her best videos so I'm not surprised.
(Saturday 9 March 2024; 16:03)
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