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Name: Jamie
Country: UK
Re: Baby Please Come Home (99,002) (99,003) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 25 November 2021; 17:54)
But still we have the originals, I wouldn't give it too much thought, she's the artist if she want to do these things it's up to her.
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Re: St John The Devine (98,990) (99,000) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 24 November 2021; 20:53)
Aww I hope you get in the Christmas mood soon. I've put my tree up early this year and emerging myself in Christmas Mariah.
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Re: Baby Please Come Home (98,991) (98,999) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 24 November 2021; 20:45)
I just see it as she wanted to make a different version for the Christmas special, we still have the original and now we get another version too. As for getting rid of Walter he would still remain on the original credits for production whether she did a new version or not. The song isn't hers anyway so doubt don't Sony would get much money off her royalties.

I think it's great she's inspired to do new things and change things up for new projects. It shows she still cares and is interested rather than just putting out something that's been the same for 20+ years. As an artist your bound to see floors in past work and want to change it, it's not like she said she hates the whole Merry Christmas album she probably would just have liked the arrangement different for that one song.
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Re: St John The Devine (98,986) (98,987) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 22 November 2021; 22:51)
Unfortunately no. Just YouTube.
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St John The Devine (98,985) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 22 November 2021; 22:25)
Just watching the concert and remembering how natural she used to be, both vocally and in herself. I feel now she gets caught up in how she looks and doesn't let herself go on stage as much.
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Re: MC home videos (98,853) (98,861) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 6 November 2021; 00:02)
I was just on iTunes Store on Marian's page and they were there.
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Re: MC home videos (98,834) (98,839) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 5 November 2021; 10:05)
Tokyo Dome too.
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Re: MC home videos (98,834) (98,838) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 5 November 2021; 09:13)
Yeah. All of them.
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MC home videos (98,833) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 4 November 2021; 21:52)
All of Marian's original home videos available on 7th November on iTunes Store.
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Re: Mariah? (98,776) (98,777) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 20:40)
Terrible. She cannot work the auto cue. Hate anything like this it's so beneath her.
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Mariah? (98,775) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 18:08)
So Mariah doesn't post anything on insta for ages. She finally posts something and it's about crypto. I really don't get any of this crypto thing but really? Did she have to go down this route?
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Re: Wish/Could've beens list #1s (98,704) (98,730) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 12 October 2021; 10:01)
Late to the debate but Emotions album is one my favourites, always has been. I personally feel it sounds more soulful and deep. The ballads are more meaningful and powerful. Love love love "Till the end of time" and "So blessed". Even the cover I find more classic and oozes quality. I would love to have seen an album showcase in a small venue like "the Tatoo Club" of just songs from Emotions and her wearing that white dress.
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Re: Music Box tour footage NYC (98,560) (98,590) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 8 September 2021; 23:57)
Amazing vocals. I wonder if it upsets her that she can no longer sing that way?
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Re: Aaliyah 20 - August 25th (98,528) (98,534) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 19 August 2021; 22:19)
Love Aaliyah. She's going digital soon too after so long. Just been on holiday to Portugal and saw a guy wearing an Aaliyah t-shirt. I had to go over. I remember being in NYC on the day of her funeral and I saw the horse drawn carriage with her coffin.
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Re: Collaborations (98,521) (98,522) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 17 August 2021; 09:15)
I think it's more if their voices are compatible. And would sound good together.
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Re: Love Takes Time (98,502) (98,511) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 11 August 2021; 22:29)
I hope pop ballads come back into fashion again.
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Re: Music Box album cover (98,498) (98,500) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 7 August 2021; 00:25)
Yes I remember the excitement too of my parents driving me down to London, I remember meeting up with my parents after and they said they could hear her outside and were imagining my face being inside. I was sat on the bottom bit just under half way back. I'll have to dig the ticket out.

I took my best friend Claire with me who also loved her. I went to the Rainbow tour on my own. I got the train down and stayed at the Hilton Wembley. I was 21 but remember feeling excited but also quite nervous being in London on my own. That time I was sat on the side right by the stage. A couple of years later I moved to London so when it came to the Charmbracelet tour I managed to get 2nd row. SSF tour I got front row in Manchester and Leeds and about 10th row at Birmingham. I couldn't go the Caution tour as was away for my mums birthday was gutted as been to all U.K. concerts and would like to have seen her at the Royal Albert Hall too. Christmas tour I was about 10 rows back as couldn't justify the money as I'd spent loads seeing her in Vegas 3 times that year and one of those times I was front row too. All this concert talk has got me feeling nostalgic.
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Re: Albums ranked by heavy rotation (98,460) (98,496) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 6 August 2021; 01:11)
Hey Bill, do you have the London concert? I would so love a copy as I went to this too.
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Music Box album cover (98,495) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 6 August 2021; 01:03)
I would love Mariah's next album cover to be a close up cover like Music Box. I feel I would get better support and show the classic side of Mariah again. What you guys think?
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Re: Someones Ugly Daughter's voice (98,387) (98,421) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 23:24)
Yes it was such a great concert at Wembley. I remember my parents driving me down. I can remember queuing up and I remember every minute. I remember meeting my mum and dad outside and they had been been stood near a vent waiting for me and said they could hear her and were picturing my face being inside. It was such a magical time and I have great memories.
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Re: Mariah's age (97,736) (97,740) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 2 April 2021; 00:18)
Thanks Andrew.
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Re: Mariah's age (97,730) (97,733) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 1 April 2021; 10:55)
Yeah but it was the 90's no one got on their high horse about things then.
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Mariah's age (97,729) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 31 March 2021; 23:26)
If you do a search on google it now siesta says she's born in 1969, where as before it used to show the contradiction in years.

I have a copy of flight booking she once made, from my friend who checked her in on a flight, I questioned the DOB at the time as it said 1969. She said well it can't be wrong as it came from her passport.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,469) (97,471) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 24 February 2021; 13:42)
Yes I agree things were so carefree back then.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,456) (97,464) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 23 February 2021; 22:24)
Yes Music Box is a masterpiece. A solid body of work that oozes quality. Each song has depth and has stood the test of time. Yes it's her most commercial album and I'm not afraid to say it's my favourite too. I remember at the time she was number 1 in U.K. with Without You, the album was number 1 and her home video was number 1. Everyone was talking about Mariah which was weird because I'd been listening to her for a few years at this point. I remember prior to Music Box people would say what music do you like and I'd say Mariah Carey and they'd be like who's that? I used to love it that not many people knew her at the time.

I have so many good memories around that time and the album always takes me to a happy place. If you were to ask most people who remember that album being released they will say that is Mariah at her best. I still get chills listening to that album as for me personally it is the greatest.
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