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Name: Jamie
Country: UK
Re: MC hurry up (100,867) (100,869) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 31 July 2022; 15:21)
Just listened to the album, it's garbage, just a load of mush mash beats with Beyoncé using filthy language and not even singing more just talking over the beat. I was half way through the second song before I realised there had actually been a change in song, it all sounds the same.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,638) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 1 July 2022; 22:13)
Well said Bill. Absolutely perfect
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Re: BET performance (100,599) (100,604) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 28 June 2022; 07:42)
Did you hear that crowd? They loved her. Go MC.
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,551) (100,553) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 22 June 2022; 19:14)
I disagree, Mariah has always been eccentric, us day oners remember her playing around in videos such as AYNAF remix vid. Even the AIWFCIY video she's playing around. I don't accept that she was merely acting back then. Yes maybe some of her at home moments on her home videos might have been staged but she was still together and down to earth, and when she played around it was in context to the moment and you didn't think "What is she doing?" Tommy could dress her how he wanted but you can't hide your natural personality for that long.

She had grace, composure and a coolness that you simply can't act out. I don't think it's a case of us day oners disrespecting her now, we are still fans and wouldn't be on this forum if we weren't, we can just see a huge change in her and simply don't think it's for the better. Do I dislike her now? No not at all. But I just think the composed Mariah who I knew was a better version of herself, who the public liked and someone who people could relate to. I accept people change, I've changed myself gradually over the years but I've not had a complete personality change.

Mariah still has that wow factor and a huge legacy behind her, I just think with the right people, the right look and if she dropped the diva/erratic behaviour act people could warm to her again and even if she never wrote or sang another song again she'd bow out gracefully and with dignity or if she chose to write and sing quality music she could gain new respect. Old lambs and newer lambs have a common connection we all want what's best for Mariah, and why wouldn't we. I just think us oldies find it difficult watching YouTube, one minute you're watching CLG then ID comes on and she's in a car in lace underwear and you're thinking what the hell happened?
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Re: BET Awards (100,535) (100,537) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 20 June 2022; 21:41)
But aren't you also speculating by saying that she won't be doing anything. Who knows what is coming up?
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,523) (100,531) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 21:13)
I hope she is working with Patricia again, she looked fly in that era. We need another pink dress in time square moment.
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Re: Songwriters Hall of Fame website (100,464) (100,467) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 23:04)
Hate to break it to you but Mariah was actually born in 1969. It's only since she was launched that they said she was born in 1970. Probably to make her sound younger. But her official documents say 1969.
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Re: Collaborations (100,451) (100,453) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 20:49)
I need an album to give me, the kind of music that lasts always. I want something that's up lifting, to take me away, oh yeah yeah.
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Re: The Roof with Brandy (100,430) (100,434) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 12 June 2022; 00:39)
Hey Bill, sorry worth for late reply. I saw it on @chartMariah on Instagram.
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The Roof with Brandy (100,430) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 14:39)
When is this gonna be available for download? I also saw today that Angels Advocate is finally gonna see the light of day.
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Re: Just an opinion AIWFCIY (100,407) (100,408) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 6 June 2022; 22:55)
You are not alone on that one Bill.
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Re: AIWFCIY (100,390) (100,395) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 21:39)
They've already said it's nothing to do with similarity's until production etc it's mearly the title he's going for. Which really won't stand for anything as there's lots of songs with same titles but completely different sounds. Headlines are there to make the whole situation sound more serious than it actually is. Next minute Mariah will be suing Enrique for using the word Hero on a song. Yeah sounds stupid doesn't it, just like this guy clearly is.
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MC Instagram post (100,383) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 2 June 2022; 21:04)
I loved how humble Mariah sounded on her post about MTV Unplugged on Instagram. She sounded so grateful and reconnected. And was nice for her to acknowledge all the talented people involved in the show.
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Big Energy Remix (100,332) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 27 May 2022; 18:57)
Big Energy Remix has climbed back up the UK charts this week back to 21. Hoping it breaks into the top 20 next week. It's been quite steady on the chart here, it dropped last week but looks like it's still hanging around. A video would defo boost sales here.
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BBE UK iTunes (100,209) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 23 April 2022; 17:23)
So BBE remix has consistently been in the top 10 on uk iTunes since its release generally staying at #6 it just crept up to #4.
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Re: Mariah Carey Masterclass (100,178) (100,185) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 16 April 2022; 09:34)
Thank you.
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Re: Mariah Carey Masterclass (100,172) (100,176) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 15 April 2022; 19:54)
How do I watch this in the UK? I looked YouTube but can't seem to see it? Apologies I'm old school. Can anyone help?
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Re: Mariah Carey at the BBC (100,116) (100,127) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 11 April 2022; 10:51)
I really enjoyed watching that last night. A great mix of performances and interviews. She truly is a mega star.
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Re: Mariah Carey at the BBC (100,116) (100,122) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 10 April 2022; 19:17)
Ah, I was wondering why Greatest Hits album was in the UK top 20 on iTunes. Just back from ATL this morning so will watch that tonight.
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Where's Bill? (100,063) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 30 March 2022; 22:02)
Was looking forward to Bill's take on the remix, noticed he's not commented? All ok Bill?
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Re: MTV Unplugged EP - 30th anniversary (100,031) (100,036) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 28 March 2022; 21:19)
Maybe no one knows?
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Re: Happy Birthday Mariah (99,999) (100,001) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 27 March 2022; 15:22)
Yes Happy Birthday Mariah.
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Channeling my inner 90's Mariah (99,991) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 27 March 2022; 00:49)
Just watched an old clip of MC singing Dreamlover with the [Price] sisters as background and I got to thinking, I'd love to speak to the [Price] sisters to get there spin on Mariah then and the "change" in her since 2001. I love both Mariah's but it just intrigues me how much she changed. Maybe [I'm] just reminiscing on more innocent times when I was younger but to me there is a definite change.
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Re: Article: The number ones: Mariah Carey's "Hero" (99,839) (99,845) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 5 March 2022; 02:28)
Well said Bill. Hero is a classic and still gives me chills.
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Re: Favourite ending (99,789) (99,793) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 28 February 2022; 14:03)
You know my love for that album also Bill especially Everything Fades Away. It’s a masterpiece.
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