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After the success of "I know what you want", Mariah made a guest appearance with New Yorker Jadakiss on the smoochy slow jam "U make me wanna", taken from his album "Kiss of death". The song was accompanied by a suitably sexy video, filmed in LA's Prey Club. The video only features a short cameo by Mariah. Mariah was sitting in the middle of a large group of people, as she was singing.

The opinions of fans on this video were very diverse. Mickey from Canada did not like the video at all: "Everything looks set-up and I don't know what's worse, the acting or the camera work. Everything looks very fake except for the hug at the end, that was kinda cute I guess. And all this sadly goes for Mariah, too, and her hair."

John Vincent from Florida, USA, thought the video was alright, but he didn't liked Mariah's makeup: "I just don't understand why she wears so much damn makeup. Why Mariah? You don't need it. You look like a doll or something."

David from Sweden was very excited about the video: "Wow, I just watched the video for 'U make me wanna' at, and I have to say Mariah looks really hot. Obviously those pictures we saw a couple of weeks back of Mariah leaving the Prey night club in L.A. are from the shooting of this video, but in those pictures I don't think she looked good at all. But in the video she looks great, the hair looks much nicer (it should look even better a couple of shades darker though), the make-up looks good and the outfit looks classy, but sexy, nothing like it did in those terrible pics."

The song was already available for download in June 2004, but only entered the Billboard Hot 100 in November 2004 at number 75. It eventually peaked at number 21. At the second Annual GV Music & Fashion Awards of Groovevolt, "U make me wanna" was nominated in the Best Song Collaboration by Duo or Group - Hip Hop category.

5" CD-Single from France (2720)
no catalogue number
collection Mike Fuhrmann

1. U make me wanna (Radio Edit)

5" CD-Single from France / Europe (2367)
collection Ash Chopra

1. U make me wanna
2. Knock yourself out (Sessions @ AOL)

5" CD-Single from the USA (2250)

1. U make me wanna (Radio Edit)
2. U make me wanna (LP Version)

12" vinyl maxi-single from the USA (2232)
collection Amberto Ruiz Vidal

1. U make me wanna (Radio Edit)
2. U make me wanna (Instrumental)
3. U make me wanna (LP Version)
4. Hot sauce to go (featuring Pharrell - LP Version)
5. Hot sauce to go (featuring Pharrell - Instrumental)
6. Hot sauce to go (featuring Pharrell - LP Version Clean)

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