Video of Mariah Carey hitting "55 notes in 17 seconds"

Thursday 20 June 2019

Video of Mariah Carey hitting 55 notes in 17 seconds |
We all know that Mariah Carey is one amazing singer, but a video of her hitting some pretty hectic notes has resurfaced and it really is something. Back in 2018 one fan attempted to count how many of the famous notes the singer hits in a 17-second clip. According to Twitter user @MisterKordei, she hits 55 during the tune, but we're not sure if that's hyperbole or the fan was actually able to count each one. It's a task.

Now Mariah herself has managed to come across the same clip and retweeted it, so naturally we're all back on the bandwagon trying to count the times. Mariah, the woman who sang the song, has even tried to count the changes in pitch. Turns out, not even the woman herself knows how many she hit. "I tried to count them all but had to stop at 27," she wrote this week alongside one of those wacky emojis our mums use all the time.

We attempted to count them all however after one millisecond our brains started to fry and we simply couldn't compute - only listen and appreciate. Similarly fans applauded the songstress for her amazing talent, as one wrote: "This was and still is iconic." You're not wrong there - this'll never get old. Another rightly added: "This is what I call legendary."

The Honey singer is known for her amazing range that no one has really been able to battle in the music scene yet. From the highest of highs to the lows, she can apparently hit five octaves (there are eight) after one graph deduced her range spans from octave #2 to octave #7, her lowest notes being in Sweetheart to her highest in Emotions.

She's only beaten by Guns N Roses Axl Rose, apparently. And one time, it was claimed she shared the same pitch as dolphins. Keeping in mind, those creatures of the sea have lungs that enable their sounds to go through water. So, essentially, Mariah can sing under the sea. Pretty cool, huh?


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