Who will play Mariah Carey in Luis Miguel, La Serie?

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Who will play Mariah Carey in Luis Miguel, La Serie? |
In Luis Miguel, The Series we will see several of the famous romances of the singer. And although there have been several in the love history of the Luismi, one of the most epic and mediatic has been the one he maintained with Mariah Carey. By the time many believed that Luismi and Mariah would be engaged, the breakup came without much explanation.

It is said that between artistic differences and the rumor that Mariah would have cheated on him with the actor Eric Benet, everything went cold. While Alicia Machado confirmed last week that his love affair with Luis Miguel will be in the Netflix fiction, everything indicates that Mariah will also be there.

So who will play the legendary singer with Venezuelan roots? In 2018, in full fury of Luis Miguel, the series, Miguel Polo Martinez, the singer's former manager, said in an interview that "Mariah Carey was the great love" of Luis Miguel. According to the story, they met in Colorado and it was love at first sight.

At the time, Carey spoke in all her words about romance: "I have realized that one has to be sure of oneself. The public and the media can attack a relationship and drive you crazy. You need to be someone very sure of yourself to deal with that situation. I am very happy with the relationship I am in now because he is a singer and a Latin superstar. His name is Luis Miguel and he is so sure of himself that although everyone talks to him about making an album in English, he doesn't do it because he doesn't need it."

After breaking up, Luis Miguel only limited himself to saying: "Everything good and positive is there and will continue to be there. It was a very positive relationship."


RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 31 March 2021; 19:37)
So finally you Luismi lovers get to see your fave romance depicted on the television. I caught some of the first season and it was boring, sanitized and stil trashy. Sounds like they're going to present them as a fairy tale. I wonder who will play Eric Benet.
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