Donita denies Mariah insulted Regina

Thursday 25 May 2000

About a month ago, a certain tabloid published an article, saying that international pop diva Mariah Carey disparaged Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez for being a virtual copycat of her singing and dressing styles. Mariah allegedly called the latter "a brown monkey who can sing" in an interview she supposedly did with MTV jock Donita Rose.
Not a few people were alarmed and disgusted when this piece of information circulated throughout the realms of media. Some were even threatening to boycott Mariah's album as an act of allegiance for the Filipino race. There's nothing wrong with all this nationalism... if the act DID take place.
Apparently, the whole situation was just a figment of some people's imagination, who probably wanted the two twin-like divas to war. From mere hearsay, it developed into an issue of gargantuan proportions that ultimately upset the international diva. Unfortunately, Pinoy Central Showbiznews was led to believe in that piece of fiction.
Last April 25, the said website published an article that narrated what transpired in an alleged MTV segment, describing how Mariah insulted Regine for being the top singer in the whole of Asia. However, in a recent article released by entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, he recalled Mariah's comments during the launching of her album Rainbow. She admitted to being a victim of racial prejudice, her father being a "colored" man. Lo said Mariah had to endure the taunts she received in school, trying hard not to develop an inferiority complex from the nasty treatment bestowed upon her.
To make the long story short, Lo felt that Mariah "did not" say anything racist against Regine. Even Donita has expressed her disappointment over the smear campaign against the two divas. "I am saddened that I have been chosen to be implicated in this sorry affair," the VJ said in her disclaimer, published in the May 25 issue of The Philippine Star.
"The said article claims that international superstar Mariah Carey made a derogatory remark when asked to comment on our own Regine Velasquez during an interview I supposedly conducted for MTV Asia. This alleged interview never took place except in the fertile minds of people who have not bothered to check their facts and made me an unwitting party to a distressing situation," she explained. "Not having been present during the said 'interview', I have no comments to make on what was or was not said by Ms. Carey," stressed Donita.


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